I’m excited about today’s show! My buddy, Travis Oglesby is joining us and we are going to talk about creative deals. Travis and his partners joined our coaching program many years back and before they joined, I don’t think they’d done deals on their own. But now, they are doing 12 to 14 deals a month, which is pretty amazing! Let’s go ahead and jump to the show!

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[00:00:00] Mike: [00:00:00] Professional real estate investors are different. We’re not afraid to go all in and take educated risks to build stronger businesses and help our families live better lives. This is the FlipNerd professional real estate investor show. And I’m your host Mike Hambright each week. I host a new episode live and bring you America’s top real estate investors as guests.

Let’s start today’s show.

Awesome. Everybody excited to, uh, bring today’s show to you today. What are you? Travis Ogilvy is going to join us and we’re gonna be talking about creative deals. And I have the benefit of honestly the kind of joy of, of, uh, Travis and his partners joined our coaching program many years back.

I don’t think they’d really never done a deal on their own, uh, dabbled around. And now they’re doing 12 to 14 deals a month. Pretty amazing. So excited to talk to these guys today. Hey Travis, how you doing buddy?

Travis: [00:00:54] Hey, man. I’m great, Mike. Thanks for having me on here, man. It was good.

Mike: [00:00:57] And have you, I know you’re about to go hunting, so you’re [00:01:00] caught you right at the right time.

You’re about to go. Uh, you’ve been killing it and you’re about to go kill it another way.


Travis: [00:01:07] man

Mike: [00:01:08] trying.

Hey man, I’m really excited to have you here. We, a lot of people don’t, if they don’t know who you are, Um, you know, we, we still work together. We do some things together and, uh, we’ve been friends for, how long has it been?

Like when did you join that first program? It’s gotta have been close to four years ago. Three and a half, four years ago.

Travis: [00:01:26] Yeah. It was like late. 2016

Mike: [00:01:29] cause investor fuel, we just crossed three years. And you, you were previous to that. We had the investment. That was the name of the coaching program.

Remember is the investment mean? We’ve kind of repurposed that brand now. So that was the FlipNerd coaching program. So that’s been a, gosh, I don’t know, a long time. It seems like a lifetime for us.

Travis: [00:01:47] You know, it feels like, it feels like it’s you man. I had two kids since then and, or, well, I guess one kid and one on the way and several deals and a lot of, a lot of lessons learned in between there.

So yeah. Yeah. It’s been good.

[00:02:00] Mike: [00:01:59] Yeah. Hey, why don’t you kind of talk about your background a little before we kind of get rolling here and then we’re going to guys, we’re gonna be talking about doing creative deals today. So Travis has, you know, they’ve pivoted a number of times, just like all of us do and kind of found their way and they start to do, they started doing a lot of creative.

A deals, owner, finance subs to use things like that. And, um, have a really kind of hitting their stride with that as a strategy that they’ve kind of put in their mix before we get into that. Travis, why don’t you talk a little bit about your, your, your background?

Travis: [00:02:28] Definitely. We’ll definitely we’ll we’ll end on the touching the stride and then some of the hangups with the strides that have came with it.

So pretty, yeah, pretty loose. So before we counted, there’s three of us that own this company. So it’s me, Sam and big. And whenever we. You know, we all kind of joined this real estate thing. And fortunately, uh, we met Mike relatively soon after, cause I was just on Zillow and Craigslist everyday trying to make an offer as a real estate agent, trying to buy a house or a rental property, met Mike and were able to go through his coaching program.

And it, it probably [00:03:00] took us about, you know, I think the first guy to exit a job, I think it took us about a year and a half for saying to finally, you know, maybe a year six, somewhere in that range about a year to be able to fully. Exit. So we were generating enough income for one full time partner and say,

Mike: [00:03:14] all three of you guys had jobs and then you kind of like help another quit their jobs.


Travis: [00:03:19] Yeah, it was like a domino effect. So once Stan kind of got out, you know, Vic was shortly after him and Vic had a, you know, really, you know, he was on a GMC, he had a really powerful job and definitely took a big pay, cut to quit. But, um, I think it’s worked out relatively well for him. And then I was a medical sales guy, so had a little bit of sales experience and was able to, is it, you know, soon after that, too, so.

You know, we’ve probably all been out now for a year and a half plus I’m gay, you know, or more maybe. So we all had our jobs before. We’ve all been doing this full time and whenever we kind of first exit it now, segment intellect real estate. Whenever we were [00:04:00] now that we all got out jobs, we really started setting some goals of like accomplishing three to four deals a month.

Like to us, the most important thing was doing the maximum amount of deals per month. So, you know, as we all know, that’s really not the most important thing at all. It’s just the quality we have a deal shred. So we set a target of doing, you know, or four wholesales or flips a month. So the object, the objective was to wholesales to generate 10 KPS at a 20 K profit margin.

And then two flips at 20 K a piece to generate 40 to 60 K revenue goal to meet like all of our marketing requirements and us to be able to keep the lights on at home. Yeah. So we went after that, man. We probably did that for four, for five months because we went to a couple of investor fuel meetings in between.

There got some text message marketing turned on in that time frame. Um, But man, was it a, I mean, it’s still a grind today, but man was that a grind, you know, trying to hit that Mark and hit that metric and get a con get contractors to show up and finish jobs [00:05:00] on time.

Mike: [00:05:01] Yeah. Everybody thinks, you know, once you’re in this business, most people that are watching this in live in our professional real estate investor network group are professional real estate investors.

They know. They know what you’re saying now, but a lot of new people, when you first start, you’re like, Oh, you just find a house pretty and sell it and make a ton of money. It’s like, ah, there’s a little more to it than that. Right. So there’s a lot of ups and downs, emotional financial, a lot of stuff. And one of the things that is just amazing about you guys is, um, for those people that don’t know Travis, like these, these three partners are called team nitro, either just these guys are honestly.

Totally. And I, and I’m sure that your relationships have had ups and downs. I mean, that’s how all relationships are, but you guys are, uh, there’s something it’s kind of hard to explain. There’s this bond with you guys of supporting one another, like the way that you guys were literally allowing somebody to quit their job, and then we’re gonna kind of.

Pay him to be part of the business, even though he’s not really probably earning that yet, but just, we can’t, we can’t move forward as a team unless we put some resources [00:06:00] behind this and the way you guys kind of assist one another. It’s pretty amazing. So I know you guys have a, have a special on there, so yeah.


Travis: [00:06:06] It’s a, it’s a definitely, it’s a definite challenge to be married to two other people, as well as your wife. So it’s, uh, it can be difficult and those partnerships, man, but that’s, you know, that was kind of one of the things, you know, because whenever we would get mad at, you know, you get frustrated, you get upset, you know, because you could only do that when things went South, you know, you weren’t ever mad when everything was great and houses were closing on time and checks for know.

So it just. We were able to kind of understand, like if we were, you know, upset at a deal or upset with a decision that we made, because our operating agreements set up, it was like, well, I still have something to learn from you because I’m not set up. I’m not designed yet to be able to understand that same way flipping same way with rehabbing.

Like, there’s always a way to understand like, well, I have something still to learn yet. Cause I probably could have done something differently. Yeah.

Mike: [00:06:56] And that’s the truth is we’re always still learning. Right. I mean yeah. In this [00:07:00] business for 12, 13 years now and I learned new stuff every, every day, every week.

I mean, no doubt.

Travis: [00:07:07] Yeah. Yep. So we’ve, we’ve been very, but I will say though, man, we’ve just been extremely fortunate. We’ve had a lot of ups and downs and a lot of head butts, but we’ve also had so many more just great times and like really developing, like. You know, it’s true. Like it should now it’s become like a brotherhood or a bond, you know, like IVIG, they went to war together.

Like I didn’t get to do that with them, but you know, they have that bond and now we develop these other bonds and it’s just, it’s just really cool.

Mike: [00:07:34] Yeah. That’s great. That’s great. Yeah. One of the things, I mean, we were going, we were talking about creative finance. Ultimately we’re kind of talking about teams now.

I’ve seen a lot of partnerships in badly and it usually ends because. And it’s usually two people, not three. So you’ve, uh, you know, you’ve, you’re, you’ve complicated, but potentially complicated. Right? Cause there’s like, there’s more. There’s more mouths to feed. There’s more people that have say, or have [00:08:00] a thought on it.

But a lot of the partnerships I’ve seen fail are usually miscommunication. And, um, somebody feeling like they’re, I’m doing like 75% of the work, but I’m only making half the money. Like, why are you getting paid all this? If you’re not doing as much work and I, that all kind of feeds back to communication.

And I think you guys have. I’ve done a great job of just openly communicating and, and deciding you’re responsible for this. You’re responsible for that. You’re responsible for that. And we kind of have our own roles that we just go out and individually cross, right?

Travis: [00:08:28] Yeah. Yeah. So I’ll touch on roles for a second and then we can kind of roll into a few other things too.

So it’s, you know, it’s, it’s kinda neat now that it’s like set up into silos and stuff. So the Vic Vic, one, one of the partners runs our complete private money division. So he’s out there raising money, you know, I believe he’s actively setting up a fund, you know, or some type of Reed and he’s just actively, you know, on the streets he’s he lives in California, you know, our operation we operate at, I don’t think I touched on that.

Our Georgia and South Carolina. So Sam, [00:09:00] um, he is in Wisconsin right now and he runs like the entire marketing division and plays a huge role in overseeing a lot of. Aspects. And then I run the entire dispositions with Sam and help him a few other things as well. So dispositions, marketing, and private money.

And then we’ve been fortunate enough to have an acquisition manager that just. Has played an unbelievable role in advancing our business. And he was former air force military. Well, he’s still, he’s still active actually. Um, but in the reserves and just, you know, does a great job of acting like a partner participating like a partner and, and producing like one.


Mike: [00:09:35] Well, you guys all moved to Georgia and then now you’ve all moved away, but I didn’t realize that they could move back to California showing Susan, Sharon, some golf pictures online.

Travis: [00:09:45] That’s all. Yeah. Oh, he does. I

Mike: [00:09:46] feel like I moved into an RV and you guys are. You guys are all over the place, but where you’re not is in your market where you’re actually operating, which is pretty cool.

Travis: [00:09:55] Yeah. Even our acquisition manager, he’s in Tampa, Florida, Orlando, Tampa, [00:10:00] Orlando, and he’s getting his RV fit up right now so they can start tracking. So, you know, everybody’s got the RV everybody’s running around and stuff and I’m in Illinois.

Mike: [00:10:08] Yeah. So I think a lot of people, if you’ve been in business for a long time, you’ve evolved, right.

You start doing something and then you’re like, no, I need to do this. And I know you guys were all wholesale. Then you went to like trying to keep almost everything is rentals and doing some rehabs. And now you’re mostly doing owner financing, seller finance stuff. And so talk about kind of. Each of those steps and why you made them, I guess, and how you’ve transitioned.

Cause I know I’m just kind of like, you went all in on wholesaling, but you’re like, okay, well we’re not generating any passive income. Then you went all out on rentals and you’re like, Oh, these aren’t as great as I thought, or they’re not, they’re not passive. Right. Clearly. Um, and it’s just, it keeps continues to evolve.

So talk about that.

Travis: [00:10:44] Yeah. Well, we started out with the wholesaling so that we could just get a type of money to like operate the business and get out of the jobs. So, you know, that was ebbs and flows. Right. And, you know, It wasn’t that easy just to go get a 10 K also deal. Like we thought it was going to be to get two or three of them.

[00:11:00] So we were doing that, you know, getting a few here or there, and then we decided, like you said, well, that cash flow is nice, but that’s so active said it was such a grind. We just weren’t that great at it at that time. So then we transitioned into rentals. We got a bunch of money. We also not, it wasn’t even that much and bought rentals and immediately became absolutely flat broke and cash.

Poor. Because all of our money was tied up in rentals. We bought them, we bought them, you know, different than how we would buy them today. And just, you know, it was, we’re putting 20, 20% down payments on everything. So. It ended up working out because the market fortunately kept increasing, but then we transitioned back to wholesaling and flipping to do more.

Cause we learn how to buy more deals. But again, we hit the same thing as in, we weren’t generating passive. So, and without working. So that’s what kind of led us. That was the progression that led us to fortunately begin doing the seller finance deals, you know, Yeah. And you want me to kind of [00:12:00] touch on the progressional

Mike: [00:12:00] cause those are, I know that what you found in your owner finance deals is you get a little bit of everything, right?

You can make some money up front and you get some cashflow, but not the headaches of rentals and potentially a nice payday towards the end whenever the end happens. Right.

Travis: [00:12:15] Yeah. Yeah. So I’ll, I’ll touch on like that specifically. And then just some of the stuff like we do with it, it’s like, The reason why, you know, we feel the reason why we love them sayings is because of like the three pronged approach with it.

And like one is we buy a lot of homes, subject to the exit. So we buy a lot of homes up to, right. We still do our homes cash, but we buy most of them subject to, we still try to buy under 70% of ARV minus repairs. So we still try to buy at the wholesale price, just take the mortgage over. And the reason why we like doing that is then when I go owner financing, here’s that three piece.

Is whenever I get a down payment. There’s my wholesale fee, right? Mine are average down payments, 10 to 15. K. So my average down, name it right there. Wholesale fee. Then the property has a cashflow [00:13:00] associated with it. And it’s significant and the truth is it’s a true cashflow, right? I’m not smacked with a new HVAC or new roof or hole or something.

Water lines, something rant. It’s just a true cashflow. Yep. No, that number is not dented, not deigned or anything. And I get the benefits, the tax write offs and then the third. So that’s the rental piece. So you got wholesale rental and out flip is the equity that’s traded in that deal? Well, because I’m buying at 70%.

Well, I sell it 110%. Because the owner finance market is so minimal. And so, you know, there’s not a ton of people doing it that I’m able to sell at a premium, right? And so we sell it 110. Well, that’s a large spread that you’re able to create. And now granted, we’re not having, you know, we don’t have people cash out refi sale immediately.

It is a five to seven year play that you’re going to get that, but that flip deal it’s big. Whenever it comes in on the backend. Yep. So that’s why we, like you get a wholesale fee rental fee and then you get flip fee for all in one transaction.

Mike: [00:13:58] Yeah, that’s great. That’s [00:14:00] great. And you’ll, and you’ll have a variety of stuff.

I mean, I’ve had some owner finance deals. We don’t have a ton of them, but we have, you know, six or eight. I’ve had some that paid off pretty fast and I was kind of disappointed. I was like, man, I like being the bank. And then you have some that. They probably won’t pay it off early or it’s going to be 10, 15, 20 years before they pay it off.

You know? I mean, the truth is a lot of people that are buying from you on owner finances because they can’t get traditional financing most likely. And so unless their credit situation improves, they’re probably not going to refinance

Travis: [00:14:29] you out. Right, right. Right. And I mean, I would love it if they did.

Cause what, what we, what we’re trying to design is like providing words we’re trying to provide, we’re providing home ownership, not like that. We’ve actually been able to like, find our why and like really get behind why we’re doing things, you know? And now we have like a five to seven year home ownership program.

Cause I want them to refinance. It’s good for the business. It’s good for them. It gets them a lower interest, right? Yeah. But a beauty of something, if they don’t. So if the, excuse me, if they do not [00:15:00] refinance like over time, you know, when I take it a mortgage over subject two, we’ve had 18 years at historical low rates, right.

Of three to two to 5% interest. So half my mortgages are. 12 to 18 years old, you know, they’re 12 plus years old.

Mike: [00:15:16] There’s already been a lot of a pay. Now you have a lot of

Travis: [00:15:18] pay. Now we create, we buy, we take over a loan. It’s 12 years old at 4%. I go owner finance it at a higher percent interest rate. That’s a 30 year loan look at how every year.

That equity spread just continues to grow over time. So that’s, you know, that it’s such a, it’s such a powerful play man on that front.

Mike: [00:15:39] So talk about you you’ve I mean, we’ve known you since you guys were so green, you couldn’t have been more green, ambitious, which was awesome. You guys have a ton of energy, always have.

I remember the very first time we met you, like back back then our coaching program, we, it was online, but we had some physical events you could come to like once a quarter and you guys showed up for your first event. We were like, yeah, we [00:16:00] did our first mailing. It’s dropping while we’re here at this event.

And we didn’t spread it out. We did it all at once. So we’re like, okay. Oh my God. That was a terrible idea. If you remember that, and I’m sure, you know, maybe, or some of your, um, kind of lessons learned for people that, that maybe haven’t been around quite as long as you, or are stuck in one exit strategy.

Um, cause I think. Each time you’ve pivoted, we all do this, right? Like there are times in my business where I’m just like, sheesh and change everything. Or like, sometimes as you go backwards, you just, you know, you just, you have to pivot as an entrepreneur, but share some of the kind of lessons learned big lessons learned with people that might be watching right now.

Travis: [00:16:39] Yeah, well don’t ever drop your mail and not be there if you’re not set up

Mike: [00:16:43] the big mailer and leave town.

Travis: [00:16:45] That’s Def that’s definitely one. I mean, you know, there, there are so many, and I’ll probably I’ll turn this kind of back into marketing, but being like a lot of the things we’ve learned is. It’s patients.

I almost think is one of [00:17:00] the biggest things, because I struggle with those so much is I want everything to happen immediately. I want responses immediately, and I want everybody to perform. I expect the same from everybody that we predict, you know, and the fact is not everybody cares about your baby as much as you do.

So, you know, growing, you know, becoming a dad, becoming, you know, partners and, you know, getting married and all different kinds of things. Like it’s taught me patience in this business and I feel like that’s done me really well is becoming patients with other things. Now let me transition it to something that like really matters to a lot of us that are doing, you know, 10, you know, we’re doing 10 deals a year and we want to get to 20 or 30 or 40 it’s.

You’re a marketing. And that was something that like everybody always said, but I never fully understood it. And I just assumed like, well, I’m buying houses, so yes, I get it that I need to know how to market, but what we’ve been very fortunate to become very good at is through [00:18:00] marketing. And I’ll bring this back to patients is because what we do or marketing.

Yes, we do a ton of deals from text messaging. We do a ton from PPC, and now we have people bringing us deals because I know it will close often. And so wholesalers, as you know, we’re always kind of trying to bring you either an owner finance or something like that. But majority of our deals come from taxi and PPC and mail.

So we have a good, you know, we have a really good form of marketing through that way. And what made us so good at that is literally we’re. We don’t do anything that’s special. We’re just very, very consistent with it. And it never fails. And the point of that being is one, it takes patience to be consistent and to we no longer do it Sandvik or Travis are not in charge of like, yes, Sam does oversee it, but we’re not physically doing it.

Right. We hire companies like investor machine. We have worked with companies. So like, you know, a text messaging company, like launch control or somebody like we’re working with a company to do this [00:19:00] stuff for us. Yes. It costs money, but like, we’re not in charge of the consistency because we suck it.

Mike: [00:19:06] Yeah.

Yeah. And a lot of real estate, a lot of good real estate investors. I’ll, I’ll say this and I don’t say this to alienation anybody, but a lot of people that I surround myself with are that are an investor fuel. Like you guys are tend to be people that are good salesmen. Like you have good sales skills, you’re money motivated, all those things.

And. And marketing is critical, but it kind of falls on the administrative side, which is just not sexy. Right. It’s just not sexy. And the problem with sales guys are guys that are sales oriented, like, like you and me is, um, that if left alone and not like bringing somebody in to do those things, you like have some really good ideas, but you just don’t get to them like, Oh yeah.

I’m thinking about doing that. I’m thinking about doing this and you just like. It’s it’s the path of least resistance to do something other than that. So what happens is, as you look up every once in a while, you’re like, Oh crap, I was supposed to mail, drop a mailer like three weeks ago and I didn’t do it.

So that’s why we created the investor machine, which you’re, you know, you’ve been a part of [00:20:00] too, is just like we’re doing mostly direct mail, a lot of data, a lot of analytics stuff. That’s not sexy stuff that most people don’t want to do. Cause it’s, cause it’s hard work and it’s just not sexy, but it’s critical to the business and it has to just be.

You know, every week, just boom, boom, boom, boom. Nothing sexy about it, but it’s got to happen that way.

Travis: [00:20:19] Yeah. Yeah. And it just makes you, then you’re able to, so once you become good at marketing or figure out the right people to work with, because you have, whenever you’re working with the right people, you gotta be managing it, managing them, manage your P and L you’re able to focus just on the other aspects of your business, right?

Like that’s, you know, Cause a year ago, we were doing, you know, a year and a half. What was it? Year, year and a half ago. Like we were absolutely max out doing three deals a month. There was no way we could handle to do more than that because it took every single ounce of our being to do it. And now today it’s, you know, well, Hey guys, I think in Q1 of 2021, I’d like to do, I’d like to up it to 18 and it’s just a turn of a dial.

Yeah. Now it’s much more difficult than turning the [00:21:00] dial, but it kind of isn’t at the same time, because I was able to put my focus into my disposition management team, my acquisition management team, my, you know, my corporate entity structure of my business for protection, laws and taxes, and like all those things that I never had time to get to.

You know, now we can cause the deal closed. You’re coming in, right. If the deal flow them coming in, now that other stuff matters.

Mike: [00:21:25] That’s the case for scale too, when you’re doing a couple of deals a month and you know, a lot of people are doing a deal a month, two, maybe three. Honestly, if you’re doing a dealer two a month, you can’t afford a team.

You can’t afford to outsource as much, or at least that’s in our mind. So we just keep like, well, I’ll do it. I’ll do it. I’ll do it. I’ll manage the rehab. I’ll take the calls. I’ll be the acquisitions person. The problem is you have a job, right? You just can’t get out of that. So until you, that’s the key.

Once you get up to three to five days as a month, now it makes sense to hire an acquisitions person, admin or two, and I’ll start to outsource some stuff. And then you can really be an owner. You can start to [00:22:00] like. Do what owners do and basically manage people instead of, instead of, you know, bottle washing and toilets and going to take realtor signs out of yards or putting lock boxes on doors.

It’s just, you can’t scale your time

Travis: [00:22:14] that way. Yeah. Yeah. And you got, you know, like something that was really hard for me to figure out was like, cause I’ve seen, you know, an investor fueled, there are so many just huge players that were always around us. And like, I never knew like how do you hire those people to do it?

I was like, how are you paying somebody? You know, a salary of X, Y, Z a month. And it’s like, You can there’s, you know, and I’ve seen it, you do this, I’ve seen so many other parts profile guys and powerful guys do it is like there it’s so easy, easy to build somebody into a transaction and have them and do it that way.

You’re not just taking thousand thousand dollars or $500 out of your pocket. You were able to build them into a transition action. So like somebody, if you’re hovering around that and you note, you know, I know you need help. Cause I was right there, like. Figure out donut, like don’t get stuck in like, well, I [00:23:00] can’t hire them.

I can’t hire him. He can’t pay him, like, figure out how to pay, then include them in the transaction and pay them once it’s completed. Like you do your acquisition guy or in my case, on my owner finance, like I put my charges just to do that deal on the hood when I sell it. So they’re painted on the back end and that all gets paid for my team.

So like they’re that new buyer is paying my team and like, you’re able to fig we just did that like two months ago, you know, like we weren’t able to do that before and you just thought of it. Yeah. So there’s always a way to figure it out. Yeah,

Mike: [00:23:31] that’s awesome. Well, Travis, if, um, if anybody would to connect with you, they appreciate you joining us today, buddy.

Always good to see you. We talk all the time, but I don’t really see you, right?

Travis: [00:23:41] Yeah.

Mike: [00:23:42] So, um, for, I just wanted to connect with you guys or follow you guys along. I know you, you kind of have a real estate club down in, down in Athens, Georgia area and all sorts of stuff going on, but they connected to you guys at.

Travis: [00:23:54] Yeah, I’d say so. I mean, we’re, we’re a little bit of everywhere. I’m having trouble with Facebook right now, [00:24:00] myself, Facebook, jail. I mean, Facebook jail. So I know I’m doing some rights stuff I got in Facebook jail, but I’d say probably one of the best spots is, you know, we really started to create a community called like zero gravity REI.

Um, so that’s a really good spot. Vic does a lot with that and, you know, kind of shows others how, you know, they can use their self directed IRAs or kind of the private money aspect of the business. But, you know, if, if it’s somebody that wants to get in touch with us, you know, more directed on the investing side that just puts us in touch.

Mike: [00:24:28] Cool. That’s it? That’s that’s a Facebook page or group.

Travis: [00:24:31] Yeah, it’s a Facebook page. It’s a website. There’s multiple other places.

Mike: [00:24:37] We’ll add a link down below in the show notes here. So

Travis: [00:24:39] yeah. Yeah, man,

Mike: [00:24:43] always appreciate you. Excited to watch you guys grow. I honestly, as a coach and you guys, I don’t, again, I told you this, I don’t want to take any credit for anything you guys have done because you guys have done amazing things.

I’m glad we were a little bit of a catalyst in the beginning, but as somebody that’s coached for a long time, you know, not [00:25:00] everybody has that level of success. As you know that everybody watching this knows there’s a lot of people that just don’t want it bad enough. And you guys did. And as somebody that was there at the beginning, I get a lot of joy out of seeing some success stories and you guys are definitely one of them.

And so I appreciate it. All that you’ve done. Even again, I’m not trying to take any credit for anything, but it’s just awesome to see that transformation because, um, you know, they’re not as, they’re not as common. Yeah. I would like, even though I’ve coached a lot of people and I’ve coached a lot of successful people, but, um, there are few and far between the ones that really take it to a whole nother level.

Like you guys have.

Travis: [00:25:30] Yeah, man. Well, I appreciate you saying that, you know, you, you might not claim any of it, but you definitely get a lot of the credits. So I appreciate it, man. And thanks for the time today, man. It’s great.

Mike: [00:25:39] We will talk again soon, everybody, if you, if you haven’t yet, right now we’re recording.

If you’re, if you’re watching this live, you know that we have the professional real estate investor network, Facebook group, we only allow accomplished investors in your people that are actually doing deals. Uh, Every month. And so if you haven’t yet joined the group and you’re listening to this on iTunes students or YouTube, or somewhere after the fact, if you go to [00:26:00] flipnerd.com/pro you’ll get access, that’ll basically redirect you to our professional real estate investor network, Facebook group.

And we’ve got a lot of great things in store. A lot of good, good content in the group. It’s going to be a small group. We have a few hundred people. Now we might get up to a few thousand. It’s never going to be a hundred thousand people, uh, because we’re not letting just anybody in here. We want to qualify you and make sure that you’re a good fit.

So go check out, uh, the group flipping.com/. Pro. I almost forgot it, actually. I’m sorry. It might be flipper.com/professional. It’s one of those two. I should know that we’ll add a link down below in the show notes. If you’re watching this on flippant or.com, so appreciate your drive. It’s good to see you

Travis: [00:26:39] there.

See you guys.

Mike: [00:26:40] Everybody take care. We’ll see you soon.

Travis: [00:26:42] Alright,

Mike: [00:26:43] thanks for joining me. On today’s episode, there are three ways I help successful real estate investors take their businesses and their lives to the next level. First. If you’re in search of a community of successful real estate investors that help one another.

Take their businesses to the next level [00:27:00] and a life changing community of life long France. Please learn more about my investor fuel real estate mastermind by visiting investor fuel.com. If you’d like a cutting edge solution for the very best done for youth lead generation on the planet where we’re handling the lead generation for many of America’s top real estate investors, please learn [email protected].


And lastly, if you’re interested in a free online community of professional real estate investors, it isn’t full of spam solicitations and newbie questions. Please join my free professional real estate investor Facebook group by visiting  dot com slash professional. [00:28:00]


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