Today, I have my buddy, Mike Flora out of California. He has a partner and they are actually both firefighters. They have part-time jobs, partnered up, and have an REI business that is growing out there. We are going to talk about how to work part-time, have a partner, and how to grow a successful business.

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[00:00:00] Mike H.: [00:00:00] Hey everybody, welcome back to the show today I’m here with my buddy Mike flora. We’re going to be talking about him. Mike has a, uh, has a partner that wasn’t able to make it today cause he’s sick, doesn’t have coronavirus, we don’t believe, but he’s sick. And um, and also they’re both firefighters, so they have part time jobs and they partnered up.

They have a business that’s growing out there that do have some great things out in California, by the way. We should get to know more about them, but that’s what we’re gonna talk about today, is basically how to be kind of part time and have partners and how to kind of work through that and grow a successful business.

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On today’s show, we’re going to continue our conversation of fueling our businesses and our lives. I’m glad you’re here.

Hey Mike, welcome to the show.

Mike F.: [00:01:19] Hey, how you doing, Mike?

Mike H.: [00:01:20] Good. Good to see you. So sorry. Your partner in crime couldn’t make it today.

Mike F.: [00:01:23] Yeah. Yeah. He got, um, stuffy nose, kinda sick. I’m highly likely it’s the cold, but I always, I kinda tease him off. You got it. Yeah.

Mike H.: [00:01:31] No matter if you sneeze or anything today, you got to joke a little bit about that.

It’s a joking matter. But you know,

Mike F.: [00:01:37] now

Mike H.: [00:01:37] absolutely

Mike F.: [00:01:39] being a firefighter medic, we see some things, we kind of joke to keep the light. So that’s just a, that’s how we do.

Mike H.: [00:01:44] Yeah. Yeah. Well it’s interesting cause uh, yeah, I told you, you know, obviously my wife and I are partners. A lot of people in real estate, I have partners, whether it’s a spouse or a brother or family member or a good friends even, right?

So, uh, it’s going to be interesting to talk about that cause it, [00:02:00] what you’re doing really, um, is, is common. And a lot of people struggle with some components of it. Like who does what and what happens if you don’t agree on things? And how do you deal with contractors and employees that. You know, they don’t know who to go to, who the bosses and things like that is going to be really, uh, really kind of an interesting conversation I think that people get a lot of value out of.

Before we jump in though, tell us about your background. How did, how did, uh, two firefighters found find their way into. Uh, real estate investing.

Mike F.: [00:02:27] Yeah. So, um, at first I had to, I bought a condo down in San Diego. Market was low, knew nothing about real estate, bought that, you know, and then I’m, I’m married to my wife now and I kind of moved out and I saw, you know, Hey, I bought it here.

Look what it just did. And I didn’t have to do anything. And I kinda realized like, this is a pretty powerful thing. I bought it in 2010, you know, and sold it, you know, after the markets started going back up. Anyways, a good buddy of mine, I won’t mention his name, he runs a pretty big show out here in California.

Um, started talking to him and then I, I, I just kinda got the bug for when I saw the power of . [00:03:00] Spending no time making that type of money just off of being an accident. So I talked to him, start reading, and then I, and then, um, John was there, you know, at the firehouse, we’re both Marine Corps veterans.

We’re both paramedics. Like we both have young kids and John’s a highly driven, driven person. And he wanted more in life than just the fire departments. Same with me and I’m like, Hey, you want to do, let’s, let’s do this thing. You know, let’s do it. We have zero clue like, so I started listening to some Sean Terry stuff, like, let’s, let’s at least start with this wholesale thing.

Let’s see where this takes us. And we were reading and learning and then find like, okay, well let’s put this postcard thing together. We kinda did that. Yeah, it will sent out, like, I think our first one was like 500 cards or something like that. And I had a couple of calls and then I was taking the call and he was taking call, like we were kind of trying to do everything together and like, Oh, you do this one, then you’ll do this one.

And then we’ve kind of, once we got better at it, we did a couple of wholesales and they got a little bit of money and then we got better on it. And then we did a rehab and then we were both in on the rehab. And we were like stepping on each other’s toes and, and we’re like, look, what [00:04:00] are we doing here?

You take one. I’ll just get the other one and then, okay. And I’ll do marketing and list work and books. And that’s John. You know, he’s got his degree in, in, uh, exactly what, but it may be accounting

Mike H.: [00:04:12] something boring. He said, it sounds like you’re, that’s what you’re thinking.

Mike F.: [00:04:14] Can I go do that to you, man? I like talking to people.

So then like, we kind of split that up. So I answered the phones, went on a lot, a lot more appointments, did all that stuff. Um. And then we just split the houses up, you know, did stuff like that, um, started working more as a team and staying out of each other’s out of each other’s way, in a sense, you know, and you kind of have to do that, you know, so, and then there’s communication with all those things, but I never, I don’t even see John like that much at all.

You know, maybe once every couple of weeks we’re on the phone, obviously all the time, but we’re just trusting in our roles and it just started to flow more. And obviously you learn from your mistakes.

Mike H.: [00:04:49] Yeah. So let’s talk about, that was so early on. Did you guys, did you guys butt heads a little bit? Like when you were stepping on each other’s toes or,

Mike F.: [00:04:55] no, we were just like, no, it worked out really well.

That’s another [00:05:00] really good thing. I just, John’s personality and me and our lives are very, very similar. So like we both have, um, you know, five and seven year olds. We’ve been doing it for about, we’ve been doing it seriously for about three and a half years, probably four year, four and a half years total from when we first started getting into it.

But our lives are very identical. Like. He has a five and seven year old. We’re both Marines for both firefighters. We know what’s going on in our job, so we get along very, very well. And. His role. He’s really good at that. And in my role I’m just really good at that and we just know to leave each other alone and it all just works out.


Mike H.: [00:05:33] That’s good. Cause you know the truth is a lot of people, we talked about this a little bit ahead of ahead of time and if you’re listening to this, you probably want, this will resonate with you too. Sometimes folks get into business together with their friends and they’re so alike. That they’re good at the same things and they’re bad at the same things.

And some of the things they’re both bad at are critical things to the business. Like if you, if you’re both people were completely organized and you know, more like sales focus, but nobody could manage cashflow or [00:06:00] manage the books or even manage contractors maybe like that, that’s a problem, right?

Mike F.: [00:06:04] Yeah.

It’s a big problem. We learned right away when we started stepping on each other’s toes, trying to. Two people trying to work one, one rehab, and then like, you know, contractors will call and you call in each other and then they’re like, look, we just need to just stay out of each other’s stuff. I’m like, Oh, this one’s Arizona.

And then you just never have to worry about it outside of the mind. He’s got it and you know he’s got it. We’ve been through the same things. Really. The only different things he’s doing is list work marketing books, and I’m. Phone, all the sales stuff. And I learned no, a little more. I like title stuff and going through the escrow processes and in what I can and can’t do a certain things and just really focus on things.

I, he doesn’t have to worry about that as that really at all. If he doesn’t want to be passionate about the real estate game and like, we sell all our own properties, we flat fee flee list. Um, you know, we, we deal with all the contractors. It’s just me and John. And now I have, um, you know, going over the vacant stuff that I’ve done.

I have a driver and she vets things, but. I don’t, I don’t ever see, I think I’ve seen her one time in the last six months, [00:07:00] like just to give her supplies and I kind of let her roam and I can see everything she does. But, um, other than that, it’s just me and John. Yeah,

Mike H.: [00:07:08] that’s good. And you, you know, the other thing that happens with people sometimes, and honestly, my wife and I have had this problem a little bit over the years.

She’s really good at the back office stuff. She’s really our CFO. We kind of make this joke. She, but she’s very conservative. So we make this joke that if it was her running it, she would never would have bought a house. Cause she’s so risk averse. And if it was me running that, we would have like our books that have been so screwed up and like our cash position would be so messed up that we would have

Been out of business like a long time ago. But the truth is that sometimes people have this issue where they’re good at something, but they don’t necessarily enjoy doing it, right? So they’re kind of like, they then they see hypothetically, it could be that somebody is like, well, the sales and marketing side is the sexy side of this business and I’m stuck at the office answering phones or something like that.

Right. So I think sometimes people. Take their partner up. Maybe I’m talking about my wife here. Maybe I’m not, I’m [00:08:00] not, I’m not saying anything. So I just take your partner for granted that just like, we’ll just do it cause you’re good at it. You know? It’s like, well, but I hate it. And uh, you know, I think we all have to have the wisdom to know that like, Hey, you’re good at this.

Do you like this? Or you know, cause the truth is, is your business, your business better served, hiring somebody else to do those things that you don’t like to do and you’re not good at then trying to force one of the partners or one of the owners to do it.

Mike F.: [00:08:22] Yeah. And, and we’ve had that discussion. We’re like, well, do we, do we get someone on like w we know we can’t grow.

We can only take a certain amount of deals at a time. Look, we’ve got 72 to 96 hours of the firehouse. We got a wife and two kids with no family to help. We get home. And then you might have two appointments that day and you’re also selling to other of your rehabs. And then you’re dealing with the contractors on top of all these things.

And it’s really hard to set time blocks with the, with, with all these things going on. Um. It’s very difficult, you know? And we thought like, you know, if we left the fire department, we could have these time blocks set and everything, but we just stay in our lane. I’m kind of working, you know, like I said, I see him once every couple of weeks we’re on the phone, but we stay in our [00:09:00] own lanes and everything flows really easy that way.

We’re not like at at each other’s desks, which we’d be more pro productive that way. But like, I don’t know, we just, it’s, it’s better to know. I trust you. You got it. It’s going to get done right, your thing and trust you. You got it. You’re going to get it done.

Mike H.: [00:09:18] Or your schedules at the firehouse, are they, are they, um.

Do you guys work at the same time or do you offset each other the

Mike F.: [00:09:24] same time? We’re working on the same, we work at the same time. We’re both a crew. There’s a crew and B crew, and then we were on at the same time, so he’ll be out. He’ll be there when I’m there. Um, and then, you know, you’re trying to get stuff done.

Sometimes you get, you know, fire or whatever. We don’t do that much there, really at all, you know, but, uh, you know, home range, the phone rings or whatever,

Mike H.: [00:09:42] admit

Mike F.: [00:09:43] that. Uh,

Mike H.: [00:09:45] well that is true. I don’t want to take, I mean, it’s obviously amazing. Um, uh, you know, uh. Thing to be a fire, a firefighter, a public servant for sure.

But I think it’s, it’s kind of well known that you work, like you said, two or three days back to back to back. You’re on [00:10:00] these long shifts and there’s time, you know, in the middle to fill in with some other things if you have to.

Mike F.: [00:10:06] Yeah. And we’ve, we’ve actually spoken to our, our, our fire chiefs and things about that.

And they’re, they’re also supportive of people having another life outside of the firehouse. Because when you work a little hours, you’re there for days, but then you have days off. You know, so it’s feasible to do. And they understand that as long as it’s not getting in the way of, of training time or anything or, or the business time.

You know, when you have, when you have a free moment, usually they’re, they’re okay with you handling certain things that need to get done if you ask them. Right? So it does work out, you know, but you don’t got all day to, you know, got all day to completely focus on things we want to get done. So we kind of figured out, me and John kind of figured out certain thresholds of.

How, um, how much we can handle in a sense with, with like no employees. You know, certain times it got hectic and other times, so we’ve got our, you know, we started getting the marketing down and we’d just kind of chip away. And our main goal really is here in California to things don’t cashflow very well.

We just want to. Um, sell, get the money. We, you know, do some stuff in, up, up our lifestyle, and then [00:11:00] put those into, you know, rental income type properties.

Mike H.: [00:11:03] Right, right. Yeah. Let’s talk a little bit about, um, uh, just kind of managing this with a job. We talked about that a little bit now, but just, you know.

Talk about kind of some time blocking strategies or things that you do cause whether someone’s working nine to five or whether they’re working, you know, 96 hours back to back to back like you guys do. Sometimes you have to say, okay, now I have this time to focus. And I need to set aside time to do this.

This activity, right. For perfect example is, you know, the marketing’s got to get done and it’s got to be consistent, right. So just talk about like the importance of a blocking time off to make sure things get done.

Mike F.: [00:11:39] Yeah. John has a lot more time blocking things than I do. I still have have mine. Um, cause he’s got to have, you know, the list, the list work, um, when the texts are going to go out and things like that.

And he has certain, certain timeframes and he, he does very, very well with that. A little more organized and organized. But mine’s kind of like, okay, what am I. When’s my phone gonna ring? You don’t have a time [00:12:00] block for when my phone’s going to ring up. When’s that appointment going to be set? When am I, you know, I’ll set follow ups, you know, and followups as key in this business as we all know with sellers.

And then I’m trying to schedule all those things out for appointments that make sense. But sometimes it’s like, you know, you might have, I got to, I want to meet tomorrow at this time. You just got to drop what you’re doing and go and do all that, you know, the best I can. Um, and that’s how a lot of my stuff works out.

Or I’ll check other houses. I live closer than John does too. A lot of our areas where houses are, so I’m out, I’m out in the field a little bit more than John or I’ll take over and do certain things like that. But um, yeah, we’ll set time blocks and then, you know, coordinating with my family too. I mean that’s another whole nother art we got coordinate with, cause I’m gone.

I can be gone. Like I was gone for six days straight the other day. I’m at the firehouse. You need people to work. And then you’ve got all these other things with the real estate, and then you’ve got the rehabs, and then we’re selling them and I’m dealing with escrow and I got paperwork and sometimes like, Hey, you need to sign this and you sign this.

And I’m dealing, I deal with a lot more of that stuff [00:13:00] too. And who knows? You could have seven things to sign in the next five minutes when you want to set and plan to get things done with family and stuff. But, um, it’s very hectic. Um, I kind of thrive off of it sometimes. It’s kinda sad to say, but. At the same time, we know like can’t grow.

We know we can’t grow, but we love it. We love what we’re doing. We get along and we’re living a good life at this time. If whenever we decided to grow, I think it’s when we’re going to leave the fire department because we just can’t manage anyone. We can’t see them. I know there’s a lot of people out there like you can do that, believe me.

But for us, I’m very personable. Um, you know, I think we still have a little bit of that blue collar mindset in certain things where we want to be there. We have to be there like virtual wholesaling’s like crazy to me in a sense. But it’s like, well, people do it and very successful, but everyone’s a little different, but we’re doing very well.

Yeah. They’re still

Mike H.: [00:13:47] hot. Talking about, uh, your, your wives are not involved in the business right.

Mike F.: [00:13:51] No. Um, they’re not, um, they do little things here and there, but it kind of fades out. And I’m not pressuring, I’m on a pressure our wives, so do something that, [00:14:00] sure. And then, you know, but, um, I’m not, I’m not gonna keep pressuring them to do things either.

Mike, we’ll just leave that one alone.

Mike H.: [00:14:07] Well, my point is, is, uh, you know, when, when a spouse is involved in the business, the good, the good part is, is they understand, they understand your, uh. Like when you get spread thin and they kind of get it like, okay, I know you got you gotta do this, gotta do that.

Gotta go do that. I gotta go check on that and I’ll just gotta get this done. When they’re not involved in the business, it just takes a really, um, you know, it takes a, a spouse that really is flexible and kind of gets that, you know, you’re trying to do this to improve our lives. Right. You’re not just like, I’m going to expect you to just come home and be like 100% family all the time, cause you, you really have two jobs.


Mike F.: [00:14:42] Absolutely. That’s a, that’s a really good point you made. And. Um, and me and my wife, you’ve had discussions and John with his wife, and then we joke about it and there’s times where they’re, they’re, you know, they get annoyed with it, and it’s like, you know. We just went to Hawaii, didn’t we? You know, and we want to get out there and do you got to get out there and do these [00:15:00] things.

If we want to continue that and we’re setting things up for the future, and as time goes on, you know, they’re, they’re way more understanding that they get it and they love it and they want it. And the things that we’re seeing that are beneficial in our lives are better. Um, but you know, when you got the young kids, not a lot of family around, and you’re just bailing after you’ve been gone for 48 hours, sometimes it doesn’t go over the best, but it just happens.

You never know when your phone’s going to ring. You never know when you’re going to have to go get, get it done and get, do something like that. So it’s kind of kept at chaotic. We thrive on it. Um, but having a partner obviously with me and John, we back each other up on vacations cause we can all, we can do everything, you know.

Um, he’s a lot better, but he, it’s easier for him to teach me to do some things and I can teach him to do that or I can pass everything off to him and we’re always CC’d on emails with escrow, et cetera, et cetera. Yeah, you just handle it all. Our knowledge is pretty high. Our businesses. Our knowledge is higher, our businesses low, if you want to kind of look at it that way.

But, um, you know, we just don’t run a ton of deals, maybe two a month. Um, on the rehab side, we’re getting away from the rehab thing, [00:16:00] obviously. Um, this

Mike H.: [00:16:01] literary California, Southern California too, which kind of mentioned a frosty your deal deal, I guess values and spreads tend to be bigger. Yes. Probably, you know, we’re not going to.

Spend this whole show talking about the coronavirus, but you know, there’s a lot of unknown things right now. You guys are on lockdown in California as the time when we’re recording this. And, uh, you know, uh, usually when the retail, when the real estate market starts to, starts to, uh, take a downturn and happens in California first, right?

Mike F.: [00:16:29] Yeah. Yeah. And you know, huge swings. You know, there’s a guy out here, he’s, he’s, his name’s, uh, I’ll, I’ll drop his name. Bruce Norris is a sharp guy, really big guy. And like, and you look at the, the swings in California compared to the rest of the country, and it’s just like, like over a hundred and something percent different swings up or down or here and there is so volatile that you gotta be careful if you want to try and do some full rehabs in a time like this.

Yeah. I’m staying away from it. Um, for sure and kind of rotating over to some term, more terms type deal with low money down and some better exit [00:17:00] strategies.

Mike H.: [00:17:00] I think, uh, you know, we’re going to create a lot of content rolling out and flipping a year over the next several weeks. And that’s just the general kind of, yeah, that’s the, that’s the general guidance that I’m giving people is kind of speed up that cash to cat, kind of closing the closing conversion.

So your cash cycles are faster. You can do a really long and really big rehabs. Like it’s just more risky. I’m not saying that they’re, if you, if you. Understand your market. Every market’s different, right? So if your market isn’t hit as bad or, um, or you’re, you, you have a unique situation that you kind of understand, it is what it is, right?

But I think just to kind of stay liquid, like you said, mixing some terms like negotiate longer closing periods. I mean, . You know who, who knows in times of, uh, uncertainty. That’s what you have. That’s how you mitigate your risk as you kind of have a couple of levers, which is price and terms, right. Are kind of a couple of the big ones.

Mike F.: [00:17:51] Absolutely. That’s my opinion here. Yeah, you could. You could drop 2030 K. I don’t know. I don’t think that’s coming immediately, but with how, [00:18:00] another thing, if you put some up now, you think you’re going to get it and wholesale it and it’s like, look, it’s gonna. You could have 60 60 day escrows coming up with everyone trying to liquidate their money on refinances and the lenders are getting back and all that stuff, but a lot more.

Who knows what’s really going to be going on soon, but we’ll get to that. Like he said, there’s a whole. Hold on a thing coming. I’m sure everyone in investor fuel and investors all over are going to be having talks for

Mike H.: [00:18:21] months, women here. Yeah. The truth is, is, uh, you know, I think there’s a golden opportunity right now.

It doesn’t mean that the road there isn’t bumpy. You kinda like go down this bumpy road and there’s a storm going, and then in the distance there’s this rainbow coming through the clouds, right? I mean, that’s, that’s, uh, not everybody is going to have that same path, but the truth is, is. The people that are running away are the ones that are going to miss out on the opportunity.

Those that are saying, Hey, let’s get our ship tightened up here, and um, I’m gonna need to cut some costs and lean things out. But more than anything, I’m going to lean in, lean into advertising lead generation, because those same sellers that said, no last month a to your offer that was [00:19:00] 20 or 30,000 less than what they wanted are.

That offers looking better now, right? Or they’re a little more flexible than they were. And a lot of the wholesalers are competitors out there that we’re dabbling are. Yeah. They’re just going to disappear. Right. So,

Mike F.: [00:19:13] yeah,

Mike H.: [00:19:13] I think so. Arc is going to shift here for sure.

Mike F.: [00:19:15] Oh, for sure. I think there’s going to be a lot of, uh, newer wholesalers or wholesalers or people that just didn’t have anything to liquid to keep going with their business and a lot of overhead.

It’s going to be tough for them. Um, for sure. And I won’t mind some of those guys going away out here in California. No doubt. No

Mike H.: [00:19:30] doubt. It’ll open up some opportunities for sure. So, yeah, that’s truthfully, that’s the market I came into in Oh eight we started and we were naive. We didn’t really know what we didn’t know, but a lot of people were running out of the fire, were running into it just like you’re, you’re used to, right.

A little analogy there. The truth is it served us well. And um, you know, there was a point where I don’t remember exactly what our advertising was, that when we first started, we were like three or 5,000 a month. And then I remember one month we literally just went to like. 22 or 25,000. We just [00:20:00] literally like four or five  and that really kind of started the story of our success was like, we’re going to, we’re going to get real serious about this.

Uh, it served as well because a lot of people were running the other way and, um, you know, we had spent some time getting well-capitalized or having access to some lines of credit and stuff that were a little more stable and, uh, and you know, that that opportunity, something like that is going to happen again here for sure.

Mike F.: [00:20:25] Yeah. And when, when is, is the, is I think coming in the summer is when we’re really gonna start to feel that late spring here, summer, in my opinion, at least out here. Um, just from, at least what I’m seeing now and who knows, the virus could scare a lot more people once it starts moving into neighborhoods and you might see a lot more cancels and everyone holding on or who knows what, we’re not going to get in that.

But I see it as a challenge right now, Mike, to be honest, I don’t have a lot of rentals. I know a lot of people with rentals are hurting and they got it. It’s wheel and deal time. Um, I talked to John and, and um, another guy, Tyler, he’s another firefighter with investor fuel and now [00:21:00] it’s like, we don’t want a lot of rentals, but it’s like, don’t wait for the government or anybody else.

Like start talking. Your tenants are talking to your lenders. Deal with them. Make deals, get it done. Just get it done any way you can. They tell you you can’t have workers. Your contractors need to put food on the table, figure it out, write it on. There is a way to get something done. Whether the government’s selling you can or can’t, just don’t be an idiot.

No. Don’t say all 15 of us were going to drink beers after he, after we work on the house right now. I mean, it’s a big social gathering and yet you can get things done safely and securely. It still make, you know, everyone still has to put food on the table. So the government’s going to say one thing and uh, you know, we follow it the best we can, but at the same, at the end of the day, you know, things need to get done.

It’s a big, this is a challenge right now. And look, there are people out there with. Big problems. I talked to Tyler and John, me and him, we’ve seen people that had some huge problems in their life. We’re talking, you know, let someone hand you their dead kit and be like, Hey. See their dad, you know, let tell someone they just lost their loved one.

When you pick them up off the freeway like we [00:22:00] do. And it’s like those, those people got some real problems. You know, people that are dying from the coronavirus. Look, we’re going to get through all this for sure. Mmm. And, uh, just hold on tight. I mean, it’s, it, I think this is going to be a lot faster too, um, for the, for the initial turnaround and, and we’ll be okay.

Everyone’s hurting. But yeah. Figure it out. Everyone can figure it. Use your brain, figure it out, and yeah, like you said, then we’ll cash in after we get through the bumpy times here. Yeah.

Mike H.: [00:22:24] That’s the opportunity. If we can solve problems, that’s really what we do is we normally, we’re solving problems for, we’re still solving problems for sellers.

Now we have to solve a few problems for ourselves too, but that’ll lead to, truthfully, that’s gonna lead to more opportunity, no doubt about

Mike F.: [00:22:35] it. Yeah, for sure. Well,

Mike H.: [00:22:36] Mike, you guys have been an investor fuel for a little over a year now,

Mike F.: [00:22:40] right? Coming up, coming up on a year, may the may, the may point is, um, Oh, you know what?

We joined, yeah. Coming up on a year. I think we’re about eight or nine months now.

Mike H.: [00:22:48] Yeah. Yeah. So would you mind just kind of sharing a testimonial of, uh, how the group is, how the group has, uh, benefited you guys.

Mike F.: [00:22:54] Oh, it’s, it’s fantastic. Immediately when we started, we’d gotten to the texting. We didn’t even know [00:23:00] about texting.

We’re really bad at the computer stuff, but just all the people in Facebook, you see me on Facebook all the time. I’m sure all the other investors, I’m a real clown on there, but I like ruffling some feathers, but just posting content, there’s so much content everyone has and everyone’s, it’s all it takes every time you go.

When I’m there, there’s always like one or two, three things you’re going to get, and it’s going to change the way you do things in your, in your business with the real estate side, you know, you’re not there and it’s like every presentation is not going to give you everything, but you’re there for those, those three nuggets each time or whatever, and everyone’s got them and you’re all just kind of sharing them.

One nugget might not be the one you want, but anyways, there’s just so much information and we always talk about shiny things, but there’s always something to take from it for sure. Um, it’s, it’s helped us exponentially in our business here and implementing certain things and, and the resources, you know, just everyone just talking with each other.

That’s a huge thing. Like talk to this guy, talk. There’s always someone you can, Hey, that’s the guy you want to talk to you. That’s the guy you want to get. Clearly. It’s, it’s good stuff. I’ve nothing but positive things to say about that. Um, [00:24:00] for sure. Oh

Mike H.: [00:24:01] yeah, man, we appreciate you guys being members of there.

I think that that’s what it’s all about, especially in a time like today, right? Where there’s a lot of uncertainty going on as people just coming together saying, look, here’s how I’m going to deal with this. Here’s how we’re going to deal with this. And I think that is really what a group like ours is about.

Is. Is getting through. I mean, it’s, it’s great to get together with like minded people and hang out and have happy hours and drinks and stuff like that. That’s all fun stuff. Blow off steam. Like, I think there’s a part of a mastermind like ours that people love that social aspect to kind of get together where people like me and hang out, get away, maybe travel to the market and hang out.

But when it comes down to it, the real value is, um, can I. Talk to friends that will help me get through a challenging time when I hit that right. So we celebrate the good times, no doubt, but the bad times, or the downtimes or the low times, which we all have, whether it’s a coronavirus or whether it’s our biggest lender just went away, or who [00:25:00] knows, whatever it could be.

That is where I think a group like ours adds a lot of value. Being a part of our group is, is like, Hey, we’re going to get through this together. Let’s work through it and here’s how we’re going to handle it. Right?

Mike F.: [00:25:10] Yeah, absolutely. I think people are gonna find the even a bigger value with all this. Just like you said, everyone’s helping each other through the tough times, you know?


Mike H.: [00:25:19] Yup. Yup. Cool, buddy. We’ll have, if folks want to reach out to you, uh, where, uh, where can they go to connect with you?

Mike F.: [00:25:27] Um, really it’s, uh, just really Facebook. I’m not a big computer guy or anything or, or, uh, just hit me up on Facebook. Mike flora on the part of investor fuel on there, obviously, but that’s really it for me.

And same with John. You can find them on Facebook and then we can connect that way. Send me a direct message or anything like that.

Mike H.: [00:25:46] Cool, buddy. We’ll, we’ll put your link in the show notes down here. So, Hey man, so you’re, you’re a, as a firefighter year, you’re kind of on the front lines of a lot of this stuff, I’m sure.

Uh, you’re out there to, to help people out. So I appreciate it. Appreciate the extra effort during a time like this for [00:26:00] sure.

Mike F.: [00:26:00] Yeah. And one thing, I had a buddy, he got it. He said it was nothing. So don’t worry about it. Don’t be scared.

Mike H.: [00:26:06] Yeah. Cool. All right guys. Hey, thanks for thanks for spending time with us today.

Mike F.: [00:26:10] I might thank you. Appreciate it.

Mike H.: [00:26:12] See you and everybody that’s out there. Hey, we appreciate you to join us on the show today. Kind of goes without saying right now when we’re in the middle of this a coronavirus issue, and more importantly, just the. Reaction to all the stuff that’s going on, all the shutdowns stuff.

It’s created a lot of fear, right? We get that. So, uh, we hope you’ve enjoyed, uh, watching this show. We have literally over 1500 video podcasts across FlipNerd for the pepper over the past six and a half years, whether it’s this show, the investor fuel show, or a, uh, that’s where most of our shows are.

But, uh, just use this time to immerse this in improving yourself, whether it’s. Physically spend time with your family, educated yourself. We have so much free information out there. We’d love for you to take advantage of it. If you got some value out of this show, we’d love it. If you subscribe, give us a positive review, and until then we’ll see you on the next show.

[00:27:00] Mike F.: [00:27:00] Take care.

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