The holidays are literally, right around the corner. Turkeys are purchased, pies are being prepped, and the guys are ready for some football.

As we surround ourselves with family and friends this holiday season, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the past year. Forget about the negatives and focus on the what’s really important.

There’s so much to be thankful for!

On Facebook, many people take part in the ’30 Days of Thanks’ challenge. This challenge has you post 1 thing you’re thankful for each day of November. Some are funny, others are sincere, but all in all, it reminds us to appreciate all the good we have in our lives.

We wanted to share our reasons for thanks with you, even though we went over 30 but hey, who’s counting?

We added them below for you to check out.


We’re thankful for…

  1. Being in control of life!
  2. The possibility of infinite success
  3. Our families
  4. The ability to help the community
  5. Our members!
  6. Flexibility in our schedule
  7. Access to experts at the top of their game
  8. Systems to make life easier (CRMs, answering services, anything automated)
  9. Being our own boss
  10. Our expert contributors
  11. Being able to simply enjoy life
  12. Potential for growth
  13. Being on our own schedule
  14. Having a healthy mindset
  15. Financial freedom
  16. Being surrounded by loved ones
  17. Learning from the best in the industry
  18. Breaking away from the 9-5
  19. Our successes (and our failures)
  20. Being surrounded by like-minded people
  21. The ability to make change happen
  22. New technology that makes business… easier!
  23. Being able to be a solution for someone
  24. Our team
  25. The opportunity to educate
  26. Doing what we love
  27. Our investor friends
  28. Being healthy
  29. The ability to take a day (or week or month) off if we want to
  30. Being able to create a stable and thriving future for our families and ourselves
  31. Our Investor Fuel Mastermind founders and members
  32. Being able to help homeowners out of tough situations
  33. Challenges we face that make us stronger
  34. Our network of industry professionals who support each other
  35. The opportunity to do more deals, build more relationships, and create success in 2018!


It’s important to be grateful and give thanks throughout the entire year. As you grow with your business, take the time to reflect.

So many people go through their days without a glance back at their journey.

This industry can bring on some of the best successes anyone can imagine.

Celebrate your successes.

Learn from your failures.

Always stay humble.


Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in November 2016 and was updated in November 2017.

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