Holly Mckhann's BIO

Holly McKhann is a full-time real estate investor and works with her husband Scott, having done over 200 fix and flips together in Southern California over the past five years. Holly began her career as a CPA, working for Ernst & Young. She also earned an MBA in finance. Scott is a registered civil engineer with a decade of experience at public home builders. Their blend of expertise and experience has attracted multiple investors, allowing them to expand their business. They used to buy homes exclusively at trustee sales, but now Holly focuses on relationships with realtors to find the flip deals that work. They own 12 rental units, mostly single family homes, all in Southern California. She raised over $3 million through trust deed investments. Holly loves working from home and enjoying her freedom as an entrepreneur. Holly has been married 23 years and has four children ages 13, 15, 18, and 21 and lives in Dana Point, CA.

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