In the REI Classroom today, Gabriel Garcia discusses how to double your business in the next year. To start with, visualize where you want to be in life and how to make it happen. In addition to mindset, you need to make it happen. Gabriel elaborates on what you need to do in order to grow your business to be able to..


Today, Franklin Cruz applies the benefits of crossfit to successful real estate investing. Looking at you structure, time, community, and progress are all parts of real estate investing that you need to have perfected..


Frank Cava talks to us today about getting the most out of each deal and how you have to price the purchase, rehab, and sell correctly in order to maximize your profit. By knowing the value by getting an accurate price range from comps, you’re able to effectively price costs..


In the classroom today, Duncan Wierman teaches us about how he gets people’s attention without using mailers. By leaving leads voicemails and following up with texts, you’re reaching out to them in creative ways and can move deals quicker. Duncan provides us with his timeline for calling and texting, in addition ..


Dave Payerchin gives us a clever acronym that’s helpful when you’re talking with a motivated seller. By getting to know your sellers hobbies, occupation, friends, and family, you’re able to relate to your seller and have them in turn be more comfortable with selling to you..


Today, Blake Yarborough chats with us about important upgrades to put into your rehab project. Blake shares what areas he focuses on that will bring in a high appraisal. He mentions how spends a bit more and goes for granite in most properties since it helps with appraisal and makes it standout for tenants or buyers..

screening calls

Andy McFarland explains the one thing to remember when screening calls with motivated sellers. Building a rapport with your sellers and finding out their story can put you ahead of other investors. Andy McFarland lets us in on a few key tips to help build a relationship with the seller..


Alex Pardo talks to us today about how he’s more efficient when taking short breaks every hour or two so that your brain has time to recharge. REI Classroom Summary By taking breaks throughout the work day, you’re able to get more done without getting burnt out. Listen to this REI…