Hey, Hey Freedom Fighters! Today my pal Brandon Barnes joins me on the show. We talk all about the power of surrounding yourself with others that can help you take your business to new heights. Real estate investors tend to be ‘lone wolves’…it’s a bit lonely. But there is SO much power in us coming together to share ideas and resources. Let’s unite! Start by watching this show!

Highlights of this show

  • Meet Brandon Barnes, Multi-market real estate investor.
  • Join our discussion on the power of surrounding yourself with others.
  • Learn how Brandon’s business has evolved over the last few years.
  • Learn how having a ‘give first’ mentality can pay massive dividends!

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FlipNerd Show Transcript:

Mike:Welcome to Real Estate Investing Secrets. We’re all looking for freedom and the opportunity to live better, more fulfilling lives. But most of us were trained our entire lives to work for someone else and chase their dreams. How can we use real estate investing as a vehicle to achieve financial freedom? My life is dedicated to answering your real estate investing questions and helping you build an investing business that allows you to change your life and the world around you. And to enable you to turn your dreams of financial freedom into a reality. My name is Mike Hambright from flipnerd.com and your questions get answered here, on the Real Estate Investing Secrets show.
What’s up freedom fighters? Hey, welcome back for another episode. This is actually episode number 457. I’m pumped today to talk to my buddy Brandon Barnes. Brandon and I have become good friends over the past couple years. Here is a great guy. One of the things that is missing a lot of times in the real estate investing industry is just people with a big heart that are givers. And if I had to like, give a big heart award away to anybody it would be Brandon Barnes. So Brandon actually is a member of our Investor Fuel Mastermind and we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well over the last year, year and a half. And I’m excited to have him on the show today. So Brandon, how are you doing buddy?
Brandon:I’m doing well, Michael. How about yourself?
Mike:Good. Good. One of the things we were talking about is people know when we record shows here after 450 episodes, it’s common for me to get on with somebody and for us to start saying, “What are some ideas about what we could talk about today because we can take it a lot of different directions?” And one of the things that we have in common, truthfully, one of the things that brought us together was this belief of being around other smart people and truthfully, that’s why we’re in the same mastermind together.
So just the idea, because so many people close themselves off and say, “Hey, I’m going to figure this out of my own or I’m going to just try to watch YouTube or read some forums or something and figure it all out.” There’s a big piece that you’re missing out on that I know we agree with. So that’s what we’re going to talk about today is just the power of surrounding yourself with other people. And usually other people that you can learn from, right? There’s this kind of the saying, like, if you’re the smartest guy in the room, you’re in the wrong room. And so anyway, that’s what we’re going to talk about today. Does that sound good to you, Brandon?
Brandon:Sounds great. And I appreciate you having me on. I look forward to it.
Mike:Yeah, absolutely. Well, hey, before we get started here, why don’t you tell people a little bit of your background and how you, you know, like, most people, you evolved out of somewhere totally different than real estate investing but found your way here. So give us a little bit of your story.
Brandon:Yeah, so I’ve been investing July 4th 2016. So it’s a date that I’ll remember forever. It’s when I left my W-2 job. You know, I live here in Charleston, South Carolina. I have two beautiful little kids, married. I spent 17 years in food and beverage. My parents on their own restaurant for 13 of those 17 years and then I kind of dabbled in Charleston in some different stuff. Met my business partner and mentor, Matthew Bell and I haven’t looked back since. It’s been an interesting and fun ride and never thought that, you know, this was going to be my life but it’s been a lot of fun.
Mike:Yeah. And talk a little . . . tell a little more of your backstory in the real estate space because you started with, I mean, really high volume. The type of . . . you know, a lot of real estate investors talk about their volume, how many deals you’re doing. You guys quickly started doing a ton of volume and then you adjusted your model to . . . sometimes you know, units is not everything, right? And so let’s talk about that a little bit.
Brandon:Yeah, so we started . . . so, you know, most people when they start their investing company, it’s just them and their mindset and their vision and they build it to what they want. We actually were built off of the back of a hedge fund. And so we started as their off-market company, basically. And they said, “Here’s our box. I’ll buy everything in that box and you guys go find them for me.”
And I think our first year, we did 40 or 50 deals from July to December and then the year after that, we did over 200. And then it was a whirlwind. I learned a ton in a compressed amount of time. But the biggest thing I learned is it’s not about the volume, it’s about what you’re actually bringing home at the end of the day. And so yeah, since then, it’s actually been . . . since Investor Fuel a year ago, in March or February that we kind of parted ways with them. And we have been on our own path now.
Mike:Yeah, yeah. Awesome. Awesome. That’s one thing I want people that are listening to know is that you know, sometimes there are people that are . . . and not saying anything bad about Brandon at all, I mean, that was their way in. But sometimes when you hear people talking about how much deal volume they do, it’s like you never know what’s behind it. In the whole real estate investing industry, there’s always an asterisk next to a lot of people’s performance. And for us, you know, at the end of the day, a lot of us get into this for freedom reasons. We want to make money to live a better life and live a more fulfilling life, to be able to give back and things like that. And so don’t get hung up on volume. You know, build a business that fits into your life, right? And a lot of times volume comes with some, unintended consequences, right? Just drama and . . . right? It’s like a monster you got to keep feeding.
Brandon:I mean, it was twofold. It was one, probably the biggest thing that I’ve learned since being in this is we weren’t creating our vision, we were creating somebody else’s vision. So all we did was create a job, we didn’t create a company. Because at any point this one trick pony that we’re working with decided to stop buying houses, we didn’t have anything else built. And so to that point, like, we didn’t have any freedom, we didn’t have any . . . you know, I got out of food and beverage to enjoy my family and I found myself 2:00 or 3:00 o’clock at night or in the morning doing deals, being all over. And you couldn’t stop because if you did, they just shoved me to the side and found somebody else to get a deal for them.
Mike:Right. Right. So in terms of surrounding yourself with the right people and getting around people, one of the things that I know we talked about in a little bit is, you’ve got to be kind of open minded, right? A lot of us tend to be . . . a lot of us in the real estate industry tend to be scrappy and, you know, we just work hard to the point to where sometimes you start to have the mindset of, “I can figure it out. I know it all.” But you got to be a little bit open minded to other ideas and other people, right?
Brandon:You do. I’ve always been the person that I used to never ask for help, ask for resources. We’ll just figure it out. I’ll watch a video, read something and we’ll get it done. And a big game changer for us in our business is, you know, leveraging our network and, you know, “Hey, if I have this issue, reach out to my friends and people in the groups that I’m in.” And, “Hey, this is what’s going on, has anybody experienced it?” And your learning curve is so much faster. You know, you can learn it the Hard Knocks way, you can go over the same speed bumps, but when you use your friends and the people that you’re, you know, in it with every day, if you’re in the right groups, your learning curve is so much faster.
Mike:Yeah. You know, I’m the same way but in hindsight there’s so many things in my life like, “Why did I choose the hard path? Why didn’t I just ask somebody for help? Why didn’t I get a mentor early on? Why didn’t I join a mastermind earlier on?” Like, all of these questions come back now because you’re like, you know, we get asked all the time. I mean, I’m really . . . part of being the leader of Investor Fuel is, I’m an advisor to a lot of people. People ask us for help all the time. And the truth is, is I don’t know everything but I if I don’t, I can connect them with somebody that does.
And people are like, “Hey, I really need help with setting up a call center because we really want to start cold calling.” I’m like, “Well, I haven’t done that. But I know the perfect person for you to talk to you.” And, you know, in the past, I would just go try to google it or figure it out, right? And there’s so many . . . the learning curve is so much shorter if you can rely on people that can just say, “Look, you’re going to want to try this, but don’t do it. These are the softwares we tried. No, no, no, yes. Like, use this one and here’s why.” Like, you can climb a learning curve so much faster if you just rely on other people’s learning curve. They kind of ride on their coattails a little bit, right?
Brandon:Exactly. And that’s kind of how we built our business that we’re in now just personally, you know, when Matt, my business partner got into it, it took him this long to learn this. His goals to, you know, not have me take that long and then everybody you bring on board, you know, just speed up and then likewise, in your own personal investing.
I think one of the biggest issues is, you know, us as investors, entrepreneurs, we think that we’re the only person that’s experienced this issue. And we don’t think it’s a big deal or we don’t think that anybody can help us because a lot of, you know, the social media and everything that’s portrayed is all the good stuff. You know, nobody sees the deals that have gone bad, the times that you were sued, or the times that, you know, your whole team quit on . . . I mean, just, you know, nobody’s talking about the [wrong 00:09:20] stuff, you know. And so we don’t think to ask those questions because nobody’s had this issue before. And that was a big changing point for me is realizing that, we all have the same problems, you know. We’re just living in different cities.
Mike:Yeah. When you get in a room with people that have a lot of experience, everybody’s had more failures than successes right? They’re just . . . like you said, it really gets talked about and, you know, that’s one of the things that we do in Investor Fuel. And you had your baby like right before the last meeting so you weren’t there. But one of the people in the group, not to call anybody out really, you know, his main thing was like, “I’m having problems at home right now. Like, my spouse . . . I’m having some challenges based on where I want to go.”
And it was more of a personal issue. I won’t get into any details there. But it was just like, you know, it takes a lot for people like us to share those things. And the truth is, is, you know, if you have a real estate mastermind, there’s a lot of groups out there, but they tend to focus more on the business side of it. And so we celebrate the life side of it. Like we’re in business to have a better life, right? So we focus a lot on building better lives. And the truth is, is, you know, entrepreneurs have sacrificed a lot from their personal life often to get to where they are. And so it’s important to talk about those things, right?
Brandon:It is. And it’s not easy to do, you know, because nobody wants to go home and say that their marriage isn’t where it should be or their kids don’t, you know, spend the time . . . you know, those aren’t easy things to do. It’s been for us. I mean, I know that, you know, two and a half years hasn’t been easy for my wife or either of our kids. My youngest one doesn’t know the difference right now. But, you know, our three-year-old does pay attention to that stuff. And so even when business is going well, there are other things that potentially need help. And so it is important for that. Absolutely.
Mike:Yeah. Yeah. So one of the things that I found and I know you’ve seen some of this too, is that when you start to get around other people like you or other entrepreneurs, just the opportunities that arise that you had no idea they would come up before. So just getting around hard charging, smart entrepreneurs and real estate investors, mostly for us, it’s like there’s opportunities to do deals together, there’s lending opportunities, there’s a lot of things that pop up. I mean, you know, I’m really good friends with Corey Peterson. We’ve become great friends over the past few years.
In fact, their spouses and I are about . . . we’re about to go on a trip here as you know, next month. Really cool trip. And, you know, I’ve known Corey for a few years now but I just did two multifamily deals with him towards the end of last year and that’s not something that when I first met Corey, that I ever thought would happen. It just happened because our relationship evolved and turned into like, “Hey, I’d like to do that.” Why wouldn’t I do it with him, right?
Brandon:Yeah, I’ve met one of my best . . . you know, one of my closest friends in real estate through Investor Fuel. You know, he’s been a huge asset for us in our business brand and business side. And, you know, if you don’t put yourself in a room like that, and be willing to be vulnerable and open and show who you are and help, you know, the ability to meet those kind of people and build those kind of relationships because you do. I mean, we’ve got lenders out of our masterminds. We’ve done deals with people out of our masterminds, you know. And we’ve done some different stuff but, you know, there’s also, again, the personal side too as well. Yeah.
Mike:Yeah. Well, you probably . . . you know, I know you feel the same way. Is like, there’s a lot of us in this industry that have been kind of lone wolves for a part of our lives. And, you know, the reality is . . . and I don’t know if you feel this way, I’ve been in this business for 11 years so I’ve definitely felt this way at times where like, I have a lot of friends and acquaintances but there’s very few people that I really connect with, like, they really get me.
And the truth is, is, usually they’re in a room like in Investor Fuel or somewhere like that, that have been through the same things as me. So I have friends that I went to college with and grew up with and whatever but we can’t have the same type of conversation because they might still be . . . you know, they still have a W-2 job. Like, we don’t really get . . . they don’t get us and I’ve just found that a lot of real estate investors are kind of lonely. It’s a bit of a lonely business until you start to get around other people and open up.
Brandon:That is such a perfect way of saying that. You know, I have a lot of friends from, you know, I guess being in my W-2 life. I don’t know. I’m in a different space of life that I was two and half years ago. And it’s been different because I can’t go out and have the same conversations. I don’t, you know, have a lot of the same interests. You know, I’ve talked to . . . we are at . . . so my wife we do a beach house for her birthday every year and we were at her house or our house last year, and I was talking with the group of family and friends over there and nobody in real estate, nobody an entrepreneur.
And I told them, as I get to 40 years old, I’m going to, in a sense of the world be retired. You know, my passive income will cross what my bills are. And they just looked at me like I was just an idiot. Like, there’s no way that, you know, they just kind of blew me off and, you know, started talking about their own thing. And it does, it gets . . . you know, because you have these goals and aspirations to do things and it gets lonely. You don’t have people to talk to about it unless you get in these groups. You know, my friends, you know, clock in 9:00 to 5:00, get their checks, you know, go out on the weekends and start life all over again on Monday. For me, it’s a different world.
Mike:Yeah, for sure.
Brandon:It is that way, for sure.
Mike:Yeah, yeah. And I think that’s where some great friendships are forged is like, you know, even if you don’t know the details, we’ve all been through the struggle one way or another and it’s just this . . . we got some similar arrow marks in our back from being pioneers and trying stuff that most people aren’t willing to even try to stomach to take that on.
Brandon:No, [inaudible 00:15:48]. Absolutely. It’s such a, you know, you risk . . . I’m reading . . . so I’m actually reading, it’s next to me right now, the book that you gave us [inaudible 00:15:57].
Mike:Oh, yeah.
Brandon: . . . Investor Fuel. And that should be all. You know, and it just talks about the risk and the sacrifice that visionaries like, you know, do to do this because it’s it takes a special person, you know. And it’s different and so it’s hard to connect with, you know, just like an everyday person.
Mike:Yeah, yeah. An everyday person. It is funny I feel myself feeling like, I don’t know how to really say this, but like, the people that don’t get us like, you know, they don’t . . . sometimes I found that I don’t even know . . . like, it’s hard for me to not talk about work, you know. My wife and I work together and so we’ll go on a date night we’re like, “Hey, well, no talking about work tonight.” Like, that lasts like three minutes, you know, or it’s like deep in some conversation we’re like, “Wait, we weren’t supposed to do this.” “Oh, okay.”
Brandon:Yeah. I don’t think that I’ve never talked about work because I naturally just love it. I mean, I . . . right before this podcast, I was having lunch with somebody and that’s, you know, where it went. I don’t know, I don’t want . . . sports have gone off the radar, TV shows, like, stuff that I paid attention to a long time ago. You know, I still follow my Gamecocks but other than that, man, I just love talking about what I do.
Mike:Yeah. Yeah. That’s the beauty is, you know, you’re talking about retiring early at 40 years old but the reality is . . . and, you know, I want that for you that’s what you want. But sometimes you get to that point and it’s like, well, if you truly get to a point to where you love what you’re doing, it’s not just like, you know, this thing you have to go do anymore, not like a W-2 job, right?
Brandon:Yeah, I just will not passive to cross my bills. Like at that point you become, you know, in essence, financially free because if you were to not work another day in your life, you can at least sit at home with your kids and, you know, eat dinner and [inaudible 00:17:50]. Then your ability to grow is, you know, even bigger.
Mike:Yeah. And Investor Fuel is, you know, one of the things that we focus a lot on is giving. And I think that’s a little counterintuitive to people that are going to join a group or they might think like, you know, we kind of tell people like, “Don’t bring your ego in here. Like, I don’t care how much experience you have.” And, you know, we got people in the group that are doing 400 plus deals a year and we’re like, “Leave that outside. You’re a person in here, right?”
And so what’s evolved in our group and there’s other opportunities for that, is this kind of give first mentality. So let’s focus on giving and sharing and no strings attached and kind of what . . . would you agree with that kind of mentality? I know you do, because I just gave you the big heart award, right? But I know that that plays such a powerful role in what you get back if you have that mentality up front. Can you can you talk about that a bit?
Brandon:I can. Yeah, so I’ve kind of given this advice, got a little bit in the last . . . So we just left the Sharper Leadership Circle and, you know, there were some people there that were at their first event and I kind of gave them my feedback on, you know, how to get through these things and process it and really get the most out of it. And it was a big shift for me. You know, I always heard, you know, “Go to these events and just give and give them your opinion and advice and all this stuff.” But I was selfish in the sense that I needed so much. You know, I’ve read “The Good Giver” and I’ve done that.
But mentally, I needed to know, what was the best list? What was the best mailer or blah, blah, blah? And so I was so focused on trying to find that, you know, over the two or three days that I’m there, that I didn’t give to the group. I didn’t give them my opinions. I didn’t, you know, share my experiences and I would feel like I would just come home on Saturday and Sunday after a long flight, a long three or four days. And I was like, “I didn’t . . . ” I still feel fulfilled or I didn’t feel like I got . . . you know, I may have found my answer to a list or whatever I was looking for. But just didn’t feel right.
And I was telling you before we started this, like, you know, it’s kind of that at the first Investor Fuel, somebody asked about a calendar thing and they’re like, “What do you use to schedule events for acquisition people?” And somebody said, “Acuity.” And I was like, “Well, I use acuity? Wait, I’m finally doing something right.” And then I realized, like, you know, I do have things in my business that could potentially offer value to other people. I shifted my mindset, like in the masterminds now, and it’s not . . . like when we come to Salt Lake next month, I have no intention about what I need from there.
You know, there’s lots of things that my business needs and I know where it needs to go, but I’m going to go there with the mindset of, “I’m just going to help every single person who took the money to fly out there, they took the time to put their presentation together, and they have the vulnerability to stand up in front of a group of 100, 150 people and be honest.” Like to me, my time is better spent giving to them and then outside of that, the bars, the restaurants, the breakfast, the club lounge at 3:00 a.m. in the morning like that’s what you get [inaudible 00:21:09], that’s where you get back all the efforts that you gave out.
And that was a huge paradigm shift for me was understanding like, I don’t go to these masterminds with, “Who do I need to meet? What do I need to find out? What I need to get out of it?” It’s, “Can I give the entire time while I’m there and then, you know, whatever needs to happen out of it will happen out of it?” And it’s . . . Man, I love coming to then now. I have made a lot like I said, now I’ve got friends. It’s been so much fun the last three or four events.
Mike:Any tips for people, Brandon, that are . . . whether they’re able to join like, you know, a mastermind like Investor Fuel or kind of a high end mastermind like that or just want to start networking in their market or whatever? I mean, some of these same things apply like, have a give first mentality, be open and willing to share and look for opportunities to, to kind of, you know, coexist and work together. Maybe it’s doing deals together or maybe it’s just sharing resources or whatever. But any kind of tips for people that are looking to just kind of get started, even if it’s at a micro level with networking?
Brandon:Yeah. So, I mean, I start with our REIA. I mean I think, you know, a lot of that can get played out and it’s a lot of beginning stuff and hard piece but even going there and just helping people as much as you can, like, starts changing how it goes and gets you used to it, you know. And then there’s some . . . you know, if you want, you know, put your toes into some of the, you know, entry level mastermind stuff. I know there’s, you know, Investor Fuel Gold has the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday morning stuff that kind of gets you used to it.
But I mean, I’ve noticed since going to masterminds that I go to the REIA now. I used to think, man, “If it’s REIA, it’s just going to be a whole bunch of tire kickers and it’s not going to . . . ” But it’s not about my value, you know. Fifty people took the time out of their day to come to our REIA tonight to learn about whatever. And so, you know, just at this past REIA every time I could provide value, I do. I’ve offered to get up and present in front of the group because it really like . . . when you start changing, you know, going into every conversation that way, it kind of gets you started. But I mean I’d start with your local REIA or meetup or whatever it is, and kind of just get used to doing that.
Mike:Yeah, I would say, you know, along the same lines is if you give and you help people even at that level . . . because I was a sponsor of a REIA club for like five years, several years back. And we actually are a sponsor at another club now but even back then when I was kind of newer in the business, I just tried to add value and things happened. Like, all of a sudden somebody is like, you know, “I’m trying to get into real estate investing but it turns out really I have money but I don’t really want to do all the hard work.”
Like, people that will be lenders or somebody that’s like, “You know, you’ve helped me several times with this and I just found my first deal and I’m kind of scared of it now. Do we partner on it, or can I wholesale it to you or like . . . ” things happen, right? It’s just at every level, there are opportunities. And I’m not saying you should necessarily do all these things with some ulterior motive that things will come back around. But we’re just telling you that they do, right?
Brandon:That’s it. And so we just did a deal, we closed on it in December and it came out of basically me giving. And what that did is it provided the credibility that I needed for somebody to reach out to me. And basically, a guy in Arizona somehow got a wrong number or something on cold calling and got a lead in my market. And it was the low income area, it’s not where we do a whole lot of work but he got it. I mean, he got a lead for like nothing on this deal.
And so he found me through referrals and me helping other people and he’s like, “Hey, listen. I trust you, here’s all the info.” I mean he literally is like, address phone number. I could have taken the deal and never talked to him ever again. But he’s like address, phone number, price is, he’s like, “You know, I’ve kind of seeing where you’ve provided value and these people recommended me to you.” And so we ended up getting it under contract and we each made like $6,000 a piece on the deal. And it just came from, you know, us being active and helping and, you know, I don’t answer questions on wholesaling houses full time to get something out of it. I just try to see if I can help.
Mike:Yeah, yeah, awesome. Well, hey, a couple of the things I want to talk about here is I know you just had a bad experience today . . . Was it today or yesterday?
Brandon:Yes. Yesterday.
Mike:Yesterday. And go ahead and tell us . . . I guess, I don’t even know this yet. So just tell us what happened. I know you lost money on a deal and had a bad experience and you’re still smiling so that . . .
Brandon:It was. Yeah, so I’m going to do a Facebook video. It’s like, “How to Lose $11,000 in One Hour.” No, so we had this deal and basically the seller has been trying to sell this house for three years, I think. It’s been shopped in front of us by three or four wholesalers but nobody could ever get the price where it made sense. Finally my company came in and we offered, you know, our price to do it and we got it under contract, got title started.
Actually had an Investor Fuel member fund it for us. A new guy so they have a brand new relationship with us. He wired in these funds. We were clear to close. I think closing was last Friday or this Friday, I don’t remember at this point now. But the buyer and seller had the same first name and my closing coordinator got them mixed up and got them on the same communication level. And basically the seller called the buyer because we ended up . . . we were doing . . . we’re going to own it for like two weeks and then we were selling it on the backend.
And the seller called the buyer because the seller knew that the buyer was buying it from us from and the buyer knew we were buying it from the seller. And so they came up with their own price and are in the process of trying to close it. Now we’re still trying to figure out how we can, you know, still be a participant in this. And we still might make something out of it but we were going to make roughly about $11,000 in the deal. And as of right now we’re making nothing.
Mike:Yeah. That sucks. I have had something like that happen one time because of my title company. They shared a document they shouldn’t have and . . . yeah.
Brandon:Well, this is us. We did it internally. I went through with my closing coordinator last night . . .
Mike:Oh, your closing coordinator. I thought you were talking about some of the . . .
Brandon:Yeah, sorry. My team did it. And so she was reading through it, and she spit out the phone number. And I was like, “That’s not the right phone number.” Because I had called the seller myself. And I was like, she has like a 31-something area code. And so it was a tough lesson for everybody. I mean, you can’t ever predict that your buyer and seller are going to have the same first name and you know Gmail and then just typing in the name. It happened and so, I don’t . . .
Mike:Bummer, man. Sorry to hear that. Hopefully somehow it gets resurrected somehow and . . .
Brandon:We think the positive side is, they, I think are still trying to use the same title company to close it. It’s what we found out today. And so we’ll see how it all works out.
Mike:Yeah, yeah.
Brandon:We were planning on having it funded, I think the B2C closing was like, first week in February. So, yeah, it’s tough.
Mike:Yeah, yeah. Brandon, if folks wanted to learn more about you . . . I know you’re doing some stuff on social media now, where’s a good place for them to go to connect with you or learn more?
Brandon:Yeah, so I have my blog that it’s going to be better. But I’ve written like seven or eight posts.
Mike:It’s got potential. It’s got potential.
Brandon:So one of my goals is to write a book. And so I’ve been working on writing. And so I wrote a blog. It’s at brandonbarnesjourney.com. And so I have a personal assistant she’s helping me with it now. Hannah from Investor Fuel, she’s been a big asset for me on my blog. I just haven’t implemented any of the advice she’s given me. And then I am on Facebook. I don’t have a lot more friend spots left. I think only have like 50 friend spots left to hit the 5000 mark. And so I’m actually starting my own kind of personal Facebook page or something and just Brandon Barnes I guess, business page or whatever it is. And so I’ll have that. And then our company is at Facebook/hbnmarketplace.
Mike:Okay. I’ll try to make that out. Hey, everybody that’s listening right now, we appreciate you joining us today. If you haven’t already subscribed to the show, we’re doing this . . . we just had kind of our five-year anniversary. We’ve been doing the show for a long time. And I can tell you, it’s a little bit of labor of love. Like I get to spend time with guys like Brandon and people that are on the show that truthfully, I get more value out of just networking and talking to people than anything I do.
But the show is a big production, it takes a lot of resource, it takes a lot of time to do. One of the things that gets me charged up more than anything is positive reviews and seeing our subscribers go up and know that people are getting value out of it. So if you could, if you haven’t already, please subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher Radio. We’ve published all of our shows on YouTube. And of course all of our shows are on flipnerd.com so you can watch everything there. If you can go out and do that, we’d appreciate it. Show us a little bit of love. Brandon, thanks again for being with us today.
Brandon:Mike, as always, man. I’m honored to be on it. I am glad to call you a friend and I had a good time.
Mike:Absolutely. I’m excited to see you here and shortly in Salt Lake City, so.
Brandon:Yeah, man. Pumped up.
Mike:Investor Fuel. Awesome. Everybody, appreciate you. Until the next episode, stay strong, stay cool, and keep fighting for freedom. See you on the next show.
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