new year

With every new year, it’s a reminder to reflect on your successes and challenges faced over the past 12 months so that the next year can be the best it can be.

Personally, we always plan on losing weight, spending more time with the family, spending less money on frivolous items, giving more to charity, etc.

As a business, your typical goals are based off of scaling and growing your business, but you need to go a level deeper to come up with specific goals that apply directly to your company and you need to set up tasks to work towards achieving that goal.

You want your business to grow. Figure out how many deals you’re averaging per month or per quarter and create a goal that is obtainable IF you really put the time and effort into that growth.

Don’t pick a goal that is too easy to achieve or is so high, that it’s virtually impossible to accomplish within 12 months. If your goal is too far out there, than you’ll become easily discouraged and likely give up because you can’t see yourself possibly reaching it.

Set a specific goal for the year and also set quarterly goals so that you have milestones to reach that are in closer reach. If you were doing 4 deals a quarter the past year, set the goal to get 6 deals each quarter which will give you a 50% higher volume over the year.

Your goals should also be focused on areas of your business such as  lead generation and marketing, brand awareness, team growth, profit margins, and efficiency.

Do you lean on just one type of lead generation but wish you were more well-rounded? Create a detailed plan that shows what channels you’ll go into, your strategy within each channel, and set numerical goals instead of just knowing you want “more”.

Without quantifiable goals, you’re opening the door for procrastination and shortcomings because you don’t have a specific identifier of when you’ve reached the goal.

If you need more brand awareness, which is an abstract idea, think about action-oriented steps that will lead you to increased brand awareness.

How many Facebook Lives should you do a week or a month?

How many reviews and testimonials do you want to get in the next year?

How many new industry-related relationships do you want to nurture?

With your well-defined goals, you’ll be better prepared to hit the ground running with your new goals and you’ll know exactly what needs to happen.

Because what happens when we say that we’re going to work out more when the new year rolls around? We go for the first few weeks and then we start going less and less, until we stop going altogether.

With measure goals that are broken down throughout the year, you’ll be able to hold yourself more accountable because there’s a plan in place.

Figure out 3-5 goals that will have a direct impact on your business.

Now, think of 8-10 detailed, quantifiable steps that you’ll take throughout the year to reach each goal.

Finally, lay out the small details of each task, including how often they need to be done and the results that are expected.

Plan to succeed.

Without planning, you’re planning to fail.

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