market correction

Most investors that we talk to are gearing up and preparing as much as possible for the next market correction or crash. They’re building relationships with private lenders so that when money gets tighter, they’re in a position to still get lending for their deals.

Those who were investing in real estate during the last crash have had years now to think about what they would do differently the next time around. Many wish they had bought more rentals or had more access to funding.

Regardless, there are a lot of questions about the impact a market correction will have on investing and strategies to optimize the changes in the market.

This is where a family of other real estate investors from around the US will be extremely helpful.

By being able to open talk to other members about what they’re seeing in their markets real time, they’ll will be able to keep a competitive edge by adapting quickly.

Hearing about how the market is changing in other cities will help you understand where prices are being hit the hardest so you can make educated offers that fit with the current market. You don’t want to be offering 70% ARV minus repairs if others are regularly buying much lower.

Knowing what marketing is working, how much people are spending on marketing to get a deal, etc. is helpful to know, especially if you haven’t been through a downturn before.

Having eyes and ears around the US can be a game changer for you optimizing the market change.

Even now, members of our Investor Fuel Mastermind are talking about changes they’re making today so that they aren’t getting stuck with properties that won’t be profitable if the market shifts more.

Those who are ready for the change and are prepared, are most likely to thrive during the correction. Those who are figuring it out on their own and are fearful of the change will likely struggle.

Interested in learning more about the investor fuel real estate investing mastermind? Check out the video below to see what it’s all about.

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