It’s easy to fall into the trap that “real estate” is “real estate”, but the many different flavors of real estate investing are indeed quite different. It’s important to stick to what’s worked for you in the past, and when venturing into new territory, make sure you’re working with or partnering with others that know exactly..

Learn Mike Conlon’s 3 keys to being successful in real estate investing in this market. Mike, the “Main Street Millionaire”, has achieved great success in many classes of real estate. Check out this great Flip Tip!..

Failure to start is the worst way to fail. Don’t hind behind never getting started in the first place, as you’ll never be successful in real estate investing if you don’t get started in the first place! Tony Alvarez shares this great Flip Tip to help you get our of the gate..

For many new wholesale real estate investors, there’s a misconception of how well you need to understand rehabbing houses. Even if you don’t plan to rehab yourself…your customers do. If you don’t understand this, you risk damaging your name in your market, as many prospective buyers will not even consider your..

How to Get Rich with Hotels

Ever consider investing in hotels? You probably drive past many of them every day, and have likely never once considred hotels from an investment perspective. Check out this tip to wake up to the opportunities that may be just below your pillow!..