Success means different things to different people. What’s important is that you know what it means to you.
It’s also important to note that the definition of ‘Success’ and your goals may be a moving target. You may set goals that once achieved…cause you to raise the bar significantly.
For some, ‘Success’ may be paying the bills, leaving your J-O-B, or doubling your income. For some, it may be less about money, and more about more freedom with your time.
As I write this Journal on FlipNerd, I find myself in a haze of contradiction. I’ve been blesses to achieve what most would consider ‘success’ in my real estate investing career. But…while comfortable financially, I continue to find myself unfulfilled. I struggle with defining what success means to me, and have been caught up in wanting “more” for many years…with no real finish line. I’ve sacrificed family time, health and often ‘bet it all’ on something that is hard to define. I am in no way recommending this level of risk for you, but it’s my journey to defining that elusive goal.
I’m also blessed to know many of the top real estate investors in America…and I think many of us have been bitten by the same bug. At some point, it’s about making a difference. Of course, even that means many different things to different people. For me, it means leaving a lasting impression on the industry that has blessed me…and industry that has improved, but still swarms in misinformation and predatory ‘gurus’ that take advantage of thirst of knowledge that many with little experience have for real estate investing.

This is the reason that we created To share great information. To bring experts with great knowledge to you. And of course, to help you find (or sell) investor friendly properties, find vendors, and much more.
So…what’ does success mean for you? Whatever your definition, I’d encourage you to including ‘giving back’ to some extent. If you achieve the success you with for, it’s unlikely that you didn’t get some help along the way from someone else. Why not complete the circle and give back yourself?
How can you give back more to this community and share your knowledge?