My mother-in-law passed away on January 1, 2016. I know this sounds like a strange way to start a blog, as usually I look for inspirational nuggets to propel you to new heights, or I explore new methods of acquiring and selling properties, or I expound on ways to find no-hassle money. However, with the passing of my mother-in-law and the life lessons we can learn from her life, I felt this would be a good way to start the New Year.
I am the owner of a company called Good Success. The reason we named it this (instead of Great Success) was because there are many people in life who have great success and achieve all their plans, but never find themselves happy at the end of their life. My mother-in-law was just the opposite! She lived a selfless life serving others. Below, you will read a condensed version of the Eulogy I wrote and read at her funeral. I ask you to humor my sentimental side as I try to apply a life well lived to real estate investing.

I shared this with all, both to honor her legacy and also because I want everyone to have the opportunity to end their life just as she did: being the boss.
Being Blessed, living for Others, Saving the things in life that can be used, and having good Success.
It’s a choice we have to make every day. We choose to bless ourselves or to be a blessing to others. We choose to live for ourselves or to live for others. We choose to use others’ faults to exalt ourselves or we choose to invest our strengths to fix their weaknesses. That’s what success is. I choose to have the right kind of success, and I hope you do as well.
Written by: Tom Olson