probate leads

Probate leads for real estate investors are a largely untapped market. There are many coaches that teach people how to pull probate leads, but the process is harder than most think…so most give up almost immediately. There’s only 1 company in America that’s managing an army of people to pull these leads..

rei expo

Networking is a huge part of any successful real estate investor or vendors life. They say “You network is your net worth”, so fortunately there’s a powerful networking opportunity that is the ‘grand-daddy’ of all events. The REI Expo has become the most well put together, organized, and down to earth event about..

In this episode, I interview Joel Grasmeyer, of App maker, Real Estate Tools. We discuss how the real estate investing industry, generally slow to adopt new technology, is dealing with and thriving with some of Joel’s awesome technology for real estate investing. The real estate investing industry is finally seeing some..