Hey everybody, welcome back to the show! I’m excited to have my buddy, Isaac Rowe here on the show! Today, we are going to talk about something that Isaac and I are both very passionate about, and that is building relationships and the power of relationships to help you in your business. Let’s get started!

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    [00:00:00] Mike: [00:00:00] Hey everybody. Welcome back to the show. I’m excited to have my buddy Isaac grill here today. We’re going to be talking about something that is I’ve really been passionate about. An Isaac is to that’s building relationships and the power of relationships to help you in your business.

    Professional real estate investors know that it’s not really about the real estate. That real estate is just a vehicle to freedom. A group of over a hundred of a nation’s leading real estate investors from across the country meets several times a year at the investor fuel real estate mastermind. To share ideas on how to strengthen each other’s businesses, but also to come together as friends and build more fulfilling lives for all of those around us on today’s show, we’re going to continue our conversations of fueling our businesses and our lives.

    I’m glad you’re here.

    [00:01:00] Hey, Isaac. Welcome to the show.

    Isaac: [00:01:03] Thanks. Thanks Mike. Appreciate you having me on.

    Mike: [00:01:05] Yeah. Good, good to have you. We were kind of talking about how things are shaking out. At the tail end of this COVID stuff, actually, the time we’re recording, this is a few weeks before it’s actually coming out. So I know it’s, uh, everything’s on winding unwinding here, I think pretty rapidly.

    So, uh, but excited to talk about, I know you’re kind of itching because we’re talking about relationships today. Like cross relationships are often meeting people face to face. Right? Let me out of my cage. Right. So, um, let’s uh, Hey, before we kind of get into the relationship building stuff, Um, let’s talk a little bit about your background.

    Tell us about like, how you got started, how you found your way into real estate investing.

    Isaac: [00:01:41] Sure. I’ve always been passionate about, um, real estate. I was a teenager reading, rich dad, poor dad and Robert Kiyosaki and all that fun stuff. And it’s always been something I wanted to do. Uh, so about seven, seven years ago, I just.

    I just jumped in full time. I started as an agent and I worked with, um, I just, I just kinda got lucky in the sense I had [00:02:00] got some really good connections to some, um, to some really solid investors. And I really, uh, I, at that time, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be an agent for investors or retail, but I always wanted to get into real estate investing.

    So I naturally kind of moved, moved in the direction of working with other investors and did that for a couple of years and then started investing myself full time. So I’ve been full time investing for about five. Five six years now. And, uh, now we are, um, flipping buying and hold wholesaling. Um, you know, we just do a little bit of everything now and, uh, really enjoying it.

    Um, family man married about 10 years with, with three little kids. So one of my favorite things about this business is just that it lets me spend a lot of time with my family. You know, I don’t ever work more than 30 or 40 hours in a week. Um, and if I need to work, work 20 or take time off, you know, I, I do.

    So I feel very, very fortunate to be able to do what I do. Yeah,

    Mike: [00:02:51] that’s great. That’s, that’s kind of everybody, everybody has a different goal, but I say, you know, sometimes you still work, work hard, right. There’s days where you work hard by weeks where you [00:03:00] work hard. But if you need to pull the time off, you’re like, well, I can, I can do it.

    Like, I, I still work hard, but we like to travel and there’s just certain weeks where I’m just like, I’m out. I’m like, yeah, I don’t have to worry about, you know, I’m asking for that usually. So let’s just my wife and I’m going on a trip without her. Then

    Isaac: [00:03:15] I have to ask her permission. We all deal with that.


    Mike: [00:03:19] So, Hey, let’s talk a little bit about, um, we’re gonna talk about relationships here and I know you feel the same way as I do. Is it just, it just makes life better when you’re, I’ve just found it found. When I started in real estate, I was PR I was definitely more closed minded. Like I was kind of in my foxhole doing my thing, probably a little bit scarcity mindset.

    And then I kind of realized like, okay, Real estate with friends is better. Like it’s just kind

    Isaac: [00:03:38] of better

    Mike: [00:03:39] building relationships and stuff. So, well, let’s talk about some of the things that you do to build relationships. Like it’s easy to say that like, well, what do you differently? Cause nobody would say I hate relationships with people.

    Like nobody would say that, but yeah, it is a craft. It’s something you have to like focus on, like how do I benefit this person? Or how do I build a relationship with [00:04:00] that person? Let’s talk about some of the things you actually view. So, what does that mean? Like build relationships? What does that mean to you?


    Isaac: [00:04:07] It means a lot of things. Um, but, but I think really for, for me, the core of it really comes down to, um, how you communicate with people and adding value to people. So one of the biggest one, uh, one of the biggest things for me is just adding value to people. So. You know, I think we are naturally, um, we, we can actually be very selfish in a, in a sense, like I go into conversations and I’m thinking about me and what I want and what I’m trying to get from this conversation.

    I think there’s gotta be like a kind of mental training that goes on where you, you retrain your mind to go into conversations, thinking about the other person and how I can add value to them. What do they want, what do they need? Because if you’re not like that, then they sense that you’re. You are looking after yourself first.

    And I think just being the kind of person that people want to work with. So am I a good listener? Am I asking a lot of questions? Am I, am I actually caring about this person? Or am I just trying to think, how can I get something from you? Right. So I think for me, that’s, [00:05:00] that’s a huge piece for me. And I think that if you genuinely care about people, then they will want to work with you.

    And it’s not, there’s no magic trick to it, right. It’s not like I have to trick you to try to mind Jeff, you know, do do some weird thing to try to try to get you to like me. I just want to be me and I want to care about you. And I think it is really very, very simple. And I think we try to overcomplicate it sometimes.

    Um, but yeah, that’s, that’s, that’s the core of it for me.

    Mike: [00:05:26] Yeah. I think it’s, it’s interesting because I think, um, we’re so used as real estate investors. Like I want to. I want to go do something. I want to go on an appointment and come back with a contract. Like it’s like, we, we, as you know, it’s just kind of human nature these days because things happen so fast.

    I can get on the internet and figure anything out is like, we want immediate gratification, but the relationship stuff is a longterm game. It’s it’s it is. And I don’t, I don’t say say game in a negative way. It’s just relationships take time to build even in marriages. Right.

    Isaac: [00:05:56] So it’s just trying to get better, right?

    Yeah. But I’ve just [00:06:00] found,

    Mike: [00:06:00] you know, Like sometimes people are like, well, I went to a REIA club and I got a bunch of business cards. It’s like, okay, well that’s not really networking.

    Isaac: [00:06:06] That’s just collecting business

    Mike: [00:06:07] cards that you’re going to throw in a drawer somewhere. But, um, you know, it’s like, it’s just this art of like, uh, just continuous pressure on.

    Trying to do good things for people and not expecting anything immediately in return, but knowing that over time, things will come back around. Right?

    Isaac: [00:06:23] Yeah, exactly, exactly. Right. And I think one of the things for me is, you know, so instead of going into a meta, uh, a meeting going, how many business cards can I get?

    I would much rather go in and go. Can I really connect and talk to two or three people and get to know them well and actually build a relationship where I can call this person in the future. And I can find out, find out stuff about them and share, share some value with them and how can I add value to them?

    And if I’m not listening, if I’m not paying attention to them, if I’m not making eye contact and I’m am acting bored, and I want to go to the next conversation, if I’m not focused and in that moment with them, then the odds of that relationship ever turning into anything else. Are slim. [00:07:00] So I, you know, I, you know, I think focus asking questions, um, you know, taking a genuine interest in other people.

    And I, and you know, for, for me, I am a people person. I, and I know for some people, this is probably easier than others. I really like people. I like meeting new people. I like talking to people. So it does come up. Maybe a little bit more naturally to me and other people who, who were, who were like that. But I think anybody is very, very capable of going in and just really choosing a couple of people, like be very focused on it and then don’t just lose those business cards.

    Right. Track those. I mean, I’ve, I’ve spreadsheets for where, where I attract people, not, not in a bad way, but I don’t want to forget about them. Right. Because I get busy stuff happens. And if I don’t, if I don’t track my interactions and make sure that I’m actually intentional about it, and I’m going to forget, like I’m going to get busy and I’m going to go on to the next thing I’m doing.

    Um, but, but there is so much value in relationships. And, um, for, for me, it is a thing of, of as well. One person has the power to add a lot of value to your business. One, one, one relationship. I mean, most of my business [00:08:00] is done with five to 10 people. You know, and those are people that I’ve built relationships with over, over the last five, five years or so.

    So it isn’t this, I don’t need a hundred people. I need five to 10 good people who have the right values and we want to do some business together and there’s, and there’s a lot that can be done just, just from something that’s small.

    Mike: [00:08:18] And it’s amazing to just how, like, you know, there there’s so many, I don’t know how to say this any other way than to say, there’s just a lot of shitheads out there.

    Isaac: [00:08:26] It’s an industry

    Mike: [00:08:27] that kind of give the industry a bad name, like some, some bad seeds, if you will, or. It’s, it’s just, it’s just an area where there tend to be a lot of people that are, are much more about themselves, right?

    Isaac: [00:08:36] Yeah. And

    Mike: [00:08:37] I think it goes to show when you, you, I know you guys have a club when I go to like some of the events we have here or whatever, you know, like you said, I think it’s so powerful to just ask people, like, what’s going on with you.

    What do you need help with? What’s your biggest challenge in your business? And then just listening for a couple of minutes, I think. Yeah. Especially if you’re, you know, you do a lot of volume in your market. I have a pretty good reputation. I think generally in my market [00:09:00] say generally, I don’t want to like Pat myself on the back, but

    Isaac: [00:09:02] I don’t know.


    Mike: [00:09:03] says anything negative about me, but, you know, it’s just like, there’s people that I don’t even know, but they know me because of the show or because of, you know, round or whatever. And I think just being attentive to people like that, they kind of like. People kind of know that they just appreciate that.

    Yeah. You know, and I think it just, it, we kind of made a joke about it earlier. It kind of means you get lucky more often than luck is like, I’m kind of using it.

    Isaac: [00:09:26] I kind of use air quotes here. It’s

    Mike: [00:09:27] not luck. It’s like. It’s it’s what happened from you doing the right things over time and being, you know, being helpful

    Isaac: [00:09:34] to people?

    Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I, I think a lot of times too, we, we try to overcomplicate it a little bit. Like I’ve gotta become this, this master at something in a business, or this, this, I gotta, I gotta find the latest secret or latest fad or the latest trick or the latest way to do a deal. But in the end, all of that stuff is secondary and it all kind of flows naturally.

    Um, But it is, there is, you know, much, much more important than that is just that genuine attention to people. [00:10:00] I think we get so focused on these other, um, what I would call micro issues and that’s, you know, those things are secondary. This, this is a macro issue. Like if, if you can’t connect with someone or, or genuinely care for somebody, then no matter what else you do in your business, you’re you are going to hit walls.

    You’re going to have issues. You are going to hit ceilings that you’re gonna have a hard time breaking through because you just won’t be able to get that traction that builds over years and years of building those kinds of relationships and friendships too. Like a lot of people that I do business with are really good friends.

    Now. Like we go to their house for dinner, our kids play together. My, uh, my, you know, our wives are friends. Like it’s more than just, how do I make money doing something with you? It’s like, how do we. Grow something together. How do we build something together? How do we add value? So I think having that big picture mindset is really, really important and seeing beyond that moment, right?

    So that moment is very important, but that moment can create a lot of future moments that can create a lot of value for all the, all the people involved. So it is, it is. You know the core of my business really at this point. And it’s something that, that is, [00:11:00] uh, that I feel very, very fortunate too, that I had some really, really good people in my life, teach me some of this stuff when I was younger.

    And I think that all of these things have really, really, um, really, really benefited me. And I feel very, very lucky really with them.

    Mike: [00:11:12] You know, what’s interesting too, is in this conversation, I hope people are getting value and that you and I are very much the same in this regard of what we’re talking about here, we feel the same way is it’s so rare.

    Like on social media, like we have more friends, I’m gonna use an air quotes here for those, either those friends than ever, like I’ve got 5,000 friends, but I, I don’t really know any of them that well, you know, and there’s all these, uh, anatomy to take anything away from it. There’s a lot of power in social media, but it tends to create all these kind of shallow relationships that you don’t really know, you know, of somebody, but you don’t really know ’em and.

    Your interpretation of them on social media, it might be different than in real life, what it would be in real life. And I think any way, when you ask somebody, like, is there something I can do for you or tell me what your biggest challenges are, is any way for us to work together? You know, just kind of asking questions, like people it’s, it’s a weird thing.

    It’s cause it’s like this lot start. Yeah. People are like, so [00:12:00] taken back by that, but that’s like a rare,

    Isaac: [00:12:02] unexpected.

    Mike: [00:12:03] It’s not hard to stand out if you’re genuine about it, it’s hard to stand out because

    Isaac: [00:12:07] they’re like, wow.

    Mike: [00:12:08] Nope. You know, nobody has ever asked me that before. Nobody recently has asked me about that.

    They’re usually like, They’re just more of a shallow relationship that

    Isaac: [00:12:15] never, never,

    Mike: [00:12:17] you know, never get there, which is weird.

    Isaac: [00:12:19] Yeah. And I think that that’s, that’s where social media really becomes more and more of like an art form. And I’m not huge on social media. I mean, I do it here and there, but it’s more of, for me, I’m just.

    I would much rather find three of those people on my 5,000 friends on Facebook and connect with them and talk to them. And there’s a lot more value in that than just putting out random posts, um, and just kind of casting a net and see seeing what comes right there. There is a lot of opportunity in, in, um, being, being more, um, targeted in, in that.

    So one of, one of the things that I do is, is I do email marketing to my list. So I have a list. Of, um, I, I have a list of, I don’t know, 15, 20,000 people [00:13:00] it’s, you know, it’s big at this point we built a, for a long time. Other people it’s kind of traded traded list with me. But, um, if that list doesn’t mean really that much, I think people go, I got to build a buyer’s list.

    I need it. I need 10,000 people. I need 15,000 people. No, you really don’t. You need 20. Like I do deals with 10 to 20 people. Like 90% of my deals are with 10, 10 to 15 people. Right. And then there’s, there’s rare times and those people are on my list. Right. But I’ve gotten to know those people and I’ve, and I’ve been intentional about letting, letting them know that I want to work with them.

    So when I get a chance to meet, meet with one of the bigger players in the area, You know, if I have an opportunity, I, I make an effort to connect with them and let them know that I want to do business with them. I, I appreciate what they’re doing in the market. I don’t view them as a co uh, you know what, you know, they’re not trying to take my deals and they’re not like, uh, you know, I don’t really believe in, um, you know, you know, this, this whole idea of, um, Hey, we can add a lot more to each other than, than we can ever take away.

    So I’m not a big believer in. And the, the, the [00:14:00] old American ideas of a cutthroat business, it’s just, it’s just not who I am. I mean, I would much rather make less money and do, do 10 deals with you, then make more money and do one, right? Yeah. So I, you know, that’s, that’s a huge thing thing for me anyway.

    Mike: [00:14:14] Yeah. So talk about some of the benefits by we’re talking about kind of building relationships and, you

    Isaac: [00:14:19] know,

    Mike: [00:14:19] building friendships and all those things over time. So what are some of the benefits? I mean, obviously one of them is more deal flow. Right? You get more deals from it and, and truthfully some deals that just like, kinda say fall in your lap, but it’s like, you know, Inevitably, when you’re building relationships with people, you just know that this is the, one of the things about like REIA clubs we talked about, for example, our networking.

    It’s rare that you, you would never go to a REIA club and like, man, I’m hoping, hopefully I’m gonna get a house tonight and you walk out of a vehicle with a signed contract. Like, I don’t know if that ever happens because there’s hundreds of people there. Right. But it doesn’t really happen, but it’s more like, you’re just.

    Planting seeds. Right? So ultimately there’s somebody that you added value to that [00:15:00] you talk to that maybe never talked to you before. Hadn’t talked to you in a while that in the back of their mind, they’re like, he’s the guy, like

    Isaac: [00:15:06] when I get it, when I get this deal, he’s the guy. Right.

    Mike: [00:15:09] And so obviously more deal flow is, is one of the things, right?

    I think you said you get a significant percentage of your business from relationships, right?

    Isaac: [00:15:16] Yeah. Yeah, roughly half my business is from my network. Um, and that, and that manifests in different ways. Right? So there is there deals that I buy from my network and that’s with realtors and wholesalers. I’m very intentional about, um, about connecting with, um, people who are doing significant business in the area.

    So, um, and I think that that’s very important. There are people who are good people who are doing, doing a lot of business and those people are, are worth your, you know, they, they are worth. Connecting with not only can you add value to them, but they can add a lot of value to you and they can solve a lot of problems for you as well.

    But they’re not just going to give you their time because they’re really busy. Right? So you, you have got to add value then to be able to offer them something. So one of the things that I did, um, I think it was about a year and a half ago [00:16:00] is I had a house that I rehabbed and, and I’m an agent, but I stopped listing my own homes.

    Um, and it was a beautiful home. Uh, we were, we were listing it and I, and I knew it would sell in five minutes, no matter who listed at the market’s hot, there is a, you know, you know, Um, schools are great. It’s just a great area. So I didn’t really need this agent to do it, but I listed it with this agent who I knew was a good guy.

    And with somebody in the area who was, um, who was very, very smart and who, and who has a team and does a lot of business and I gave him the listing and, um, Uh, cost me $6,000 to give him this listing. And it’s old. We had four offers over the weekend. It sold immediately at, at, uh, at our enterprise and everything went, went very well, but I was just sowing a seed in the future.

    And now that agent has brought me three other flips that I’ve done in the last 18 months. Right. So, so that $6,000 turned into probably roughly 70, $70,000. Right. So. But those are things that I think people think the wrong way. So they think, how can I find the agent who’s going to list this house for a thousand dollars?

    How can I find the [00:17:00] agent? I mean, look, if, if an agent’s going to list your house for less than five or six, Percent, and they’re not worth working with, in my opinion, like, like most of those people, um, are scraping and clawing and they’re, and they don’t have what you need next year. They might have, they might put a few grand in your pocket right now, but how much money are you losing?

    Right. So, so in everything I do, I’m thinking that way. Um, and it’s, and it’s benefited me so much and I’ve seen it work so many times that it’s just become like automatic now, cause now I’m going, this is just smart business. I don’t have to convince myself to do it. It wasn’t easy. To give the guy that listing, right.

    It was, I was going, should I really do this? I’m giving away five, five, six grand here. Why am I doing this MNCs, these things. Exactly. You know, these, these things are, are critical to future business growth and this guy, and I now have it have a great relationship. Um, he, he calls me every other week. We just catch up and talk and he just, every time he has a deal that needs to go to an investor, he calls me.

    Right. That’s great. Um, and I, you know, and that’s, and that’s, but I gave [00:18:00] him something first. Right. I gave him something first and I added a lot of value to him and he got to know me and it gave me a chance to kind of forge that, um, connection with him. That’s great.

    Mike: [00:18:10] So there’s more deal flow. I mean, you find, what are some of the things you benefits you get by finding, uh, by just kind of build a, because a lot of times when you meet somebody.

    Uh, initially whether it’s at a country club or a real real estate club, it could be

    Isaac: [00:18:22] anywhere. Right.

    Mike: [00:18:23] Cause you don’t, you don’t know where that relationship could go. It’s not

    Isaac: [00:18:26] that everybody’s going to bring in

    Mike: [00:18:27] deals. Right. But what are some of the other benefits you get by,

    Isaac: [00:18:30] uh, focusing on? I mean, I think that anyone, anyone that is in the industry and even if they’re not right, you don’t really know what they can bring to the table when you first meet them.

    So, you know, trying not to bring us up. Options and trying not to assume if they can or can’t help you because even a brand new wholesaler can bring you a deal. Right. So, so, you know sure. You know, I get lots of people coming to me asking me questions about, about how they can get started and I’ll, and I will, we’ll give some time to all those people upfront, um, because I know that if I help them, [00:19:00] then they will eventually bring deals.

    But, but, but, but it’s. It’s bigger than that. And the other big benefit is just private money, right? So I know a lot of investors who’ve been doing this a long, long time, and they’re still using, um, lending home and all these other lenders and those guys are fine. So I don’t have a problem with any of those, those lenders.

    Um, but what’s much better is somebody who is just a millionaire who wants to work with you, who just lends you money because they trust you and know that when you bring them a deal. They’re just going to write you a check. So I I’m, I’m closing a deal next week and there’s a big local investor who has just been doing this for 25 years.

    And I built a relationship with them over the past three, four, five years. And I asked him for $175,000. And he didn’t even go look at the house. There’s no appraisal fee. There’s no lending fee. I’m paying him 12% and he’s getting a mortgage on the property and this is our seventh or eighth deal now.

    Right. So, so having those, you know, you don’t know what problems people can solve for you, right? Because this business is full. It is [00:20:00] full of problems. Right. So, so I’m sorry about that. I should have used my phone here before I started this. Um, I will mute it right now. Very, very quickly. Um, I get too many phone calls.

    You’re right. No problem. So,

    Mike: [00:20:14] but yeah, you never know. We never know what a value somebody could bring. Right. And I think it has to start, like you said, you don’t make any preconceived notions about whether he can help you or not. We probably would probably let people listen to this too. Have had this before

    Isaac: [00:20:30] this thought

    Mike: [00:20:30] of like, Somebody that looks different or whatever.

    You’re like, ah, that’s probably not in the next thing, you know, they’re like, well, you know, I’m trying to place a couple of million dollars. Like something will come out of their mouth and you’re like, wow, man, that wasn’t my first impression of what you might have or be able to do. But so you just never know.

    I’ve just kind of learned like you that it’s like, just talk to people like there or anybody just see, well, what are you, what are you focused on right now? What are you looking to

    Isaac: [00:20:53] do or whatever. And you

    Mike: [00:20:54] never know what’s gonna come out of their mouth.

    Isaac: [00:20:56] Right? Yep. You don’t and it is very, very [00:21:00] powerful.

    And the person that you’re talking to has the potential to solve a problem that you might not even know you have yet. Right? So, so as your business grows, you’re constantly hitting new new issues and new, new, um, growth points. Right. And I think we’re all dealing with that. Just not just in our daily business.

    Right. And you never know who you built the relationship with two years ago, that now might be the person who can solve that problem for you, whether it’s deal flow, whether it’s money. Whether it’s advice, whether it’s a contractor, whether it’s property management, whatever it is, you know, they’re, there, there are people.

    Um, and you know, and, and even, even if you could have just called, called them out of the blue and gotten them to manage that property for you or lend you money or whatever it is, You, you can build the relationship with them and they will take extra special care of you. Right? So I’ve, I’ve a property manager I use.

    And, and he, I know him very well and he, he makes sure to look after me and he will answer my phone calls and texts. Whereas a lot of his other people, he doesn’t have that much time. Right. People only have so much time. So, so, so trying to add value [00:22:00] to people also gives you access to them, right? So it gives you access to people who can solve the problems that you have.

    That you might not even know we’re there yet.

    Mike: [00:22:07] Yeah, it’s amazing. I have a couple of, there’s a couple of contractors that I never, I never like meet face to face. Cause we just do everything over text or whatever, but there’s some people that are, that I have that are like more obscure, like a window guy or glass replacement.

    I’ve got this guy that does glass replacement and I don’t need them all that often because if we’re replacing. We might just replace the whole windows, not just glass replacement, but, and he’s somehow his business has taken off. Not somehow, but his business has taken off over the years to where it’s normally it takes him a long time to get, like, if somebody calls them out of the blue, he’s like, well, I’ll get to it in six

    Isaac: [00:22:39] weeks.

    You know, it’s not real urgent. Yeah.

    Mike: [00:22:40] Whenever I call him. He’s like, you’re next in line? Like, I’m just going to, it’s like, I’m super busy, but just because of things I’ve made introductions for him, there’s things that I’ve done to really honestly probably help him grow his business. I don’t want to take too much credit for it cause this guy’s worked really hard, but

    Isaac: [00:22:55] because I’ve done things in the past, right.

    They just moved it up to the front of the line.

    Mike: [00:22:58] Right. Treating

    Isaac: [00:22:59] them. [00:23:00] Right, right. Yeah. I’ve had that experience with, with my, um, title company as well. Um, I’m very, very close to my title company and I’ve, I’ve, I’ve given them so much business. I’ve never asked for any kickbacks or any referrals or anything basketball.

    I just want her to take care of me when I need help. Right. Um, and that’s, and you know, things like that I think are, are undervalued. Um, they actually have a huge monetary value as well. So, you know, them solving problems for me, them getting things done for me in a timely manner. All those things, um, make you a lot of money.

    They’re just harder to quantify, right. Where I can mentally go, Hey, if I kept this listing, I would make five grand, but I can’t, I can’t put a value on how many deals I can do with this person. Cause I might get none. I might, you know, maybe the guy will never bring me a deal. I don’t, I don’t know. But if he does, then it’s going to it’s, you know, it’ll, it’ll pay back 10, 20, 30 times.

    Yeah. Yeah. Yep.

    Mike: [00:23:49] So we’re talking about relationships here and how it can impact your business. And so you’re a member of our investor fuel mastermind, which is just a big family of people that have built pretty tight relationships with one another and help help each [00:24:00] other. Can you, can you kind of share, uh, what’s I guess being a member, a little bit of testimonial of what being a member of investor fuel has kind of meant for you and your business.

    Isaac: [00:24:09] Sure. So I, um, I joined the vest fuel, um, about a year ago and I was on the way out of a franchise business at that time. And, um, there was a lot of things that I needed to change in my business and, uh, and learn. And one of the things for me, that’s just been, um, that I’ve loved about this group. And one of the reasons why I joined is because I I’m a, I’m a very family friend, friend, you know, guy, just, I just care about people.

    And I find that in this group, there are so many people who, who really care about you. If you need something, they will help you. If I need it. Information about Facebook marketing or mailers or, or online marketing, or just advice on how to handle a deal. There are so many people that I’m now I’m connected to in this group that are problem solvers, and everyone wants to help each other, which I I’ve found in this business that that’s not normal.

    Um, so a lot of people are a little bit, you know, you’re going to take my secrets. You know, if I, if, if I, you know, you can’t have [00:25:00] my contract, you can’t have this, you know, it can’t have that. But I think there was, there was such a giving mindset in this group. And I think that, that, that, that for me has been the, the biggest benefit by a far.

    And I’ve had so many questions answered. And, uh, and I, and I really feel like it’s genuine too. They’re there, you know, it, isn’t a forced thing. It’s just the culture of the group is giving. Right. It’s like everyone is, everyone wants to help each other. So you don’t feel like you’re a burden to people or you’re putting pressure on people.

    So, yeah, it’s been a, it’s been a huge, huge help to me. So

    Mike: [00:25:26] awesome. Thanks for that. Yeah. I’ve kind of found, and I think, I think this, I don’t know if you, I don’t want to put words in your mouth, but I feel like when you, what you just said, people get, get, get a lot. They feel like they want to give more and it just kind of starts this like flywheel of like, man, I want to help more people cause I’ve gotten so much.

    Right. So it’s a cool thing.

    Isaac: [00:25:44] Yeah, it is. No, no, it’s huge. I love it. Yeah. Yeah. Awesome. Awesome.

    Mike: [00:25:48] Well, uh, Isaac, appreciate you sharing all this great knowledge with us today. I think, you know, relationships are such a powerful thing and it’s really kind of a lost art. So if you, if you’re getting some value out of this today, I’d encourage you guys to, you know, [00:26:00] try to take it to the next level from wherever you are now.

    So Isaac, if folks wanted to connect with you, I know you’ve got a re REIA club and. Well, where’s a good place to go. Kind of learn more about you or connect.

    Isaac: [00:26:10] We have a Facebook group called Cleveland off market properties. Um, I’m on Facebook. So if you want to toss us a, like, that would be great. And then I have a business page, uh, any Ohio home buyers.com, uh, which is a carrot side, but it’s also on Facebook as well.

    So any, any, uh, positive, um, reviews, any likes would be, would be great.

    Mike: [00:26:29] So. Awesome. Awesome buddy. Well, thanks again for sharing some knowledge with us today.

    Isaac: [00:26:33] Thanks, Mike,

    Mike: [00:26:34] and congrats on your, uh, your success. And, you know, you gotta keep cranking here. It’s interesting as we go into this new market, whatever this might be, it opens up.

    Uh, it’s gonna open up a lot of opportunity, especially to those that have been planting seeds and building relationships for a long time. Yeah.

    Isaac: [00:26:48] Yeah. Awesome. Definitely.

    Mike: [00:26:49] Well, Hey, thanks for joining us today, buddy.

    Isaac: [00:26:51] Thanks, Mike. Awesome.

    Mike: [00:26:52] And everybody, Hey, thanks for joining us for another episode today. Hope you got some good value from the show.

    Cause we tried to bring it. If you want to access any of our past [00:27:00] shows, you can go to  dot com and watch or listen to everything. Or of course you can subscribe to us on iTunes, Stitcher, Google, play YouTube anywhere else, where you might be watching or listening to us right now. So hope you have a great day.

    We’ll see you on the next show.

    Are you an active real estate investor? If so, and you want to latch onto the power of surrounding yourself with over a hundred of the nation’s leading real estate investors, all committed to building stronger businesses and living richer fuller lives. You should jump on a call with us to learn more about investor fuel, simply visit investor fuel.

    Isaac: [00:27:36] Dot com to get started.


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