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In a sense, you need to build 2 brands for your business on social media, specifically on Facebook. You want to have motivated sellers learn about your company and you also want to build relationships with other investors to work with.

There’s a huge network of real estate investors on social media. On Facebook in particular, there are dozens and dozens of groups specifically for real estate investors and it’s not uncommon for different investors to partner on deals or to sell to each other, after finding each other on Facebook.

With any brand, you need to have a positive, reliable presence that allows the public to see your work ethic and past experience.

Testimonials, photos, and reviews will do wonders for your business if they’re positive (and bad reviews can be detrimental for a business).

It’s important to build your brand around areas of your business and your life that you want people to see. This isn’t saying to lie, but they don’t need to know everything about you.

It’s strategic marketing and you should be careful with anything that you’re putting on the internet.

Building your brand takes time.

Each week, make a focus to create relevant posts that fit into what your business represents (on both the selling and buying side).

Going to visit a vacant property that you got under contract? Go “live” while you’re there and share your rehab plans as you walk through the property. This is great for other investors to see that you’re serious and an active, experienced real estate investor.

Did you just close on a property that allowed an elderly woman to move closer to her family? Take a photo with her and share a bit about how you helped her out. Motivated sellers want to see stories like this!

In addition to posting consistently, be present! Join industry-related groups and join in on conversations so that they get to know you! Position yourself as being a helping voice who is providing comments for the good of the audience.

Post consistently.

Post only when it fits the values of your business.

Be genuine and helpful, always.

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