Welcome back to the show! I hope you’re getting settled in the new year and hopefully, you’re well on your way to focusing on your goals! It’s going to be an amazing year! Today on the show, I want to talk to you about regret. When I look back, what is my single biggest regret as a real estate investor?

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Hey, what’s up, everybody? Welcome back to the show. By the way, I hope you’re getting settled into the new year and hopefully, you’re well on your way to getting focused on your goals and starting to knock some of those things out. It’s going to be an amazing year here in 2020. Hey, today on the show, I want to talk to you about my biggest regret. When I look back, what is my single biggest regret?
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Okay. Today, I want to talk about regret, and I want to talk about it with the angle of effectively learning from it so you can live your life without regrets. And I want to share with you one of my very biggest regrets as a real estate investor. Now, you’ve probably heard me in the past talk about one of my biggest regrets is not getting started sooner. I’m not going to talk about that one today. That is probably my biggest regret. That’s one of the most common things, kind of high-level regret of . . . but there’s nothing we can do about that. I want to give you something that I have a regret on that no matter who you are, if you listen to this right now, you can make an impact and make that change right now. And that is surrounding myself with other successful people or people that are on the same path as me.
For a number of years, when I got started, I was really just kind of a lone wolf. We kind of hid in our office, head down in our foxhole, working, cranking, trying to get this business built. And we did well overall. But the truth is it was kind of lonely. And when I look back, even though a lot of people think that we had rapid success, which we did have very fast success, a lot of it based on just really, really hard work and based on the time when we started back in 2008, but the truth is that success ladder could have been climbed much faster had we not been isolated in our office. And you know, the truth is I had a little bit of a scarcity mindset, when I went to real estate clubs, I didn’t really open up. I didn’t really want to share what I knew. And the truth is there really weren’t as many real estate clubs back then as there are now. And the proliferation of social media wasn’t as big either. But social media has some serious limitations too, which I’ll talk about here in just a second.
So it’s really just being around other people and sharing your knowledge, sharing your stories, learning from one another. It ends up, you start doing deals together, you start sharing resources together. That learning curve can be so much faster. So the truth is there’s a lot of people, the most people are doing this by themselves. They’re a one-man band, one-woman band, maybe a husband and wife team, completely isolated from the rest of the world, other than maybe social media. So let’s talk about social media a little bit. Now, if you’re a parent and you know, you want your kids to be active. If you’re a parent and, if you’re not, I think you’ll understand this analogy. Do you think it’s equivalent to letting your kids go to the playground and play and run and begin some exercise to say, “Well, let’s just turn on YouTube and watch some kids on the playground”? Instead of you actually going to the playground.
That’s the equivalent of social media. Now, I use a lot of social media. I’m all over it. But the truth is the limitations to your growth in terms of networking and it being on social media, only online is very, very limited, okay? I know we want to push the easy button and say, “Yeah, I have a bunch of friends. I’ve got 5,000 friends on Facebook.” It’s not the same as real-life interaction or smaller group interaction. So again, I’m big on social media, I’m not knocking it, but I’m telling you has a serious limitation towards your building community.
If you’re limiting yourself to being in these Facebook groups with thousands or tens of thousands of people to your network and your knowledge and your learning and growing, you are seriously handicapping yourself. The truth is most of those big groups, they have some big named people, some really good people in there, people that know what they’re doing. But the truth is the people that are most active in there are the ones that have a lot more time on their hands. The advice that’s given out in there is insane. And if you were banking your life, your livelihood, your family’s livelihood on a response on how to do something from some guy halfway around the world that you’ve never met before, that’s probably never done a deal himself, like you are in serious trouble. I’m just being honest with you here.
So how do you get yourself around other people? Well, you can get into coaching, coaching especially a group format coaching. A lot of people think one-on-one coaching is great, and I’ve done both. I’ve charged a lot of money to be a one-on-one coach. And the truth I think people in a group format actually get more out of it because they learn from one another, and I think that’s just much easier. So a coach, a mentor, you can get into some smaller . . . some masterminds where you’re around other people, and I actually do all those things, and I’m not just telling you that you need to do these things because I do them. The truth is I very much believe it. I myself have spent who knows how much, probably over $1,000,000 on education. And when I tell you that number, you know, I had to earn that money to be able to spend that money. That just didn’t come out of a trust fund or something else. That actually came from me having to make that money, being willing to invest in myself to grow to the next level, to get around those things.
So, when you get around other people, good things happen. Like for example, when you’re around people on social media, you only hear a part of the story, you know that, you know what I’m saying right now is true. And when you get around people personally, you may not get the whole story either, but you get to see how they react to things. You get to see how they carry themselves. You get to see . . . you hear more case studies, you get to know people in more depth, when you can get around them and you’re in a small group format. You can ask those questions that you’re thinking and you can answer things. So I actually think you have a responsibility that when you learn things, you have to share that back with people to reciprocate the people that helped you climb your success ladder.
So, as of the time that I’m recording this here, this is a mid-January 2020, I will tell you that I absolutely believe the single best way, the single best thing you can do is invest in yourself for your success. So we have a few things that I’d like to just throw out there, a little bit of a shameless plug on how we can help you and some of the stuff, all the stuff is amazing because that’s all that we do. So, as of right now, literally in just a couple of weeks, if you’re an experienced investor and you’re watching this, we have our Investor Fuel Mastermind that’s coming up in Nashville. We’re going to have over 200 folks with us that week. And it’s basically, active real estate investors. We have two groups, a group doing 50 deals a year or more and a group doing between 10 and 50 deals a year. You can learn more about that at investorfuel.com.
If you’re new or newer, you’re doing some deals here and there or you haven’t even done your first deal yet and you’re trying to get started, we have an absolutely amazing offer, that product that we just literally rolled out. And when I look back, I should have done this a long time ago, but it’s pretty amazing. It’s called the FlipNerd Boardroom. And that is kind of a coaching mastermind in groups. So you get to be around, it’s a small group, you get to be around other real estate investors like you that you can find people that are at your stage and even people that are a little bit ahead of you that are willing to share their knowledge. So kind of a mastermind, but the truth is it’s not peer-to-peer, like a Investor Fuel. It’s more coaching-based, and we all learn from one another, don’t get me wrong, but a lot of people that are at the early stages of their real estate investing career.
So you can learn more about that at flipnerd.com/boardroom. It’s absolutely incredible value from what we’ve . . . I mean, stuff that we’ve done that we offer in there for way, way, way, way less. It’s just a monthly membership. Used to be tens of thousands of dollars to get access to that type of information, that type of network. So you can learn more about that at flipnerd.com/boardroom. We actually do have four quarterly meetings there. So we have weekly coaching calls that are live on Thursdays, and we do have quarterly meetings. Our first one is going to be in Dallas near the end of February. So you can learn more at flipnerd.com/boardroom.
Look, whether you’ll come to be a part of my programs, or you’re just surrounding yourself with other people like you, you have to find a way to build community. It’ll help you grow. It’ll help you expand, help you climb that learning curve far, far faster. It does a number of things. It forces you to be held accountable and hold yourself accountable because when you’re around your peers or you’re around . . . when you’re on social media, you can disappear for a month and nobody would know you’re gone, right? That’s just the truth. Now, your family might say, “Well, I haven’t seen you posted anything.” But the people that are driving you in your business or helping you be accountable in your business, they wouldn’t miss you because we all have thousands of friends, okay? “So-called” air quotes here.
So, at the end of the day, if you’re in a small group or you’re in a mastermind or something like that, there’s a level of accountability. People will know where you’re at. In our programs, people have to submit their goals every 90 days and then we have meetings to talk about where you at with your goals, how are you doing? And so it forces you to be held accountable. It’s like having a coach or a trainer at the gym. Like, if you’re there by yourself, you’re going to screw around and go to the water fountain 15 times and the exercises you do are going to be, you know maybe a quarter of what you would do on your own, 4X that if you actually have a trainer that’s right there, like, “Come on dude, let’s go.” Right? So, at the end of the day, accountability is an important part. I firmly believe that you become better as you grow when you teach, okay?
There’s this old adage of like, “Well, those who can’t do teach.” That is bullshit.” Okay? Now, maybe if you’re like a college professor and you’re a finance professor and you could be on Wall Street making way more money and you just chose that easy life. Hey, I’m not going to judge people for their choices if they’re a teacher, okay? Because teachers are amazing. But in the real estate world or in the real world, like I teach because I love to teach. I don’t really have to do much of what I do anymore, but I do it because I really love to give back and share my knowledge. It gives all this kind of meaning. Why have I done all this? I mean, partly for money, early on, but now it’s like for meaning. I need to feel like I’m getting up every day and I’m not just putting money in my bank account, okay?
I need to feel like I’m giving back and I’m helping other people and I’m changing lives and changing my community and communities around the world of people that I touch. That is what’s important to me. And for most people, that’s going to be important to you too. So what happens is when you learn something, if you feel this obligation like I do to teach it, back to share that knowledge with somebody else and it’s reciprocal, right? You know, if the more I share, the more I get back. It’s just how the universe works. And so those are the two biggest reasons, accountability and it forces you to be accountable and hold yourself accountable. It forces you to stretch your goals, right? You start to think bigger and you see somebody, not against anyone, but you see somebody like, “Man, if that guy can do it, I can definitely do it.” What do I need to do? I need to probably just stop thinking about it and actually do it. Stop planning to do it and do it, right?
So, anyway, I’m kind of rambling now, but all those are why you should be part of small groups, small group coaching, masterminds, other ways to network in real-life, not on social media. Social media is fine and it has its place, but it’s mostly fake news. Let’s be honest. And the truth is it’s the equivalent of watching somebody run instead of going outside and running and getting some exercise yourself.
So that’s all I got for now. Hey, I appreciate you. If you’ve been watching the show, we’ve been doing the show for over six years now. The “FlipNerd Real Estate Investing Secrets” show, changed kind of sub-names there a few times, but the truth is this FlipNerd podcast has been going on for over six years.
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So appreciate you a ton. Let’s crush it in 2020 guys. There’s two things I mentioned FlipNerd Boardroom, flipnerd.com/boardroom, you can go check out and investorfuel.com is our flagship mastermind for some of the most experienced real estate investors and just some of the best all around entrepreneurs and people that I know in America. Investorfuel.com, flipnerd.com/boardroom. See you on the next episode. Take care.
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