direct mail

The compound effect is a beautiful thing.

If done right, you’ll eventually see exponential growth.

How does this relate to direct mail, though?

When sending out direct mail, it’s wise to send mail to the same property for multiple months in a row. It’s likely that they may not be ready to sell their house when they see your first mailer but over time, seeing your brand and your consistency can pay off.

If you have a list of 6,000 properties to mail to, you can divide them up into 6 batches of 1,000 mailers. This helps with your capacity when you’re just starting out because your phone might be ringing off the hook if you sent them all at once.

Each batch could be sent a week apart or even a month apart, depending on your business model. If you can handle taking more calls, sending another batch the following week and so on might work for you. If you need time to scale, every 3-4 weeks might be better.

Once you have your batches ready, think about your follow up mailings the following months. Here’s an example to lay it out.

Batch 1 – Mails out on Jan 1st, Feb 1st, March 1st, and so on. After 6 months, the frequency can slow down to mailing every 2-3 months.

That’s 1,000 mailers going out on those specific days.

Batch 2 – Mails out on Jan 7th, Feb 7th, March 7th, and so on. 

Batch 3 – Mails out on Jan 14th, Feb 14th, March 14th, and so on.

See the pattern?

Because it’s staggered, it will be much more manageable and you’ll be consistently getting calls from motivated sellers. After that batch of 6,000 is set up, it’s time to find another list to start mailing to. It doesn’t mean you stop mailing to the original 6,000, but instead you’ll be adding more each cycle.

By consistently sending out follow-up mailers, you’ll get phone calls from motivated sellers that may not have been ready a few months ago.

Other investors stop after a few mailers but sending out mailers for months or years can bring in more deals for you because your competition is giving up after a few short months.

In addition, as you get more lists and start sending more mail, you’ll continue to have leads call you from your follow-up mailings.

They very well might be leads that you’ve been sending to for over a year.

If you can can consistently mail out pieces on a schedule, you’ll get calls from leads that have fallen off the radar from other investors. It doesn’t cost much to send out a mailer every 2-3 months to an address in hopes that one day, they’ll be ready to sell.

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