Yesterday was a surreal day for me. Have you ever had a moment in your life that causes you to think about your past? Those questions that force you to ask yourself how you got to where you are today? I had one of those moments last night while driving 115 mph late at night on an uncrowded freeway. No I was not running from the law…lol…I was sitting in the driver seat of my dream car 🙂
You see, this particular moment flying down the freeway at 115 mph brought me to the time 6 years ago when I was broke, had lost my house to foreclosure and woke up one morning and discovered my Kia was re-possessed from the bank. That was the lowest time in my life by far. When thinking back at that time so many things cross my mind… Matt you are a failure. Matt you are a loser. Matt you can’t even afford a Kia…talk about getting kicked when you are down!
I guess you could say I was definitely at a cross roads in my life. I had 2 choices the easy one would have been to do what my family wanted me to do…stop chasing my dream of becoming a successful real estate investor and go get a J.O.B. i.e. “Just Over Broke” or “Cubicle Hell” …of course there is nothing wrong with getting a guaranteed paycheck but that will never allow us to achieve any of our dreams…especially if you know deep down that your dreams are more important than getting a paycheck.

The second choice was to lick my wounds, get back on the horse and keep charging forward…knowing and accepting these obstacles were only in my mind and it would only be a matter of time before I started to reach goals that would lead me to make bigger goals and better dreams 🙂
Of course it would be a great story if I told you that the very next day once I decided to move forward everything changed, money started pouring in, and I was an overnight success…but this is not Hollywood and life doesn’t work like that.
I will tell you one thing that did change immediately was my mindset. I decided to not focus on my present challenges but instead I focused on creating and manifesting what I wanted my life to become. Successful. Rewarding. And most importantly on my own terms. I started taking my business seriously. I put many sleepless nights in reading powerful books, researching and learning specific techniques and strategies to become a successful real estate investor…I constantly looked for motivating stories, successful mentors for guidance and focusing on positive affirmations despite my present circumstances.
Through the power of positive thinking, hard work and investing in myself (mentors, education, training, etc) I learned the secrets are not really secrets…the key to all of this is in between our ears 🙂 in fact many of the successful people you know and read about today probably share similar stories of defeat, failure and mistakes. The difference between those people that overcame them versus those that did not do not differ very much…there is a fine line between success and failure.
Well fast forward to today…from broke, foreclosed on and a re-possessed Kia… I just bought my dream car… a 2017 Porsche Panamera 🙂
Here are a few pics I wanted to share:
Panamera 2   Panamera2 2   Panamera3
Here is a pic with my beautiful wife behind the wheel 🙂
This was really a surreal experience and such a powerful example of all things are possible with faith, belief in yourself, hard work, and most importantly investing in yourself and knowledge! YOU are your biggest asset. If you don’t believe that than you have already lost the game. If you cant invest in yourself than who will?
I wanted to reach out to you and share my story…I want to know who is out there that may be standing at the cross roads I was 6 years ago? I encourage anyone who is reading this to reach out…maybe I can help. I look forward to speaking with you.
Be Phenomenal,
Matt Garabedian
“Phenomenal Investor”
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Written by: Matt Garabedian