What’s up guys, welcome back to the Real Estate Investing Secrets Show. Today, we’re going to talk about winter. Is winter upon you? If you’re a Game of Thrones aficionado, you know what that meant…that the undead, the zombies, are about to come to attack you. But in life, there’s also this quote of ‘winter being the harshest season’. Are you in that season in your life where you’re going through a very difficult time, maybe you have some challenges, maybe wondering if you should stick with it whatever it is that you are doing?

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What’s up guys. Hey, welcome back to the show, “Real Estate Investing Secrets.” Mike Hambright. I’ve got a suit on here today. If you’re watching that is very untypical for me, but I’m in build mode, got some really cool stuff going on. But today I want to talk about winter. Is winter upon you? Now, if you’re a “Game of Thrones” aficionado, you know that that meant that the undead, effectively, the zombies are about to come attack you. But in life there’s also this quote of winter being the harshest season, the hardest season to get through.
And I’m not talking about literal. I’m talking about figurative winter in your life. Are you in that season in your life where you’re going through something very difficult and maybe you have some challenges with it? Maybe you’re wondering if you should stick with it whatever it is you’re doing. That’s what we’re talking about today.
Welcome to “Real Estate Investing Secrets.” We’re all looking for freedom and the opportunity to live better, more fulfilling lives. But most of us were trained our entire lives to work for someone else and chase their dreams. How can we use real estate investing as a vehicle to achieve financial freedom? My life is dedicated to answering your real estate investing questions and helping you build an investing business that allows you to change your life and the world around you and to enable you to turn your dreams of financial freedom into a reality. My name is Mike Hambright from FlipNerd.com, and your questions get answered here on the “Real Estate Investing Secrets” show.
What’s up guys? Hey, hope you’re having a great day. Hey, I want to talk about this idea of winter. Is winter upon you? And of course we’re coming into the winter season literally, but I’m talking about figuratively. Is this the winter season of your life or of your career or of your business? Do you feel like things are harder than they’ve ever been right now and you’re going through a really difficult time? Well, the fact of the matter is that we all do that. If you’re a business owner, we all go through those things. I refer to them as kind of seasons of our life. And one of my friends talked about this at one point, I can’t remember who it was. So if you’re watching this and you heard me talking about the seasons of your life before, I’ll give you credit for it.
But at the end of the day, you know, we all go through these peaks and valleys in our life. The truth is, as entrepreneurs, if you’re a driven entrepreneur and you’re not just kind of self-employed and happy with where you’re at because some are, some are self-employed and that’s fine. But if you’re a business builder and you’re on the path to something bigger than yourself, and constantly pivoting and tinkering with stuff, there’s no way that you can’t be going through different seasons. There’s no way you can’t be going through different hardships because your . . . you know, if you’re like me or a lot of other people, often you have an idea of something you want to do and you go all in on it. Right? And that’s not the safest way to live your life. And it’s not the most sane way to live your life either. It causes some challenges in our life.
But the truth is, is if you . . . once you get your business to a certain point, if your real goal is impact and making dramatic changes in your life and you’re willing to kind of go all in and bet it all, there’s no way that you’re not going through some winter periods. So what do you do about that? Well, the truth is, is don’t associate with how hard it is. You need to associate what you’re going through with how great it will be when you finally achieve those results that you are after, right? Associate it with the pain, not the pleasure. And I know it’s hard. I know you get down and I do too. The truth is sometimes it’s better to have friends around you. It’s actually always better to have friends around you that kind of get you, right?
So I run the Investor Fuel Mastermind and we have a lot of people that are going through ups and downs and we lift each other up. We celebrate the good times and we help each other through the bad times and that’s what entrepreneurs do. That’s what masterminds are all about, or associations that you could be associated with to help you through those difficult times that you’re willing to open up and let them know that you’re going through those challenging times. So I wanted to kind of share this lesson today.
You might be wondering why I have a suit on. Well, I just got done doing a new segment. If you’ve been following me some of you know that I’ve been going around the country talking about real estate on a bunch of different shows. I’m out here in Sacramento right now. I was just on a “Fox40” talking about real estate and how you can use real estate for financial freedom. So I’m going to continue sharing that message and it kind of got me thinking about it, about this topic today because the truth is, is this has been a little difficult. All this travel, it’s taken a toll on my family, a little bit, taken a toll on me. I mean at the end of the day I traveled all the way out here, which is like a four-hour flight from Dallas for basically like a five-minute news segment, which is fine. It’s great. I appreciate the opportunity, but it’s a lot of effort to come do one thing and that’s why . . .
And truthfully, I don’t like wearing suits. And so it’s rare that you see me wearing a suit and so you know, not that this is the hardest thing you could possibly do is have to wear a suit, but more of it is the toll on my family, the toll on my, you know, my business, my team and stuff like that when I’m away. And so I’m trying to make these trips fast. But the truth is is I’m planting seeds for the spring. That’s how you have to look at these things, right? What are you doing now? You’re giving up something now. The truth is, as entrepreneurs, we are all sacrificing something. We all sacrifice things to get where we are or where we want to go. And so that’s how I view winter. The figurative winter season is making sacrifices now because you are planting, you’re farming, you’re getting ready for the spring and the harvest and whatever that means for you. It could be more money, it could be more impact, it could be all of the above.
So if you’re going through something difficult right now, you know, hang in there. You are on the right path, right? Or you’re not. But if you keep working and keep pivoting and you don’t give up, you’ll find your way. The only people that fail are the ones that give up. So do not give up. You’re working on something right now that’s going to change your life, your family’s life. It’s going to impact those around you in a positive way. Do not give up. Pivot as much as you need to, but don’t give up.
That’s all I got for now. Hope you’re having a great week. If you got some value out of this, just comment down below. If you’re watching this on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, YouTube, anywhere else, just take a screenshot, share it on social media and tag me, Mike Hambright. I’d love to kind of hear how this might have impacted you or any thoughts that might’ve stirred up. Because at the end of the day, I am on a street corner right now recording this on my own and so as most of my shows are that aren’t interview style, I love to get feedback. This is meant to be a two-way communication. So appreciate you, hope you’re doing well. Happy investing. See you soon.
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