We might be biased, but the Investor Fuel Real Estate Mastermind is truly different from other masterminds around. These days, the word “mastermind” is thrown out loosely for get togethers of all sorts. Sometimes it’s a one-day event with no membership or ties to the group after the event is over.

This is quite the opposite from Investor Fuel.

Our members are in communications everyday with each other and we meet 8 times a year around the US. In between each meeting, we’re holding each other accountable of our goals, doing deals together, and helping each other out, in any way needed.

We also record everyone’s presentations so that if you miss a meeting, you’re still able to hear what everyone is doing in their business, including recommendations from around the room.

To join Investor Fuel, there is an application process that includes a short form to let us know about your business and experience, followed by a phone call to see if the mastermind will be a good fit for you, and if you would be a good fit for the mastermind.

We have two groups.

One group is doing typically 10-50 deals a year while the other group is for those doing 50+ deals a year. This way, you’re learning and sharing with those who have been in your shoes or those working their way up to your level. Nobody is superior to another and recommendations are given from around the room because everyone has such different niche expertise.

In our higher-level group, we typically only allow 2 members per market. This allows for open sharing of strategies without feeling like you’re sharing with all of your competition.

Growth, giving, and vulnerability are huge in Investor Fuel.

We all go through ups and downs personally and in business.

By having a group that knows you and supports you, it’s encouraged to let the walls down and share your vulnerabilities so that together, we can work through them and come out ahead in the end.

We’ve had people share family troubles and other members openly shared that they’ve been in similar situations and guidance on what helped them through it.

Instead of going through troubles on your own, Investor Fuel members act as a family and pull each other through, no matter what it takes.

Members have built an organic culture inside the group that is full of giving. During our hot seat presentations, it’s not uncommon to hear that another member will provide massive templates that they use for their business and openly provide it to anyone in the group that is in need.

Why create your own when you can copy what’s working?

Our members are able to work smarter, not harder, because of this giving attitude.

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