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Brian Sapp talks to us today about how to find probate leads and how to approach the subject with understanding and care.

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Learn more about where to find probate leads in your market and what you should be sending to who.

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Mike: Welcome back to the REI Classroom where experts from across the real estate investing industry teach you quick lessons to take your business to the next level. And now, let’s meet today’s expert host.
Brian: Hi, my name is Brian Sapp with Novus Home Buyers, and today we’re going to be talking about probate and specifically how to find those probates leads and how to contact and follow up with them.
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Brian: The first thing that you want to do is decide what area that you want to invest in within probate. For example, for me I’m in the Washington, D.C. area, and we mail to probate lists in about seven different counties. I don’t recommend trying to do every single county at once. Go to your one specific municipality where you want to invest in probate. Contact the clerk of the circuit court and figure out exactly how those probate leads are recorded.
Once you figure that out then you can go down to the courthouse and talk with the probate clerk and figure out how you can get those leads on whether it’s a daily, weekly, monthly or however long they update that list. For my area, we can either go down to the courthouse or we can get those probate leads online. But, it really starts with a couple of the first fundamental steps which is figuring out exactly how the leads are recorded.
Once you get down to the courthouse and figure out how they’re recorded, now the next thing is what is it that you’re looking for. For us, what we do is we find all of the heirs, all of the executors, and the probate attorney involved within a case. What we do is we mail every single person that’s on the docket our mailer, because we want everyone involved within the probate to know exactly what type of services that we’re going to offer.
What we do, we mail to the executors and the heirs, but we do not mail to the decedent’s house, because if you mail to the decedent’s house chances are that the people that are going to use your service more than likely might not get your letter. A quick tip is to always mail it to the executor’s address and not the decedent’s house.
What happens after you get the leads and how you record them, what is the message that you want to send to someone going through probate? What we do, we send a very formal letter that has our company letter head and a very formal style, because when I first started doing probate I got a lot of angry phone calls from people that were saying that they didn’t like our yellow letters. They didn’t understand why we were sending the letter to them. Because what we were doing, we were offering our condolences and saying sorry for your loss.
We don’t do that any longer. We’re very formal about the process and what we do when it comes to probate, because you want to understand that these people are going through a loss in their life. The last thing that they want is someone to try to manipulate them or think that they’re trying to not steal their property or offer false condolences. You just want to be up front and professional with the people that you’re working with. That’s kind of the attitude that we’ve been able to establish with our marketing message. That’s really worked out well for us.
Again, our message is, I talk a lot about sympathy versus empathy. Our message is more empathetic because if you can understand what the person’s going through then you can solve their problem a lot more easily than being sympathetic and either a shoulder for that person to cry on. Again, we don’t offer condolences or say sorry for your loss. We do specifically tell them that we’re interested in buying their inherited property. We also reference at the bottom of our letters that your information was received via public record. That gives the seller an idea as to what it is that we’re trying to do and why we’re contacting them and how we’re contacting them.
This is just some quick tips about how to get started within probate and mail to the people that are involved in the probate case.
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Brian Sapp
Before founding Novus Properties, Brian Sapp spent seven years working as a Project Manager in commercial construction. During that time, he worked on projects valued in excess of $15 Million and acquired the leadership skills necessary to become an entrepreneur.His passion and entrepreneurial spirit lead him to real estate, where he discovered Fortune Builders. Through this program, he gained the expertise necessary to navigate any transaction and to have the integrity to follow up on promises. After a few bumps and bruises learning the real estate business, Brian founded Novus Properties to provide real estate solutions.