Kevin Ortner explains how there's an influx of renters around the nation as millennials are waiting longer to purchase a home. By investing into rental properties, you're not only diversifying your portfolio, but you're also taking advantage of increasing values..

Clay Malcolm discusses how you can use your self-directed IRA to purchase real estate and how it the IRA itself can actually be a title holder. Discover a few of the options you have within a self-directed IRA in real estate so that you can make the best decision for your situation. By giving your IRA ownership, it is able..

Today, Darrell Kucan talks to us about analyzing your vision for real estate investing, including goals you have for yourself. Darrell Kucan elaborates on how creating a detailed business plan can help you succeed within real estate investing. By noting strategies in marketing, acquisitions, rehabbing, etc., you can set..

Frank Cava discusses how to prepare yourself to talk to anyone about your business any how it can lead to you raising the money you need. Find out the key pieces of information you need to have ready to show that you're serious and reliable when raising capital ..

Michael Blank lets us in on what you need to create in order to secure financing when you have no money to start with. By creating a sample deal, you're able to analyze the deal and in turn become more confident. Connecting with your network and asking for referrals can help expand your opportunity..

Dmitriy Fomichenko talks to us about using the right IRA to generate tax free income for retirement. Setting yourself up to live comfortably when you retire can be easily done through retirement plans. Find out how to make the most out of your yearly contributions..

Larry Goins goes over the process of bidding on properties for HUD Homes. Learning the How-To on finding, bidding, and finalizing HUD Home deals can get you a high percentage off the list price for markets nationwide..

Greg Reid emphasizes the importance of not giving up and persevering through tough times within real estate investing. Going the extra mile and pushing through is what makes us successful. Set a higher standard for yourself and when you run into problems while investing, try coming at it in a different direction..