You’ve heard it before.

You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

Go ahead.

Think about who your top 5 people that you spend the most time with would be.

Your significant other? Your best friend? Your business partner? Your family?

Are you proud of who you’re spending your time with? Do you have 1 or 2 people who aren’t quite the good influence that you wish they could be?

Everyone you’re spending a significant amount of time with is impacting your life, whether you realize it or not.

Ideally, they’re changing you for the better.

Consider if you were spending the most time with:

  • Your significant other who fully supports you as a real estate investor
  • Your business partner who compliments your strengths
  • Your mentor who encourages you and guides you to excellence
  • A best friend from college who thinks real estate investing isn’t a real career
  • Another local real estate investor who you have partnered with on deals in the past.

You’re focused, driven, and getting more and more deals. Everyone is in your corner, except for your best friend from college.

Even after showing him that you’re succeeding in real estate investing, he’s still finding ways to put you down and put doubt into your mind. If it goes on long enough, your positive attitude might shifter into a less confident version of yourself.

This is why it’s crucial to think about who you’re spending the most of your time with and really think about the influence they’re bringing into your life.

As kids, most of us hung out with some people who had questionable morals and often, we got into trouble while we were hanging out with them. As soon as you stopped hanging out with them and surrounded yourself with better choices, your whole demeanor would change.

Real estate investing can be a very lonely business but some of the most successful investors have a solid network of other investors who motivate and encourage each other.

It’s no secret that they’re more successful than ever because of their network

This is also why mastermind’s can be so powerful. By surrounding yourself with like-minded investors who can give you valuable information, don’t hold anything back, and who support you 100%, it can make a HUGE difference in your business.

The Investor Fuel Mastermind has brought over 100 investors together who support each other, give suggestions and recommendations to help each other’s businesses, and provide a sounding board for scaling and improving your business.

They’re truly a family.

We are vulnerable in front of each other because once the barriers are broken down, the real challenges can be addressed and solved inside the group. With everyone’s different expertise, you can share whatever struggles you’re having, business and personal, and the entire group will be there to help solve the problem.

So I ask you…

Who are your top 5 people you spend the most time with?

Is this the “right” 5 people who should have in your life?

Is their influence 100% positive?

Surround yourself with those who will always support and encourage you.

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