Alex Pardo's BIO

Alex Pardo has been investing in real estate for 9 years. Before he started working on his real estate investing business, he worked for GE Consumer Finance in their Financial Management Program. He quickly realized that staring at Microsoft Excel for 14 hours a day was the fast lane to the dreaded rat race, so he completed the 2-year program, and decided to backpack around Europe and Africa for 3 months, before diving into Real Estate full-time. Two months later, he closed his first deal and made $44,000. Almost as much as he made in 1 year at General Electric, and needless to say he hasn’t looked back. Fast forward to today, he has started several businesses and has learned as much from his failures as he has from his successes. To date his company has closed over 250 real estate transactions and has helped countless homeowners and investors in the process.

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