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At this day in age, the majority of us do all of our research on the internet.

From homes to cars to office supplies to clothes. We do it all online. Access is at the top of our fingertips and we want answers quickly and efficiently.

When we’re on a search engine, we’ll normally click one of the top 6 or so results and look for the best result that we’re needing. Once we get to the website, it also needs to be clean and easy to navigate.

But what needs to be on a real estate investing website when you’re trying to get leads to call you about their distressed property they want to sell?

Before we get into the content of your REI website, the website needs to be clean, pleasant to look at, and credible in the eyes of the seller.

One of the most important areas to have on your website is an “About Us” type of page. You want the seller to trust you and be comfortable talking to you. Them knowing your background, why you got into real estate investing, and a bit about your business can go a long way in gaining trust with a new lead.

By having your information on your website, they get a sense that they know you before you even have a conversation with them.

You can include photos of you with satisfied sellers, photos of your family, etc. so that when they set up a time to meet with you, they will know who they’re meeting.

It’s also important to share your “why” on your website.

Why did you become a real estate investor?

Some people don’t understand why homeowners would sell their property at a discount. They don’t think about how you’re able to quickly get someone out of a tough situation.

This leads into a “How it works” section.

A lot of people have never worked with a real estate investor before and don’t quite understand the process of selling their property to an investor.

Explain the entire process in a simple manner. From them calling to you checking out the house, all the way to a quick closing. A graphic works well for this if you’re able to.

Make sure to note that you buy in “as-is” condition and can close quickly (if you can).

As you close more deals, any reviews or testimonials that you get are great to add to your website. This will help build authority for your company.

On the homepage, you should include 2 critical components.

The first is how they can contact you. For many this will be a web form where they provide their name, phone number and email address, AND also provide a phone number for them to call your company directly.

With a web form, it’s easy for the seller and you’ll be able to contact them as soon as you’re able.

A phone number is great to have for people who are ready to take action now. This number can go to you, a team member, voicemail, or even a call center, depending on your business setup.

The second is how you can be a solution to someone’s problem if they’re needing to sell their property in “as-is” condition.

It’s good to include anything else that will make you stand out to a motivated seller. If you speak another language or have a team member who can assist if English isn’t their first language, let them know that on your website.

Make sure your website is professional, clean, and informative. Lean on your strengths and set yourself apart from other investors.

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