Hey everybody, welcome back to the show! I have a very exciting episode for you today! As you know we’ve done hundreds of shows and different podcasts over the years and today is a very unique show because we are going to talk about transitioning the show to a new host, to my good buddy, Dylan Tanaka! 

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Mike: [00:00:00] Hey everybody. Welcome back to the show. I have a very exciting episode today. I know I’ve said that hundreds of times where we’ve done hundreds of hundreds of shows, or there’s actually 1500 different podcasts over the years, or more than that at this point. Uh, this is a very unique show because we’re going to talk about transitioning the show to a new host, my good buddy, Dylan Tanaka.

And, uh, that’s what we’re gonna talk about today. Welcome to real estate investing secrets. We’re all looking for freedom and the opportunity to leave. Better more fulfilling lives, but most of us were trained our entire lives to work for someone else to chase their dreams. How can we use real estate investing as a vehicle to achieve financial freedom?

My life is dedicated to answering your real estate investing questions and helping you build an investing business that allows you to change your. And the world around me. And to enable you to turn your dreams of financial freedom into a reality, my name is Mike Hambright from flipnerd.com and your questions [00:01:00] get answered here on the real estate investing secrets show.

What’s up, Dylan. How’s it going, buddy?

Dylan: Hey Mike, how are ya?

Mike: Good. Good. So we’ve been talking about this for months. The time has finally come. I don’t have a Baton. This is a pen, but I’m going to pass the Baton. To you. So, anyway, we’re gonna tell you, we’re going to talk about, uh, Mr. Dylan’s Tanaka, for those of you that didn’t follow me for a while.

You probably know who Dylan is too. And if you don’t, he’s a cool dude. We become good friends. We’re brothers from another mother. And, uh, we’re going to talk about just the power of communities and the network and creating content. And Dillon actually is going to be taking over as the host of this show.

For those of you that don’t know, I started a FlipNerd live. Podcast as well. We have some other podcasts we’re actually gonna turn FlipNerd into, uh, a network of podcasts with a few other hosts. And you’ll start to hear about some of those shows as we go forward. Of course, I also do the investor fuel mastermind show and, uh, the FlipNerd live show just, uh, [00:02:00] started, which you can register for those.

We do those twice a month and they’re really kind of training based and I’m interviewing. Just rockstars. In fact, our last show was Jason Lewis, who does about 4 million a year in wholesale fees. And you can get access to those and learn about them and get reminded if you go to flipnerd.com/live. But today we’re gonna talk specifically about this FlipNerd show, which is basically the real estate investing secrets show and where we’re going with it.

So, Dylan, you excited to make this transition.

Dylan: Oh, yeah, my I’m I’m super honored. I’ve uh, I’ve been creating content like this for a long time. Mike and we met, um, I think four or five years ago, and I’d be getting your emails for a long time. I’ve been in the, in the real estate investing game for a long time, just like you.

And, uh, and we finally met in person and, and I think we just see that, that we kind of follow the same path in certain ways. When we look at business and, uh, and relationships.

Mike: Yeah. And we’re, we’re we’re we have like the same humor, a lot of the same jokes about the same age grew up in the Midwest.

Probably have some of the same values. [00:03:00] You’re a little weird, more weird than I am, but you know, it all kind of comes with the package, right?

Dylan: Yes. That’s twenty-five year old guys were very simple.

Mike: Yeah. Whatever. When you buy a used car, you can’t always pick out the color you want or all of the features that you want it.

Sometimes you just have to take what they say.

Dylan: Yeah. Sometimes you get the scratches and dents.

Mike: Yeah. But Hey, so let’s talk a little bit for, you’ve been on the show before, but let’s just talk about, um, a little bit about your background. You’ve been a real estate investor for even longer than I have.

You’ve done a lot of amazing things. So tell us a little bit about your background. Just so folks can kind of get some perspective of who you are.

Dylan: Yeah, I’ll try to keep it in 90 seconds because when I start talking about myself, it seems like I can go on for 90 minutes, but, uh, I started in real estate investing way back in 2003.

And, um, what really got me excited was I started going to networking meetings. All about real estate way back then. And this was when guys were smoking cigarettes and drinking whiskey, standing on stage telling stories about owning [00:04:00] multi-units and I was in my late twenties. So I really wasn’t even, um, welcome there.

It was, it was kind of different and it was like an old boys club. So I saw the power of that and I said, wait a minute here. I’m buying a couple of rentals a year, learn how to flip and wholesale out all that stuff that everybody else does. But then I saw that there was something super duper powerful about being really just the promoter.

I didn’t know I was being a promoter, but I was the facilitator of this group. And, uh, and created my own REIA group in 2006. And this is in Metro Detroit. So, uh, Mike likes to make fun of me for calling it Metro to try it, because if you’re not working in Detroit proper, you know, we’re, we’re known as Metro Detroit, not really like

Mike: Southeast Michigan Detroit specifically is.

Cut itself off from actual Detroit. If you’re in the city, it’s Detroit. If you’re in the suburbs and it’s like, no, no, we’re not Detroit. We’re Metro Detroit. Right.

Dylan: Right. And it’s even, it’s even worse for us who work. Metro Detroit. Cause the real Detroit investors are like, those guys aren’t from Detroit.

But when I come down and hang out in Dallas with our fuel [00:05:00] famine and other events, you know, you always see Detroit. So. So, yeah, I saw the power of that and it was really unbelievable. And back in oh six, this is around the foreclosure days just pre-foreclosure days. So we would have hundreds of hungry investors come to these meetings.

And again, being from the Midwest got the big three guys. They’ve got huge retirements and a lot of them. Trust the stock market. So what do they trust? Bricks and sticks as we say. So these guys and girls would go out and they’d buy rental houses. A lot of the time there wasn’t as much flipping going on in the mid two thousands.

It was a little bit more, um, conservative, I think at least, you know, around here. So once I kind of saw that power and standing on stage, and really what I did is I would bring people just like you did with me. Right. I bring in a guest, I talked for the first 10 or 15 minutes giveaway like a flat screen TV or.

Um, I think it was like, um, apple, um, iPods, right? It was before air pods. It was bore before. Um, um, what [00:06:00] do you call it? Um, um, apple, uh, uh, What am I trying to say here on an apple guy. Right, right, right, right. No,

Mike: I’ve given away like 25 inch black and white tube TD is back there. Yeah. Almost.

Dylan: That was what I was trying to say, iPads.

So I’m like all these different apple gadgets. So this is so long ago, right? So it was so exciting. We’d have all these vendors. 15 different vendors, sometimes 20 different vendors that have a couple of hundred people in the, in the room. And I was buying and selling foreclosures is what I was doing. So, and I had a couple of partners at the time, starting out in business, a lot of us partner up.

So here I am, I’d have 10 or 12 foreclosures that we owned because it was very difficult to just assign. Properties back then. So you usually took them down and you own them. So I’d be standing on stage. And I wasn’t always pitching my own goods, but everybody knew who I was. So when I got off the stage and it was networking time here, I was handing my properties out to hundreds of hungry people who couldn’t figure out how we bought these properties so deep.

So I saw the power in that and I said, this is [00:07:00] really what I want to do. Um, I don’t know how you make money at it, but, you know, there’s, there’s been a whole different, a lot of different iterations of the REIA group and super RIAs as we call them or whatever, and, and different mastermind groups. But I, I knew that’s what I wanted to do and, and have probably finally figured out a way to do that.


Mike: awesome. That’s awesome. Yeah, I think I’m the same way I invested for a long time. Then I started people started asking me to coach, so I started helping out coaching started speaking at events and I really love, uh, for me, I just love networking. It’s one thing to get together with somebody to have coffee.

Right. It’s another thing to be able to speak to. Dozens hundreds or thousands of, of people and kind of share your knowledge. And on some level it gives you some purpose in life, right? You’re juiced up to like help other people. And on some level it’s like when I interview people on the show, you and I have known each other for a long time, but I’ve had plenty of guests that I kind of met on my show.

Guests that I had on, in fact that’s really how investor fuel the mastermind and everything I’ve done outside of real estate. That’s kind of been tangent [00:08:00] really started was from this very podcast, the FlipNerd podcast eight and a half years ago when we first launched it, it was just interviewing guys like Trevor mock and Matt Andrews, and a lot of people that were still really early in their career and building friendships with them and things that just kind of came out of that.

And so I’ve known at this point that, you know, even my most successful businesses right now are all. Partnerships. Um, even though I have some that I don’t have partners in like my funnest businesses, if that’s a word funnest, most fun businesses. And, uh, my, even some of my most profitable or biggest businesses are really our partnerships with other people that I met through networking.

Like most of them through investor fuel my very own mastermind. Right. So, uh, it’s, it’s really kind of cool how that happens. I think for you and I both have just an evolution of doing. Then teaching and then helping other people get started and sharing just the message of real estate investing, which has had a profound impact on my life.

Dylan: Yeah, no, that’s exactly it. And I always would joke and say, there [00:09:00] aren’t very many rooms, like the rooms that we get in, where there’s people who are crazy, who believe in themselves for willing to burn the boats. Right. And we quit our jobs and we go to school and we get these, these big degrees and it’s so important.

And, um, you know, our generation, we were told basically you had to go to college. There, there was no. If you didn’t go to college, you were going to be nothing. Right. We know that that’s changed a little bit and, and I don’t know where all that exactly came from, but we’re not going to go on a, on a political tangent here, but now we know that isn’t necessarily true, but we had to really kind of, I think we had to break through.

A lot of people holding us back because our parents’ generation, they went and got a good job and they worked somewhere for 30 or 40 years and got the gold watch. As they say in our grandparents, you know, they did kind of the same thing or they may have, they may have come from like maybe a more agrarian background.

Like, you know, the, the farm days were not quite that old, but, um, but that mindset anyways, you know, the, the world war two generation and the. Yeah, the depression babies. So we were told you had to [00:10:00] go and do that. And today this is, what’s so exciting to me, not just in real estate investing, but entrepreneurship and they, they seem to bleed together.

It’s like every big, uh, speaker that, you know, if they’re not in the real estate space, you come to find out that’s kind of where they started. Right. Because how the heck do you, do you really. Pull yourself out of like nowhere and, and flipping houses or rental houses or investing in real estate in general is just a great way to do that.

To build that foundation. Once that foundation is built and you have that cashflow, you know, in that mailbox money now. Take some risks, right. And take some big chances.

Mike: Yup. Yup. For those of you that are listening, if you’ve been following for a long time, uh, appreciate you being here. I will tell you this, nothing’s going to change other than, uh, a new, a new pretty face.

That’s behind the microphone there and I’ll still pop up every once in a while. I’m not, I’m actually not going anywhere. It’s just, what’s hit me over the past few months is I I’m running three different podcasts. Now they’ll flip nerd. One has, [00:11:00] has been, I’ll say this for the. Several years. I did throw three shows a week, then went to two, then went to one for like the first six or seven years.

And then it started to become kind of inconsistent. I’m not even doing them every week and it always paid me, but I just have, you know, I run four different businesses and have a lot of things going on. I have a lot of people that are in my mastermind or investor machine or Allegion, um, and data. And I have hundreds of customers ultimately that I’m trying to serve and I love podcasting.

And in fact, I’m not even, I’m just moving over to host some other show, so not going anywhere, but it just, this wake up for me of, you know, what I have this idea of turning FlipNerd into a network of shows with several different shows. And Dylan was one of the first people that I reached out to and said, well, you know, what do you think about this?

What do you want to be involved? And he said, yes. And then it wasn’t till recently where, um, I said, you know, why don’t you just take over the FlipNerd real estate investing secrets show. I mean, all the talks at that point, I’d been up to maybe starting a new podcast on the flip nerd, uh, network. And you know, you see Dylan has the, [00:12:00] I’m a hybrid shirt on there.

So to clarify. It is a hybrid agent and an investor. And in fact, talks a lot about being an agent and an investor. And I don’t think that topic is going to overwhelm this show. It’s a part of who he is. Uh, he’s also a v-neck guy. If you haven’t noticed on I’m more of a crew neck type guy, believe me, I’m

Dylan: working on my team to get the v-necks not gonna

Mike: happen, not gonna happen.

Uh, but, um, you know, this show is only. Better. It’s going to certainly get more consistent. And, uh, the quality of the guests is only going to get better. And in fact, Dylan and I run in the same circle. So there’ll be lots of amazing guests and maybe some folks you’ve seen before and a lot of new folks too.

So, uh, so before you think that, oh, it’s flipped around, it’s going away. It’s not, it’s actually just going to kind of get better and return back to its roots of stability. I think you’re planning to publish a show a week on average though.

Dylan: Yeah, that’s my goal. I want to, uh, I want to go a little bit crazy.

I love creating content. And you know, once, once you get to the point where you kind of have this thing, like I’m sitting in my [00:13:00] cockpit set up, I really just have to plug the car. Chords in and hit go. And between your enormous network and my I’m not so big network, don’t tell anybody. I said that, uh, we’re going to have some great folks on, and it’s not just about the names, but it’s really about, I just think it’s about inspiring other entrepreneurs.

I can learn a lot from, uh, from a guy who just started. I’ve got a guy who’s, who’s in one of my networks and he’s on one of my team. And he’s not afraid of anything. He’ll run through a brick wall. So here I am, I’m looking at the book and I’m like, I don’t like the cover of this book. He’s already read the whole book and it’s the best book he’s ever read.

So sometimes when you’re an old dog and I hate to think that way myself, but unfortunately I have the gray hair. Right. Um, you, you, you have to, uh, sometimes you got to shake things up a little bit and, and just look at things through, um, you know, other people’s.

Mike: Yeah. And, and, you know, one of the, one of the benefits of, um, what we’re doing here is I just am blessed to have just an amazing network of people.

And there’s some very specific people that [00:14:00] I’ve talked to about starting new shows that I think can really add a lot of flavor too. Cause you know, I have, it’s interesting. It’s always been interesting to me. I have a lot of experience. A lot of people like, look at me. I think that I’ve done, somebody recently said to me, everything you touch turns to gold.

And I was like, well, you haven’t seen everything. I touched because some of it turned to absolute shit. Right. But that’s the perception sometimes when you’re on social media and on podcasts, is, is that you, that you, um, that things were easy right. Overnight success, you know, but I can tell you it’s been 14 years in the making and I don’t know.

I am successful by most standards, but I feel like I’m just getting started. I feel like a lot of us that have had a lot of success keep wanting to go to that next level. And for me, that next level is been something that’s really, really important to me is my network, right? The power of your network is really critical and I’m just tapping my network to say, can you host some shows with me?

And like, let’s get our message out there more and more. So for those of you that in Washington, things are just really getting started here.

Dylan: Yeah. And [00:15:00] some people like when Mike and I first became friends, I found out how aligned we were, because like Mike said, we do have a lot of the same just beliefs and views and, and kind of old school, but we’re still super duper cool for being slightly old school.

Right. Um, but, but it’s super power, super duper cool. But it it’s, it’s like you almost have a moral obligation and, um, you know, I’m a member of investor fuels, so I’ve been there four years now and that’s, that’s the nationwide mastermind. That Mike has created, right. And, um, mastermind for us real estate investors.

So, so in the beginning, I think I would get on stage and talk a little bit about like building your network and the meetup groups and how social media was important in your community. And sometimes guys, eyes would glaze over a little bit and they’re like, I just want to flip more houses. How do I, you know, find a better way to find the seller or all the, all the really tactical things that we do, but I’ve seen a huge change in the.

You’re I dunno, maybe year and a half and maybe the stupid pandemic had something to do with it. I’m not sure, but we have many members in our [00:16:00] group who fully focused on relationships to get deals. We’ve got Brian daily, he’s in San Diego. So not a California guy, but San Diego is a very hot, uh, you know, multiple different ways.

Right? It’s a hot area. It’s tough to get deals there. And he gets, I think like 80% of their deals. They get them from. Relationships, some of these, some of these companies, uh, the owners of these companies that Mike and I get to deal with, uh, and get to be friends with, they have relationship managers. So they’re hiring people to literally text or call Dylan and say, Hey buddy, why don’t you come to this event?

We missed. And it’s like, wow, it’s so much different than it used to be. But the power that the pendulum swung way, way over here, where you could just email and things would happen. And now I think it’s getting back to like, if Mike calls me and he has a deal versus just texting and texting it out to a million people, we might be able to put that together.

And maybe it’s, it, it ends up being more solid because we actually talk like humans versus going back to that, like, Pushing just, just [00:17:00] pushing away and being kinda like, like

Mike: robots. Yeah. Yeah. I think, you know, what it is is, uh, you know, I don’t think it took the pandemic to, to change that. I think a lot of people just fountain gravitated that way, but I think generally what’s happened with social media and you and I are both very active on social media.

So not, not to, you know, to kind of the negative side of social media is that we have thousands. Quote friends, but we feel like we don’t have any close relationships. Right. And so, you know, there, I actually did a poll a little while back about what people think about podcasts. And I found like people that have been around for a long time and listening to podcasts back, a lot of other podcasts, they feel like they listened to less than they used to.

But I think collectively as though, as a kind of war as the world goes, or certainly the population of real estate investors are people that want to be real estate investors. I think they’ve just blown up. And so I think we have this obligation to put great content out and I know. That you know, the truth is, is for a lot of years, guys, I didn’t even have anything for sale.

I was just like doing it. It’s not the best business decision. Um, but it’s just something that, um, That I’m [00:18:00] passionate about. I know Dylan’s passionate about he’s a content creation machine. And so, uh, you guys should just follow us along. We’ll we’ll put our down in the show notes, we’ll put our links for, uh, social media and, uh, I’ll make sure that you have a private Facebook, a private, uh, FlipNerd community online that you can join.

That has a lot of great content. And. Um, it’s where we broadcast, uh, the new FlipNerd live show that I’m doing here twice, twice a month. So lots of great stuff in there. We’re big on community and there’s thousands

Dylan: of investors in there. Mick, you didn’t mention a thousand ton of great guys

Mike: I’m already in there.

And we, we really go out of our way to kind of curate and make sure that it’s not full of a bunch of spam and crap, right. Where people are just spamming you all the time. And so it’s hard to avoid some of that, but we do our best to try to keep it clean. And add a lot of value, right? At the end of the day, I think back to the people feeling they have a lot of friends on social media, but kind of feeling empty is part of our goal is to change that.

I mean, I do [00:19:00] that with an investor fuel mastermind, uh, which we have people that are like friends and their families traveled together and lots of amazing things inside of there. And we’re going to do that the best we can, you know, on social media or online as well.

Dylan: Yeah, it’s I think it’s, uh, it’s been a game changer for me, just building relationships.

And then, um, I guess as you level up, you know, you think about local, you know, I’ve always been a local guy or for a long time. I was. And then as I leveled up and started coming to the investor, fuel events and meeting people from around the nation who. Doing things bigger and better than me. And in some ways maybe I was, I was doing the same, but, but just in a different part of our business.

So that, that really is the true definition of the mastermind, right? Like to two minds make a third mine and it’s better than, than what it was before. So it’s exciting to build those relationships and I’ve. You know, really made some crazy friends. Cool. I probably wouldn’t have been friends with, not because we’re different people, but a, you wouldn’t have met, but in B you just have that one breakthrough or the, you know, there’s been some [00:20:00] emotional moments at, at our meetings, which is always like, you know, I’m, I, I try to act tough cause I’m from Detroit or Metro Detroit.

Right, right. I I’ve seen here not as much anymore, but I’ve seen a couple, you know, tough guys break down and, uh, it means a lot, you know, and, and that’s not what it’s all about, but when you see that, you know, it really, um, it really strengthens any type of a group, but our specifically

Mike: yeah, yeah. Investor fuel for sure.

And probably some of that culture, um, you know, flows over into FlipNerd as well. I mean, I guess it’s always, I like, I like to say that I don’t have a big. To deal with the culture. But I mean, it is, these are my businesses and my groups, and surely I had a role in that, but it’s, it’s really, this is we have this common bond of real estate investing, but at the end of the day, I think we’re all trying to build stronger families, strong, stronger lives businesses.

Um, give us the freedom to do what we want. And, and some people, you know, will lead you to believe that it’s all about real estate. And I think for guys like Dylan [00:21:00] and I, that have been around a long time and our buddy, Matt Andrews said it perfectly, that real estate, isn’t the thing. It’s the thing that gets me.

The thing, what I want is more time with my family, more freedom, more flexibility to do what I want. I want to wear cargo shorts and flip flops to work. If I want to, like, I want to wear a hat to work or whatever, whatever it is, um, real estate can give that to you. And we don’t forget because this is an important part of our culture, that real estate, ultimately, isn’t the thing, it’s the thing that gets us the thing.

Um, and absolutely. Yep. So we’re going to bring you guys amazing guests, keep an amazing guests, in fact, that a higher rate now, because we’re launching new shows and more consistently doing this show, um, and you’re going to meet some of our friends. Sometimes there’ll be newer friends to us. A lot of times these will be people we’ve been friends with for a long time that can add a lot of value to you guys.

And it’s not all necessarily about the real estate. It’s about how to live a bigger and better.

Dylan: Yeah. One of my coaches, I still have coaches myself. You know, they talk about Michael Jordan and being from Detroit. I hate Michael [00:22:00] Jordan, but now I totally respect him. But how many coaches did Michael Jordan have?

So, so you have to look at that and say, if I want to be better, I have to surround myself with the right people. But when I was at, um, at the last investor fuel event, I get to jump on stage and talk a little bit. And I brought up something, one of my coaches said, and Mike talked about this a couple seconds ago.

It’s about freedom, but he said, what’s your definition of freedom? And I was in a room of 50 people. So everyone had a different desk. But in the end, the definition of is really being able to do what you want when you want. And if that means going to work 16 hours a day, like the old school guys, some of the construction guys, I know that’s okay.

Right. That means like Mike said, putting, putting on your flip flops and your cargo shorts and having a latte and working an hour a day. What you’ve built then that’s great, but it’s having that freedom and the choice. So if you want to go camping with the family or bike riding, or if you want to jet set off and you know, to a Baeza or whatever, you get to do that, but you have to find something that’s going to get you there.

And I think the difference between Mike and I, and a lot of the [00:23:00] Instagram, all stars out there as we put in the work, like we have put in the work, we still put in the work and that’s just ingrained. And for me, like that’s something that I’m always pushing is you can have all the stuff for sure. You still got to put in the work

Mike: first.

No doubt. No doubt. Yep. Awesome. Well guys, we’re really excited to, um, to have you keep following us along. I’m very appreciative of Dylan, my good friend for taking over the show. Thank you, Dylan. I’m going to give you a little clap, little golf clap here. Uh, excited to have you on there. If you guys, uh, if you, this is your first time listening to the show, this.

Oh, weird show for you to listen to, but we have literally over 1500 shows. If you go to flipnerd.com, you can access all those shows completely for free. We have hundreds and hundreds of blogs, lots of free training, just a site that we’ve been building for eight and a half years. It just has like thousands of hours of content and all sorts of amazing things.

Again, I just launched a flipnerd.com. Our FlipNerd the FlipNerd live show, which you can find by going to flipnerd.com/live. We have you just kind of [00:24:00] register there so that we can send you reminders. In fact, we broadcasted inside of a private group where we do other live content and other stuff. So, uh, you want to go to flipper.com/live.

Dylan is a member of my mastermind investor fuel. We have hundreds, we just had an event a couple of weeks ago. We had nearly 200 of our members and partners there. And you can learn more about that by going to investor fuel. And we haven’t talked about it a lot, a lot, talked about it a lot here, but I also run a done for you lead generation company.

Uh, it’s very data heavy. So we really go out of our. I find better data than anybody else that’s called the Vester machine. And you can learn more about that by going to the investment machine.com, uh, but not going anywhere at all. Other, just kind of handing the mic or the Baton to my buddy, Dylan, to take over this show.

And we’ll be announcing some new, uh, shows that are gonna be coming out soon, focus on, uh, professional investors, those that are looking to scale and, you know, multi-family and lots of other amazing things. So Dylan, any final words for you? [00:25:00] I think

Dylan: final words for me are just, you know, it’s all about your network.

You got to get it. You got to put the time in, but when you’re there pay attention, I tell them, I say this at invest fuel every, uh, every quarter when, when you guys are watching these podcasts or, or, or when you’re networking, take the time to actually. Do something with the names and numbers that, that you got because you got to take it to the next level.

And that’s the difference between just watching a quick three minute video from Mike on Facebook, or you’re going to join the free FlipNerd group. And then inside of there, you’re surrounded by, uh, by, by a different class of investor. Who’s going to help. Help you get to the next level and then you can level up and level up and level up and level up.

There’s there’s guys way above our pay grade, uh, that we all aspire to be like too. So, you know, one hands reaching down the other hands, reaching up, you put them together and you can really become more than you ever thought you are. That’s awesome.

Mike: Awesome. Well, we’ll end on that note, everybody excited to, uh, move on to the next chapter here.

Go to flipper.com and learn more. Uh, pay [00:26:00] close attention or we’re going to start pumping some shows out with, uh, my buddy DJ. Dylan’s a NACA call him DJ. Uh, but uh, some amazing shows. He’ll be an amazing host and I’ll pop my head in every once in a while. Check on you guys. See you on the next show. Take care.

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