Earlier this month, we brought together some of the nation’s top real estate investors at the Investor Fuel Mastermind meeting. We’re talking guys who are doing over 100 deals a year and are dominating in their markets.

Over the course of 3 jam-packed days, successes were shared, connections were made, and solutions were brought to the table so that every member left there with new ideas to bring their business to the next level.

Members openly gave recommendations on books that made an impact on their business. These books ranged from hiring a team to pitching your deals to having control of your business.

Below are the 10 most talked about books from the Investor Fuel Mastermind.


Matt Andrews recommended Newsjacking 101, Trust Me, I’m Lying, and Pitch Anything when he shared his strategies on building a reputation for your business.


Fire Yourself was mentioned by Brandon Barnes when discussing hiring a rockstar acquisition manager.


George Beatty discussed how Focus gave him incredible insight for his business.


Gary Harper of Sharper Business Solutions has some insightful recommendations for the group, including The ONE Thing and Traction.


Joe Lieber highlighted What Every BODY is Saying and Topgrading when discussing strategies on hiring the right team and they are must reads!


Josh Spector of Align Foundation recommended “The Dream Manager” by Matthew Kelly when discussing keeping morale high and having your company be the best it can be.

Members of the Investor Fuel Mastermind are diverse in the markets they invest in and in their business strategy, allowing them to share ideas and strategies without impeding in another member’s business success.

Because of this, nothing is held back.

When great minds come together and supply each other with the missing pieces of their business, more deals are done and everyone wins.

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