Today, I’m here with my buddy, Michael Krupp out of Baltimore. He’s been in and around real estate for a long time. Today, we are going to talk about the power of networking and helping other people get started in their business and how you can win in the process! It’s a great show, let’s get started!

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    [00:00:00] Mike: [00:00:00] Hey everybody. Welcome back to the show today. I’m here with my buddy, Michael corrupt out of Baltimore. He’s been in real estate in and around real estate for a long time. And today we’re going to talk about really the power of kind of networking and helping other people get started in their business and how you can win in the process.

    Professional real estate investors know that it’s not really about the real estate. That real estate is just a vehicle of freedom. A group of over a hundred of a nation’s leading. Real estate investors from across the country meet several times a year at the investor fuel real estate mastermind to share ideas on how to strengthen each other’s businesses, but also to come together as friends and build more fulfilling lives or all of those around us on today’s show, we’re going to continue our conversations of fueling our businesses and our lives.

    I’m glad you’re here.

    [00:01:00] Hey, Michael, welcome to the show.

    Michael: [00:01:04] Hey Mike, how are you, sir?

    Mike: [00:01:06] Good to see ya. Uh, it has been a little while since the all the COVID stuff has shut us down, but looking forward to seeing you again in person as soon as possible.

    Michael: [00:01:14] Likewise, my friend, but the last online event was great.

    Mike: [00:01:18] Yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah.

    Thank you. So, um, Hey, I’m excited to talk about this, cause it’s, I’m cut from the same cloth as you I’ve been helping people for a long time coaching and mentoring. I love networking, which is part of, you know, investor. If I could, I’ve always said I’m a networking butterfly, right. Or I’m just really into networking.

    And obviously that’s all culminated in a, in a mastermind like investor fuel, which is like networking on steroids. Right. And so, um, And I’m excited to talk about that because I think, uh, you know, I’ve always gotten joy, not always in the beginning. I thought it was all right. And then at some point I got to the point where I was like, this is cool, but I’m kind of lonely.

    And I feel like I know some stuff and I’m not sharing with anybody. And, uh, it got to the point to where I started helping other people. And I got a lot of [00:02:00] joy from that and it wasn’t, you know, there’s a lot of things you can. Gained from being a successful real estate investor. It’s not all money. Right.

    It’s helping people along the way. So, yeah. And I know that’s what you wanted to talk about today too. So maybe before we jump into the topic, just tell us your background kind of how you got started in, in real estate.

    Michael: [00:02:17] Sure, absolutely. Um, I started in about actually, it was. 97, um, Baltimore, Maryland. I started working, um, for a hard money lender, kind of like as a loan officer, if you will.

    And just really doing, uh, doing loans from that perspective. And then it was, you know, a few years later too, I started investing myself and, uh, the few that was 97. So here we are 23 years later. And I mean, you know, I, I guess I’ve, uh, from there, I I’m do everything now, I guess I’d say I have 20 rentals that I manage.

    I have. Um, I’ve been doing hard money lending on my own. Now for 10 years, my own company, um, I flip, fixed, flip rent. We’re build new construction, [00:03:00] maybe 10 to 12 houses a year. Um, and in the past couple of years I started coaching kind of similar to you and just really finding that. I’m lending to a lot of new investors and they don’t really understand or they’re making mistakes.

    So I ended up helping them out and I guess find there’s a lot of people out there that need help. And actually then the last couple years have also started the kind of networking and collaborating. I was probably also like, you’re kind of like an Island of my own and just doing your own thing in the area.

    And, um, and just really nobody to talk to about what I’m doing or even maybe what I’m doing is wrong, or maybe there’s a better way to do it. So start collaborating and talking to other people. So I started networking, going to some local meetups and, you know, REOs and those sorts of things. And, um, went to some of those and sponsored some of those as part of, uh, my hard money lending company.

    And then also, uh, now for the past year and a half, I’ve been a co-organizer of a local meetup in Baltimore called grid [00:04:00] grid Baltimore. And it’s a local network of maybe. 1415, um, meetings around the mid Atlantic area to have like over 10,000 members. And, and it’s like, we have a fate we’re on Facebook and everything.

    So it’s a great network of collaboration. And also just, um, there are people in the area that, uh, you meet immediate the groups and just get ideas on who’s doing what and how. Yeah.

    Mike: [00:04:26] 10,000 people. That’s huge.

    Michael: [00:04:29] Yeah, it’s a, it’s a it’s growing. It’s just, it’s a lot of, um, you know, it’s for the most part, it’s a free membership, but it’s.

    Monthly meetings and, you know, communicating via whether it be email or social media, we’re at the meetings or follow up and those sorts of things, but you have access to so much, um, mental, you know, so much mindset and just mental, not, you know, knowledge about the real estate business that, uh, you know, it’s invaluable.

    Mike: [00:04:56] Yeah, that’s great. You know, I’ve always thought, um, for people that use hard money, like it’s, [00:05:00] you know, w if you think of a hard money lender, um, we just had been doing it for 10 years as a partner. Like sometimes it’s just a lending source and sometimes it’s like, it’s actually somebody that will keep you safe.

    Right. And in exchange, you want to keep them safe because they’re using your money. Right. You’re on the hook for that. And so it’s a, it’s a great thing. I mean, I think I would say it’s one of the things you don’t get from. Some of the larger lending companies. When you work with a local lender, you get their insights because they’re, they’re usually investing in the market as well.

    Michael: [00:05:27] Well, that, and that’s, that’s kinda my pitch to people is first of all, use the local lender because the national lenders don’t know your local market. And I know so many people that have sent like application fee is a five, 600 bucks to somebody in Rhode Island or California or whatever. And, you know, they end up not doing the deal or, you know, but even so if they did the deal, it’s like when I do a deal with somebody, I end up.

    Helping them find. I tell people that regardless of what I cost you, I’m going to end up saving you more in the lifetime of our relationship, because I’m going to turn you onto a [00:06:00] place to get suppliers and supply, you know, materials cheaper, maybe contractors, agents, how to find deals. When I started lending.

    I used to find deals and give them to my clients because I thought, Hey, I can make money on the feet. When I started see what they were making, that they were making more by doing the flip. Then I started stop that and I try to keep my properties is to help people learn how to find properties. But I’m just saying, so there’s, you know, there’s lots of opportunities.

    People think hard money. Um, you know, some people can’t get it in their head. Like, I’m not going to pay those rates or they feel expensive. But if you, if you could pay 5,000 to make 20,000, how many times a year would you do that? As many as you could, right? It’s not about the cost. It’s about what you can get from it.

    And like you said, somebody locally in your local market is a resource that understands the local market. They want to protect you because they want to protect them. So they’re going to, I tell bum. You don’t have to, I’m not telling you what to do. I’m only giving you a [00:07:00] suggestion and rights. You don’t have to do what I say.

    And it’s like, people bring me a deal and they asked me whether it’s a good deal. And it’s like, I turned down probably 75% of the deals that are presented to me. You guys, either the borrower does make sense or the deal does make sense. Right? Why do a deal just so I can make money? When I see that you’re probably not gonna make any money.

    Like I don’t need it. I’m not going to do a deal like that. Maybe some other vendors would, but I don’t. Yeah, for me, my whole logo is basically I’m investing in your success. So anybody that borrowed from me and I knew these new people and I’ve experienced people with power for me, because they know if you borrow from me, you’re going to deal with me.

    You’re going to get a fast response time, turnaround time. And you know, you’re also going to get whatever resources that I have I’m in the market. However I can be of service to you. No. I have people calling, texting me, you know, 24 seven, you know what should go here? What got you here? What, you know? So yeah, one of the

    Mike: [00:07:51] things I would say is in terms of coaching, I’ve been a coach for a long time.

    You do some coaching. Um, is that

    Michael: [00:07:57] you’re, you’re not,

    Mike: [00:07:59] you’re paying for that [00:08:00] guidance. Like, it doesn’t take much to, it doesn’t take much advice. Sometimes some little nuggets are worth thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, right? Like either additional profit or saving you from failing. Right. And so I think that’s one of the things that I learned early on is I just, I started to help people, like, just share my knowledge, but there’s a difference between knowledge that, uh, you just absorb it, knowledge that you apply.

    Right. And. There’s an iterative process. Like if I tell them somebody had to do something right now and they, they don’t need to do that for two months, like one, they forgotten it. And two, it’s always a little different. It’s like, well, you said this, but this happened. It’s like, okay, we’ll do that. You know, it’s just, it’s you can’t, there’s no like book.

    It says here’s exactly how to do everything. It’s you have to get it. Right. And so, you know, that’s one of the things that I think would be helpful. I mean, in our conversation today, what I thought would be helpful for people is if you’re an experienced investor and you’re looking for ways to grow in your market, you know, sometimes, and I did [00:09:00] early on, I saw people as my competition, but then I realized that I can help people.

    And I kind of enjoyed, you know, maybe a little bit was ego. Like I’m helping people show them what I did because what I mean I’m doing is working for me. And then, and then I started to realize there’s people that are like, well, Do you want to partner on a deal or I don’t have the lint, I don’t have the money or they need some sort of resources that I had.

    And I’m like, well, you know, it’s one thing to just kind of tell you how to do it. It’s another, if you want a partner, then it’s like, wow, I can actually make money by doing this too. And that’s not a bad thing. Like that person is winning too. They couldn’t have done that without me. Right. Oh,

    Michael: [00:09:32] it’s a home run.

    I mean, it’s, I mean, kind of like you said too, like with coaching, um, you know, I also, I don’t try to necessarily. You know, you can eat, you either feed somebody a fish or you can teach him how to fish. Right. So, so for me, it’s like, I don’t always answer questions. What I do is I ask questions, so questions get questions.

    Cause I want them to kind of learn and figure it out. Also it’s, you know, a tough one. Sometimes they make mistakes. Like whether it be a coaching client or a [00:10:00] bar, a hard money loan client, I tell people is that. Um, I can’t guarantee your success. I can’t tell you that you’re going to make money. What I can guarantee you is that if I help you and share my knowledge and the mistakes that I’ve made, I can help you minimize your risk, that I can guarantee you.

    I can help you minimize the risk. So you don’t make the same mistakes I’ve made, whether you’re an investor, whether you’re coaches, you know, whatever. And so, you know, from a coaching perspective, Um, you know, it’s it’s, how can I help, help you? Cause I can’t just give you a manual, like you said, and say, here’s what to do because everything is on the fly.

    Everything changes, everything is a fluid. So it’s like, you have to be, you know, so the whole thing is you have to be open minded and even as an experienced investor, like kind of, you know, we, we are very similar cause I need to, like, I guess I was, I was afraid early on. To share my information because I always looked at everybody’s competition.

    I realize my gift changed from a mindset of scarcity to reminds of abundance. You know, it opened up [00:11:00] things for me. And I think there’s a lot of experienced investors out there that probably are kind of like on an Island. There are one man show or maybe it’s them and their wife or spouse or her husband, or maybe it’s just them and a friend or family member.

    And, you know, they’re doing their thing kind of like I was, and they’re not really looking outside of their Island and for other opportunities, whether it be. Who else can they help? And how will it benefit them? Not just big, but by benefiting them, they’re benefiting the person they’re helping. So it’s like, it’s a mutual, everything is about mutual benefit, right?

    Yep. Of course not. I don’t need, I’m not talking 50, 50, 60, 40, 70, 30. I’m just talking about helping each other and somebody new just wants to get started and maybe they don’t know where to start, or maybe they don’t have the resources. Maybe they have a lot of money, but they can’t find a house or maybe they don’t have the money, but they found a house.

    They need somebody to fund it for them. So. There there’s so many opportunities, so networking and going to these meetups and talking to people and just putting yourself out there. Um, even just on social media, you can find [00:12:00] so much now on Facebook. You know, these there there’s Facebook groups, the real estate investments on Facebook, um, Instagram, you know, so there’s just so much out there that is untapped.

    And I can tell you, even as an experienced investor, I still haven’t tapped. There’s so much that I haven’t kept myself. It’s like, well, that’s go ahead. No, it’s a, it’s just like, it’s like people think it’s static and there’s only limited opportunities or there’s low inventory. So there’s always so many deals.

    Well, that’s so not true. There are so many opportunities because maybe in your inventory, maybe in your market, but maybe you partner with somebody in another market, your house, or, or the, uh, uh, County next door or, or a state next doors, or a friend in another state. I mean, but even within your own state, I mean, People that have those deals that don’t know what I mean.

    I mean, we could talk on and on about the opportunities in terms of joint ventures or partnerships and helping one another.

    Mike: [00:12:56] Yeah. There’s way more opportunities to help one another. And this is one of the things that I [00:13:00] found is a, you know, that’s one of the things that invest or fuel. Most of our work. We have members all over the country, right.

    So they’re not, but we do have members that we have several members. Yeah. You know, one market sometimes. But I think, you know, we’ve got, for example, Oklahoma city got a number of members up there and every time I turn around, they’re helping each other. Do deals, sell, buying, and selling from each other and partnering together.

    I think once you have that abundance mindset that, um, there’s lots of, there’s more opportunity than there is. That’s gonna kind of get taken away from you for sure.

    Michael: [00:13:28] And I think networking too. I mean, just, just, just the fact of, you know, people are doing their own thing. They have their own life and they, you know, who wants to get necessarily, they feel like, do I want to go to a meeting from six to nine?

    You know, went third Wednesday of every month. And yet, you know, 30, 40, 50, a hundred people there. I mean, Think about the opportunities, whether you’re, if you’re an investor or a wholesaler or marketing person or a realtor or an appraiser or lender, I mean, there’s just an abundance of opportunities of people you otherwise wouldn’t have met.


    Mike: [00:13:58] for sure. Yeah. [00:14:00] Yeah. I think, you know, one of the things that I, that I think to Michael, and I think if you’re, if you’re listening right now and you’re not doing these things yeah. There’s sometimes there’s this negative connotation with a coach or a mentor. It’s usually more of the national gurus that are, you know, just.

    Slicked back hair guy selling stuff on stage, and they’re not practitioners. They haven’t actually done it before or whatever, but I think the people like you and me that have done it done a lot of it done for a long time. Help a lot of people. This is what I found. It makes me a better business person to have to talk about what I do.

    Like, cause sometimes you just do stuff and you don’t really think about it, but when you have to explain it to somebody else, it forces you to think like, Well, why the hell did I do it that way? Like, why didn’t I do it like this? Or it forces you to kind of iterate and learn because when you teach somebody else, I found you, it helps you improve your process.

    Are you you’re, you’re revisiting the way you do it and you’re rethinking. Is there a better way to do it?

    Michael: [00:14:51] I think you also get different perspectives. I think, you know, it’s like, you know, you don’t just learn from people that are. Older smarter, more [00:15:00] successful. You learn from anybody and everybody. And I mean new people and that don’t have a clue.

    They have a different perspective and ask questions that you never would’ve thought of, or they might give you an idea and they might be somebody that understands the technology or systems better. And you get so many ideas that you otherwise would not have had the opportunity to get just by connecting with other people, whether they’re brand new and have no knowledge or somebody that’s been doing it for

    Mike: [00:15:23] years.

    Yep. Yep. So, so Michael, you, you, uh, like you said, you, you were lending for a long time. You’re doing a bunch of things before you were kind of formally networking, I guess, by going to REIA clubs and doing those things, what guidance would you give people that are listening right now that maybe experienced investors that like, I don’t want to go to the REIA clubs as a bunch of newbies.

    It’s the blind leading the blind, whatever, you know, there’s a bunch of things they might say. There’s of course there’s lots of other networking opportunities for only experienced investors too. But where would you. Give some guidance on how people can kind of start easing into that direction and dipping their toe in

    Michael: [00:15:56] the water.

    Well, I mean, first of all, [00:16:00] Go try it one time. Let me go, because it’s not just going to be newbies. Maybe even if it’s 10% people that are experienced, you’re going to meet other people that are probably doing what you were doing and your market that you didn’t even know. And there’s opportunities there right there for potentially a partnership or joint venture.

    You know, if you’re a, if you’re an investor and you meet a wholesaler that gets great properties or you’re, you know, you need money and there’s a lender, but whatever it is, there’s. I understand the connotations. I mean, I’ve been to RIAs and, and meetups and various groups. And I don’t go to the national ones that come into town for the trying to sell stuff.

    But you know, the local ones and through that, you meet one person and that’s experienced and they know other people that are experienced. And it’s kind of how I came to invest a few to be quite Frank. Um, I was looking for. Experienced investors that I could collaborate network with and learn from and see what, see what people are doing in other markets, similar to what I’m doing in my market, but how they do it because everybody does things.

    [00:17:00] Yeah. He uses different systems. Yeah. Software and applications and technology. And, and, you know, there’s just so many ways, I guess, your skin, a cat, if you will. And so it’s like, so for me, it was just, um, Through this networking is quite honestly how I came to invest a few. I met some, I met, I met some local guys that had some experience.

    One of them had been, you know, um, one of them had been exposed to invest for fuel, and then I got exposed to it. And I joined by, you know, whether, you know, there’s, that’s even in your own market though, why not just create a local collaborating network of experienced investors? I mean, I’ve actually been thinking about that too for awhile because there are all these like, Like generic, let’s say meetups, but maybe just get 10, 15 people that, you know, at a certain caliber level experience, you know, a number of deals and then just, you know, meet in your local market.

    And it’s just. If you understand the local market, now you get this knowledge and the power of putting that [00:18:00] together, I just think is,

    Mike: [00:18:01] yeah, for sure. There’s I know in my market, there, there are some really big groups, you know, there’s Facebook groups that are 10,000 plus people. There’s local meetups that, you know, have.

    700, 800,000 people there when, when you can have meetings. So hopefully they’ll start again soon because I think it’s important part of the fabric, but there’s also the groups, like you said, that are like a dozen people they’re getting together, they meet on the first Tuesday or whatever, and they’ve got a rhythm down where it’s like invite only, but I know, you know, I know that they’re going on and yeah, by just some of them, some of I participate in and I’ve even done it.

    I have a. You know, uh, I don’t do it all that often, but I have kind of a little bit of an inner circle, like people that are in, if they’re an investor fuel or they’re kind of, they’ve been in my coaching program for just people that are kind of in my network that is like, Hey, let’s I have a happy hour every once in a while.

    It’s a small group ultimately, but it’s more intimate and you can have some conversations, you know, then necessarily go into a big group. So.

    Michael: [00:18:55] No. That’s cool. I mean, that’s what I think. I mean, it’s just the power of [00:19:00] understanding that, you know, one plus one doesn’t equal two, one plus one can equal three, five, seven, 10, 12, 15, when you, you know, collaborate right with the right people.

    Mike: [00:19:09] Yeah, for sure. For sure.

    Michael: [00:19:11] Because of the door to opportunities that you otherwise. Would not have been exposed to. So if you feel that there’s not dos out there or that you’ve hit your you’ve kind of hit your peak or, you know, stagnated or what have you, then you’ve got to think outside the box and look at other other ways, you know, and sometimes, you know, they’re right in front of you.

    Mike: [00:19:30] Yep for sure. Yep. Yep. That’s stuff. That’s you’re right. That stuff is all around us and sometimes you just have to pay attention, right?

    Michael: [00:19:38] Yeah.

    Mike: [00:19:38] So, Michael, you mentioned obviously you’re mr. Member of investor fuel. And you said a couple of things a moment ago about investor fuel. Would you mind just sharing a brief kind of testimonial you’ve been in the group for, I think about six months or so, roughly.

    And, uh, would you mind just kind of sharing, you know, what, what investor fuel has done for you?

    Michael: [00:19:54] Investor fuel to me is just that it’s, it’s that national mastermind [00:20:00] collaboration of investors. And, you know, I would say mostly experienced investors. There are some newer people, so very varying degrees or experience degrees of knowledge and success, but it’s, but that’s, what’s beautiful.

    It’s so varied that. You can learn something from everybody. And it’s just a, it’s a tight network to me. I mean, I’ve been to, I’ve been a one live meeting, which was three and a half days and I’ve been to, uh, you know, I did, and I, and I’ve done the a three and a half day online zoom meeting, which I thought quite honestly was equally phenomenal.

    Uh, I know some people said they exclude it’s actually, you know, they really, they really thought it was amazing. So I agree. So I I’d be happy to go either way. Um, you know, there’s obviously something personal about getting together, but, um, I just think having the ability to pick up the phone and call somebody and ask a question on, you know, I’ve been doing this for 10 years and you do yes a year.

    What software application are you using? And you don’t get, I’m not going to tell you because you’re [00:21:00] my competition. Yeah. Here’s what I do. Here’s who I use. Here’s how I use it. Here’s what I pay. So you literally get. You know, all every detail that you could use with any need that you have really regarding anything it’s because people are just so abundant mind set, such an abundant mindset of sharing and helping and caring for people in the group that it’s like you, even if you’ve never talked to Sam, if you call him and say, Hey, you know, I know you’re in the restroom, I’m an investor fuel fuel group.

    We haven’t talked, but I noticed you’re doing this. You’re not going to get somebody hanging up on, you’re going to get somebody that’s saying, Hey, maybe I can talk. Now let’s set up a call or how can I help you? And that’s, that’s just, that’s just, you know, I think it’s just special. I mean, quite frankly, I mean, cause I think a few years ago, again, like I said, and I think that years ago you were Mike, I mean just coming from a mindset of.

    Scarcity and thinking everybody’s competition and getting into a playing field where everybody’s an equal and everybody’s willing to help each other. [00:22:00] Um, and what you guys, and honestly, what, you know, what you guys put forth for the event, um, just the stimulation and the animals, knowledge of the, of the, of the expertise brought in the room from, you know, investor carrot or bigger pockets, or, you know, God national guys that you know, were local guys.

    I mean that just you’re willing to share how they do what they do. It’s just. I don’t know. It’s priceless.

    Mike: [00:22:28] Awesome. Awesome. Well, thank you for that. Appreciate

    Michael: [00:22:30] that I could go on and on, but I guess,

    Mike: [00:22:32] no, I appreciate that. I appreciate, I’d love to let you go on and tell me more, Michael. No, but I will say you’re right.

    I think, um, you know, it’s hard to, it’s hard to explain it sometimes it’s though, what, what that can do for you, like. Like you said one small hallway conversation or chat at the bar or sitting at a table next to somebody can, can really, uh, have a huge impact on your business and your, even your personal life.

    Like we, you know, we’re, we have a common theme that we’re all real estate investors, but we’re all [00:23:00] entrepreneurs and husbands and wives and fathers and daughters and all those things too. And I think we put a lot of focus on not just building business, but doing it to feed the life that you want to live.

    So glad you’re a

    Michael: [00:23:10] part of that. My friend. Absolutely. I appreciate it.

    Mike: [00:23:13] Well, Michael, if folks want to

    Michael: [00:23:14] reach out to you

    Mike: [00:23:15] learn more about your, your grid group or connect with you or anything like that, where, where should they go?

    Michael: [00:23:21] I mean, they can send me an email. Michael, M I C H a E [email protected] You can look me up on Instagram.

    Um, at the Cropster or reinvest Academy, um, you can find me on Facebook, uh, through MD private lender or Maryland, private lender. Um, You know, however, it doesn’t matter. I mean, I’m, again, I’m open to anybody and everybody, you know, if I can help people, um, people have a question, they shoot me an email tax. I mean, you know, I probably don’t want me to give out my phone number, but whatever I can do to help somebody, Mike, you know, whether it be [00:24:00] part of investor fuel or

    yeah. Okay. 

    Mike: [00:24:07] is ready. Yeah. Awesome. Uh,

    Michael: [00:24:12] that’s the benefit of working at our own.

    Mike: [00:24:14] Yeah. Yeah. Hey, no problem. So awesome, Michael. Hey, thanks for, uh, thanks for spending some time with us and letting us get to know you a little bit better and sharing your knowledge. I appreciate

    Michael: [00:24:21] that. Thank you, Mike. I appreciate you.

    Mike: [00:24:24] Always good to see you and everybody hope you got some value here today. You should be networking with people in your market. If you’re not already a, there’s a way to help them and help yourself at the same time. A lot of value depends on what you want to get out of. It. There’s a lot of value I found in helping other people.

    There’s a lot of karma and karma is alive and well, and a lot of good things happen. The more you help other people. So if you haven’t yet subscribed to our show, On iTunes, Stitcher, Google play anywhere else. We’d love it. If you did, of course, you can find all of our [email protected] If you haven’t yet talked to us, if you’re an experienced investor.

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