retirement plan

This is episode #370, and my guest today is Dmitriy Fomichenko – a self directed retirement account expert. If you’re listening or watching right now, I know you’re passionate about real estate investing, and have an interest in building wealth, using real estate as a vehicle. Many of us start out that way, but end up getting..

cash flow

This is episode #369, and my guest today is David Tilney. If you don’t know David yet, he’s legendary in the real estate investing industry, with nearly 40 years in the business, and a very unique approach to building wealth and cash flow with rentals. Today we talk about master leasing, which is a vehicle that allows you..

real estate investing

This is episode #368, and today’s guest is my friend Pat Precourt. Pat is legendary in the real estate investing industry. Not necessarily for doing tons of deals himself…but for his ability to inspire others to achieve success. If you’ve heard Pat speak before, you’ll know that he defines the word “wisdom”, and you..

real estate investors

This is episode #367, and my guest today is Ryan Stewman – better known as the Hardcore Closer. Ryan is one of the nation’s leading sales and marketing trainers with a following of hundreds of thousands of salespeople and small business owners. As real estate investors, it’s critical that you know that you…

networking real estate

This is episode #366, and my guest today is Holly McKhann, aka “Hard Hat Holly”. Holly is a Southern California investor and a networking expert. In fact, she’s purchased hundreds of deals without spending a penny on advertising…as she relies almost completely on finding deals through networking with others ..

rental properties

This is episode #365, and my guest today is Aaron Chapman. Aaron is an expert at helping rental property investors get their deals financed using government backed loans…which is a great way to finance your first 10 deals. Aaron considers himself to be the CFO of his customer’s businesses, and goes out of his way to help..

caribbean islands

This is episode #364, and my guest today is David Keener. After more than 360 episodes…we’ve talked about most topics in real estate investing…but today is a new one…we discuss ‘flipping islands’ in the Caribbean. Specifically, David tells us about his business of building luxury homes on private islands in Belize..

lease options

This is episode #363, and my guests today are partners Jimmy Vreeland and Bob Scott…a couple guys that are crushing it up in St. Louis. If you own rental properties, you’ll understand that maintenance and vacancy expenses can kill your cash flow. We’ll…what if there was a better way? Jimmy and Bob started..


This is episode #362, and my guest today is my pal Wayne Sheaffer. We’re talking all about wholesaling today, and how Wayne went from getting fired from corporate America to doing over 300 years last year, most of which his team wholesaled. Even if you love rehabbing or buying and holding, wholesaling has..

raising private money

This is episode #361, and my guests today are husband and wife team, Jon and Stacy Bichelmeyer. Jon and Stacy are investors out of Kansas City, doing around 60-70 deals a year. When the last downturn happened in the market, their traditional funding dried up…and they needed to find another solution to finance..