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Mike: [00:00:00] Welcome to FlipNerd, live discussions with and training from America’s very best real estate investing professionals. We meet live twice a month to discuss what’s working now and get your questions answered. We broadcast live inside of a private online community, which you can join for free by visiting

Let’s start today’s.

What’s up everybody. Hey, welcome to the show, Trevor. How are you, my friend?

Trevor: Mike, get somebody doing awesome. Awesome. Thanks for the invite.

Mike: Always. Good to see you. So I’m excited to talk today every time, uh, every time you and I get together, I’m always inspired by, you know, what you’re scene in your business.

Cause I know you have you’re to the ground. We’ve got a lot of stuff going on. We represent a lot of, uh, uh, movers and shakers in the industry as well. So, uh, it’s an opportunity to kind of come together. And be able to look around corners and have the wisdom of, you know, hundreds of thousands of people that we’re serving, talking about what’s going on like today real time.

Right. So excited to chat with you. My friend,

Trevor: dude, meet, meet. It’s kind of funny, funny. So of course gonna [00:01:00] see each, each the month down in Dallas, Texas for a million dollar meeting. Yep. And I was chatting with more our mutual cl clients, Xander, um, uh, CR of Maryland in B. And some, some of the stuff I talking about today and guys can do you is from these conversations with, with guys that are, you know, our mutual clients have big, big, big businesses.

So yeah. Pumped about what they’re doing. And guys, there’s so many avenues right now in the market app could adds its shift that we need, need to pay attention. And, uh, Mike is the guy that you guys should be flying. C’s tapped. Probably more the, the bus businesses that wholesalers and flippers in this industry than potentially anybody, uh, uh, ought be here with you, man,

Mike: man.

Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. And, uh, guys, if you hear a little echo here, we, we weren’t able to figure out that is so no big deal. We’re just gonna plow through it. Um, but excited to talk and, and before we kind of dive into this again, a little. Uh, a little, uh, ad here for million dollar meeting. So we’ve been hosting this for four years, Trevor and Karen are coming on to kind of co-host it with me this year.

It’s [00:02:00] August 31st through September 1st in Dallas will have my best estimate right now is, is about 250 people there, um, up from about 200 last year. So it kinda continued to grow every year. The best part is, is it’s. It’s really amazing content we have about 22 speakers. It’s not a pitch Fest. Uh, my guidance to everybody that speaks is come in and bring the heat and share the very best that you have in about 30 minutes on a specific topic.

That’s usually around, you know, lead generations, sales and marketing business operations, or kind of lifestyle design, like building a, a business that really supports the life that you want. And everybody that we have coming in are friends of mine, friends of Trevors, and, uh, just amazing, amazing people.

One of the interesting things about this event is while there’s some folks that everybody knows, you know, not that everybody knows me or Trevor, but a lot of you that are watch right now do, um, some amazing people that, you know, right. That are kind of industry leaders and there’s people that. We’ll be speaking.

Some folks that are like in my [00:03:00] investor, fuel mastermind that are like flipping a hundred plus houses a year. And they’ve never been on stage before. And they’re like nervous about it. I’m like you have so much to share. So we have some really amazing people that you might not know of that have a ton to share that are real, uh, Certainly leaders in their markets and just people that are kind of crushing it in their business.

Although they’re not the people that you see on stage all the time at events, so amazing content and kind of Virgin content, really like stuff that you don’t normally get to hear. Some of these things they’re gonna pull back the curtain and those types of folks really are. They’re the ones that spend a lot of time planning and preparing because, um, you know, this is their, they’re worried about.

About, uh, you know, not, not adding a lot of value, but I know that they’re going to, so, um, so anyway, million, if you go to a million dollar it’s million dollar, you can get your tickets right now. You can still get early bird tickets for 50% off. And so, uh, go check that out. So,

Trevor: yeah, topic too, too, on the topic.

Um, I’ve been working with, some of our clients are gonna be there, speak, [00:04:00] speaking, like you said, these, these are people have literally literally spoken in front of like a live audience view before name on our pod podcast or, or yours. And there’s some things like that. Um, like how do I do it? What do I do front front?

Like, dude, you just do you, you like when you’re, when you’re here at you’re at carrot camp presenting in front of your camp and people are like, their jaws are dropping, just do that.

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Trevor: And so, yeah. Um, Keith, S’s gonna be down there with a C COO lock, both amazing carrot carrot costume. You went from working like 70 hours, a. Just, you may a hundred thousand dollars dollars a month driving, giving himself round.

Then we were able to tweak a couple things in his business to win back up a bunch of his, he’s gonna talk about that. Now he he’s [00:06:00] working, he’s working 20 hours a week, still doing eight to 10 deals a month. Yeah. And then the home buying, buying guys else, Texas who there local. And they, they did. I really love that.

I always cast cast the. it’s a lot. Well, yeah, we always say, uh, as much, much as you can try to build, build an evergreening basis, amplify and scale with offline marketing, you, you really can’t scale big with, without offline market marketing. Um, unless, unless you like national with your website or a big region, but, uh, amplify, uh, That, that green marketing, but then as quick as you can move of your income, a hunk of, of your income hamster will income income to ever come.

So these guys went from losing 40 K their ER, uh, trying to flip wholesale in until in Dallas. And then they focused on a couple marketing methods. Two year later now they’re doing zoom seven 50 a year. They went grid like what we do, teach investor primarily investor, and then moved over to two multi now.

So they’re taking their profits from the flips. All [00:07:00] sales putting in multifamily only have partner on two of the, the deals just this past six months. It’s about two or 300 hundred units. I remember the numbers first, but they’re gonna be first time ever time ever. So they’re gonna want exactly how they made the leap and went from, from literal, almost ready to give, to give up.

To make a makeshift in the marketing, building a seven figure business. Now hundreds of, of, of property properties. They’re built with the apartment guide by, uh, apartment buying guy business now. So it it’s gonna be, I’m pumped to something. See you. Part of my team’s gonna be there. I’m gonna be there a couple days early.

I’m excited, man, man.

Mike: Yeah, it’s a great event. And, and, um, you know, the timing wise, it’s great because we’ve just been going through this kind of shift in the market a little bit. And interestingly enough, like, you know, um, kind of my input from the investor fuel group that we actually have an event next week, we’ll have a couple hundred investor fuel members in Nashville with us is, you know, if you go back even six weeks ago, people were nervous.

I was kind of pulling everybody the, the most [00:08:00] common phrase I kind of put a, pull out was like, Nervously optimistic. Like I’m a little nervous about what’s going on, but I know that this, uh, the, the market ahead is going to be better than where we’re at for, for folks like us that buy at distress prices.

A lot of the competitors that really didn’t know what they were doing, probably had no business being in the business, cuz they were kind of on principled are gonna the ones that are gonna go away. And then, uh, as I like to. The pros can step up and the adults can step up and, uh, do really well. And in fact, that’s, what’s going every market’s different, right?

Yeah. But I think timing wise of this, uh, million dollar meeting being at the end of next month, it’ll be an opportunity for everybody. That’s coming to get a breath of fresh air to learn exactly what’s going on. Like right now in the market, not something that worked a year ago, even right. Yep. Um, and so excited about that.

So, so Trevor, um, tell us a little about your, for anybody that might not know you just a little bit about your background and what you do, obviously the CEO and founder Carrott, but just tell us a little bit about your, your, uh, background. [00:09:00] Yeah. Do

Trevor: for first thing, guys, my audio is still, still weird. Pop, pop, comments talk.

Are you still hearing it, Mike? Is it yeah, a

Mike: little. A little bit it’s, it’s not, it’s a little bit inconsistent in terms of what it’s doing. So I don’t know how to address that,

Trevor: but, well, ho hopefully guys and gals, it’s not too distract acting, uh, swap different, different mics and other things, so we we’ll fight through it.

But, um, the biggest thing right here right here is shoot probably a little over a decade ago before Garrett. Um, I myself, when the shoes that, that you guys and gals were in, right, had a small business inside. I was. Um, starting to make some, some income money. And I had this kind of like entrepreneurial vision dream that I was gonna build this that gave me, gave me more free and help me make, make an act.

I didn’t really know what an impact meant at that. I just knew, like, I don’t just want him this just for month for money. Amazing. And that can help you make you greater impact. Uh, but there’s be something there, there, and for me anyway, the, the next of it all was, I discovered that the way way that [00:10:00] personally was do was doing marketing in my previous business was one of the main contributors that was, that was causing me to me to have what I call a hams structural business hamster wheel marketing.

And. So then I looked its one marketing couldn’t method that I was used using. I used several years before and I’m going, I did this thing two or three years ago and I’m, I’m still getting BIS today from, from it. If I just sold my BIS off of that, then amplified everything with gald with, with. Other marketing.

And so we did that and we doubled down on that with carrot today, we have about 8,000 NA investors and wholesalers, and, uh, now agents around like the country, uh, where you guys, you guys see Zillow O owns retail buyer searchers on Google. If you go to, if you go, go, go to Google and tie like homes for, or any city and city, and maybe you’re probably gonna find Zillow and

If you type motivated house, house seller freight, sell my house fast, fast. Houses cash home buyers in certain state city, whatever you’re, you’re likely gonna find somewhere between between three and Eric client’s website, that’s [00:11:00] dominating page one and Google and every city in America and to Canada now, too.

So you’re the Zillow Zillow of motivated sellers. Um, but a lot of our clients use this for, for paid tri and, and also. The thing, the thing that’s using on kind of the partnership between our clients is we always use teach need to tighten up your authority profile online when you’re doing off offline market, like investor master machine.

So well, cuz we can help make the offline market work even better, better then offline market and marketing done through sources versus like customer machine actually helps scale. On marketing. Yeah. And so they work together amazing amazingly well, that’s what we do. We hope you guys get better results, better ROI your website, I, your online BI and make it all skills.

Mike: Yeah, that’s exciting. And, uh, Trevor, while we’re talking here, if you, uh, Matt on my team, sorry guys, we’re doing this. This is what happens when you do live video there’s is, uh, he, he thinks if you might, if you have two mics that are live, it might be feeding into both. So I dunno if you have two, but if you could take a look at that.

So I think, you know, in terms of [00:12:00] what we’re gonna talk about today, first off, if you guys just chat in and let us know what questions you have, we’re gonna be talking about a lot about, you know, online marketing. Um, and Trevor just kind of mentioned that it works really well with offline marketing, um, you know, things like direct.

Cold calling, skip tracing, stuff like that. Right. And there’s an element of the business. And many of you out there would, would attest to this is that there’s very little that you do. That’s a significant investment or a significant decision in your life that you don’t go online to search for. Right. And so we know at vestment machine, we send, you know, millions of pieces of mail a month for, uh, our clients, for example, that a lot of folks, even if they don’t put a.

On the card, um, folks will go Google that company, that company name and research people, because that’s kind of what we do, right? I mean, a lot of us even go to stores now and we’re there to buy something. We’re like, well, let me see how much it costs on Amazon. Or let me see what the reviews are or whatever people just go, uh, do online research this day.

And by the way, even, even your grandparents are doing that now. Right. It’s not like [00:13:00] it’s just, uh, the younger kids anymore. Like everybody does that. And so these things go hand in hand. I know Trevor agrees with this. It’s like, even though we have certain expertise between us of what we focus on, that the best marketing is a layered approach.

You do different types of media because we all are like this. Right? I don’t answer my phone unless I recognize the number. In fact, I have my phone set up so that if my phone doesn’t recognize the contact, it goes straight to voicemail. Cuz I don’t wanna talk to those people. Um, but I, I look at every. I get every single text.

Right. And there’s people that are just the opposite. They don’t even know what texting is, uh, of your, you know, maybe like, yeah, your parents or grandparents or whatever, they don’t even have that icon on their desktop. And they’re like, why is my phone keep making this noise? They don’t even know what it is, but they answer every call because it could be a doctor or it could be somebody else that’s important.

Right. Yeah. And so, um, anyway, this stuff works hand in hand. So why don’t we start off Trevor by talking about kind of what’s working now. You know, if anything’s really changed, um, in the online space [00:14:00] and maybe even starting with kind of the organic side,

Trevor: do, let, let me share my screen. And I, and I PED, uh, brain reading on my team if there was, there was anything that you’d see, and yeah, we don’t have a, we’ve just got the one mic set, uh, which is weird, but, but, uh, he’ll look at some things to see.

Figure it out. Well, I say good guys. Hopefully, hopefully it’s not predicting, but this, let me see if we can share this. Okay, perfect. Go ahead. Worth it. So guys, what I’m sharing in here is, is, uh, its an snapshot, um, into our actual actual Google analytics account here, here at care. Let me see wide this in this out to, to make it so we can.

So the content’s a little more viewable for you and four extra contact text on this. This is is across 10,000 websites in the real estate. Um, most, most of these leads and traffic sellers, sir. So chunk of them, uh, the big chunk of, of the traffic and leads is we like, you can, you can see here wrecked is the biggest chunk of traffic, but then an organic search is the largest just chunk of it’s the highest, highest [00:15:00] version.

Uh, but when, when we talk direct that could come from mail, right? If you marketing that, uh, investor investor mean does with, with, uh, clients, even if guys like here, here’s the, the. Uh, uh, the address, if they, if they, in that you were all specifically, but the organic search could, could even be people typing, typing in the.

From I a direct mail piece or them going to go and type and sell my house, insert whatever, whatever. And what, what guys is, is this, I’ve got this other piece of data to hear that I wanna share this really, really interesting on seller seller. Then I’m gonna kinda walk through and talk about what do we do if the shift in the market, because the, the market is the thing.

If we take it, take it all back here. So I ran this from March 1st through about July, uh, just a, you know, a couple weeks. This is a long time period. So the graph is gonna be a little bit jumbled and I’ll see if I maybe zoom in a minute, a bit here guys, but right here, if we take this back, this, this is like early March, March 20.

Right? Right. As soon as it hit that’s this here users are [00:16:00] basically searches to arc a clients, right. It’s different, different, and landed on our client’s websites. I no matter. What source. Okay. So you can see and see, as the COVID restrictions hit, things started to dampen on the search side of things. Now, if you go over here, converts, is, is that people who filled out a web form now that this doesn’t include a phone call.

So if someone landed, landed on the site, picked up the foot, the phone call, this doesn’t include that you can, you can have been about almost double the amount, amount of leads that. Okay, this guys. So the conversion rates actually dropped big time, time around that time time. So it went from shoot dropped by 30, 40% over that week period, two week, week period, uh, when shut down downs hit, because I weren’t sure they’re like, I’m not sure can I sell, should I sell?

I don’t want people walking through my, my house just hit what’s what’s gonna happen. And so that really dampen for a little while. Um, the motivation for some of the, the stuff, not most, but some of the sellers to say, you know, I’m gonna laugh a bit, started to come BA [00:17:00] back about what happened happened. We went in through the start of 2021 is the mark market got really, really.

Right. Like we got, got crazy. Um, prices were going like this inventory’s crazy low and you can, you can see the majority house seller sellers still filling out the forms, selling, which indicates that the demands there. Okay, you go over here. Here. We started to see searches, meaning demand to sell their houses was increasing, increasing, going up and up in the 20, uh, end of 2020, uh, took up the normal seasonals now November and December dip dip.

That happens if you look, if you look at this. Holiday dips started the year to pick up again, again, it happened every year, but churches still stayed pretty strong conversion rates though actually, uh, had had a, had a Prolo long and what we’re seeing now, which is really cool. Let show you guys, this is back during that time time.

I remember on a call, Mike, um, and we were talking about some of that data and I was saying, guys, here’s what you guys needed to do. And this could adjustment could change, cuz that was a change. That was [00:18:00] something in the arm and outside, out of us saying you got, got a new car dealt, uh, act dealt to you.

And now what do you, what do you do with it? A lot of people dude were stopped stopping their. Right, right. A lot of we’re going, I’m gonna, I’m gonna back my PPC spending. I’m gonna pull back my, my direct, I’m gonna back, whatever it is. Cause they’re nervous, nervous about them. And, and rightfully so, because in those times you actually see your convert rates go down down a bit.

And we showed conversion rates go down at the original phases of uncertainty because, uh, people who are on, on the edge of, well, I definitely want to sell and I need sell, but it’s not, not like I get outta my house now. And that kind of a. they’re gonna wait, especially if they can camp, house to sell, uh, to, to move to.

And so what we lately is this is. Is if we track this just motivated the seller search specifically, and we see C sessions, sessions are landing on the websites. They kept growing all the way through, through the end of S September sessions stayed. They’d pretty see here, you know, a little dip around this, uh, season, which happens normally in the September, then it’s growing, growing [00:19:00] again.

But we aren’t seeing, seeing since or people, uh, in drove increasing, um, uh, and the demand is already high. And it’s there. What we have seen though is conversion. Especially, uh, this, this year, and especially since January it’s spiking it’s spiking. So what, what does that mean, guys? That amazing thing thing.

And it’s doing both sellers, sellers, and buyers. This is for buyers on the real side. This, this is for moted house seller sellers on the side. This is down here is for agent sellers. And, um, um, what do we do with this guys, guys? Well, back when COVID originally hit, I was saying, do not stop your marketing, like double down on.

You guys should be sent more postcards cards and you guys should be making more calls. You guys should be ramped up your online marketing. You should be putting retargeting ads with video testimonials and some your video on a book ad front of people and spending more. You should be launching those Google ads and key keeping them in there long as they’re they’re at least break.

And, and so for this [00:20:00] is while the demand was amazing and, and conversion were going down, down this weird tension that it’s happen. It’s showing people are needing to sell, but some are hold holding back some point that point that tension’s ache and those people are gonna now go, oh shoot. I am really gonna step in and then sell, which then means there means there’s gonna be a gut of demand and the ones who are staying in front of the marketing thing hard in this period are the ones we are gonna win.

Okay. And that’s where we are right now. Guys is the market that started to adjust a little, little bit. Some of those seller dollars are going. Do I do I need to sell now is my market gonna shift? What’s gonna happen. Also there’s economic things that are, that are trigger more motivated, where you guys can help people.

Inflation’s going up. Some layoffs are, are happening in tech companies. These in other C uh, pressure put on the average consumer foreclosures, there’s gonna tick up and spend some marks and some area areas. So you start to look at this in all these factors and go. This, I feel time when and agents need to be stepping into their marketing doubling down, because right [00:21:00] now, now we’re gonna be a continu continuous shift, I think in St.

Being more motivated to take action, take that the next step and sell. How long, last, I don’t know. I don’t know, three months, six months a year. Something like that. It’s not gonna be, be like this from three year years. Uh, it’ll be a new norm norm for the, the cycle of the recession, however long the, but I’ll toss it over over to, you might be my micro Sion double down on your me marketing.

Now our data data shows self sellers Aring and turning into conversion, solve my problem mode. Right, right now. And the more people people are more that you’re getting in front of the front of the process, credibility will show you guys how to do that in. The more, you’re gonna correct them into

Mike: deals.

Yeah, that’s good stuff. And, and I’ll also say Trevor, and I’ve talked about this before, is. My claim to fame Lindsay and I Lindsay and I, we started our business in 2008 and, uh, the market was trending down. Lots of confusion. All the foreclosure stuff started happening. It wasn’t terrible in Texas where we’re at, but a lot of our competition went away and that we’re, it’s a different market now than it [00:22:00] was then, but it was, um, You know, there was a period of time where we saw a lot of our competition, just people that I knew that were slashing their advertising budget.

And I started to sense like our conversions are going up cuz we have less competition. And I remember there, there was a month and we were only a few months into our business where we went from $5,000 a month spend and we were primarily doing direct mail at the time. $5,000 a month to $25,000 a month.

And just out that, that literally made our business, it, it turned us from getting by and wanting to be something bigger to making it something bigger. Yeah. And we just basically, you know, just stole market share from our competitors in the market. Cuz a lot of them went on the sidelines and I think also.

Um, you know, and I’m not suggesting you guys go spend 500% more, like be smart about it. And I’m not saying that we were, we weren’t smart. There’s probably some element of luck in, uh, timing as well. Um, but I think the important thing here is one of the things that that Trevor said is, um, I I’ve been talking about [00:23:00] this a lot of playing the long game.

Like a lot of folks, uh, I. Treat advertising. Like I wanna put this in, but they need an immediate return on it. And that’s not really how SEO works. That’s really not how most advertising works, I think. Um, and if you’re like in the info marketing space or outside of real estate, let’s say, um, And Trevor will know this too, cuz he knows a lot of these guys, a lot of people that really know what they’re talking about, they, they basically say the person that wins is the one that can spend the most on advertising and wait the longest to get that payback.

Yeah. Right? Because you’re investing in that you’re planting seeds. People are researching you now, by the way, you can retarget them with paid advertising. Direct mail is one of those things. For example, that we know that you send it out now and there’s some people. Put it on the side of the fridge or put it in a drawer and come back to it later.

A lot of other, um, advertising methods aren’t like that. So whether it’s SEO or, uh, direct mail or, you know, other things as well, like be willing to play the long game, you have to invest in those things. [00:24:00] And the payoff is just longer term. It’s not like I put a 20 in. In the machine and I get a hundred back tomorrow.

Yep. Um, if you’re, if you’re doing it that way and the reason that most people aren’t successful in this business or see limited success is cuz they’re very short minded. Like I need an immediate payback. If you’re willing to kind of lay the bricks now in your wall for the long term, you’re gonna be way better off, um, over the long term for sure.

Trevor: Yep. You, what, what you were saying, lean the bricks, like, like that’s such a good analogy. Analogy that I always like to think, think about. It is, is if you kind of think about that hamster wheel versus green or, or building ball, right, right. Kinda analogy. A lot of investors, nations are, are just you hustling SL day to day and thinking no further than this month or this quarter.

Right. And thinking no further than this month, month, or this quarter, you know, what, what does your average week or month look like? It looks like. You it’s like called all this seller to the seller seller, you know, uh, manages this lead flow, uh, maybe [00:25:00] launch this market thing. If that, if that marketing doesn’t work, work for you when it’s working that month or that quarter, then it’s like, try this other marketing thing.

Maybe try this. So you’re always, always gonna be this, this, this site, but one of the biggest things is this gonna be important? Mike’s been, been investing in for years. We’ve we’ve been invest to it. Our most successful clients have been investing in this for, for a long, long time. Is you, you, you, you need be building.

That authority, that trust profile, and you need to, to really be building that brand brand. Now, lot of people watch watching it be thinking, shoot, I don’t want to build a brand. Like I don’t want to have brand around Mimi and I don’t wanna have face everywhere, everywhere and be the, you know, whatever that version, the pace more be of real real estate or whatever you don’t, I don’t have to be right, but your business should have a brand that builds trust that builds that builds CREs credibility.

And the way, the way the cat is with. You don’t do it any other way, other than cut and, and it be through a direct mail piece where you start to look at, okay, let me put myself in, in, in, in this shoot of this [00:26:00] seller seller, and if, is what situations Dell are going through here, what are the pain points?

What, what are they looking looking next? Six to 12 months? Um, what other marketing are they getting now? How do we go in? Go in there and say complet completely eliminate every objection they have by adding in. Then also building us some credability at direct mail piece on the website or in videos and re targeting ads.

Yeah. And the ones that we’re CC and when I can and show Eagles of stuff here in a bit, but, um, anyone who is afraid to, to get video or start to add, to add to your business, I think you’re missing out in a big way, even if you’re, you’re just failing guys and guessing GA uh, even if the video is only though credibility with the other investors you’re cause you’re gonna be.

If it’s only that that’s hugely valuable. We can guys some way do it, but

Mike: yeah, I think, uh, you know, and I’ve seen it too, even with our podcast, I’ve been doing my Flipnerd podcast, not, not this live version, we’ve had a few different versions, but the Flipnerd, uh, [00:27:00] podcast that we do now that actually turned, hosting that over to Dylan Tanaka.

I don’t know if you,

Trevor: I did man, man, it’s doing a great

Mike: job. Yeah, Dylan’s great. Um, but we’ve been doing this podcast for eight or nine years, and I’ll be honest with, with you guys just to give you some, some example, it’s a totally different business, right. But there’s people now that will join our mastermind or something else.

And, and we ask ’em how you found out about us. And they’ll say I’ve been listening to Mike’s podcast for five years, and I might not know who that person is, but just late playing that long game. And, and I’ll be honest when I first started my podcast. I didn’t think like that either, but in hindsight now I know that that gave me credibility.

and things are coming outta that, the investments, the hard work and effort that we put in in the past. And mm-hmm, , that’s how a lot of you should look at your marketing, uh, for, um, for motivated sellers as well, because let’s be honest. Uh, if you’ve bought a lot of houses, this is gonna resonate with you.

It’s it’s not very common that we go buy a house from somebody. It’s in a distress situation and that distress started last week. Like you look at folks. Yeah. And their house has been run down for 20 years. Like it [00:28:00] took them a long time. And so from a standpoint of follow up and putting content out or whatever, there’s folks in the back of their mind that know that they’re eventually gonna need to sell their house to somebody like us.

And maybe today’s not the day, but they’re thinking about it. Like Trevor just showed you, they’re researching in advance of making the decision. And so if you’re. It’s kind of, I hate to use an analogy of the lottery, but there’s this tagline in the lottery that used to say you can’t win if you don’t play.

Yeah. And if you’re not putting content out there, if you’re not playing the long game and sending out mail or doing, creating online content or whatever, you’re not playing essentially. And so you’re not even being considered for that, even though they might be making up their mind of who they’re gonna work with now, but they just don’t tell you about it for months or even years from.

Trevor: Yep. Yep. Let me show, bring it by my screen. One more time. Kind of on, on that area, topic. So what I’m showing you is another piece, you said data. And so I, what I did I drilled in, in further on, yeah. We have so many, so many points. Like I can tell you guys [00:29:00] what the highest converting website is, is in Dallas, Texas, that’s this lasting days and all the different user actions that the, the users are taking king.

We use those sync, our clients, web websites for better, the things that, that, um, that we’ve been, been looking at and looking at. Now, these are years, right? These are, these are people landing on websites. But what I wanna show you guys is that this is, is, is when we, when we, when we start about conversion and, and I really don’t care as much about traffic.

Okay. This way that Mike probably does air as much about, about how’s the list that we’re sending, what we care about, is it the right people? And are they the quiet quality people both have a better chance and of serving them up a service or solution. That can help that, right? So we really fund help you get the highest quality leads that convert the highest that give, give you the highest offer per deal deal.

Cause once you get the highest, highest lead that converts the highest that gives you the highest profit per per deal, you actually can. Then do you deal with fewer, fewer leads to get the same, same deals? Or fewer leads to get more and more profit [00:30:00] and then land, like I said, use scale that operation, like with, um, with, uh, CR of R Maryland scale, the opion out, out like with Mike.

So I dunno their exact revenue, but they’re a multiple, multiple multi figure year, year operation. They do almost figure you’re you in profit, just from, from your, at SEO, including PPC, but they do way more than that. Uh, with the, um, Outback that they do. And the reason I’m bring this, bring this us is one big trend that we’ve been seeing is convert conversion rates, actually the high, highest, only video focused format.

Okay. And like we talked, talked before, people want, want to want to build Tru trust, including with the resources that they’re using now. They know, everybody knows six or, or seven real agents they’ve heard, heard of her pad. They heard Zillow, Zillow, you buying houses. And they, they in general know that there’s these other options to sell.

And then, and then on the lists that tend to be marketed to probably gotten some marketing from investors rates. And, and the way [00:31:00] that a lot of people are still making those decisions. And then this is, we call a Phantom to make spender businesses. You just, you don’t even know any deal dealings you’re losing until you start to do this and you go, gosh, I didn’t realize this is just an UN untapped flow of deals, this a flow higher conversion, but I didn’t even even know it was there.

And so, so if we look at the, for media, yeah. Side of things, Facebook is still by far the largest volume. So over this for this time, Our clients drove 5 million, uh, clicks, 5 million million click from Facebook’s book. It’s a lot of clicks, right? That’s a lot of clicks. Now what you see is Facebook traffic tend, tends to have, I hear what’s called, what’s called this rate now that’s because it’s, it tends to be a lower quality.

The visitor cuz. They’re used to, used to taking of that. They just had looking at, you know, socking, their old ex girl, Frank ex boyfriend running UN book or whatever, whatever it is. And we’re, we’re gonna in interrupt them with the marketing message while, while they’re in, in AIT mode. So from, from face, we have to be using, uh, a page [00:32:00] like this.

Okay. So this is a carrot page. This is a landing page built on, on carrot. You can see there’s no, no navigation up here. And we’ve been doing lots of testing testing. Now we’re gonna be coming out something out some of this soon, but you can build really amazing thing. Looking landing pages on here. The re reason we have national pulled out out, cuz we’re working with clients of ours, like Chris Chico, who does.

To Facebook marketing. And we’re fi finding this year, driving to a landing page from Facebook, specifically as act actually out forming and in some market, not all. Okay. Uh, there’s some markets where it’s like still drive to your highly obvious care at home homepage. And that’s what converts converts better before an in information gather mode.

You want them to click and consume information, but from, from Facebook, we need to, to counter attention immediate. A drive them down toward a path like, like this, and then you Rere type them back on Facebook with an ad, like a video Testament or something. Okay. So there’s still a lot of lead over this time, time pissed, just opt in leads, where they submitted their information on the form.

Does doesn’t include P picked up the phone [00:33:00] call. That’s 104 and four and thousand leads that came through that. Okay. But like, as I said, average time on, on page is lower 38 Z eight seconds. Bounce rates higher. So you’re gonna have to get more traffic and you’re gonna have to throw more lead leads to closes about one in one in either one in 30 Facebook leads for sellers turns into deal on out.

Now, if you go, if you go down to Graham, this is kind of interesting interest. Instagram is number two, and a lot of people go, go like, dude, does Instagram actually actually drive leads or leads or is something that’s kind of cool? Well, number one, it can help build credibility. Right. But, but number two, Instagram drive drive leads, but it’s not a lot.

So when we look at Facebook leads over time, period, a little little over a year, A hundred forty, forty seven leads from face from Facebook only about 1800 from Instagrams specifically. Uh, be because in, in general investors don’t really know how to use Instagram well, uh, to drive traffic and leads.

Oftentimes that is retargeting getting ads and the person over. And this is what’s cool is what, what I wanna look, what, what, what, what I, what I look for is not really traffic and [00:34:00] visitors. I, for convers. I see what, what marketing, give me more, more, less what marketing methods are gonna pre-pro at prospect to want to do BI business with once, once they, to my web, my website.

Okay. And when we look at the YouTube guys, YouTube is who is fewer for fewer, uh, uh, visitors than then Facebook. But what, what we’re seeing is the convert conversion rate triple once. It’s over to a carrot web website from YouTube VI video. The conversion version rate from visitor to lead is true. Um, and same thing though, the volume crazy high IX we’re working investors to adopt this better and do it better agents doing it well, um, But it, but it’s still almost thousand op oping, double that probably about 14 or 15,000 leads this time period through, through that Instagram stories is another one.

A producing leads, leads. I would not pay attention to Pinterest. They don’t pay attention to, but there are leads coming to Twitter. Twitter’s got a hundred, uh, LinkedIn’s got a few hundred. So all of the things work, uh, [00:35:00] Yelp, surprisingly and league guys, quite a bit of leads, better BI bureau, things like that.

So if I were to, were to kinda give you again, bets stems to make this year as we’re going, we’re going to an uncertain. Is anytime there’s there’s UNC the, the kit wants to have a personal entity to go to for information, to answer those, to their question, ally their, by their GS and fears, and to be able to cast the division for how they can help them solve problem.

Yeah, you do that. Do that content. The way you do that’s with content. So start creating first videos.

Mike: Yes. Yeah. And I think it it’s it’s about the person’s intent, right? Like what are they like most people are, like you said, they’re not on Facebook, scrolling through a newsfeed, trying to solve a problem about how do I solve my house.

Yeah. But sometimes you can catch people, um, that. Might be intrigued by that. Right. It might be interested. It might drill in. And so I think that’s another message for you guys is to make sure that you cuz sometimes people look at all lead sources and they expect to have the same conversions. They expect to [00:36:00] have the same kind of, uh, The same profit per deal.

Like you have to monitor all those things. There’s a lot of amazing CRMs out there. Yeah. Uh, today almost no matter what you’re using, you can track that, but you you’re gonna find out. I think, like for example, we’ve done a little bit of research and we know that direct mail and I think this would be similar to, um, to SEO for sure.

Um, Has a return. The profits on those deals are typically two to three X. What they are from skip traces from, uh, text messaging and cold calling. Yep. And, and it’s like, well, why, why is that? And by the way, we skip traces and our clients use our data to, um, cold call and text, uh, market two as well. It’s like, well, if they’re calling you from direct mail, they’re ready for a solution.

They’re seeking a solution, right? If you catch somebody at the dinner table that wasn’t expecting your call and has no interest in selling their house, you know, that’s why you’re gonna convert one out of a very high number of those leads versus direct mail or SEO. It might be one in 10, one in 15 or something like that.

Right? So you’re gonna have better [00:37:00] conversion rates. And if people are seeking you out first off, the sales cycle is faster. They’re looking for a solution, not just like. You might be able to solve a problem that they didn’t really know they had, but maybe they do. Right? So the sales cycles a lot longer and the profits are generally gonna be smaller because you saw basically, it’s kind of like outbound marketing versus inbound marketing.

If their leads are coming to you, they took the initiative to call you. They need a solution. And they’re probably more motivated than outbound marketing, where you’re interrupting somebody’s day. And I’m not saying that those techniques don’t work, but you just should have an expectation that’s different when you’re comparing your ROI and how long it takes to convert a sale from initial contact to sale is gonna be very different from inbound marketing to outbound.

Would you agree with that Trevor or you

Trevor: see the same things? Hundred percent kind of what we seen, we ran lots of surveys to our. Is starting at, at, at the top and in these Nu numbers they’ve guys, right, right. Probably has different data. And this is just what we’ve seen in our surveys. But if you’re running, running radio de advertising, in which all of our clients, [00:38:00] bigger clients do, I know investors, fuel members.

Cause we were at the LA one, Tony ha Javier. He does it really, really good. Now we’re crushing it with it. Uh, but you’re gonna have to sift through a lot more leads, uh, in that way, way. It’s usually one in 41. If you want, need to 60 leads would deal, uh, depending on how, how effective that, you know, your camp.

Cold calling, you know, it’s probably running the same. You probably gotta, gotta get between 40 or 50 70 call call or quality leads to even have a close deal. And then you direct mail mail, depending how running it, things like that. Maybe between one and 30 to one 40, maybe one, one and 30 to one 50, depending on, uh, leads, turns into a deal.

Um, and then you’ve got Facebook creating one in 20, 20 to one in pretty Google out one in 10 to one in. SEO. We’re seeing some P people one and five, but we, we always say one of one and 15 and, and the thing is too, as you go up that scale, the reason those ratios are so, so brand is because you get more and more focused toward the [00:39:00] it’s called the decision phase.

Like, if, if I’m gonna, my marketing’s cutting to care, you have this customer journey all with the left end and end of this customer journey is pure. Are not even aware that they have a problem yet. Right? So they’re not seeking anything out. You go all the way to way to the other side is from my journey.

We were highly motivated. They’ve already done the research. They’re, they’re ready to decision and EO PPC really targeted, direct mail. Like you’re saying you had a way better, better chance in front of the person that’s or two decision, but, uh, cold calling radio TV advertising. You’re kind of more towards broad you’re you’re trying to people shoulders and get them aware.

Right. And, and the things that, that, that I was like, tell people too, like too, like, guys, are we going? We going through recess. Well, depends on who you’re, you’re asking. Uh, technically we’re, you know, fundamentally in one now or at the start of one, uh, unless as you listen to the white house.

Mike: Yeah. They just redefine what a, what a recession means.

Yeah, but I,

Trevor: I did a bit a podcast recently. We [00:40:00] talk about this possibly down at million dollar meeting next six month, but how do you put business for a recession? Well, number one, the first thing that we have to do is we have. Protect the biz biz and prepare it for uncertainty. The second thing is we have to prepare opportunity, right?

And so, uh, a lot of people are looking, looking, I’ll see Facebook posts on it. They’re like, especially the newer arresters they’re they’re, you know, making little, little comment going, I’m looking my chops for the downturn or a crash. That’s great, but we don’t wanna sell, celebrate some downfall fall. You can profit.

Uh, we have to celebrate that, the fact that you have skill set and that you’ve built till set and you’re doing, you’re doing an ethic so that you’re ready to solve problems when they’re. Those opportunities will be there, there for those for, to make some sh shit gonna talk about those million dollar meeting.

What shifts you need to make are gonna help you Wade through an maze 20, 22 too. But the, the part of it is protecting your business. And one of the first things that we’d all be doing is a look at our bus, our business. We should, our marketing, we should look at our finances. We should say, how do we tighten things?

[00:41:00] Things up. One of the best ways to tightens up is what about before is to do the types of market. That actually enable you to, to have to have a bunch of bunch of the expenses, um, filling up your expense line item and bin profit, because you have having through a bunch of crappy leads. And so if you’re looking at your, your business, you will shoot.

If folks on market that brings me a higher quality, uh, prospect convert higher. I, I, I require few leads to turn, turn into the profit at higher and higher percentage. What if I just did more of that marketing, less of this submarket? That requires a sift through a bunch of bunch of add Lebar me to hire people, manage those people and have extra overhead in the margins guys for some expanding yours.

And the best way to do that is to start with the marketing that bring brings the most money people, and then potentially reduce your huge account, which reduces risk as you go into recession, which then brings you to be able to be able to on opportunity. Um, and then the next thing on the opportunity part, we’ll probably talk about a.

At million meeting on, [00:42:00] see what opportunities are there and how do we capture guys show up in desk, cuz we’re gonna be digging at that time. I’m sure be true. The two days of.

Mike: Yeah, we’ll be talking about marketing a lot. I, I do think, um, you know, it’s easy again, Trevor and I, obviously you guys know this, we benefit from people marketing, but I, I believe this to my core, the last thing you should cut is marketing, uh, yeah.

In your business. And you, if, if you, if your business is struggling a little bit, like. Tighten up shore up wherever you need to get scrappy. That’s really how you always should be. Uh, but it’s easy in the market. Like we’ve been through where everybody’s making a ton of money, hand over fist. It’s easy to get a little sloppy and start to, you know, um, add more expense in there because you’re investing in your business or bigger office or whatever.

Mm-hmm, , uh, that’s natural, but. When you cut your advertising, now you start to slash it now not saying that you shouldn’t move it around, like Trevor’s talking about and optimize it, but it doesn’t really impact you today. It’s gonna impact you 2, 3, 6 months out. Yeah. When those leads are finally [00:43:00] coming around and converting.

Right. And so a lot of times with when folks start to slash their marketing, um, I mean, I hate to say it, but I generally refer to it as the kiss of death. Cause it is, it’s hard to recover from, it’s hard to recover from that because that’s your pipeline, that’s your pipeline of revenue, right? Yep. But. Yeah.

So I let’s just talk maybe Trevor a little bit, um, here as we kind of wind down about. Relatively low cost ways for people to create content. Cause mm-hmm, I know you’ve talked a lot about this in the past. Um, that a lot of folks really struggle with creating content sometimes. Like, I don’t really feel like it.

I don’t wanna write a blog, you know, I think you and I both think the video is one of the easier things to do. Um, but I think if, if folks can work it into their day, we, you and I, I think we’ve talked about this on podcast in years past, even about, kinda on the job. On the job content, like you happen to be out at a house, you can create content right there.

Doesn’t have to be special. You don’t have to have a production. You don’t have to have film crew there with you, just grab your, grab your phone and go. Right. So let’s [00:44:00] talk about some easy ways for people to kind of start doing more, uh, content. If they’re not right now.

Trevor: Yeah. Let me, I I’m, I’m pull up a Joel.

Let me see if I can, if it’s the right one here. Um, cause I think there’s good example here. Yeah. I’ll I’ll I’ll show this here. So. The the first, first kinda love layer of content guys is, is, let me, let me prep this little, uh, I wanna pull up this, this one slide. One slide will kind of Cate about what it is.

The, the first thing that we want want do guys is we want to build what we call the, uh, authority authority. Okay. Cause we have to have kind a framework work to put everything to. So let me find, find this one illustrate straight when an authority is pretty good. So, so right here and an authority highs should be to be the how Jesus, the contain holds your content.

That’s the first things cuz before we even tell you, you guys, what great we should be. What, where [00:45:00] should put this stuff, right? Cause a lot, a lot of agents investors are putting it in the wrong. They’re putting in a, in a hamster wheel spot. They’re only putting on, on Instagram. They’re putting on Facebook and that’s the only split spot it’s relevant for, for eight to 72 hours.

Max, you gotta post again. It’s not on evergreen. And so the fir first thing is we need to be putting on putting our content evergreen spot. So it’s gonna be there for years or your best prospects find it. And so I had said earlier, you start up to sack bricks where every piece of content is a new and over it builds momentum, momentum, and then over time you just start to be win traffic and deals.

And so the first type intent Mike, cause I would, I would urge people on your, what we call your core version pages to start to, to add video co content on those core conversion pages. And I’ll show you an example. So, uh, talked about decision phase and the phase is when someone is close to making a decision, doesn’t matter what it is.

Yeah. Amazon was on looking at a per it could be selling home is need to eliminate their objection. The [00:46:00] very, very first content people, people should be is objection. Eliminating content, ideally video. Yeah. And I want, I want you to sit down. And write down the 3, 4, 5 objections and that finding yourself buyers or whatever you’re focusing on, uh, talking about or that they they’re concerned about.

And, and for a help, for a wholesale they sale. There’s a lot of standard ones. I’m afraid that you’re not gonna fall through on the, because there’s the last investor I worked, worked with. They’ve gotten at the last, last, are you gonna do the same thing? So are you reliable? Are, are you gonna do say.

Another is, are you gonna lo you gonna lowball me now? I heard that her’s agent person over here that you’re just gonna offer me a lowball. Off’s not gonna be fair, fair. Another one is this to, through things like that. Right? So write the 3, 4, 5, 5 deals, objections, and then on your none, your deals, or look at your past deal, you’ve done.

Write down some situations or seals where you, you know, you helped the client who had that. Reach out to them, or you can go on website and they already closed, closed that you don’t want reach [00:47:00] out to them. You can’t get ahold of them. You can just grab your phone or do a loom video. And just have a case case page on your website and say, Hey, Hey, this is Trevor ABC home buy buyers.

Now I wanna walk, walk through the duration where we held a gal on 1, 2, 3 Oak, you know, on Oak street, Dallas, Texas is all this problem problem where she needed a house from her uncle. And she was concerned about these three, three things. And I’m gonna walk you ski through what we discussed with her, the solutions we came up with, and then, then how she’ll solve the problem.

Do a little case study study, even without the person just do it on loom. You don’t have to put their face. Don’t put a name. You can talk about the proper in the situation better is, is get client to talk about it. Okay. So I’ll go through and testimonial should be just, Hey, Hey, it was great to work with L love industrial fuel, right?

It should be here. Here’s the problem challenge I had. Here’s what I was school about, about healer options. I was looking at. Here’s why I chose you to work with and, and here’s what life now. Okay. So then those, those question on video, if you can. Get those under your site. First of all, [00:48:00] the second part of, of ofdecision phase content, Mike is in, in the data that I was, I was looking at.

If I were to go back back to our analysts and we, we base everything off of data guys. So let me show you guys this for Luke, I’m gonna go in here, here to. Um, let’s get, let’s get that. Let’s see behavior. I’m probably going, going in the complete wrong area, but I know there’s a section on content. Um, and I probably don’t have it.

Have it pulled up your way, but anyway, uh, there is a section on a site content. Let me show you here. You guys is the top. Most visited webpages on your websites are the ones that we need. Create content. The ones that we, that we need to have some level of video content, if PO at the very least written con with images.

So, so let’s look at the homepage. Aja is driving the most traffic in, in leads the way that our, our system’s set up, but, but our con contact and tactic, we buy houses and then testimonials. Are are in the top 10 and, and so sure on your, you you’re our come [00:49:00] page. It’s got good credibility on there. Kind of tells your story a little bit.

Maybe video. Why you do you do what you do? You’re passionate about health, about helping sellers, but then down here that how we buy house houses or Howards page drives some good, good leads gets a lot of traffic. It’s like boated it here, guys. Walk, fuck through and deem by that pro. Because a lot of people are looking for, how does thing work?

How is it than an agent agent? How is it then, then op open door, open door then often. You know, you guys know what I mean? I mean, I’m mixing the, but do it there. Hey, this is ABC home buyers. You’re probably on this page, cuz you’re wondering, how does this direct cash offer, uh, pro work? Well, you know how the real estate agent market works, you know how this works through our program work well once, once you submit issue here, pick up the phone.

We’re gonna get at it. And then we’re gonna go through this process to Daar offer. And here’s the exact, exact doing we’re demystifying it. And then once that happens, we’re gonna make the offer and then you get the data done. Here’s here’s what looks like. Okay. So guys focus on decision to face. [00:50:00] I’m gonna jump back.

I’m gonna get two guys, two twos, and some can focus on that are upstream now, then help you to, to get track and, and, uh, track people. So, so Tyler. This is a pretty darn brand new YouTube, um, channel panel, the same thing, following a resource that we have, we have resource, I think it’s just, where Tyler made his aim.

Last year, we have an agent one when we have Mr. One Tyler’s aim last year, last year, he said, I’m gonna create a, an agent YouTube channel, and I’m gonna literal, literally use carrots marketing guide, where we give a, a video idea search for every single week. He did it. And he now he nows about $10,000 a month in commissions, just from, from his YouTube channel channel, creating this, that we mapped out out in that free guide.

So he said, man, I wonder if this works best too, too. So he starts a couple months, months ago and he’s starting to create some of the investor ones. And here’s some of the ones that he’s starting and they’re getting, seeing some [00:51:00] views is just straight, straight up views. YouTube. They’re not big guys. This is the cool thing.

You’re not aiming to hundreds or, or thousands using these YouTube videos. Even if you could get one of the right prospects actually turns Neil spending 10 and YouTube video inmates, inmates. And so here’s a couple of examples go after some of your primary keyword word phrase that your, what your wet would actually be searched on and, and go in and create that, um, right here, what you need to, to know and sit home to a, to a cab buyer.

People are wondering how the heck that works. Um, there’s, there’s other topics that you can go in, go into as well. How does the cap. Develop their offer. Uh, you can go niche type topics of, uh, the, the, the ations that your sellers are in selling house and pro probate selling a divorce first. You wouldn’t believe the leads that come in on plus websites with insane nichey search searches, selling house insane in it in Florida.

One of our clients house heroes, um, Uh, Luke Lucas, I think at the last, uh, vest fuel that I was at there in [00:52:00] Nashville. And he get dozens of seller leads every single through a blog post he did on selling a house and staying in and it in Florida and it’s rank real and Google, and he did needed a video. So I I’ll, I’ll wrap it up with that guys.

Start at the decision in phase heighten up that, that get testimonials, eliminate eliminate object, uh, go into the about page and how it works. Page de Demi a process builds, builds some credibility and can balance up to doing a piece of content every week or every month, month on the JS that you help you help blend, uh, three to 10 minute video, add it to you to add it to the video mark and, uh, uh, feature that turns your yours, your video in an article, and you start, start to stack on the evergreen.

Mike: Good stuff, man. I think at the end of the day, uh, really great stuff here, Trevor, and hopefully you guys got a lot of value. Maybe you could share with us in the chat, whether you’re watching it live or afterwards, if you got some good value, there is look at the end of the day, I think going into this market that we’re going into, and I think it’s a great market for real estate investors, uh, especially those that are principled and that [00:53:00] are, are really focused on building a business for the long haul and focus on solving.

Seller problems, right? Yeah. At the end of the day, this, this can’t be about you. It has to be about serving other people. Um, and you’ll benefit from that. If you do a good job with that, right? Yeah. Is listening to people like Trevor following the content that we have on this show. Uh, if you, if you haven’t signed up, you can go to and you’ll get note of five of each of these shows.

We’ve got some amazing guests. I do these twice a month and people that are really sh sharing, you know, kind of cutting edge, highly principled stuff. So make sure that you’re following the right. Kara does a ton of resources. Trevor just shared their, uh, they have tons of guides and stuff on how to share, uh, you know, how to create content, the right type of content to help you generate leads.

And honestly, I’ve created over 1500 podcasts and that’s all we talk about is ways that’s a lot to get better. No doubt, no doubt, man. But, um, we’ve created a lot of content and it’s for those of you that are watching right now to kinda listen and learn from. And so make sure you’re surrounding yourself with people that are talking about what’s working now and [00:54:00] are, and back to my phrase, Playing the long game.

Like mm-hmm, people that are not talking about like what works right now? What can I do right now? That that is gonna be. You know, something that’s not gonna work next month or next year, uh, because all of you listening to this right now are trying to build a business for the long haul. Right. So basically use the right materials to build that, to build that business.

Right. So, uh, Trevor, Hey man, thanks so much for sharing your time with us today.

Trevor: Mike. I, I, I appreciate it. Big touch time, man. I’m gonna, I’m gonna kind of give like a shame list and very passionate, you know, focused kind of, uh, call that action. Everybody here is, is like I said, I’m gonna, I’m gonna be Dan Dallas, August 31st set September 1st.

With some of my team, tons, tons of our customers invest best fuelers top end investors. And here’s the thing, guys. I know when, when, when, when I was going through, through Ian in my business phase and even where, where we are now, any, anytime you phase of end of unsee, when things are changing, the number one thing [00:55:00] that helped me, Wade, Wade through that always been.

Every single time. It’s am I surrounding myself with the right people and the connections since who have threw something lumpy, like before, who I can either grab onto their coat coattails, ride along side side with them and grow through this, through this together. And, and the first event I ever went to was back back in 2000.

And I remember that event then that I went in 2008 was in Florida. I couldn’t afford it. I had never, never traveled from my home by home, by myself, or I had never flew by myself before. And I show up to this event, completely unprepared, paid to paid a of money for this thing. Way more than what million dollar meeting is.

And I, I still have long friends, friends. I’ve multiple seven sevens, uh, in, in income from partners from that event that I had. And I still connect connect with today, life now. Um, and I’m still business partners with, with one, one of them. They talked, talked with Keith. He was at the last, last million knowing event.

Last, I think one last year. Uh, he was at at care case recently and he is like, dude, uh, the million to [00:56:00] million dollar meeting. He goes, I just literally closed a deal last week from guy that I met at more meeting where I’m, I’m still connect with and Keith is gonna be down there. And so guy, even if you’re not looking at the topics and you’re going, these are kind of cool and cool.

Go there further, further pull. go there for the connection, go there for the community. Cuz if you’re not a part of a community, what more virtual or real, um, and sitting there at the boss, sitting there across the table next to people, that’s where the map where the match is. Okay. Yes, you can get all this information.

You could probably buy by the darn Kool slate. Right. Right. Which is valuable by itself. Maybe you can, maybe you can’t, but it it’s the value is that the environment we, we have to sign on learning and finding, executable things to change your business into the market side and then number, number team with the people.

So guys, so guys go to million dollar I wanna see you guys, guys there. I’m see there, there, we’ve never like. I’m not gonna say co-ho, but we’ve never been at this capacity with, within the event of, uh, uh, Evan. And so we pick and choose [00:57:00] wisely. And I really trust Mike and his, his crew, the whole investor Fu future unity.

So, uh, we’re gonna be there guys pump to see to so many of you guys, million dollar meeting,

Mike: Awesome, man. Thanks Trevor. Thanks again for all your time today. Thanks for sharing stuff. And, uh, we’ll be talking soon, buddy. Um, thank you guys, guys. Everybody hope you got some good value today. Chat down below, tell a friend, go to

You can, we’ll send you notifications of, uh, the next upcoming, which by the way is, uh, Tiffany high is gonna be on the next one. And we got some just amazing guests, people that are really crushing in and people that have a lot to share. So hope you guys got some value today. We’ll see you on the next show.

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