direct mail

In the classroom today, Jim Ingersoll remarks on the importance of targeting your marketing to specific buyers, depending on what type of home you’re looking for (Fix and Flip, Wholesale, Rentals, Etc.). After determining what type of buyer you want to go after, there are ways to target your direct mailers so that ..

find and flip

Jason Lucchesi explains that it can take a little bit of searching to get ahold of the executor of an estate and its heirs, but how you can get more deals done if you’re open to these types of deals. Learn how to contact the executor of the estate and who you can try to talk to to get more information about the property..


Today, Holly McKhann talks about networking groups in your city and how they can help you grow your real estate investing business. By talking with other group members, you can let them know that they’ll get a referral fee by helping send the right people your way. Making it about them and less about you is..

private lending

H. Quincy Long goes through the top 10 tips for lending money privately from your IRA for a deal. If you’re acting as a private money lender, you need to protect yourself and your money. H. Quincy Long explains his tips on how to handle being a private money lender..

due diligence

Today, Greg White discusses how you should research and take recommendations from friends and colleagues before hiring professionals to help with your real estate investing business. Spend the time hiring the right professionals, including contractors, attorneys, property managers, and real estate agents..

assisted living

Gene Guarino elaborates on the top 3 ways to secure financing on your residential assisted living homes. REI Classroom Summary Listen in as Gene provides excellent tips on finding financing for homes that you’re making residential assisted living homes. Listen to this REI Classroom Lesson Real Estate Investing Classroom Show Transcripts:…


In the REI Classroom today, Gabriel Garcia discusses how to double your business in the next year. To start with, visualize where you want to be in life and how to make it happen. In addition to mindset, you need to make it happen. Gabriel elaborates on what you need to do in order to grow your business to be able to..


Today, Franklin Cruz applies the benefits of crossfit to successful real estate investing. Looking at you structure, time, community, and progress are all parts of real estate investing that you need to have perfected..