What’s up, everyone! Hey, I’m Mike Hambright from FlipNerd.com and I recently hosted an online event for members of my Professional Real Estate Investor Facebook Group, which you can access by visiting FlipNerd.com/professional. It’s only for professionals, not the new folks. I wanted to shares this amazing event that we call the freedom series with eight industry legends. Today’s episode is with Pace Morby.

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[00:00:00] Pace: [00:00:00] What’s up everyone. Hey

Mike: [00:00:01] Mike, Cambray from flipnerd.com. I recently hosted an online event for members of my professional real estate investor Facebook group, which you can access by visiting flipper.com/professional. It’s only for professionals, not new folks, but wanted to share this with everybody. And today I wanted to share, um, this amazing event.

That we call the freedom series with eight industry legends today’s episode is with pace more B so for those. So now what’s up, buddy? How are you? Can you hear me,

Pace: [00:00:33] bro? I think it’s funny that you have to apologize to me. You had to send me a link four minutes ago. You’re the freaking man. Thank you.

Mike: [00:00:40] No, no worries.

So, uh, so guys, uh, next time we have a pace, more viewers joining us and, uh, paces of the rocks are, we’ve actually known each other for a long time. Really kind of got, uh, got started talking a little bit more frequently here in the past, I guess, six or eight months. Um, so I was always kind of, it’s good to rekindle those relationships.

You’ve been on fire, helping a ton of people, which is really amazing. My [00:01:00] friend.

Pace: [00:01:00] Thank you brother. You’ve been I’m following your path in a lot of ways. You, you led the charge and, um, some other avenues we won’t talk about, cause it’s not the topic of the day, but you’ve been somebody I’ve looked up to for years and years, and it’s been a blessing to become your friend.

So thanks for

Mike: [00:01:16] kind words. I can, I can show you all the arrow wounds in my back and I hope my hope is that you’ll accumulate less over time. So you know what, I’m here for you. So I’m. So

Pace: [00:01:27] the pace, what we’re talking about here today

Mike: [00:01:28] is a freedom, right? This is kind of put together an event to have right before the 4th of July.

And I kind of said this yesterday, for those that are watching again, is that honestly? Yeah, I think my favorite holidays are the year, our Thanksgiving and 4th of July. And the reason is, is it’s not about gifts. It’s not about anything. I just, the time to reflect and be grateful for what we have. Right.

And as in America, our country is. Lack right now. Right. Crazy. But we have so much to be thankful for still. And I believe our best days are ahead of us, all of us, [00:02:00] for sure. And so it’s an amazing time to kind of look back and appreciate the freedoms that this industry has given to us and that this only this country could have given to us.

Right. So, and of course we have a real estate theme here because we’re all real estate investors. And so, um, maybe you can share what, uh, what freedom means to you. And by the way, I want to ask people that are watching right now. If you have an answer just yet chat that in the comments, what does freedom mean to you or what is real estate investing done for you to give you more freedom, but pay?

So let me go ahead and ask you that too.

Pace: [00:02:28] Um, you know, it’s interesting, so I’m big on Instagram. Um, I love Instagram. I’ve been doing it really heavy for about eight years. So anybody that follows me knows I’m pre I’m posting 15 to 20 stories a day, and I’ve been doing that for a long time, just because I liked documented my journey.

I like talking about little, every little thing I do along the way. And today I posted, um, you know, just kind of planning out my day. I go, Hey guys, I’m leaving for a three month trip. And before I leave, I want to throw a big taco party in our parking lot of our office. Let me know if anybody wants [00:03:00] to come.

And one of my, um, people that follow me, they go, you don’t realize how big of a flex that is, that you can choose to leave for three months. Literally. I was going to leave Friday. It’s it’s really weird that you chose to do this right now. I was going to leave Friday, but then my, I needed a piece for my RV.

I just bought an Airstream, um,

Mike: [00:03:22] this weekend. That’s interesting.

Pace: [00:03:24] Yeah. Yeah. Brand new Airstream right off the lot. And, um, Taking it around the country. I’m going to 45 cities in 60 or 90 days. We’re going to 45 cities in 90 days. And I don’t have to worry about my wholesale business, my fix and flip business for my subject to business, where I buy a lot of my rentals.

I have systems in place. Real estate has allowed me to do so many things. And make enough money that I don’t have to worry about really anything for the next three months. Then I come home for a month and then I leave for another six months. And I do that all because of real [00:04:00] estate.

Mike: [00:04:00] Yeah. That’s amazing.

Pace: [00:04:01] And I’m taking my wife and kids with me, man.

Mike: [00:04:03] That’s amazing. So I’ll tell you, uh, we we’ve had the RV bug for a couple of years, a little hard with kids, but we only have one who’s about to turn 13 in a couple of weeks. Um, so last week and I felt like. It’s just a weird time, right? So I’m like, you know what?

I just need to change a pace. We’ve talked about like, Hey, when my son goes off to college, assuming he’s gonna go off to college or do something different when he graduates from high school, at least we’re like, well, we’ll take a, let’s just take a year long RV trip. And so we’ve always, we’ve talked about that for a couple of years.

And on Sunday I said to my wife, Let’s get a motor coach and leave for a year. Like let’s literally just go in the next couple of weeks and just go. And so, you know, we’re about okay, 95% going to do it. So we’re gonna, we’re going to have to hook up at an RV park somewhere along the way, by the way, I know we’re coming, we’re probably come to Phoenix for a while in the winter, but, um, yeah, we’re doing the same thing.

Like, you know, our businesses are such now that we can run it from anywhere. If I have a cell phone and a laptop I’m in business and I feel like it’s gonna force me to be more, uh, [00:05:00] It’s going to force me to enjoy things in life more because sometimes I get stuck in this rut of just like office home office on my office is a mile and half from my house.

I pretty much go back and forth, you know? And, uh, it’s going to force me to enjoy some things in life that I take for granted.

Pace: [00:05:14] I like that. I like the thought process of forcing yourself to do something because when you’re a high driver, like you like me and a lot of the people you have on the show, it’s hard for you to choose to take any time because you feel like there’s always more opportunity tomorrow.

You realize. There is such an abundance amount of opportunity out there that it’s hard for you to stop because you just don’t want to lose out on the opportunity. It’s like fun people call it FOMO, feeling of missing out, right? Yeah. I feel like I’m always missing out on the next opportunity if I take a day off.

And so, um, the RV life will force me to slow down, but the problem is, you know, what I’m doing on the RV trip is the reason, the reason I’m going on 45 cities is because I’m literally going into cities and telling people. Who needs me to help them close the deal who needs me to help them underwrite a [00:06:00] deal who needs me to go on an appointment who wants me to show them how to do this, this, this, or this.

And I’m literally working from six to two every single day. And then the rest of the day, I’m spending with my wife and kids doing things in local location. So it’s a, it’s a work trip primarily. I want to have a write off, obviously. Um, but I also just love what we do and I, I want to go into other areas and help people kind of.

Blow up their own individual business people I’ve never met before that. Follow me on Instagram are already like, dude, I can’t wait for you to get to Newport. So we’ve got an event on July 9th in Newport and then LA then Malibu, then I’m going to Fresno Stockton, dude. I mean, it goes,

Mike: [00:06:38] I saw you post a, uh, an agenda at one point.

And so it was amazing, dude.

Pace: [00:06:43] You’re like my partner Cody right here, Mike Hambright. No, my partner, Cody, next summer, he’s going to spend the whole summer down in Columbia. And, um, dude, we’re just so blessed. This business is so absolutely amazing. I can’t even believe it.

Mike: [00:06:58] So, so patient, so not everybody is [00:07:00] there yet.

Right? And, and you, you weren’t always there and I wasn’t always there. So let’s talk about that today. Cause I want to help people get more freedom in their life. So what. How did you go from? Cause then you were even a contractor before, right? All these limitations. Like we, I think we probably both have, and I know I did.

I, and I don’t want to put words in your mouth, but we all had this point where we had these limiting beliefs on what was possible and we just kind of get stuck. Hmm. The truth is, is part of the problem is, is where we were stuck at. We’re not uncomfortable. Like we were comfortable, right. It was like, good enough.

I’m making enough money at whatever, but we wanted more or we knew we could do more or we wanted to help more people, whatever it might be. And so. Give some guidance to people on maybe from your experience or whatever, to help people break through that barrier of comfort versus what’s possible. And not everybody has that, that goal, but there’s, I think there’s a lot people that do is they’re doing a couple deals here and there life is good, but it’s not where it could be.


Pace: [00:07:55] people that want to be where you and I are. Um, that’s [00:08:00] who I got to talk to. Cause the problem is there are people that are like, look, I’m happy with three or four deals a month. Right. I’m happy with this or that. And that’s perfectly cool. So that’s why there’s multiple colors in a crayon box. Crayola sells a lot of different colors, right.

And everybody has their own flavor. So I don’t have any judgment or anything. If somebody wants to do less than I do, somebody wants to do more than I do whatever. So I’m going to talk to the people that want a lifestyle like you and a lifestyle like me. The most interesting thing I told myself when I was like 22, I just I’ve gone through something.

I told myself, man, if I could just make five grand a month, I’d be set. If I could just make five grand a month, that’d be set now Cody and I, we just had a planning meeting and it’s like five grand a day is not enough knowing what we know. Right. Knowing what we know now, it’s not that I’m a different person.

It’s not that my bio makeup is different than by took my brain out and replaced it with somebody else’s brain. It comes down to, in my opinion, here’s what the most important thing I can tell you. I’ve done. [00:09:00] I’ve hung out with people with I’ve hung out with older people than myself. And that doesn’t mean age group.

That also means mindset. People that are like 10 years ahead of like, I’ve hung out with 22 year olds that are smarter than most 40 year olds in terms of, this is how this gets done. This is how that gets done or whatever. Right. So I aligned myself with people who have similar core values as myself. So Mike family, man, like me, right?

You’re all about your family. So I have to align with people like that. And then I aligned with people that are doing more than myself. That’s it. That’s what it comes down to because yeah, Tom Kroll, who I know, you know, Tom, and you probably have love for Tom. Like most everybody else. Tom Kroll says something on our podcast a couple of weeks ago, we on wholesale hotline and he said, he comes on the show and he says something that’s stuck with me.

And it’s like, I it’s like, Oh my gosh, I can’t get it off of me. It’s such a powerful comment. He says, hanging out with people and not being invited by them is like [00:10:00] going swimming and not getting wet. It’s impossible. It’s impossible. And if you’re hanging out with people that are doing less than you, then don’t abandon them, bring them with you and go find somebody that’s doing more than you and go serve those people and learn from them.

That is the number one thing to get you where you’re going, because not only will it show you conscious behaviors and conscious things in front of your face, that you will see that are different, but there’s subliminal and subconscious things that happen internally. Just by being around those people, your entire, um, wiring changes by hanging around those people.

Mike: [00:10:37] No doubt, no doubt. And I know, you know, and when we’re talking about kind of freedom here, guys, it’s not, it’s not more money. Like we all want to make more money. Everybody wants to put more, put a bigger stack in my hand right now. We all want that, but that’s not really the driver. I think I could speak for you basis.

Right? It’s a tool, right? It’s a tool that allows you to go take an RV trip and impact a bunch of people. It’s a tool that allows us to spend time doing [00:11:00] podcasts and events and stuff like that, to help teach more people. Because you know, at the end of the day, it gets, you get to a point to where we all want more money.

Don’t get me wrong, but I don’t want a bigger house. I don’t, you know, I would like to have a Lamborghini for a day, but I don’t want it to be, I don’t want it. I don’t care that like, uh, it probably be more of a pain in the ass than anything, honestly, but. I know that that is a scorecard that helps me know, am I, am I moving forward is one thing

Pace: [00:11:24] that’s interesting.

You bring that scorecard up. This is the way I look at money. I was just telling my acquisition team, hold on, let me, I’m going to ask you because I want you guys to know this is the real deal. Hold on a second, Nick, what was I just telling you guys about what money is? Money is not the goal. What does money tell you that you’re on the right path?

Money is there as a scorecard, it’s there to show you you’re on the right path. So the way I look at it, Mike, are you an outdoor guy? You like to go on hikes on hikes with your family and stuff? Yep. So have you ever been on a hike where like you’re halfway through their hike? You’re like, man, am I on the right hike?

I I’ve kind of lost the path [00:12:00] and then you just keep going and all of a sudden you see an arrow or you see a stack of rocks. You’re like, okay, I’m on

Mike: [00:12:05] the right path. Yeah.

Pace: [00:12:07] That’s what money is to me, it just tells me I’m doing the right thing. It’s just a scorecard. I love that you call it a scorecard.

That’s all it is.

Mike: [00:12:14] Yep. Yup. Yup. For sure. And, uh, and by the way, it’s, it’s, uh, it’s tool that provides you fuel to impact other people and do other things. It could be for some people, it could be donating more to your church or a charity care for care about or whatever, or it could be more time to impact people through, you know, things like we’re doing here today.


Pace: [00:12:36] right.

Mike: [00:12:37] Yeah, that’s awesome, man. So what do you think differentiates people? And by the way, I I’m always cautious when we’re talking about freedom and like, how do people get more freedom? There’s some people you, like you said is they may be comfortable where they’re at and that’s okay. I think we, we, we all probably want to make more money.

We all probably want to work less. We all probably want to make a bigger impact, whether it’s on the industry or in your family or your community, your church, whatever it might be. Right. [00:13:00] So what do you think differentiates those that are kind of successful? And keep pushing forward from those that don’t like, are those that just can’t get out of their own way.

Pace: [00:13:11] I can tell you right now, it doesn’t come down to working less. And you made, you made a comment and I know it, in my opinion, it doesn’t come down to working less. It means working less on things that are, that you can auto automate or systematize. Right. You guys like you, Mike, if I gave you $200 million today, you would go to work tomorrow, but you would work on different things.

You would work on higher level things. So it doesn’t mean I want to work less. It means I want to work on higher level things. So. What I tell my team is I say, I don’t mind solving problems all day, but I mind solving the same problems every day. And so that’s freedom to me is that I solved a problem.

It’s gone. I solved a problem. It’s gone. I solved the problem it’s gone. And it doesn’t resurface because we systematized it. We made it easy. One of the things Cody what’s one of the biggest things that we systematize in our business to annual. [00:14:00] Yeah, it’s annual. So what, what strangled done for us? Uh,

Mike: [00:14:02] basically been able to put.

The onboarding process from when we hire somebody new into the company to getting them up and running, you know, right away and just putting them into play into something. And every time that we onboard somebody else new, it, it helps us and allows us to continue to add and build on to our company training.


Pace: [00:14:20] so just little things like that, that you look at and you say, what are the things that I hate to do? It doesn’t mean I don’t want to work. It just means I want to work one time. I got it’s the orange analogy where basically I can go down and reach repeatedly by an orange every single morning. If that’s what I’m into or it can buy one orange, do the work one time, take a seed, plant the tree and just keep the tree growing and producing the fruit.

So that’s what we’re trying to do in business is I don’t want to be, I don’t want to be an orange. Consumer. I want to be an orange farmer that I have, what I need for the rest of my life.

Mike: [00:14:51] There you go. Yeah, that’s awesome. We’d be remiss if we didn’t talk about the stuff that you’re teaching these days, uh, creative finance, subject to stuff.

And I know [00:15:00] you said it a few minutes ago, that that’s primarily what you do for rentals. So you and I both know it’s real easy to do a lot of volume, a lot of wholesaling, a lot of rehabbing, but. Once that property sold, you get a big payday and it’s over, right? And so you’re not building up rentals or you’re not using your assets to plow back into something.

That’s going to give you a residual income that you’re going to look back at some point and wish you had. I look back, I flipped Hunter’s house. I look back and, you know, I kept 10, 15% of them. I look, look back and say, man, and I wish I would have kept them all now, which it wasn’t realistic at the time.

Wasn’t realistic at the time. Right. But, um, talk a little bit about how subject to and creative stuff. As it has allowed you and allows other people that you’ve helped a lot with to keep more deals with the probably passing on, which helps them build up some more. I don’t even want to say passive income, cause it’s never as passive as what anybody says, but residual income, let’s say.

Pace: [00:15:50] Um, so I mean, if you look at this board, I don’t know if you can see the little dots all over though. Those are housed there. Yeah. Cody and I. Uh, those are all of our properties we own here in Maricopa [00:16:00] County. And for us, it is we don’t try and do paycheck from that business. We just try and grow that business and then reinvest, reinvest, reinvest.

Right? So it turns into like a snowball rolling down a Hill, but here’s what it means for me is that everybody on our team owns their own property subject to because as a 10 99 employee or not an employee, but as a 10 99 contractor, It is so hard to get a mortgage. Let’s start there. How do I buy my full, my, my own house, utilizing creative financing, where I might otherwise not be able to utilizing bank of America, chase, Quicken loans, whatever, to go get a mortgage.

So first and foremost, like Cody owns his own house. I own my own own house. Our acquisition team owns their own houses subject to because we practice what we preach. Then beyond that, if you have. Let’s say you have 200 leads, come in a month on a wholesale and you’re doing 50, or I’m sorry, five or six deals a month.

You can easily double that when you [00:17:00] implement creative financing, which is subject to seller, finance, novation agreements, things of that nature that you can take the exact same lead set and double your volume. And you can choose to either assign a subject to which a lot of people don’t talk about. You can assign a subject to, or you can take it down as a rental property or.

We have a problem with how much are we making on Bloomfield? Like 60 grand. Yeah. So we’ll, you can do flips with subject two and create a financing where you don’t have to go secure a hard money loan. You just come in with a, if you have a gap lender, you can have a gap lender come in and fund the rehab, or you just fund it with your own cash, depending on what your strategy is with us.

What we do in Bloomfield, we had a private lender do that private lender in second position. The first loan stayed in

Mike: [00:17:42] place, which

Pace: [00:17:43] is the FHA mortgage. So we took over a sub two. FHA mortgage back in December, we couldn’t get the tenant out for like a couple of months, this person, the seller out for a couple of months, and then COBIT hit.

But even with all that stuff, considering we had a private lender come in and in [00:18:00] second position, put a note up a note against the property and we renovated the property, put on the market and we’ll make a little over $60,000 net after everything’s paid on a property that most people would have passed up.

Yep. So it’s crazy.

Mike: [00:18:15] We don’t do 95% of the leads that we get. Like not creative finance wise. I can’t, I can’t buy them. Right. Uh, according to a traditional model of wholesaling and rehabbing. Yeah. But

Pace: [00:18:25] if you were probably at 90%, right? So like the other 5% I do more than you is just simply implementing creative financing,

Mike: [00:18:33] that’s it?

Pace: [00:18:34] Yeah. A lot of people think I’m marketing for subject two. They’ll call me and go, how do you Mark it for subject two? And I go, I’m never marketing for sub twos. Fix and flips wholesale or otherwise I’m simply marketing to distress sellers and based on their situation and the equity in the home, I make a determination which bucket it should go into.


Mike: [00:18:52] It’s the ones who would otherwise throw away that you already had. Right, right. Yeah. Awesome. Well, um, [00:19:00] maybe you could share a little bit about, well, what’s kind of one of the best pieces of advice they can give to people. That are, we’ll just kind of we’re we’re on the theme here of freedom. Right.

But let’s talk a little bit about, um, using, and kind of implementing, uh, creative finance things into their business, with the vein of getting more freedom, building more, more wealth or more passive or not really passive, but, uh, you know, residual income

Pace: [00:19:26] residual. There you go. There’s the, there’s the word?

So residual income. So yeah, we can, we can. Take a property. So let’s say that you get a lead. We took a property, uh, last year, a property. We have three acres, horse property originally had no equity in the house. It needed a renovation and every other wholesaler investor was looking at that, throwing it. We ended up buying it and yeah, that is one of our best properties we have.

I’d say around $900 a month in gross cashflow on that deal. We’d probably net somewhere around $600 a month in cashflow like net, net [00:20:00] cashflow, $600 a month. Do do, I mean, here’s what creative financing is. Here’s what’s interesting about creative financing. So many people don’t want to live the life I live, where they go.

Yeah. I’m going to take my wife and kids around the country and do deals with people in every city. That’s crazy. Right. I totally get that. I’m a little bit crazy. I totally get that. But other people go do it. If I could just make $15,000 a month, it would changed my life forever. And I go, great. So take $425, which is the average cash flow that we have on our rent on our subject two houses and divide that into 15.

How many, how many times do you have to do that? And then take that into, take this into consideration last year, just in October Cody and I did 18 subject two deals in one month 18. So how quickly can you grow that business to a point where you really, really could have an hour, a day type of job and spend the rest of it with your family?

And the hour you spend is just answering emails, maybe a couple of [00:21:00] repair requests a week, maybe a tenant falls behind three or four days. You got to call them and see what’s going on. Outside of that, you can easily make $15,000 a month. Take home by working a year, maybe a year and a half in this business.

And then checking out that doesn’t get me excited. But that might get a lot of other people, et cetera,

Mike: [00:21:17] for sure. And that’s one of the things that I think a lot of, uh, you know, wholesalers struggle with is they, they start making decent money, but they’ve got some expenses to cover and then they can never stop.

Right. And I’m not saying, so it’s not a bad thing, but it’s, it is a hamster wheel. If that’s all you do, like if you’re not talking that money away or even like us, we’re, we’re plowing some of our money back into multifamily and doing other things like just investing in longterm stuff, then you can never get out of that hamster wheel.

Pace: [00:21:41] Yeah, it’s the, uh, you can convert utilizing other strategies, multifamily, uh, burn method, fix, and flip, create a financing, novation agreements, all those kinds of things. If you utilize that you convert wholesale into from a wholesale hamster wheel, into the. [00:22:00] Best lead generation tool for every other, one of your, your, your buckets.

That’s all it is for us. So for us, like, what did we talk about this morning? We have Cody and I had a conversation. I said, we need more of this and more of that. He goes, great. We’ll get 100 more leads on average per month. That’s it. That’s how you solve a problem. I want more rentals. Great amplified the lead flow, right.

Mike: [00:22:21] Yep. Yep. Well paced, uh, final question for you, buddy. If, if, um, if folks wanted to learn more about you’ve got going on, you you’ve been dude who came up with the idea to do like a 25 hour, uh, Facebook live.

Pace: [00:22:35] I just, I love talking. It’s

Mike: [00:22:37] like the only way you can beat is you five minute apps. So you’ve kind of set the bar.

In a no man’s bear.

Pace: [00:22:44] Here’s where that came from. I was doing wholesale hotline, which is the show I did with Brett. I do with Brent Daniels and Jim mill damn G. And we have max Maxwell on the show and Brent and Jamil were both like, Hey pace, please. Don’t talk about creative financing today. Cause we want to stay on topic.

And I’m like, [00:23:00] okay, cool. So in the comments, all these people are asking questions about creative financing and I’m like, Hey, I’m starting to Twitch. I’m like having a hard time. Like I need to answer these questions. So that following Thursday, um, people were asking me tons and tons of questions, like, and it was giving me anxiety.

So what I did is I went live for 16 hours. Literally. I was standing actually right here in this spot for 16 hours and I’ve called people, sellers. I solved their problems. I underwrote their deals and people got so much value you out of it that I was like, wow, I need to do that again. So then I had somebody, um, make a comment and they said, Oh, you, I bet you couldn’t do 24 hours.

So somebody challenged me first and foremost, second off what was happening in the world. And Mike, this is, this kind of goes back to what you’re doing right now. There’s so much stuff going on outside the real estate community, because I feel like. Guys like you guys like Steve, you know, that are [00:24:00] really bringing it back community together and helping each other out.

You guys are making a real estate community more, you know, we’re loving on each other. We’re pouring back into each other. We care about each other’s families and ultimate success. But, um, what happened is there was so much stuff going on with like all the racial, racial stuff, the COVID thing, the lockdown and all the other stuff.

Then I started seeing people fighting on Facebook and I go, you know what I’m going to do. I’m going to take that guy’s challenge of I couldn’t do 24 hours and I’m going to do 25 hours just to show him I’m better than 24 hours. And then what I’m going to do is I’m going to call it, stand for value, and I’m going to stand for 25 hours and I’m just going to pour value into everybody, the way that other people like you yourself, Mike have poured value into me.

You know, we’ve spent hours on the phone talking about stuff that I had no idea about, and you’ve been tremendously helpful in my life. And so it was just my way of giving back to people and showing people, look, we can create our own community. We don’t have to listen to the news. We don’t have to listen to this crap.

[00:25:00] What we need to do is pour value into each other. And that’s what I did was a 25 hour stand for value. Um, It wasn’t a webinars, just a live stream.

Mike: [00:25:08] It was like a telephone

Pace: [00:25:09] that was, I could tell it was like a telephone.

Mike: [00:25:13] Awesome. Well, Hey buddy, if folks want to learn more about what you’re working on or you know, where they can follow you at, I know you’re all over the place with social media, um, but where where’s the best place for them to go to, to learn more.

Pace: [00:25:24] If you guys want to learn something I’m really, really cool. My partner, Cody and I, we get so many of the same questions over and over and over, and which is fine. But we created a website that’s completely, absolutely free. It’s called roadmap, rei.com. Okay. Roadmap, rei.com and it answers every question through an infographic and like an interactive website.

So when somebody says, what, what CRM do you use? It’s right there. What, um, you know, what kind of lists do you pull? It’s right there. Who do you use for this? How do you hire your VA? How do you hire VAs? [00:26:00] How do you hire and bring on and onboard and train your acquisition team? How do you pay your acquisition team?

So like the top 500 questions that I get asked on a daily basis. Are being put into Ari or what’s it.com a roadmap, rei.com. So roadmap, rei.com. If you go there, it’s completely free. I’ve no like upsells or no coaching. It’s literally just free. Go there and learn more about how my operation and Cody’s his operation allows us to have financial freedom.

Mike: [00:26:30] Awesome. Good stuff. Hey, thanks for spending the time with us today. Brother

Pace: [00:26:34] you are so appreciated. Thank you so much.

Mike: [00:26:36] Thank you. Thank you. I’ll keep you posted on the RV stuff. Maybe we’ll cross paths somewhere, buddy.

Pace: [00:26:41] I would love to teach you all the things I’ve learned about RVs. That’s all I want to talk about now is RVs.

Mike: [00:26:46] Okay. Yeah. I don’t really want to know anything. That’s why I want to, yeah, I don’t want to deal with, I don’t want to deal with the RV part. I just want the RV lifestyle. Exactly. Awesome. Take care, buddy. Good to see ya.

Pace: [00:26:56] Thank you, brother. Have a good day. You too.

Mike: [00:26:58] Hey, I hope you enjoyed [00:27:00] our freedom series, which includes eight shows with eight talented real estate industry.

Legends. How can we work more together? I hope real estate investors in a few different ways. I’d love to help you. Get to know you better. And here’s how I run the investor fuel mastermind. It is a leading mastermind association of America’s top real estate investors. You can learn more about [email protected].

In fact, our next meeting is coming up very fast. If you go to investor fuel.com, you can learn more or schedule a call to talk with our team. The second way is I help real estate investors generate better leads. I’m a cofounder of an agency that we call the investor machine. You can learn [email protected].

We help take a consistent and high quality lead generation off of your plate. So you can focus on. Um, well, getting more of your life back and driving the business. The third way is I have a professional real estate investor network group. It’s a free Facebook group for professional real estate investors.

Only, not for newbies, have a soft spot in my heart for newbies [00:28:00] as well. And I’ll talk about that in a second, but if you’re experienced, if you’re actually doing deals each and every month, you should check out our professional real estate investor network. By going to flipnerd.com/professional. That’ll redirect you to the right Facebook group.

And last but not least for the past, almost seven years, we’ve created over 1500 video podcast shows, hundreds of blogs live so free training all on flipnerd.com. You can go there and check it out.


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