This is episode #403, and my guest today is Brett Snodgrass. Brett is a power player…and wholesaled 354 houses last year, which was double the year before. However, it caused some growing pains, and Brett has found that bigger isn’t always better. As a real estate investor, it’s critical that you have a..


This is episode #402, and my guest today is Obi Dorsey. As real estate investors, many of us are ‘hunters’. We’re always looking for opportunity. However, that also exposes us to lots of ‘shiny objects’ that more often than not get us sidetracked and causes us to lose focus. The beauty of the…


This is episode #401, and my guest today is Adrian Nez. If you’ve been around me for even a little while, you know that I believe that successful real estate investing starts with becoming a lead generation expert. Simply put, if you don’t have leads, you don’t have a business. Getting good at…

business owner

This is episode #400, and today’s guest is my friend Jason McDougall. Many new real estate investors that are successful end up working long hours, and doing everything themselves. It’s not easy to build a business from scratch, and also have the resources to afford to have others to outsource some of your tasks to..


This is episode #399, and my guest today is Brandon Barnes, CEO of Home Buyers Network. I got to know Brandon after he joined our real estate mastermind, His team had some impressive stats – doing 30-50 deals per month…and only their 2nd year in the business, by investing in many different..

small markets

This is episode #398. Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Tyler Thompson. Tyler had done several deals over the course of many years, but it wasn't until going through our coaching and mentoring program ( that he learned how to truly treat his business..


This is episode #397, and my guest today is Steve Rozenberg. Steve is a real estate investor, owns a property management company that manages over 800 doors, and an inspiring entrepreneur. As we continue to get the new year started, we want to make sure you don’t get too comfortable letting up on…

online presence

This is episode #396, and my guest today is Danny Johnson. Danny is a successful real estate investor out of San Antonio, TX, but also a web and online lead generation expert in the real estate investing industry. Today we talk all about why your online presence matters. Even if you aren’t doing…


This is episode #395, and today’s I’m joined by my pal Joe Calloway. Joe is a Pittsburgh area investor that has become a dominate force in the market, where he owns hundreds of properties in Allentown, including single family houses and commercial properties. Despite Joe’s success, he periodically..

rental properties

This is episode #394, and my guest today is Kevin Ortner, CEO of Renters Warehouse…that manages over 20,000 rental properties. As we start the new year here, if you have regrets about not starting to build your rental portfolio, or not building it fast enough…there’s no time like the present to get committed!…