Ben Leybovich


On this Best Deal Ever Episode we are joined by Ben Leybovich who is widely known for his presence on Bigger Pockets. Ben has a very intriguing story about how an illness turned him towards creating passive income through Real Estate. Listen in as Ben talks about his approach to real estate and why it often makes more sense to understand “How NOT to invest.”

Real Estate investing is a hot subject right now. Over the past few years a lot of folks have made a lot of money in real estate, and now more and more are leaving traditional investments like stocks and bonds behind to enter the world of real estate.

Unfortunately, as it often happens when a lots of people gravitate toward a particular investment arena, sleazy salesmen pop-up everywhere. They promise wealth over night. They tell you it’s easy. They promise to give you all of the tools and “secrets.” And all they want in return – your money…and lots of it.

Guys, it is not easy to find products in the real estate investment education world that are verifiably legit, fairly priced, and are delivered by people of authority and reputation. Cash Flow Freedom University is a rarity…

Ben Leybovich, the creator of Cash Flow Freedom University, is a well-known and highly reputable name in this space. He is an active real estate investor and syndicator. He is a recognizable name in the financial and real estate blogging universe. And he has been a guest on a gazillion different real estate podcast. I’ve been following Ben’s stuff, and I am completely impressed with his knowledge and credibility!

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