I’m excited to have my buddy and business partner Jason Lewis, here with me today. We have a big announcement to share with you, it’s how we have come together to help real estate investors. Today, we are going to talk about the lifeblood of your real estate investing business, the most critical lead generation. We’ll share what’s working in lead generation now, in addition to what’s not working.

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[00:00:00] Mike: [00:00:00] Hey everybody, welcome back to the show. Excited to have my buddy Jason Lewis affect my business partner, Jason Lewis here with me. I haven’t been able to say that for a long time other than my wife, so we’ll kind of get into that later. Have a big announcement to share with you guys on how we’re helping real estate investors.

Today we’re going to talk about the lifeblood of your real estate investing business. What’s most critical. Lead generation. We’re going to talk a lot about what doesn’t work anymore and what’s working now. Welcome to real estate investing secrets. We’re all looking for freedom and the opportunity to live better, more fulfilling lives, but most of us were trained our entire lives to work for someone else to chase their dreams.

How can we use real estate investing as a vehicle to achieve. Financial freedom. My life is dedicated to answering your real estate investing questions and helping you build an investing business that allows you to change your life and the world around you and to enable you to turn your dreams of financial freedom into a reality.

My name is Mike Hambright from flipnerd.com and your [00:01:00] questions get answered here on the , on the real estate investing secrets show. Hey, Jason, good to have you on the show.

Jason: [00:01:07] Good to be here.

Mike: [00:01:08] Yeah. Yeah. Excited to talk to you today for a, just kind of alluded to the fact that you and I are business partners.

We’ll get into that a little bit more later, but, um, I’m excited to talk today. You know, I’ve, I’ve been coaching and mentoring for a long time, and if you’re active in the real estate investing business, you know, that leads are everything right. For sure. Yeah. Yeah. And there’s so many people that throw something at the wall, it doesn’t work, and they stopped doing it, or they move on to the next shiny object, which might be, you know, it’s kinda gone from RVM to cold calling to texting that some of those things are illegal in some States now.

And people saying direct mail is dead and everything else. And people just kinda jump on these big bandwagons of what’s working or what’s hot right now, or what seems to be cheaper. But the truth is, if it doesn’t get results, the price doesn’t matter. Right? For sure. Yeah. So we’ll talk about that today cause I [00:02:00] think in many ways, what’s, uh, what’s old is new again in this space.

And I think that’s probably true for a lot of, uh, a lot of industries. I mean, of course even cold calling that that’s kind of new to the real estate investing industry, but that’s not. You know, that’s not new. Like I remember growing up and people are calling at dinner time trying to sell you something.

And I mean, cold calling has been around almost as long as the phone’s been around,


It’s just kind of was new for us for a while and now it’s got some pressure on it. But let’s talk about kind of, you know, some challenges in the current market. I think a lot of people feel like it’s getting more.

Competitive, and obviously it has gotten more competitive, but what are, what are the real challenges? I mean, there’s still people dying. There’s still death of horse inherits are still all these problems that people have in their life that are bringing issues to where they need to sell a house quickly.

So that hasn’t changed. So what, what has changed? What are the big challenges now. Yeah.

Jason: [00:02:52] Great question. So I found with, with the market, you know, as the economy continues to grow, [00:03:00] the supply of motivated seller continues to shrink, and the supply of investors looking to work with those motivated sellers continued to grow.

So, you know, I’ve been, I’ve been in this space for seven years now and you know, early on it was like. Just go to the courthouse steps and get whichever. Right. Or you can get on the MLS. There’s a whole bunch of houses. They’re all just waiting there for you. The easy part was buying them. The hard part was sewing up and then as time has gone on, you know some of those things that have gone away.

I remember a point where you could like LAN on a HUD home a month. Right? Like, and every night you’re getting on HUD home store.com to see, to see what houses are popping up, because if you get in there quick and it’s investor ready, you’re good to go. I haven’t been on HUD home store.com in a long time because like I that would I, yeah, it would be a complete waste of time.

And so as the markets continued to tighten and you know, the markets at different, different points in different places. Nationwide. Uh, [00:04:00] but as the markets continued to tighten, we’ve had to get more creative and more creative and do

harder and harder,

you know, more complicated things to get the same number of deals that they were before.

They’re either harder, more complicated, you know, harder to manage, et cetera. You get the same results. And I, I’ve seen people take, you know, it’s kind of like the who moved the cheese. Right. The cheese, the cheese keeps moving. Uh, and there’s people that continue to move with the cheese, or they’re people that are like, look, like I’m an auction guy.

Like that’s it. I go to the auction and I buy houses and I fix them up and sell them. And you know, oftentimes those people are either. Overpaying or not, not buying homes at all now because they’ve just been pushed out by competition, technology, et cetera, and not even the whole technology thing is a continuing problem.

I mean, you’re in Dallas, right? You’re hanging out with Zillow offers and offer Pat open door. All of those guys like that’s it. If it’s a legitimate problem that you’re not [00:05:00] innovating, you’re dying.

Mike: [00:05:01] That’s true. Yeah. A lot of real, and you’re right. A lot of real estate investors have died proverbially.

They just said this doesn’t work anymore, or they weren’t willing to make the changes that they needed to make to either survive or thrive, but there’s plenty of people. This is this. The interesting thing, I always think this is interesting in, in real estate investing is there are people that, I’ve been doing this for a little over 12 years, so I know people that used to be heavy hitters and they’re nowhere to be found now.

They just disappeared. Or they quit, they quit the game or whatever. There’s a whole bunch of people that used to do it and they used to do, okay. Now they struggle a lot. They’re like this, this doesn’t work anymore. But then there’s some new people that come into the game where the past couple of years, and they’re just continually crushing it.

And it’s, it’s all mindset, right? It’s all in your head. Um, Oh, I won’t say that. A big part of his mindset and a big part of it is, are the newer people willing to do new things to get to those sellers first? Right? Right.

Jason: [00:05:56] And continue to, to innovate and everything else. Right. [00:06:00] And I have to say that that is a reason why I’ve appreciated being an investor dealer.

Um, I know this is the flip nerd shoulder or whatever, but that was when you and I met was when I showed up, uh, investor fuel. And that’s the beauty of a mastermind is you’re, you’re getting to see. You know, the latest and greatest things that everybody’s doing and figuring out what’s working and save yourself a whole bunch of

Mike: [00:06:23] the school of hard knocks.

Yeah. You have to, in this business, really, any business, you have to be looking around corners and say, what’s next? What’s coming? How do I navigate these treacherous waters that might be coming or whatever. Right. And how do I, not just. Again, not just survive, but thrive.

Jason: [00:06:37] And I think a, an

Mike: [00:06:38] investor fuel, when you put, you know, a hundred heads together and people are seeing things, we’re talking about trends or talking about little tips and tricks on how to do things differently, it can only make you stronger.

Jason: [00:06:48] Yeah, this is, this is 2020 this isn’t 1900 where you can be Andrew Carnegie figure out steel and have a corner on the market. You know, one big idea can’t carry you through your life, right? [00:07:00] One big idea, and you’ve got six weeks until everybody else has implemented, and then you need to have the next big idea.

That’s one of the challenges in living in a digital, everybody has access to all the information

Mike: [00:07:14] world, right? Yeah. And I won’t say that, uh, you know, there’s probably a little bit of margin compression, uh, for people in some markets, but the truth is, is, uh, you just have to be more innovative about how you get to those motivated sellers, how you find them, and of course, do more things like actually try to add more value, try to build up your brand and your reputation so that they want to work with you versus, well, like.

I didn’t really feel that great with that person. Let me go talk to a couple more. Right? There’s a lot of things you have to be doing to kind of be running on all cylinders, if you will. But I would say, you know, for a long time what’s really benefited a lot of real estate investors is that they could be completely inefficient and still make a lot of money.

And I think that that’s what’s going away. There’s still people that are going to make a lot, but if there’s old people and there’s people have problems and there’s houses, like there will always be an opportunity for us. It’s just a [00:08:00] matter of how do you get to those people and how do you do it in a way to where they want to work with you.


Jason: [00:08:04] Yeah, I agree. I couldn’t agree more. Definitely not to be negative. I mean, this, this last year was the best year I’ve ever had and a lot of people that I know had the very best year they ever had. Sure. Inventory shrinking, but for the people that made the right choices, uh, that the opportunity in the fondant.

Mike: [00:08:23] Sure. Sure. So let’s talk about some of the things that maybe that we know we’re going to talk about. Um, some of the things that we’re doing now. Too in our businesses and to help other real estate investors. But let’s talk about what doesn’t really work anymore. So let’s talk about some things that just don’t work anymore or that most people shouldn’t spend time on.

Jason: [00:08:40] So this is going to vary from market to market. Sure, yeah. Right. You know, if somebody’s listening from Dayton, Ohio, and if someone’s listed in from. Uh, Dallas, Texas or San Diego, California. The answer’s a little bit different. Right? But my experience has been things that don’t work rate, uh, are your, your easiest stuff?

Going to the courthouse [00:09:00] steps doesn’t work particularly well. Um, finding deals on the MLS still works, but definitely not at the rate it did before going getting bank owned homes. Short sales don’t work to the level that they did before. Uh, something else that I have found that does not really, really work, uh, would be billboards as well.

Um, and I like to overall stick to just more targeted marketing period.

Mike: [00:09:25] Yeah. I think that is the key is that we’ve kind of shifted from, uh, the shotgun approach. So more of a rifle approach now we used to be able to, some of it is you can be wasteful. You could send a ton of mail to people that were kind of looking for, historically, we’re looking for equity and motivation, right?

Do they, could they sell us the house? Do they have enough equity in the house, be able to sell it at a discount basically? And then do they have motivation to be willing to sell it at a discount? And I think what’s happened over the years. Over the last, let’s just say, you know, three to five years as the market has gotten busier, as the retail market’s improved, as more real [00:10:00] estate investors come in, by the way, this is a cycle and it’ll go away and it’ll happen again, you know, seven to 10 years from now or whatever.

There’s a longer cycle than usual. But, um, what’s happened is people just start mailing to like, well, are they over 65 and do they have equity and kind of, or are they absentee owners and kind of letting go of motivation? They’re just assuming, well, they have equity. I don’t know about motivation, but let’s just throw it at the wall and see what sticks.

Right. And that’s what doesn’t work anymore is going after people that you’d have no indication of their motivation at all. That’s just your marketing is going to be full of waste, which is just simply can’t afford to do. Right.

Jason: [00:10:39] Yeah. So I actually that, that, that goes along well with my own personal journey or your calf.

I kinda tell her, let’s go. Yeah. Um, so yeah, I started out with the, you know, I go, I go to ListSource, I get to my favorite counties, you know, and I just pulled the equity list, right? Like, am I in my two favorite counties? That was like. Well, everybody, I just know the [00:11:00] equity list. Uh, and then in the bigger counties that are South of me that, but that aren’t as close, I would just know like the absentee equity list.

Right? And it’s like a fine getting everybody. It works great. But with time, my returns, so from a direct mail, we’re starting to. Diminish. So then I started adding some additional tactics, like driving for dollars, as well as I have a team of virtual assistants that will actually get into the County, the courthouse and other different online sites and things like that.

And we’ll look and see anything that’s been recorded to show any type of motivation. And I’ve, as I’ve grown, that I’ve gotten up to life. 40 different things that we’re looking for in this team is looking for all of these, right? So I, as I grew, both of, I grew both of those things, uh, and results have been much better, and I was looking at my numbers last year.

And so those, those bulk lists, right? That the, this is just the equity list or the assets, the equity [00:12:00] list. Um, well, uh, so actually I’ll do it this way. The driving for dollars list accounted for 38% of my closings. That VA record, Boeing accounted for 41% of my closers, and the bulk list only accounted for 20%.

So it was literally like the 80 20 rule manifested and I was like, Oh crap. Like all these, probably

Mike: [00:12:22] 80% of your costs was spent on the 20% part. I bet the cost

Jason: [00:12:26] is not, not quite, but, right. Yes, it was high, but, but it wasn’t quite that high. I actually had pulled quite a few of the daily records and I scaled the, the daily records and the brightest for sure.

Um, but, um. Um, so yeah. Um, so, and then it was like, Oh, well that’s not good. So then I met, um, another guy at a investor fuel, and he had something that he was working on in this space too. And so we kind of [00:13:00] work together to create for Utah, uh, a really cool system around this where, um. A, I’m pulling all the motivation points.

I’m counting driving for dollars in with that motivation points. But, but that even still, you run into a problem because like, let’s say, you know, I’ve got two houses on my old list, right? So from my both list, I pull, let’s just say I want everything older than 2000 that had been owned for three or more years with equity in it, right?

So on my list, you got a house that was built in 2000. Owner occupied, uh, they barely have enough equity. It’s in a zip code that I’ve never bought before. Uh, but, but it met the base level parameters for my list. Right? And then also at my list, I have a home in my favorite zip code owned outright absentee.

They just had a divorce. Uh, their taxes are four years behind. They got flagged on my driving for dollars, right? All of these things. And if you looked at my marketing plan, both of them were getting a [00:14:00] postcard. At the same rate. Right. And so I looked at that and I was like, well, in, in the end, the end, the thing that I’ve realized is that when, when you real estate and Mark marketing and real estate is a numbers game, right?

That person, let’s say, is five times as likely. The second person I talked about is let’s say five times as likely as the first person to respond, right? Sure. So, but as, but as you get, so if you have a small marketing budget, you can say, well, I’m just going to market to the person with a ton of motivation points, but those can run out pretty quick and you can’t scale and grow a company like that.

So, Oh, all of my choices, we did exist. It was either black or white on or off. And so what we created was an ability to essentially score every property in all of my accounts. So that was, that was what we wound up doing is bought the list of every, of all of the counties that I work in, every single [00:15:00] homeowner.

And then I will go through and I will rank everything. I’ll rank everything from your bills, amount of equity. Um, lot size square footage, how many years they’ve owned it, zip code, city, all of it. And then, um, and then we take it through a intense process of sorting, store, exhorting, sorting, sorting, uh, and then we add all of those motivation points that the VA’s of gold every day.

Uh, and then what it creates is a, Hey, here’s the best home in your County. Here’s the worst home in your County. Based off of how much I’m looking to spend. I, you know, this is the one I want to hit first all the way down, and then I can even take that a step further and say, okay. You know these people there, you’re going to get a postcard from me monthly.

They’re going to get a text monthly. They’re going to get a column up like these, these people, they’re going to know my name, right? We’re either going to be good friends or we’re definitely not going to be friends all the way down to, uh, you know, the [00:16:00] bottom. It’s like, Hey, you know, these people might be like, let’s tech.

Let’s, let’s just shoot these guys attacks every six months. Just, just a little bug. Like, Hey, are you interested in here? Are you interested? So it’s created this awesome, uh, campaign. So everyone’s being marketed to the appropriate amount. Um, and the other thing that it helped me with, uh, is the appropriate tiny as well.

Mike: [00:16:21] Yeah. Yeah. If you co, if you think about it, I mean, real estate investors have those other industries too. I’ve always been kind of a laggard, like not necessarily cutting edge with marketing. If you think about other things like, uh, you know, you say you’re hungry and the next thing you know, you’re seeing ads for.

Uh, a local

Jason: [00:16:37] restaurant,

Mike: [00:16:39] you just, stuff like that is, is kind of weird, right? It’s like. Yeah. How do they know or whatever? Do they hear my stomach growl or are they listening to my phone calls or whatever? But the truth is, is it’s real, right? Most of the ads that we see in Facebook or social media or other things are usually relevant to us because the social media networks have gotten so good at determining.

What you’re searching for, what you’re looking for, words you’re [00:17:00] using in posts, and all sorts of stuff where they can serve up those ads. And so the reason why that is a massive, massive industry is because advertising platforms know that advertisers will pay more money for somebody that is more likely to become a co customer, right?

If it’s just branding, like, I’m going to put a billboard out for Budweiser because it’s summertime. That’s very different than like going into a store and Budweiser’s running an ad right now and the prices, you know, it’s like 4th of July or whatever. Like the timing is like perfect. So they’ll spend more money on those things because they know it’s more direct response.

Like it’s more more likely to find somebody that they would actually transact with. And so that’s what you’re talking about. And that’s one of the things that we’ve obviously created for not, maybe not obviously, cause we’re kind of talking about it and announcing it here, is that we’ve created that service now.

Uh, together where we help real estate investors highly target the types of properties that have the most distress. Uh, [00:18:00] and that’s all done through data and digging deep and County and city records to find that information.

Jason: [00:18:05] Right? Yeah. As some people say, it’s all done through geeking out. Yeah.

Mike: [00:18:10] But truth is, is that a real estate investor, there were always people that would go to the County courthouse and pull probate leads and a few other things.

Tax delinquent. Um, maybe go after a recent evictions. And you know, can kind of go find that data. But the truth is, is like you said, we’re pulling as many as 40 different data points now on a daily and weekly basis. And the reality is, is everybody knows that’s important. But if the average real estate investor did all that, it’d be like 80 hours a week just to get data and they still have a business to run.


Jason: [00:18:42] Right. And that’s the kicker is the consistency, right? This is, this is 2020 there are. You know, there’s podcasts everywhere. There’s bigger pockets and everything else like there. There’s no secrets in anything that we do, but it’s just, can you do it consistently? [00:19:00] And you know, an advantage to the way we do it is because we’re doing it at scale, we’re able to do it inexpensively and not.

Uh, that it can make sense for us and for the people that we’ve helped. Right. Cause you know, in some, in some places it costs more just to buy your whole county’s data than it costs to work with us. Uh, and, uh, um, and you know, with that, we will do that. Tens and tens and tens of hours of sorting and shifting and, you know, throw in the expertise to actually take, you know, that, that massive data, uh, and they get really, you know, work with a bullet and make it so that it produced, it’s a highly converting list.

Mike: [00:19:43] Right, right. There’s been this kind of line going around for a year or two now, uh, that says that the most valuable resource in the world now is not oil anymore. It’s data, right? And we all know, and a lot of us don’t really understand exactly how it works, but from Apple to [00:20:00] Microsoft to Google, all these, all, all these people, their biggest ass work clearly is.

The data behind knowing what our interests are, because then they can sell that to advertisers effectively. Right. And so we’re, you know, we’re not, I won’t say that we’re like Google, but we’re, we know that data is critical in this business. If you want to slash your advertising costs, if you want a disproportionate amount of people that you’re talking to you to actually have motivation and not just equity.

Um, or not just be an absentee owner. I mean hell in Dallas County alone, like 50% of the properties are absentee owners. Just cause there, it’s anywhere where there’s cost-effective, effective real estate and that’s a disproportion amount of rental properties. You know, you have a low home ownership rate, high rate of people that own properties as investment that.

Those are all business owners. That doesn’t mean that they’re motivated to sell just because they don’t live there. Right? And so I think all that data that we’re gathering now is out there for anybody to gather. It’s just a lot harder. I mean, you, you, you, you, you hear this and people here, [00:21:00] if you’re listening right now, people say all the time, well, I have.

The list. I’m like, okay, well, the moment you had the list, it was outdated because things changed a minute later, right? Or the next day and the next week. And so I think real estate investors have a tendency to use outdated data or incomplete data. And then that’s the cheap part, really, right. Ultimately.

And then spend a ton of money paying for mail to go to it. That it’s completely wasteful, like how much waste is in the cost of the mail that you’re sending to people that might not even own it anymore and or didn’t have any motivation in the first place. They were just over a certain age, or maybe your absentee owner,

Jason: [00:21:42] right, for sure.

Or the time, effort, and energy into cold calling, texting, any other type of marketing as well.

Mike: [00:21:50] Sure, sure. So guys, what we’re talking about here is Jason and I have partnered up, uh, in fact, we, we had talked a few years ago, you called me, uh, cause you were starting to do some operations [00:22:00] in Fort worth. We talked on the phone and I didn’t put two and two together until you joined investor fuel a little over a year ago.

And we met. And actually that very first, uh, meeting, if you recall, um, I, I’ve told you this is gonna sound a little cheesy now, but. I w after our conversation, I told people it was like peanut butter and jelly coming together. Like, you know, we had, there was something that you had been doing or something that I’ve been working on and there’s some things that I didn’t want to do, but I knew it needed to be done and vice versa.

And I think when we had that conversation, it was just like, Oh, we got something here. That’s right. Yeah. So, um, so for those of you that are listening to instill, if you’re, I guess I don’t need to say that, cause if you’re listening, you are listening, but, um, we’ve created a product. It really has service called the investor machine.

And it’s effectively kind of done for you lead generation and analysis to tell you exactly who you should be marketing to, whether it’s direct mail or skip tracing those numbers or those addresses to find, uh, the seller so you can text message, market them cold, call them RVM if you’re still doing that, anything [00:23:00] you want to do to try to reach out to that person.

And so we offer that as a service. Now. It, honestly, there’s nobody else doing what we’re doing. And a lot of it, like Jason said, are things that you can do yourself. Um, but it’s hard work. There’s no doubt about it, and it’s probably not worthy of your time. We’ve just figured out a way to do it through a lot of roof brute effort.

And, uh, we can do it very cost effectively. It would cost you a small fraction of having your own marketing manager on your own staff. So. That’s

Jason: [00:23:32] 10. It’s even more than just the list too. Right? In addition to that, you get our expertise on how to market it to those people, right. Which, you know, the, the number of lessons that you can, you know, say from people that have been down the road.

My third round of mail that I sent, I tried a specific postcard, uh, and I got three phone calls, right? I think it was like a. [00:24:00] $15,000 mailing and I got three phone calls. Right. Because it was just the wrong piece. Right. And I had no idea. I was, you know, I was, uh, so, um, a little background, um. First five years that I did this, including when I worked for you, I was working for another company, two and a half, about two and a half years.

I’ve been doing this on my own. So do about two years ago would be that mailing and yeah, I sent out the mail piece and I thought it was going to be awesome. It was actually even a more expensive mail piece than what I’d been sending, but I just wanted to, you know, I love split testing, right? So it’s like, cause I got to know what’s going to work the very, very best.

And so I was trying different things and one of them I sent out, it was like. Oh, well, that didn’t work. Right. And so with, with every aspect, whether it be the timing of when the postcard hits, whether it be the actual piece that gets set, you know, what’s on the piece, the list that it sends to all of this stuff.

I’ve been constantly tracking and split testing, uh, for years. And I’ve had some of it that. Did not go my way. And like, and we, and, you know, art, that’s definitely [00:25:00] advantages. We will, we will accelerate all the lessons that you and I have learned over all our years of doing this and help people with their own marketing so they can generate consistent high leads.

Mike: [00:25:11] Yup. Yup. And so, anyway, I don’t want to make this too much of an infomercial. If, if you’re, if you’re hearing this right now, and this sounds interesting to you, you should check out, uh, go to the investor machine.com and you can apply or schedule a call with us to learn more about it, but it’s a service.

Um, and like Jason just said, it’s not just the data. We actually manage your direct mail, so we can. We basically meet for about an hour every 90 days. Uh, after you’re in and literally in an hour and 90 days, you can have your mail and your marketing done for you effectively for the next 90 days. We didn’t have to talk again.

It’s just going to happen like clockwork every week. Um, and we’re using a lot of resources, uh, to make that happen on your behalf. Right? So very, very, you know, kind of done for you and done with you in some instance, depending on how you’re using the data. But, um.

Jason: [00:25:58] And then we have a network. [00:26:00] Now that is one of the cool parts about the data as compared to a lot of other data providers that we work with you to create the data, right?

Like we send you a, a list of a whole bunch of questions and so the, the zip codes are going to be your favorite zip code. So I won’t come back to you and say, Hey, here’s, here’s exactly who you should be mailing and here’s who you should be getting phone numbers for to text and call. We, we work together on it to say, Hey, here is your best list.

Right? And if you were to compare like my best list to a friend of mine, it would be, it would be very different. Right?

Mike: [00:26:32] Even I’ll say market.

Jason: [00:26:34] Yeah. His best list would be over 500,000 on the East side of salt Lake and great neighborhoods. And mine would be under 300,000 on the West side of salt Lake and the slums, right?

Like everybody, everybody kind of has their, their exact thing. That’s them. So it’s taking and making your best list. Cause if all I was doing was generating $700,000 homes that were 4,000 square feet, I wouldn’t. You know, that, that [00:27:00] wouldn’t be my cup of tea compared to, you know, my, my dream little three to 1200 square foot.

Mike: [00:27:07] Yup. Yup. So, you know, one of the things that I’ve seen with a lot of real estate investors just over the years, the two, uh, the two two big things. One is. The most frequent question I’ve been asked in my entire life and professionally as doing a lot of coaching. The investment machine is not coaching by the way.

It’s a service, but we’re, you know, there’s a lot of opportunity to learn cause we have a rapidly growing membership base of people that are kind of sharing ideas and knowledge and stuff like that. But is the single biggest question is. What lists do I mail to, right? As if there’s this magic list out there.

And what we’ve always said is there is no magic list. You have to go do the work, you have to go put these pieces together. And so now if there is a magic list, we actually have it and we’re the ones doing the work to put it together. The other thing I’ll say

Jason: [00:27:55] to every single seller, you know, this seller has a 0.001% [00:28:00] chance is 1.003 or whatever. And it’s just taking all those 0.0%. Stacking them up and then hitting them appropriately, right? Yep. As nerdy as it sounds.

Mike: [00:28:13] I know, but it’s some of those people that understand that and get it, but they just don’t want to do the work.

Right. And I get it. I don’t want to do that. I don’t know. Like I, I haven’t wanted to do that work for myself either. But once you kind of figure out that, wow. Yeah. If we could help a lot of people, if we can, um, make this kind of done for you. Right. So then the other big thing is even once people get the list, they go pull it from a bunch of sources.

Might’ve even asked a bunch of people on a free Facebook group, like, what, where should I get data at? And then act like it’s the Bible. And they go like, pull, pull, spend this time and effort, polling this. And then the back of your mind, you know, wait, the person that told me about this list or gave me the criteria.

Have they ever even done a deal before, like probably not often in the free Facebook groups. And so then you’re afraid to upload it and pull the trigger [00:29:00] to order it, and then it’s a process to do that every week or every month like clockwork. And so that’s kind of why we offered the done for you mail solution is that you don’t have to think about it.

Just if you trust us and we don’t take that lightly. Well, we’ll make it happen and it’ll just happen my clockwork, because as a business, what you want more than anything is consistency in your, uh, lead intake, your lead flow. So,

Jason: [00:29:24] right. And we’re, we’re operators, right? We’re not, uh, you know, I, I’m, I, I’m creating this as a, Hey, I’m wanting to do the same thing for you that I did for me, uh, and I’m continuing to do for me, and it’s working incredibly well.

Um, for, or my market. And so, you know, I’m mailing through the same people. Uh, I’m mailing for you the same people that I know I am. The mail house was the same. Who I skip, trace through is the same. The way I create the list is the same whatever. I’ve found that working the very best for me, I is what I’m doing for you.

This isn’t Congress. I don’t have my healthcare. And you have your healthcare.

[00:30:00] Mike: [00:30:00] That’s hilarious. All right. So, uh, so guys, uh, yeah, if you’re, if you’re an experienced investor. So through the investor machine, we were really looking to work with experienced investors, not, not new investors, because, um, you know, at the end of the day, we want people that are closing deals and have experience meeting with sellers, solving problems, and understand the importance of consistently spending money on lead generation.

Jason: [00:30:23] We can get the phone to ring, but we want to work with people that we know it’s going to work for, that have a, some type of a track record of being able to do their half is, I could give you every motivated seller in the world, but if you can’t, then go and meet with that seller and be the person that they want to work with.

Um, and if you don’t have your systems in place, it just, it can turn into spending a lot of money on something that’s not going to generate. Right.

Mike: [00:30:47] I mean, you’re not going to stick around.

Jason: [00:30:50] For win-win. We’re only looking for new. This is people we can tell. This will work with you and let you have going.

Mike: [00:30:57] Yep. Yep. So if you’re an experienced investor, go to the investor [00:31:00] machine.com and you can schedule a call with us. So we’ll, we’ll talk to you and answer some questions you have and see if it’s a fit. The truth is, is I kind of said this in the past, our services almost like salary, there is a cost, but the cost savings and the time savings for you is like, it’s almost like negative calories.

You just  it has a negative calories cause you, you spend more calories chewing it. And then. Thank you. Then the product. I didn’t, I don’t know if that’s, I have to sharp. I have to. I have to get that one buttoned up a little bit more. If you’re a newer investor, you know, this isn’t, this isn’t for you yet.

So, uh, keep that in mind as you, as you start to expand your business, we’d love to talk to you then. Um, Jason, anything I missed at all?

Jason: [00:31:35] I think we did. I think we’ve covered that.

Mike: [00:31:37] Yeah. This is our, uh, this is our worldwide release. I guess. Actually we already have a bunch of members. We beta tested this for, for about six months before we started

Jason: [00:31:46] here in

Mike: [00:31:47] the Dallas Fort worth market before we started to roll it out.

Jason: [00:31:49] Working on, yeah. You and I have been working on this for six months than I would working on this for between six months and a year before that working towards [00:32:00] this end result. And. Only now are we willing to, I mean we w w I had been actively marketing for other people like this for over a year and a half.

And only now are we willing to tell the world, Hey, this is, this is what we’re doing and we’re excited to do it for you. Cause that’s finally at us clout where it’s like, okay, we’ve got this dialed in and we know this will be a win. For the, for the right people, and we’re ready to do it, uh, at scale. So it’s taken us, it’s taken us quite a while to get there.

Our, our big goal was, you know, we don’t, we don’t want to put our names out there until we’re sure this is gonna work. So we’re sure this is gonna work and hear their names.

Mike: [00:32:39] Some of it was honing the product a little bit in the process for how we do things. And some of it was honing internally our ability to make this a business that we could scale and still provide a high level of service.

So we’ve stepped up, we’ve, we’ve stopped doing some stuff that didn’t work and we added some stuff that we thought had more value. And, uh, so, you know, we think we’ve [00:33:00] put something great out here and it’s, it’s, it’s. It’s a product that every real estate investor needs are our competition in this space.

There’s nobody that’s doing what we’re doing. Our competition is people wanting to do it themselves, and I haven’t met very many real estate investors that actually want to do this themselves. So, uh, we think we’re onto something here. Awesome.

Jason: [00:33:18] Jason, an entire day in Excel cookie soar.

Mike: [00:33:23] Yeah. Yeah. So, uh, Jason, thanks for, thanks for coming out to me to kind of share our announcement here and add some value.

By the way, if you’re, if you’re a newer investor and you’re not ready to consider, you know, the investor machine yet, these are the types of things that you need to do. You need to be willing to put in that effort. Uh, I talked in the last show, the last FlipNerd show I did. I talked a lot about resourcefulness.

If you don’t have a lot of resources, you need to be resourceful with the resources that you do have, which probably for most people that are getting started, a lot of times what they don’t have enough of is capital. What they seem to have more of is time, so you have to [00:34:00] leverage that time to go get data and dig into stuff because.

The shotgun approach just doesn’t work as effectively anymore. You need to have a rifle approach, whether it’s your marketing or your relationships or whatever it might be. Um, so I encourage you to listen to that last episode if you haven’t yet. And, uh, so that’s all we’ve got for today, guys. Jason, thanks again for coming on, buddy.

And, uh, hang with me for a second, Jason. So everybody, uh, hope you’ve hope you’ve enjoyed this, if you got some value, um, if you haven’t subscribed yet, go to, if you’re out, if you’re, wherever you’re watching right now or listening, iTunes, Stitcher radio, YouTube, uh, if you could subscribe there, we’d appreciate it.

Leave a positive review if you’ve got some value, if you’ve got some value over the last six and a half years from the show and you haven’t subscribed yet, I’d love it if you did. And, uh, if you’re interested in the investor machine, again, it’s the investor machine.com we’ll see you on the next show.

Thanks for listening to today’s show. There are three ways I can help you start or grow your real estate investing business. If you’re a new [00:35:00] investor in just getting started, the FlipNerd investor coaching program is the most effective program in America. I’ve been coaching and mentoring new real estate investors for 10 years, and my students have literally purchased thousands and thousands of properties.

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