Alex Pardo reveals why it can be good to start out in wholesaling as money, credit, and experience aren't required factors. Building relationships with other wholesalers and even co-wholesaling can help get your foot in the door. Also find out more about building your cash buyer list..

Jack Shea talks to us today about how to utilize our IRA by forming a trust that allows you to have the control. By having checkbook control of your IRA funds, Jack Shea tells us more about the benefits, including minimal risk, high returns, privacy, and control..

Gene Guarino talks to us about how Residential Assisted Living Care can have exceptional opportunities to create consistent wealth. Gene explains how to make money on the rent side and the business side when owning and managing a Residential Assisted Living Care Home..

Brian Meara teaches us today how to determine the best course of action for short sales. Analyze what is profitable for you by calculating the cost of money. Closing costs and repairs need to be factored in when looking at profit..

Arnie Abramson, an expert in Tax Deeds in Texas, explains today how different states use Tax Liens while others use Tax Deeds. Find out why it's so important to know what type of state you're in. Some are strictly Tax Lien states while others are Tax Deed states and how this affects your course of action..