Hey what’s up Freedom Fighters! Welcome back for another episode! Today I want to share a lesson with you about the hustle mentality and why there is no badge of honor in the hustle.

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Hey, what’s up freedom fighters? Welcome back for another episode. Today, I want to share a lesson with you on why there is no badge of honor in the hustle.
Welcome to Real Estate Investing Secrets. We’re all looking for freedom and the opportunity to live better, more fulfilling lives, but most of us were trained our entire lives to work for someone else to chase their dreams. How can we use real estate investing as a vehicle to achieve financial freedom?
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Okay, guys, so today we’re going to talk about this kind of hustle mentality and that’s kind of permeated the real estate investing industry, certainly on social media. If you’re in a bunch of like the free Facebook groups and stuff, there’s all this talk about the hustle or how hard somebody worked, or it’s Sunday at midnight and I’m out doing this. And the truth is is that’s bullshit. It’s absolute bullshit. Nobody got in this business to work that hard. So there’s no badge of honor in working hard.
Now, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to. But why are we celebrating this? The truth is is we all got into this business almost . . . I don’t know anybody that got into this business that said, “Man, I want to, as Gary Vee says, work my face off. I’m getting into this to work my face off.”
Now, you might have to work your face off for a little while to get things going. That’s just where you are in your business, you have to work hard. But the badge of honor should be in the results, not in the hustle factor of the business, right? So why are we celebrating that?
Now, the truth is is if you are in my mastermind, Investor Fuel, or if you’re in any sort of high-level coaching group, or anything like that’s worth anything, the talk is how to get yourself out of the business, how to work less, how to be less involved, how to create systems and processes to get yourself out of the way, how to build your business quickly enough so that you can hire staff and get out of your way. That’s what business is about, right?
If you’re hustling and you’re working hard, then you have a job. You do not have a business. It’s not good for you, and it’s not good for your family. If your business is based off of your ability to hustle and you get hit by a truck, you’re family is screwed, right? So all this kind of hubbub out there about how hard somebody is working . . . okay, I promise you I’ve worked as hard as anybody for many years of my life. I still work much harder than I need to, but I don’t celebrate the fact that I’m working hard, right? And you shouldn’t either. And I’m not saying to be like me. I’m just saying just let’s be true to yourself. You didn’t get in this business to work hard. You got in this business to build a business, to be financially free, and not just financially free, free to do what you want when you want. And if you are having to hustle or go out at midnight to do anything, then you’re not free, and you don’t even have a business. You have a job, right?
So embrace the hustle as long as you have to do it. Do whatever you have to do. There’s kind of seasons of your business. When you’re in the beginning, and you’re planting seeds, and you’re focused on growing your business and getting started, getting out of the gate, getting your first deal, getting your first 10 deals, whatever it is, work as hard as you have to. I’m not advocating to not work hard to get there. But the goal is not to work hard, right? And so if you’re doing that right now, just stop. It doesn’t make sense.
If you got some value out of this short little tip, I hope you’ll add it on social media just to maybe share it, post an image and share a link back to this episode. This is a short one, but the truth is is it’s a powerful lesson, right? I think so many people are getting hung up on the fact that they’re working hard and celebrating that and acting like that’s a big deal. The truth is is if you don’t get results, it doesn’t matter, and what really matters are the results, right? So hope you’ve gotten something out of this. I’ll see you in the next episode.
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No Badge of Honor for Hustle
No Badge of Honor for Hustle

Today I want to share a lesson with you about the hustle mentality and why there is no badge of honor in the hustle.