There are a LOT of small tasks that must be done in order for a deal to be completed. If you sit and think about the work that goes into marketing, acquiring, and closing a deal, the list is extensive.

When you’re first starting out, it might be you filling all of the roles, meaning that you’re accountable for every task on that list.

Especially in a new business, it can be difficult to remember every single thing that you MUST do in order for the deal to go through.

This is why documenting a template of sorts for your deals can make your business run smoother, have you stress less, and when it comes time to hire someone to help you out, you can easily slide them into the template.

For us, we use Asana. It works well for an individual or a team. We keep a dedicated template for wholesaling, rehabbing, and assigning. Our team knows to start a new project for each deal and we use the necessary template and it’s a smooth process.

It eliminates confusion and allows for efficiency from start to finish.

We include comments, photos, and file attachments inside tasks so that we all have visibility on the progress.

As you’re starting to document your tasks for a particular project (say a wholesale deal), brainstorm the obvious tasks and leave comments in there if there needs more of an explanation. After you’ve documented the obvious tasks, think about the smaller tasks as you go through the project and elaborate on the project as you’re able to.

The more detailed and accurate, the better.

Why spend so much attention to detail?

Because once you’re able to start delegating some of the tasks to someone else, it will be much easier if they have a detailed task of what needs to be done.

You can always tweak and adjust your templates as your routine changes.

In addition to creating templates for your deals, it’s a great idea to have all of your “to-dos” in one spot with due dates on them. There’s always small items that you’ll need to do and it’s easy to forget them when you’re so busy.

The more you document, the easier your life will be as your business grows.

For most, it takes a little while to get used to but as a real estate investor, you must treat your business LIKE A BUSINESS. This means documenting and laying out processes for you and your team.

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