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The Co-Founder of The Bottom Line. We are the first all digitally captured inspection company for commercial and residential buildings. When investors search for their first or next project, their primary focus is locating the property then acquiring the financing. They miss or forget about one of the most crucial parts of this process. THE INSPECTION! It’s obvious, the kind of experience they’ve had with some of these responses. My emphasis is our inspections are some of the thorough, most conscientious you will find. We digitally capture everything we find, which includes time stamp and even geographic coordinates. What many of you experience in frustration having something found after the purchase, we consistently find. Our intention is to be the buyer or sellers’ frontline, boots on the ground defense, for any real estate project. When providing this sort of protection, it gives you a strong negotiating position, to either work the price or walk on the deal. The primary reason most don’t, is getting stung by projects requiring 30-40 thousand in unplanned expenses. You experience 3 or 4 of these in a row and suddenly you’re out of business. It is our sole endeavor to be your eyes and ears analysis while you’re doing the necessary front end work to complete your project. Enjoying this partnership affords you the ability to search for more projects and have the peace of mind knowing your exposure is minimal. Your next move may be the most important. By contacting me, affording us the opportunity to do your next inspection, we will show you how invaluable we are. Regardless of what avenue in real estate you concentrate in, wholesaling, short sells, fix and flips, pic and sticks, buy and holds, REIT’s and the other participants in the industry, particularly all forms of financiers, our inspections absolutely protects everyone! Contact me to set up a time for your next inspection. The bottom line is, I’ll prove how invaluable we are! Michael Brown 714 496 9583

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    San Bernardino, CA Wholesale Deal
  • Category: Wholesale
    Riverside, CA Wholesale Deal
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