lead calls

When a lead comes in, having someone answer it live is always going to be your best option. Ideally, they’re also competent in your business model and the real estate investing industry.

But some people don’t have this option 24/7 when starting out.

There are call centers that have your script but as far as giving reliable, accurate information, it’s hit or miss. Sure, they’re a “live” answer, but if they don’t build rapport and get the lead to explain their pain, it might be just as bad as having the lead go to voicemail.

It’s a difficult decision to make. Call centers, voicemails, answering it yourself (and being on-call all the time), or having someone on your team answer the call…

They all come at different price points.

They all come with different conversion ratios.

It’s important to put yourself in the shoes of the motivated seller.

They’re most likely going through a tough situation and are calling you for a solution.

What’s going to happen if they don’t get ahold of you or if they don’t get solid information from the person they speak to?

They’re going to go back online (or through their mailers) and find the next investor and reach out to them. They don’t care if they work with you or the investor down the street. They’re looking for someone to get them out of the situation they’re in and whoever is most available, trustworthy, and provide a acceptable price is going to win.

This is the last thing you want them to do.

If you’re able to, be the first in line to answer a call when it comes in. If you have a team member who knows your business and can answer it, that’s also one of the best options. By doing this, you’ll be able to providing accurate answers and after building trust, you’ll be better able to dive into their pain points and determine how motivated you are.

You and your team members are going to be the most invested in the quality of these calls because you realize how valuable a hot lead can be. Call centers don’t have the same values and their goal is to answer the call and get the information requested from the script.

Call centers are cost effective but if they’re losing even just 1 deal a month for you, that adds up to BIG money that you’re missing out on so it’s a fine balance.

When you’re on the phone with a motivated lead, don’t worry as much about information you can pull off public records (beds, baths, year built, etc) but instead focus on why they’re looking to sell to you and dive deeper into that conversation by asking genuine questions about their lives that help you understand the urgency to move and the motivating factors involved.

Remind them that you’d like to be able to help them if you’re able to but that you are a discount buyer. Let them know how quickly you can close and benefits of working with you.

If the seller isn’t talking to you or a team member, the personal touches are lost and most likely, your conversion rates will suffer.

Answer the phone in-house if you’re able to.

Let the seller tell their story, with you asking questions to guide the conversation the way you’d like it to go.

Leads are so valuable and they need to be handled appropriately.

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