At, we’ve interviewed hundreds of real estate investing experts, all of whom share great advice and tips. Budding real estate investors should take the opportunity to learn from successful others, as many seasoned investors are more than happy to share their knowledge. In this article, we share a sampling of many of the best pieces of advice that real estate investors should follow (in no particular order).

Real Estate Success Tip #1 – Surround Yourself With Successful Others

From: Matt and Greg Sneyd
Too many real estate investors operate in a silo. Check out this Expert Tip from Matt and Greg Sneyd on the importance of surrounding yourself with other successful real estate investors and people to take your success to the next level.
Matt and Greg Sneyd

Real Estate Success Tip #2 – Get Started in Real Estate Investing

From: Tony Alvarez
Failure to start is the worst way to fail. Don’t hide behind never getting started in the first place, as you’ll never be successful in real estate investing if you don’t get started in the first place! Tony Alvarez shares this great Expert Tip to help you get our of the gate.
get started with real estate investing

Real Estate Success Tip #3 – Use a CRM to Manage Your Real Estate Business Virtually

From: Joe McCall
Did you jump into real estate investing to leave that J-O-B behind, only to find yourself enslaved in running your own business? Automation is the key, and Joe McCall, host of the popular Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast, shares with us how to use a CRM and systems to set you and your real estate investing business free.
manage your real estate business virtually

Real Estate Success Tip #4 – Get Started as an Entrepreneur (Don’t wait!)

From: Brenton Hayden
Fear of the unknown paralyzes many would be entrepreneurs. Brenton Hayden, Chairman of Renters Warehouse (‘retired at age 29) shares this VIP Expert Tip on just jumping in…and getting started as an entrepreneur. Don’t delay getting started another day!
brenton hayden entrepreneur

Real Estate Success Tip #5 – Finding a Real Estate Partner

From: Marck De Lautour
Many that are interested in real estate investing never get out of gate. One big reason is fear of ‘doing it alone’. Marck De Lautour of SBD Housing shares a Expert Tip with us on finding a real estate investing partner, even if it’s just to get started. Sometimes having a partner is the best way to get started.
finding a real estate partner

Real Estate Success Tip #6 – Why you should tell everyone you’re buying real estate

From: David Krulac
Want more deals? You should tell everyone you know that you’re buying real estate. Non-competitive referral leads are the best leads! In this Expert Tip, David Krulac shares more….check it out!
you're buying real estate

Real Estate Success Tip #7 – How to create a vision for success in your life

From: Jason Wojo
If you don’t have a vision for what you want your life to be like, you can’t create a plan to get there. Check out this Expert Tip with Jason Wojo, who shares what it takes to achieve success in your life as a real estate investor.
 vision for success

passively own rentals

Real Estate Success Tip #8 – How to build your buyers list

From: Cris Chico
Many wholesalers think they need a massive list of prospective buyers to sell their properties to. Cris Chico tells us why that’s a myth, and gives us advice on the right way to build your buyers list.
For the record – we believe the absolute best way to sell your wholesale deals is to list them on! See/list properties here:

build your buyers list

Real Estate Success Tip #9 – The importance of setting up asset protection for your real estate business

From: Garrett Sutton
To make sure you can keep the empire you’re building, it’s critical that you set up your legal entities properly to protect yourself. Garrett Sutton, Attorney and Advisor to Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad), shares more in this Expert Tip.
asset protection garrett Sutton

Real Estate Success Tip #10 – Changing your mindset so you can achieve your goals

From: David Painter
Real estate investing provides incredible opportunities to make money and generate fantastic wealth. However, most aren’t mentally prepared to achieve their goals. In this VIP Expert Tip, David Painter shares advice on making sure your mindset is right, so you can achieve your goals.
achieve your goals

The real estate investing industry is full of carnage from investors that tried to figure everything out on their own, and did not lean on knowledge and advice from others that have earned their stripes. At FlipNerd, we believe that real estate investing is a pretty simple business…though not ‘easy’. Solid advice from successful investors can give you the inspiration and confidence you need to either get started, or take your business to the next level!
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