family real estate

When you join the right real estate investing mastermind, they will become your second family. That’s a pretty bold statement but it’s very true within our Investor Fuel Real Estate Mastermind.

From the time you join the mastermind, you should feel welcome by the group and it’s the perfect time to introduce yourself to everyone! By simply sharing your market, your experience, your niche, and maybe a bit about your family, you’ll be able to find similar stories from within the group and relationships are already being formed.

You’ll see questions being asked and answered 24/7 in the group so that even when we aren’t meeting, we’re still helping and supporting each other.

As you get to know everyone, you’ll see that members are regularly finding ways to work with each other. From partnering on deals to utilizing other members’ private money through their IRAs to sending each other deals, there’s a ton of ways that members are being brought together.

Members are flying out to each other to check out business operations and everyone is an open book. They’re meeting up whenever possible because they can let their guard down and talk business without the sense of you talking to your competition.

Supporting each other doesn’t just involve the business side. When a major hurricane hit last year, members opened up their Airbnb’s to those members who were in the path of the storm.

We all go through ups-and-downs in business and in personal life. Admitting those struggles out loud is not the easiest and at our meetings, members are encouraged to show vulnerability so that the group can openly discuss ways we might be able to help and it also encourages those who have been in similar situations to speak up so we know we’re not alone.

By doing this, members are more connected than ever and we all truly care for each other on a personal level.

Investor Fuel provides a second family for all of our members. Through highs and lows, members are there for each other. This mentality helps our businesses thrive because instead of feeling alone in this business, we each have connections from around the US behind us.

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