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“This is episode #340, and my guests today are my friends Lee Bryant and Jessica Weaver, that operate a virtual real estate investing empire where they’re doing 125 deals a year, mostly rehabs, across 3 states with just a few employees!

They’re an impressive duo that shares a lot today on how they do it all. In fact, Lee and Jessica work together, but even THEY live in different states!

Today they share why they invest in so many different markets, how they use virtual assistants to do much of the work, and provide advice for those looking to get started or to expand.

This episode is full of great knowledge sharing. Please help me welcome Lee and Jessica to the show.”

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Category: Lead Generation

“This is episode #339, and today’s guest is Dan Barrett. Dan is an online lead generation expert, and focuses specifically on leads for real estate investors.

Today’s show is pure GOLD if you’re not already generating leads online – and if you’re not…you’re missing out. We discuss different ways to generate leads, including some bleeding edge techniques, how to target the same people online that you’re already targeting with direct mail, and Dan shares his thoughts on how to get started, or ramp up.

So…let’s dive into this episode of the FlipNerd Expert Interview show. Please help me welcome Dan Barrett to the show!

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Category: Lead Generation

This is episode #338, and my guest today is Brian Ellwood. Brian and his partner are doing around 75 deals a year in Middle Tennessee, but doing it all from their homes in Denver Colorado.

Today Brian shares the importance of Marketing and Lead Generation for your business, as it’s truly the lifeblood of your business. There’s some great nuggets in today’s show…so don’t miss it.

BTW – this is the first show EVER that I’ve actually recorded LIVE via Facebook Live. FlipNerd Elite members were able to watch live from within our private facebook group, and were able to ask questions LIVE after the show was recorded.

In fact – all of our shows will be recorded Live from here on out, and only FlipNerd Elite members will have access to participate. Of course, the shows will still be added to iTunes, Stitcher Radio and as well, usually a couple weeks after they are recorded.

If you’re interested in watching us Live, it’s just one of the many benefits of our FlipNerd Elite membership….which you can try out for just $1.00 by visiting

But now…let’s join the show. Please help me welcome Brian Ellwood to the show.

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Category: Selling

“This is episode #337, and my guest today is Alex Joungblood. Alex is a Virginia based investor, but operates in other markets, and is the man behind one of the largest Facebook groups for real estate investors.

Alex shares some awesome tips today on Hacking your market – that is….use data to find out who’s buying investor deals in your market, find out what they’re buying, and then turn them into hungry customers.

There’s some powerful lessons in today’s show…and you’re going to love it.

Please help me welcome Alex Joungblood to the show.”

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Category: Operations

“This is episode #336, and my guess today is Matt Garabedian. Matt is a Fresno California based real estate investor that is crushing it right now. Matt played baseball in college for one of the top college programs in the country, and uses analogies between baseball and real estate investing that create powerful lessons. I was excited to have this discussion, as I use baseball analogies often for real estate investing as well, though I did not ever play professional sports!

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, or even get started as an investor, you’re going to love today’s show.

Please help me welcome Matt to the show.

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Category: General

“This is episode #335 – and my guest today is Larry Goins. Larry is a well known investor and educator, and he’s one of the top HUD investors in the country. HUD homes are foreclosures that were insured by the federal government, which are now being sold.

Larry has purchased hundreds of HUD homes, and is actively buying 10-20 new HUD homes each and every month. He’s here today to teach us all about HUD properties, and provide advice on how you too can start buying hud homes!”

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Category: Rental Properties

“Rental properties are a great way to build wealth and generate cash flow, and using leverage for rental properties is a powerful way to maximize your ability to build your rental portfolio. Steve Bighaus joined me for this episode, which has been awarded the 2016 Best FlipNerd show on financing your rental properties. Let’s jump into the show.
Rental properties are an incredible way to build cash flow and wealth. Access to funds to purchase properties is critical, and working with someone that understands your specific goals, and understands the rules in detail is paramount. Steve Bighaus, national lender to rental investors, joins the show to share what financing is available, when to use each type, and how to get started now. We take a deep dive into actions you can take now to start the process, and cover benefits of refinancing properties you currently own. We also discuss how you can find turnkey rental properties to build your portfolio.”

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Category: Rental Properties

“We all know that more millionaires and billionaires are made with real estate that any other vehicle, and rental properties are the vehicle of choice for creating passive income and building long term wealth. Robert Syfert joined me on this episode, which has become the award winner for Best FlipNerd show of 2016 for building a passive rental portfolio. Let’s start this great episode.

This is episode #324, and my guest today is Robert Syfert. Robert is an expert at teaching and helping others build wealth with rental properties. In fact, before he got involved in real estate investing he helped others with estate planning and financial planning…then brought his knowledge of helping others build wealth into real estate.

Today we talk about how to generate cash flow and build wealth with rental properties, and we get into detail about Active investing vs. Passive investing. I know from experience that statistically, many of you listening to this are either already building your portfolio, or very likely, want to but you haven’t moved out of the starting gate yet. The common reason for that is you assume that you have to do everything yourself, from finding deals, managing rehabs, finding tenants, then managing properties.

There’s a better way – and today we discuss it in detail. So…let’s dive in!

Please help me welcome Robert to the show!”

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Category: Operations

Thanks for joining me for this episode, where we talk about sales techniques and how to improve your selling skills – one of the most important skills you need as a real estate investor. John Martinez is a sales master, is this episode is the Best Show of 2016 on FlipNerd for Improving your Sales skills. Let’s listed in now.

This is episode #319, and my guest is John Martinez, founder of Peak Performance Advisors, a training platform for sales people. There’s no doubt that investors can buy more houses by following a proven sales system or process. John’s company is one of the best at training sales people, and today he shares his “5 Pillars of Successful Sales” to help you better understand how to improve your closing rates.

This episode is packed with excellent information that you can apply right away – You simply do NOT want to miss this episode.

Please help me welcome John Martinez to the show!

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Category: Money

“Thanks for joining me for today’s episode of the FlipNerd Expert Interview Show, which is our 2016 ‘Best Show of the Year’ on the topic of raising private money. In this episode, I interview my good friend, Matt Andrews. Private Money isn’t as elusive as you may think, and Matt tells us all about it in this episode. Let’s jump in right now.

What is private money? It’s a simple concept, and today, Matt Andrews joins us to clarify it once and for all. Matt shares his best advice for how to raise private money, and why it’s likely much easier to access than you think. In the 2nd half of the show, Matt shares specific advice on how to find and talk to private lenders…and even shares a link to get his slides to prepare your own presentation! Don’t miss it!”

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