Sounds a bit backwards, right?

We’re taught when we’re young that practice makes perfect and you have to work on your weaknesses so that they can become your strengths down the road.

We see areas of weakness as a negative aspect that you should fix ASAP.

The sad thing is that even if you spent hours and hours dedicated to improving your weakness, you might be performing at maybe 70% of someone who has strength in that task.

So all your hard work still could mean you aren’t the best (or even close to being the best).

This is why you should analyze your strengths and weaknesses in your business and find someone else to handle tasks that you fall short in.

Does accounting or bookkeeping make you want to pull your hair out?

Does going on appointments give you anxiety?

Does transaction coordinating make you want to call in sick?

If you can focus on your strengths and stop worrying about your weaknesses, you’ll be able grow your business faster because your energy is now focused.

Stop trying to be “good” at everything and start being “amazing” at a few particular areas of your business!

Let’s be honest, if we aren’t good at something, we are more likely to push it to the side and not give it the attention that it needs. By having someone handle that role who has a passion for it, you’ll start to see improvements almost immediately.

Let go of your faults and stop seeing them as a weakness. Find someone who can take control of those areas in your business and as long as they’re outperforming what you’d be able to do in that role, your business is moving in the right direction.

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