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Note buying and selling is a mythical creature or black box for most. In this episode of the Flip Show, Eddie Speed…the nations leading authority on Note Buying gives us a ‘note buying 101’ lesson. There’s a massive opportunity to invest with notes…and if you’re like most…you don’t really ‘get’ how the business works. Truth is….if you don’t what you’re doing, it’s generally believed to be easier to scale, less competitive, and less risky (if done right) than most other real estate investing vehicles. Eddie Speed shares the basics with us in this episode…and if you have any interest at all in notes…you don’t want to miss this show!

Highlights of this show

  • Meet Eddie Speed, the Note industries more prominent leader and innovator.
  • Join us for our “Note Buying 101” lesson.
  • Learn how you too can learn how to buy notes in a rapidly growing alternative to buying physical assets.

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