sales guy

Meeting with sellers, submitting a discounted offer, and negotiating a sales price can be terrifying if you don’t have a salesman type personality. It doesn’t come natural and the seller can see the lack of confidence from a mile away.

Simply put, not everyone is built to go out on appointments and meet with sellers.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t be a successful real estate investor. It just means you have to be a bit more creative.

Put yourself in their shoes. You’re going through some type of tough situation and you need to sell a home you’ve lived in for years quickly as a solution. You’ve had wonderful memories in the house, maybe your kids were raised there, and it’s an emotional and uncomfortable situation.

You resort to calling investors because you know it isn’t in the nicest condition and you need it gone fast.

Would you want to be met with a “sales guy” or someone who is down-to-earth and genuinely wants to help you out?

I’m going to go ahead and assume you’d want someone who’s there to help you out of a tough situation and who wants to hear your story.

Of course, when it comes to making your offer and negotiating, that can make any new investor nervous.

It’s best to be honest and let them know you’re a discount homebuyer and that repairs needed are also a factor in determining the best offer you’re able to make.

Let them know of other options, including fixing it up themselves and how much money and time that could roughly cost.

Also explain any benefits to working with you. If you’re able to go the extra mile with them and help them out in a way that other investors might not do, let them know. This could be helping clean out the property once they move out, helping donate some of their furniture to a local charity or church, and anything else that they might need help with.

Focus on being yourself and instead of worrying about the money you could make, think about how you can help the seller out.

Plain and simple.

If going on appointments is not your forte and you never ever want to go on one, you probably need a partner who has personality traits that fit someone who’s a driven people-person.

You can handle the operations of the business and they can handle the appointments and lead management and you can work out a split that works for both of you.

As your business grows, you’ll want to only focus on tasks that you like AND are good at. Delegate the rest to your team.

If you aren’t a sales guy, don’t worry. You can still be a highly successful real estate investor. Take the time to figure out what works for you and your business.

If you aren’t good at it and don’t like it, pass it on to another team member who has the right strengths for the task.

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