What’s up, everyone! Hey, I’m Mike Hambright from FlipNerd.com and I recently hosted an online event for members of my Professional Real Estate Investor Facebook Group, which you can access by visiting FlipNerd.com/professional. It’s only for professionals, not the new folks. I wanted to shares this amazing event that we call the freedom series with eight industry legends. Today’s episode is with April Crossley.

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[00:00:00] Mike: [00:00:00] What’s up everyone. Hey Mike, Cambray from flipnerd.com. I recently hosted an online event for members of my professional real estate investor Facebook group, which you can access by visiting flipper.com/professional. It’s only for professionals, not new folks, but wanted to share this with everybody. And today I wanted to share, um, this amazing event.

That we call the freedom series with eight industry legends. Today’s episode is with April Crossley. So everyone, Hey, next up, we’re going to bring in the one and only ms. April Crossley, April. I’m going to bring you up here in just a second. Hello? How’s it going? I can’t hear you. Nope, you might. Let me see if I can unmute you.

Yeah, try now. Say something April. There you go. Yeah, you’re on. You’re on. Awesome. Everybody. Next up

April: [00:00:54] we have April

Mike: [00:00:54] cross, April. Great to see you as always [00:01:00] might have a little bit of a delay there. Can you hear me

April: [00:01:02] April? Yep. I got you. There was a little bit of delay, but I think it’s good now.

Mike: [00:01:06] Okay. Okay. Okay.

Good. Good. Uh, guys, April is, I’m going to have April introduce herself here in just a second, but for those of you that joined us, like not from the very beginning, just to kind of tee up again. What we’re talking about here is mainly we’re talking about freedom. I brought a bunch of my friends in that are experts in different areas, all real estate investors, but, uh, April for example, strengthened raising private money.

And she has a soft spot in her heart for helping people and a lot of things like that. So it’s going to be great here. And I always love bringing in the female. Um, Investors because we’re so guy dominated and the truth is, is the women are just smarter. Like, let’s be honest. So I asked you to Sean Thomas with podcasts here.

I listened to it yesterday. I was like, Oh, my wife is just awesome, but she just generally doesn’t show up. She just like stays behind the scenes. So, uh, glad you’re here, but guys, we’re talking about freedom today. How to get more freedom in your life as real estate investors are making more money, it could be, you know, getting your time back [00:02:00] could be all of the above.

Right. I just wanted to share a different perspective. So yeah, I’ll be thinking of your questions for April. Please help me give them or give her a warm welcome April. Why don’t you just take a minute and. Introduce yourself. Tell us a little bit about you

April: [00:02:12] or I’m a real estate investor in Berks County, Pennsylvania, which is just outside Philadelphia.

So I flip houses here and wholesale, um, do some private money lending, um, buy small multifamily apartment buildings, and we’re currently looking to buy some bigger stuff and get into development. So, um, have some bigger goals, but that’s. That’s pretty much it,

Mike: [00:02:36] we all do. Right. You start off, it’s like monopoly, you start off with little greenhouses that eventually are the bigger red ones and, you know, monopoly board doesn’t have the ones as big.


April: [00:02:46] exactly.

Mike: [00:02:48] You’re kind of starting off here, guys. I want you to, um, chat to some questions about raising money or anything, if you know, April, anything that you’ve wanted to ask her would be great. One thing I want to start off with April is, uh, we’re, we’re coming up here on the 4th of July. [00:03:00] You know, we all think about freedom.

Our country is weird right now, weirder than it’s probably been from this. Even if your life is fairly normal or you just kind of feels like we’re in this fog of just Ramirez, but what does freedom mean to you? So

April: [00:03:14] to me, freedom’s the reason I got into this. Like, I didn’t want to have to ask a boss when I wanted to take vacation.

I didn’t want to have someone dictating my schedule to, to, to me freedoms being, being able to do whatever I want whenever I want. And if I want to shift gears and create different things, I love to create different businesses. And, you know, just that whole entrepreneurial I’m always flooded with ideas. I want to have the ability to do that.

I don’t want to be, um, like strapped for cash and not able to take a time out to do those things in my life. So to me, Just doing what I want when I want, from where I want basically

Mike: [00:03:51] you and like a lot of us like meets you, you, you had a, you had a job prior to this. You were a nurse, right?

April: [00:03:56] Yeah. For like for 13 years.

Yeah. Yup.

[00:04:00] Mike: [00:03:59] Yeah. That’s awesome. And then, you know, you probably, as a nurse, I’m guessing you, you miss some aspects of it, but there’s a bunch that like the J the kind of formal part of it being, working for somebody else as a part, you don’t.

April: [00:04:11] Yeah. He couldn’t pay me to go back. I thought I would miss the, uh, The fulfillment of helping people until I got deeper into buying houses from people in distress.

And then I was like, Oh yeah, no same thing. I’m just helping people, but making my own hours. So, yeah.

Mike: [00:04:29] Yeah. So you’ve been around for a little while here. I mean, w. How do you think people that are watching this right now? And, you know, we just formed this group here, the professional real estate investor network.

My goal really was, you know, we’ve got investor fuel and I get your vest or fuel shirt on. And you’re a member of the fuel family. We love that. So we have this group that is limited to people that are willing to make some investments in themselves, willing to come to events, do all those things. But I know that there’s a lot of people out there that aren’t there yet or not ready for it yet.

And we want to try to, uh, you know, Build relationships and help those people too. A [00:05:00] lot of people on here, everybody on here are professional real estate investors. We generally are asking them how many deals you’re doing. And if you say I’m just getting started or you’re doing less than 10 deals or whatever, like we don’t, we don’t a lot of people into the group.

So you should be talking mostly here to professional real estate investors, people that are probably focused on this full time doing at least a deal a month, maybe a year, but, and you’re basically, and your experience, you know, a lot of people, how do people get more? Freedom in their lives, even if they’re already real estate investors.

April: [00:05:26] So for me, and that’s a great question because when I transitioned at a health care, I was like, Oh, now I run my real estate investment business full time. This is amazing. I make my own schedule. I worked harder than I ever worked before in healthcare. So. Right before. And I’ve told you this story, but I’ll tell it for everyone else.

Right before I found investor fuel, I was sitting at lunch with a fellow investor who was more accomplished than me. And I would say it’s like, I’m going to quit because I, it had more of a life when I was working in healthcare. I’m working nonstop and I don’t understand how people [00:06:00] are. Growing this and doing this with, and actually have a life.

Like I have less freedom now than what I had before, so great. I can say, Oh, I work for myself, but I’m working like a dog. I’m like, this is not what I wanted. I’m second guessing everything I need to get out of this. And she was like, Oh, this sounds like you really need to like talk to Mike Hambright. Yeah.

I don’t know. I’ve never heard of you before. So she, she listens to your podcast. She’s not been a part of investor fuel, but she loves your podcast. So flipping her podcast. So I was like, wait a minute, check this guy out. So I started and, uh, Well, the first time I came to fuel and just like got around people who, same thing I was doing, I had a 16 your business, but it was killing me, sucking the life out of me.

So I was like, I got around other people and just the ideas and things they were saying. I was like, wow, I need to [00:07:00] be doing that. That’s going to make my life so much easier. I can systematize this. I can do that. It really just streamlined everything and was a complete. Game changer for me. Complete game changer.


Mike: [00:07:10] Yeah. If you look at a lot of us have read, you know, most, a lot of us have read rich dad, poor dad, and he talks about it more clearly in a book called the cashflow quadrant, which is kind of the four quadrants for all people. You’re in the upper left as an EA. You’re an employee as soon as you’re self employed.

And then on the right hand side, you’re a business owner or you’re an investor and investor meaning. You know, a business owner, meaning I have systems and processes and employees that handle a lot of the work, but I still need to run it. The investor side is I invest my money and I don’t do it. Yeah.

Anything like funny works for me. Right. That’s where we all aspire to get. And I will say I have some investments in the eyes. I have a bunch of different businesses. There are definitely some that I. Feel like I’m an employee of the self employed, like I’m yeah, I’m the guy I’ve got to do it all. And I have some that are business you.

So you’re constantly trying to shift from kind of, I guess, [00:08:00] left to right. To get to that, that column. And that’s what we talked about earlier with Roddy too, was, you know, how do you, you need to kind of scale your business. So you have resources to take your business to the next level, which is. Now I can hire somebody or you like you did you partner with somebody, you find ways to like, get more resources in the business, so you’re not doing everything right.

April: [00:08:20] Exactly. And

Mike: [00:08:21] that’s, I can’t think that’s kind of the answer here is how you get more freedom in your life as you scale the business, to the point to where you can start to pull back, right?

April: [00:08:29] Yes, exactly. Exactly. And for me that meant, I mean, literally the first meeting I sat in there muster fuel and I was like, Oh, my gosh, why am I not partnered up with this person in my market?

And it literally clicked like that and I need it. We flew back and basically stopped her and was like, we got a partner up because I want to scale. And I want you to succeed because you’re amazing. And like, let’s do this. And it completely, I have time to do things now that I never would have had the time to do ever.

Mike: [00:08:59] Right. [00:09:00] Yeah. We got a question, uh, that came up a couple months ago asking about private money and it was one of the things you talk about a lot. And so it was, what’s the key thing you look for? How do you, I guess maybe it looks like how do you qualify and disqualify? Uh, people that you lend to.

April: [00:09:16] Yeah. So for me, it’s very relationship based.

Like typically I have to know them and know they’ve had a successful business and they have systems in place or I’ve met them through my meetup group. But the first time I lend to somebody we’ll do a credit check. We’ll do a background check. Um, we’ll look at their personal financial statement. Um, We kind of put them through the ringer pretty much.

And if they don’t qualify based on those things, then we offer be joint venture with them. Um, we also screen things like their contractor or how long have they been working with their contractor? Because obviously I’m sure you heard it from the last speaker. That’s a huge, everyone thinks the money is the hurdle and it is not, um, For most people, it’s the [00:10:00] contractors.

So how long have you been working with your contractor or do you have a project management system in place? We look for all kinds of stuff. Yeah. Yeah.

Mike: [00:10:09] And so if you guys have a. Some more questions on private lending. We can talk about that from maybe I’ll, I’ll kind of give a question that I’m sure that somebody here has is about raising money, right?

And so you’re not generally lending your own money or if maybe sometimes you are, but most people that are lending money or borrowing it from somebody else or, or I know you do a lot of connecting people along the way, but maybe talk a little bit about kind of raising money. Let’s let’s start, start there and go there.

So raise money from, um, No other private sources, I guess.

April: [00:10:41] Yeah. I don’t broker any money, so I lend my money directly right now, but I do, um, sometimes connect people and, um, As far as raising money, I’ve done a lot of marketing campaigns. And I know we’ve talked about this and investor fuel a lot and we’ll talk about it again at the million dollar meeting.

[00:11:00] Um, I do a lot of marketing campaigns to people that have IRAs to people that have interest in investing in real estate to people that are small business owners, not asking them for money, just inviting them to a webinar or coffee. I do onsite rehab project meetings, where I invite people to come in and my area and see my rehab projects.

And that always gets me private lenders. Cause people are like, I want to rehab houses and just cause they have money. But then you start telling about all the contractor headaches and they’re like, no, I don’t want to rehab houses. I just want to make money. Right. So that’s gotten me a lot of private lenders, so I actively raise money just like I actively look for deals.

Same thing. Yeah.

Mike: [00:11:36] Yeah. When I you’ve heard me talk about this before I used to do these things called rehab live and I did it to find students and people to JV with and things like that. I would bring them to a house and watch me rehab a house. And we would, I would just find a house that was like, The worst.

Like, you know, if I was rehabbing several house right now, like which one is the worst, it’s gonna have the biggest transformation. Cause people like to watch that you guys this. Cause I think this is a good [00:12:00] tactic is just like April said, use the platform you already have, which is deals, right? Your, your, your platform is the deals you’re doing.

People are interested in that people. Think we’re interesting. Sometimes we’re not that interesting, but we are right. Or the, what we’re doing is interesting. At least I would have people come and they would be like, Oh, why’d you do that? Or how’d you do that? Or what contractor did you use for this? Or, you know, why did you choose these colors?

Or why did you see unconverted garage or whatever it might be right about it. And it’s just like gives you credibility. And I was never raising money because at those events, cause I, I had some bank access and I had a private lender that had a lot of, uh, enough, enough money for me to, to keep me busy.

And uh, but people would always ask like, are you looking for somebody to lend money? Cause I, you know, same thing you said is like, I’m interested in this. And I think when you educate people, when you show people, you’re going to find everybody, people that want to JV with you, people that want to lend money, people that might want to borrow money, people that could bring you a deal and you could JV on it.

So things, right. Just, it’s just doing what you do, but [00:13:00] doing it in a way to where you have this eye for, how do I help people and teach in the process? Yeah. A lot of things along the way.

April: [00:13:06] Yeah, for sure.

Mike: [00:13:08] You’ve been around a lot of, uh, investors and stuff. What do you think differentiates those that are successful and kind of have that freedom in their life from those that don’t.

April: [00:13:18] So I can speak for myself and with differentiated that for me, I think success is diff means different things to different people. So for some people they love being hands on in their business. That’s why they’re in this business is to work on houses and be in the business. I know this business so I can go live in Arizona and not be involved at all.

So, um, To them, that success, if they’re making money and they’re still working in their business, they’re okay with that. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I believe in like following what you’re passionate about for me. Even when I felt like I was successful, I was miserable. So the difference between when I was miserable and why am I doing this [00:14:00] business to now where I’m like, let’s keep growing before.

I would have never been like, let’s keep growing because I hated it now. I’m like, let’s keep growing. And what got me there was just being around people that helped me think bigger. I don’t naturally think bigger. I read books, I’m thinking bigger, but I have to be around people that think bigger and are good at things I’m not good at like putting systems in place and looking at tedious KPIs and stuff like that.

I have to be around people that are like that, that make me,

Mike: [00:14:34] it stretches you. Right. You start to say. Wow. You know, you know, not to say anything bad about it. I mean, like if that guy can do it, yeah,

April: [00:14:42] I can do it.

Mike: [00:14:44] I want you guys that are listening right now, too. You know, first off, keep, keep your questions coming in.

We’d love to have some dialogue here, but I want you to hear one of the things that April just said, and I felt this way before, too, by most measurements, you were a success at some point, and probably some of you guys felt this way. Before, too, like [00:15:00] if it’s your family member, you should have brother-in-law or somebody else that like, they think you’re successful, but you’re like, man, I just don’t feel like it.

Like, I just feel like there’s always an asterisk next to what we do. Right. And it’s so easy on social media. Yeah. To, you know, I think that somebody is crushing it, but I can tell you I’ve known some, you know, big name, real estate investors, people that you guys know that. On the outside. And I’m not saying that they were lying, but the perception is that they’re crushing it.

And I happened to know that, you know, they’re having some problems, it could be financial problems. It could be like their marriage is falling apart. It could be a lot of things. And so as we talk about freedom here, guys, I think it would be not serving you. If we didn’t say that you have to like, don’t define what freedom is.

Even though we have people talking about it here, define what it is for you. And that would be just like what went wrong, but something went wrong. So we’ll get everybody back in here just a second, but let’s go ahead and, uh, uh, just continue. Hopefully some folks will. I want to make sure we’re actually live in the [00:16:00] group.

If you guys can hear us, if somebody can hear us, let us know here. Sorry about that. I don’t know what happened. It was just like the internet just cut off. Probably

April: [00:16:08] it just sat on my side. Facebook stopped the long life. I’m not sure why.

Mike: [00:16:15] Yeah. Well, if you guys can, um, just wanna make sure that somebody can hear us here.

So just chat in when you get a chance to let us know. Okay. It looks like, sorry for that guys. Uh, Technology, unfortunately. So what I was saying there was that, um, you know, a lot of, a lot of times we look on social media and we see the best side of somebody’s life or the best side of something. We don’t see the negatives with that.

And I think, you know, at the end of the day, um, just tough. It’s hard to tune that stuff out, but you just have to know. And at the end of the day, what matters most is you and your family? And if you’re hitting your goals, if you’re living the life you want to live. Right.

April: [00:16:55] Yup. Being, just being well-balanced.

I mean, the last time Trevor [00:17:00] spoke, I can’t remember if that was an added investor fuel or, or what that was foreign. He was just talking about the 700.

Mike: [00:17:06] Yeah. That was at our last meeting that was virtual meeting, you know?

April: [00:17:11] And it’s just like having balance and like faith, family, friends, finances. And I just was like writing that down on my whiteboard right in front of my face in my office.

And like, if, if you’re well balanced and happy that you are successful and fulfilled and that’s what matters, that’s not like a dollar amount or something like that.

Mike: [00:17:30] So it’s not all of, it’s clearly not all about money. I mean, I think the problem is when you make it all about money, like. There’s never enough.

Like you will chase it forever. And I, and I think a lot of us are probably guilty of chasing stuff. You get in the habit of like chasing and stuff for chasing just it’s like the game. Right. But it’s like, and I do it sometimes too. I’m like in my business, I’m like, man, why do I create a lot of content?

I’m like, Whoa, we’ve got a lot of content. Like, what is this all for? Like, why are we doing this? Is it really helping people? Or. Does [00:18:00] it benefit our business or whatever it is. And I think even if it’s in the real estate space, sometimes people would probably a lot of people that are watching this you’ll feel this way every once in a while.

Wow. Is that I’m doing a lot of stuff and now I’m just doing it because I’ve always done it, but I’m okay. You have to question. Is that even productive? Is it helping anybody? Is it helping you if you’re doing that? You know, would it even impact your business negatively? Sometimes it’s like, no, just it’s not even helping us.

So why are we even,

April: [00:18:27] yeah.

Mike: [00:18:28] Awesome. April. We’ve got a little more time here. Sorry we got cut off here. Um, if you can guys, for some of you that are bouncing back in, if you didn’t yet share, you know, share chat down below and just share like what freedom means to you. And any questions you have on, uh, on lending for April or anything else she’s, you know, I think one of the, one of the questions I want to ask you April is how do you think this business is different as a female versus a male it’s a very male dominated [00:19:00] industry.

Um, maybe you kind of share your thoughts, give us the woman’s perspective or your perspective on this industry.

April: [00:19:05] That’s really interesting. I think we definitely have different hurdles and not to keep going back to the contractor thing, but yeah. Um, people definitely don’t take you seriously when you’re on a flip project and contractors are saying to you check with your husband and let me know.

And I’m like, my husband does, you’re not buying this really, um, hurdles like that, which is okay. You just. I’m very much the type that I just stay quiet and I we’ll prove myself. And it doesn’t matter what people think. I think people are just a little more dismissive of you when you’re a female in this business.

They don’t take you as seriously. Brokers, contractors, everyone. Um, and I know as females, just from field female real estate investment groups, on the end, we tend to reach out to female brokers, female mortgage brokers, because they will take us seriously. Um, Yeah, so [00:20:00] we definitely just have. So work hard,

Mike: [00:20:02] improve yourself.

Yeah. Interesting. I know, I think I, I honestly believe you have a leg up when talking to sellers. I think

April: [00:20:09] that I do believe. Yes.

Mike: [00:20:11] Yeah. Yeah. Your thoughts on that for like the guys that are listening right now that maybe have their wife involved in the business or don’t for some

April: [00:20:19] reason, Well, I can tell you if you put your wife’s picture on the letter, you’re going to get a way higher response rate than if you just put your mug on the left.

You know, it’s like, that’s just the way it is. People. Females tend to be more empathetic with people and better listener and, um, more caring just in general. So, um, and people tend to respond better when they see a female picture on a letter. And I. I, this isn’t just like my thoughts. I mean, I’ve literally had sellers say to me, I had you come out and this other guy, but selling to you because you’re female.

I’m like they say it like they made us the same offer, but you’re female. So I’m selling it to you. Cause I like you [00:21:00] better. It’s it just is what it is. It definitely think it gives you a leg up on sellers. They’re more, they’re not as skeptical. They don’t see you as scammy. As much as they would a male.

Mike: [00:21:10] That’s correct. I mean, it’s sad if you’re a male, I was gonna say it’s sad. Well, it’s not sad if you’re, you know, the truth is I think that if you’re, if you’re a guy and they’re talking to multiple people, like sometimes they’re just more intimidated by guys, especially if you’re older. An older seller or somebody else that might be intimidated.

And so, yeah, a lot of the, even males, a lot of the best, the males that I know are not pushy. They’re just like, you just basically mirror that person and try to get comfortable and make sure they feel comfortable with you. You gotta to be very much aware of, of those things. And if you’re just like this, you know, a big like abrasive, like dude, then.


April: [00:21:49] that’s gonna work. Yeah.

Mike: [00:21:53] Awesome. So we’ve got a few questions here, uh, April. So all these people at the same way, what freedom [00:22:00] means to them. Awesome. So what, what do you think, you know, we’re in this, uh, this, uh, what do you think kind of what’s I guess what’s the best piece of advice you can give to people based on your experiences, those, you know, like how they can, um, How they can get more freedom in their life.

And that’s kind of defined as how do you ultimately probably scale your business to a point where you can pull yourself out a little bit. And not that you’re perfect at it? Not that I am like, we’re all kind of constantly learning, but we have to learn from, so what’s some things you can do.

April: [00:22:28] So I, number one, and I think anyone would say this is just getting around people that are already there.

Like when I meet flippers that run huge flip businesses and they’re, they’re so happy. I’m like, how are you so happy? How do you have time to go on vacation so much? How do you spend some time with your kids? How are you doing that? And getting around those people, which I think is what ultimately it muster fields did for me was it opened my eyes to that.

This is possible. Um, Yeah, I think that’s number one. So for me, it was first getting in a room with those people and being around those people and believing that you can [00:23:00] actually run your business and own it and not be involved in it. And I would have never thought that before, and this is a little maybe unconventional advice, but even after I joined investor fuel, And started getting myself out of my business.

I left and went to Harvard for three months in the winter. It’s where we live in the winter. And now I tell everybody we want to see if you’re really hands off when your business go away, go live in the desert for three months, get, go to the other side of the country for three months and you’ll see how much you were really out of your business.

Cause even when you think you’re out of it, I went away for three months and I came back and I was like, wow, I have to fix this, this and this because it’s not running without me. Like if I disappear tomorrow and I’m in a desert with no reception, will things keep cranking and will I keep getting money in my bank account?

And if I have to be here to sign checks, deposit checks, sign tax forms, do this, do that. That’s not the case. And that’s the level of freedom I’m after. [00:24:00] So going away for three months really helped put that into perspective. Where

Mike: [00:24:03] are you going? Are you going back this winter?

April: [00:24:05] So we are actually selling our house this winter and we’re going away for a year.

We’re going to go travel the country for a year.

Mike: [00:24:13] I said that to my wife, Lindsey on Sunday, we’re actually renting an RV, this, uh, holiday 4th of July weekend. Well, again, we were only going the way, like an hour and a half, just like a little getaway. Cause we were like, you know what? I just feel like we’re like stuck in this rut of just like our daily life.

I mean, you know, again, by most, I can’t complain like our life is, but it’s like, I just, I need like a shot in the arm. We need something. I was like, let’s go buy a motor coach and leave for a year. She’s like, what? Like let’s do it in like as soon as investor fuels over the first week of August and we’re gone, honestly, I’ll be honest with you.

I don’t want to like tee anything up. I’ll say. There was about an 85% chance that we are going to do it. And so my son is about to go to eighth grade. So that’s our main issue is we still have, we’re going to have to like homeschool and homeschool in any [00:25:00] way. So, I mean,

April: [00:25:01] what’s the difference.

Mike: [00:25:03] I ended up in Phoenix for probably a month during the winter time.


April: [00:25:07] you’ll be so close to me. Yeah. Yeah. We’re going to just go and leave and the same thing, we just kind of feel like, ah, we’re kind of in a rut and I just, we have the opportunity and yeah. Yeah. You know, we’re just going to go. And I feel like when you, when you see like such beautiful things all over the country and you’re traveling it invigorates you and really gets the creative juices flowing, like when I’m out hiking in the middle of the desert in Arizona, and I’m at such peace creatively, I really start to think of things to improve my business or create more businesses.

So it, it really it’s two fold. I mean, it’s awesome to be able to do it, but also really helps you as an entrepreneur. Yeah, for sure.

Mike: [00:25:49] No doubt. No doubt. So, um, so April definitely appreciate you joining today. Sorry. We had a little hiccup there in the middle. Yeah. And in speaking of, uh, of, um, scaling we’ve mr.

Jerry Green to [00:26:00] just came into the room in the back, so,

April: [00:26:02] Oh, you guys are gonna love him.

Mike: [00:26:04] Amazing. So April will, uh, great to see you as always everybody make sure you show April a little love here. We appreciate you. Hey, if folks want to follow along, I know you create a ton of content as well. Where can they go to.

I’ll follow along with you.

April: [00:26:16] Yeah. On YouTube. Just look up April Crossley on YouTube or lazy girl REI on YouTube and my YouTube channel will come up. That’s the best way to, to get in touch with me and see more content.

Mike: [00:26:27] Awesome. Awesome. We’ll get it down in the comments or so April. Great to see ya.

April: [00:26:32] Thank you.

Good to see you too. Have a good day, everyone.

Mike: [00:26:34] We’ll see you soon. Okay. Bye. Bye. Hey, I hope you enjoyed our freedom series, which includes eight shows with eight wanted real estate industry legends. How can we work more together? I hope real estate investors in a few different ways. I’d love to help you get to know you better.

And here’s how I run the investor fuel mastermind. It is a leading mastermind association of America’s top real estate investors. You can learn more about [00:27:00] [email protected] In fact, our next meeting is coming up very fast. If you go to investor field.com, you can learn more. Schedule a call to talk with our team.

The second way is I help estate investors generate better leads. I’m a cofounder of an agency that we call the investor machine. You can learn more at the investor machine, right.com. We help take a consistent that high quality lead generation off of your plate. So you can focus well, getting more of your life and driving the business.

The third way is I have a professional real estate investor network group. It’s a free Facebook group for professional real estate investors. Only, not for newbies, have a soft spot in my heart for newbies as well. And I’ll talk about that in a second. Okay. But if you’re experienced, if you’re actually doing deals each and every month, you should check out our professional real estate investor network.

By going to flip their.com/professional. That’ll redirect you to the right Facebook group. And last but not least for the past, almost seven years, we’ve created over 1500 video podcast shows, hundreds of [00:28:00] blogs live so free training all on flipnerd.com. You can go there and check it out.


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