As your business grows, you’re likely going to hit capacity and it’ll be necessary to start building a team to help you scale. This can be a daunting task as you figure out who you need to bring on, what to pay them, what their responsibilities are, and if you’ll be able to provide them with enough to do. Below are some of our best episodes on team building that you should check out, whether you’re a one-man shop or you’re in the process of building your team.

Team Structure – Get Some

Hey everybody welcome back to the show! Super excited for today’s episode with my buddy, John Medina! Today, we’ll talk about a topic that is near and dear to my heart. At the investor fuel mastermind…

Scaling Your Team

Hey everybody, welcome back to the show! Today I’m talking to my buddy Bob Allwein. In this episode, we talk about scaling up. It’s one of the challenges he’s been through over the past few years. From a one-man band or solopreneur…

Building A Team To Reach Freedom

Alex Pardo lets us in on who you need to hire to be able to disconnect yourself from deals while still getting closings each month….

Building An Investing Business To Last

Today, we’re talking with my buddy, Larry Wagner out of New York. Larry works with his son and they have another partner. They split up their team…

Building A Family Business

Hey Freedom Fighters…my guest today is JPaul Mills, Florida based real estate investor. Today we talk about building a family business. In real estate investing, and many small businesses…it’s common for spouses to work together…

Leadership And Leverage In Real Estate Investing

Today we talk about leverage. When I use that word, your first thought may have been around leveraging money, but that’s not what we talk about today. We discuss leveraging other people’s talents and time for your business, the use of systems…


There’s always more to learn and as soon as you stop learning, you fail. In addition to the above videos, be sure to check out our other shows for more real estate investing lessons!

Hannah Alley

Hannah Alley

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