epic real estate investing

Real estate investors come in all shapes and sizes, and from all walks of life. Some are doing what their parents before them did. Many found real estate investing on their own. Some were backed into a corner and failure was not an option. That’s the case for Matt Theriault of Epic Real Estate Investing..

community buying group

Check out this interview with Ben Rao, President and Founder of Community Buying Group, a grouping of dozens of national vendors that provide discounts to real estate professionals. They say that two heads are better than one….so imagine the benefits when over 30,000 (and rapidly growing) come together to use..


In this episode of the FlipNerd.com VIP show, we talk with Josh Adamek, President of ACRE, a Pittsburgh REIA club that has been supporting real estate investors for over 30 year. We also learn Josh’s story starting as a young real estate investor, and now acting as Principle of Synergy Capital, Inc..

ugly houses

Ken Channell, Co-President of HomeVestors of America, the “We Buy Ugly Houses” folks, has had the unique opportunity to study thousands of real estate professionals – and knows, perhaps better than anyone else, what it takes to be successful. He also had the opportunity to work with industry legend Ken..

do what you love

Don’t miss this episode of the FlipNerd.com VIP Interview show. My guest, Extreme Athlete, Jeremy McGhee has nothing to do with real estate. He has everything to do with always giving your best, focusing on doing what you love, and never making excuses for why you can’t do something..

investors group

In this episode, I interview Jeremy Veldman, President of Memphis Investors Group. Jeremy is a corporate refugee that started attending Memphis Investment Group many years ago to learn how to get started in real estate investing. Since that time, he’s left corporate america, and in addition to several years of..

scaling real estate investing

Check out this interview with Chas Carrier of C&C Residential, a high volume real estate investing company. Chas and his team consistently buy over 100 houses a year, an achievement which simply can’t be done without a strong team, and a very capable operator. In this show, we talk about how Chas left a lucrative..

sale master

Join me in a discussion with John Anderson, Co-Founder of Oyezz, a short sale brokerage. Oyezz started working short sales before many knew what they were, and today, they continue to thrive as true experts in a space where many have come and gone. In this show, we learn more about John Anderson and Oyezz,..

investing realacquisitions

Check out this interview with AG Gupt, CEO and Co-Founder of RealAcquisitions – a data and technology company working to consolidate critical information for real estate investors. As in everything, information is King, and for real estate investors, access to information on potential leads is gold..

proper tax planning

Join me for a discussion with Keith Borg, a real estate investor focused CPA and tax strategist. The tax code is as complicated as it gets for real estate investors, and it’s critical to be aligned with a CPA and tax planner that knows what they’re doing! Keith is an active investor himself, and shares with us some great..