Deal before money, or money before deal? It’s a historical ‘chicken vs egg’ issue that all real estate investors face. Michael Blank joins us today to share his #1 tip for raising money for your real estate deals, no matter how big or small. Don’t miss this Expert Tip!..

As real estate investors, it’s easy to take the ball off of monitoring your credit and making sure you stay safe. Erik Gantz of joins us to share a tip on how maintaining a good credit profile will help you run a more profitable business and help avoid sticky situations..

It’s very likely that you’ve passed on deals that you could have sold to a Residential Assisted Living Operator. They are everywhere around you, but you likely didn’t even know it. That big house with too many bedrooms, safety bars in the bathrooms, etc. There’s another use for those properties that you probably..

Joakim Mortensen joins us today to share his excitement for what lies ahead for real estate investors. Real Estate as an asset class is still at it’s infancy, which means big things for investors. Listen in to hear more…only on

Do you know how to value a property as-is? Do you know what a potential wholesale buyer is willing to pay for your property? Cory Boatright shares his advice with us on today’s Expert Tip show!..

Michael Drew shares this Expert Tip to discuss the importance of building a blueprint of what your financial goals are through real estate investing. Number or units of properties doesn’t matter. Dollars do. When you have a clear blueprint, your next steps will be more clear, and others will know..