Chad Weeden has gone from the Army to failing in his business as an entrepreneur to super success as a real estate investor. He attributes it to 3 factors that he shares on today’s episode.

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Dylan: From Army to deputy sheriff to super successful salesperson and then failed entrepreneur to a very successful real estate investor. Let’s see what’s gonna happen on today’s show.

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Dylan: Hey Chad, how you doing today buddy?

Chad: What’s going on, man? How are you?

Dylan: Good, good. Super excited to see you. Uh, we just spent a couple, uh, or not a couple weeks together, but almost a week together at Investor Fuel.

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So we are here today with my good buddy, Chad Weeden, and we’re gonna talk real estate investing. So, Tell us what brought you to real estate Investing

Chad: man. Um, you know, just as you mentioned, uh, failed entrepreneur, the, the first go around and, you know, I’ve kind of gotten away from saying failed entrepreneur.

That’s obviously how I felt the first go around. You know, it’s, you’re passionate about your business. You’re passionate about what you, what

Dylan: you started. We’re always failing as entrepreneurs, right? We’re figuring out how, how not to.

Chad: Right. But the thing about it is, is I wouldn’t change, I wouldn’t change anything with my introductory because we’ve learned, we learned so much, so much more than a freaking college, college degree can, can teach, teach anyone, or teach myself.

So that’s been a, it was a rough path to get through, but, uh, really I’m just a, I’m just a dad chasing time, man.

Dylan: Yeah, that’s cool. Uh, I get to hear Chad, uh, about once a quarter and, uh, we talk now and then too in between the, in between the events. But, um, Chad’s a member of Investor Fuel. It’s a nationwide mastermind, uh, that Mike Hambright has founded.

And, uh, and we get together with about 150 real estate investors from around the country. And we’re all kinda high level. That’s super high level, but you know, we’re, we’re usually doing somewhere between 2030 and, and four 500 deals a year. All the different people in the room, um, We get to know each other at a different level than just business or even just personal.

It’s kind of a cool mix. So I’ve heard Chad tell the story before that he’s chasing time, and I think we should have a hashtag for that or a t. Because, um, it really says a lot. So let’s, let’s dig a little bit more into your backstory though, Chad. So I know that you, um, you started in the military. I guess why don’t, why don’t you start from there and then take us through, um, to when you actually totally focused into, in real estate investing.


Chad: and before I start that, while I’ve got this thought, I, I just wanna lay out there’s, I know there’s a lot of new people that listen to this and there’s even folks that are experienced that listen to this podcast. Man, I will tell you the number one mistake I ever made, uh, in my first business was. I did not invest into myself and get into, uh, a mastermind and they were out there in the gym business.

Um, I did not invest into that, and I really thought that that was, I don’t know why in your mind you think that’s wasting money, but that was like a number one first thing I did, um, when I quit my job. And we can get into that later. But I felt like I needed, I needed to be around peers that had the same motivation, uh, same problems that I had because, you know, especially if you guys are new listening, you know, it’s tough to be, it, it’s tough to be sitting to talk or it’s tough to talk to people and have somebody, a confidant that you can literally just bitch about having a $250,000 quarter.

Like there’s just not a lot of people out there that you can just complain to about having a $250,000 quarter. And what, when people hear that, they don’t realize that, you know, we’re business owners and we have other expenditures, you know, coming out of that, that’s not all net profit. And maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.

But super important to get wrapped into a mastermind or a, a group of like-minded individuals. So I know we kind of went off, off there, but I wanted to. Talk about that thought for a second, because investor fuel, and there’s a ton of masterminds out there. I love Investor Fuel. Um, it’s changed, it’s, it’s changed my whole business, um, from, from the start.

So just if you’re new and you’re listening, You know, you need to find some like-minded individuals to connect with so that I’ll leave it at that. So what was the question

Dylan: again? No, right. No. That, that was, that was, that was an awesome injection of, of wisdom. And even if you can’t afford to join some big flashy mastermind, create your own.

When I was just a kid in my early twenties starting businesses, I learned about that mastermind thing and I grabbed other guys from different businesses I knew, and we just kind of started hashing out problems with each other, you know, and kind of get you to where, where, uh, where you can get to, um, a little faster.

Yeah, so, so my first question was, you know, I’ve seen some of the, first of all, we wanna thank you for your service, number one, but I’ve seen some of your social media posts back when you were a young strapping lad, holding back a bunch of ferocious dogs. So tell us, first of all, how did you even get into the Army?

Chad: Man, I, um, You know, I was an athlete in, in high school, obviously, and I, I could have went and played college basketball at some smaller schools, but I, I’d always wanted to join the FBI of all things. And, uh, you know, military was a way to do that and go to school at the same time. So, um, you know, I’m not upset with my recruiter, but he did lie to me about, you know, being able to get in and, and go to school and get your degree.

Some of that was true, most of it was not. The fact was is I was a police officer in the military and we were working shift work and I always wanted to be a dog handler. So later on in, in my career, I had an opportunity to do a, uh, hardship tour. And with that came selection of my, of my duty station in a specific school that I wanted to go to, and that was canine.

And I finished out my last. Almost three years, uh, as a canine handler in the, in the military. And man, that was the best job I ever had. And I, I loved it. And that kind of parlayed into being a, you know, I went full-time at the local sheriff’s office in, uh, South Carolina, and I became a full-time deputy.

And then all these years later, here we are, 20, gosh, I don’t even know, 23 years later, I’m still, I’m still a [00:07:00] reserved deputy. I fly from Colorado to South Carolina and I, I serve and protect and walk houses, you know, just trying to burn time. So we can get more into that. But yeah. Um, that’s, that’s kind of my story on how I ended up in the military.

Dylan: So then when, when you left the military, you became a deputy sheriff, uh, in South Carolina? Mm-hmm. . I know you live in Denver. So where were you? Where were you? I was born

Chad: here in Colorado. I was born small town, Fort Lupton, Colorado, which is about 25 minutes from where we live, you know, right now. And, uh, it was a farm community.

Uh, I always tell people, I I, I grew up on the other side of the tracks, you know, my, my parents, we were. I, I would say lower middle class. I mean, I mean, for God’s sake. My mom and I always joke with her, and she’ll probably laugh when she hears this, if she listens to it, but, you know, I was just, I was a kid that wanted to have Nikes and the Reebok pumps, and here my parents were taking me [00:08:00] to Kmart to buy ponies for basketball shoes.

You know, so listen,

Dylan: I’ve told that same story on stage. I had, I had love, but I didn’t have any Jordans in, in 1989 and 90 believe. And then when you

Chad: talk about failed entrepreneurship, you talk about how you grew up. My parents were awesome and I, I got to watch my dad bust his ass, you know, raise three kids and he was a, a contractor And, uh, in the construction, in the construction world, my mom was, you know, stay at home mom until she decided to go back and get her nursing degree while we were in school.

And, uh, so there was a lot of, uh, you know, tight times on money and, you know, it’s generational too. You know, my parents are old school. Even, even if they did have money, they told us we didn’t, which we need to get better at that with our dang on kids ourselves. You know? So, but that’s kind of my, that was my, my, my path.

And maybe that’s maybe some of my motivation as I, as I got older. And I think that part laid into when I was a deputy sheriff. I’d work extra duty and I had this extra duty assignment and it was in a neighborhood called Wildwood, which was like the exclusive neighborhood in, in Columbia. And I used to just ride around as a, as a young guy, like 23 years old, and ride around these huge four and five and 6,000 square foot houses and just wonder what do these people do for money?

You know, I’m sitting there making freaking like 1175 an hour, you know, my paychecks were 7 86 every two weeks, you know? So I was just always looking for something.

Dylan: Yeah. And, and part of the reason I brought up, you know, where did you, where, where’d you grow up to where you were, um, where you were up at is, is, it’ll lead into how you’re doing some of your business today too.

Um, which is, will be eye opening for some folks. But, um, so from, from deputy to, uh, to Jim owner, right. Did you get bit by the entrepreneur bug or you an entrepreneur since you were a.

Chad: Well, I went deputy from, uh, I had, I went from deputy to the car business of all things. And that was a long stint. That’s, that’s where I really, truly learned about, uh, money and how, and how to make money.

And that is the toughest business to get into, um, and to be successful. No successful. And man, I’ll tell you, when I first started at, when I first started at Dick Smith in, in South Carolina, I started selling cars. And I was about a month into it, I was about to go back to the sheriff’s office. You know, I, I went three weeks.

I had not sold a car. Um, one of my, one of my mentors, Eddie Mar, said she is the number, like number one mentor in the sales area for me in my lifetime. I’m probably the best sales person I’ve ever seen. You know, he, he brought me up to the sales tower one day out of three weeks, and he said, Let me tell you something, you’re not gonna take any more, you take any more of my, any more of my ups and you don’t log them or you don’t bring them to me for to talk to them, I’m gonna blow your ass outta here.

And that was just kind of like a wake up call cuz I was like, man, I don’t know if this is right for me. And I just finally started listening and I was listening to him before, but, you know, just kind of had to go hard at me and in just a like 10 days, I, I made what I made. At the Sheriff’s office, so I decided to stick it out.

One more. One more month just to see. And that was in August of 2003. I made $6,200 on like 11 on 11 units. I, I really didn’t even know what I was doing. I made triple the amount of money in one month and I made at the sheriff’s office. And from that point I said, all right, let me just get this six months.

And then it was just, all right, let me get this another six months. And then from there I got into management. And moved up. And I was a, you know, top performing finance and insurance manager. You know, and, and there’s one thing, and I said this in other podcasts, is there’s always people you meet in your life and that’s why it’s so important to get around other people and your, your network is your net worth.

And at that time, my network was definitely my net worth. Cause Eddie sat me down in his office, you know, we were drinking buddies and uh, one night we were sitting in his office. And he says, son, you stick with me. Your neighbors will be doctors and lawyers. And you know, I don’t have a college degree. I went in the military, I have some college, and when somebody bought in to to what I was doing, I was doing a good job.

You know, they let me know I was doing a good job. And that was powerful for, for, you know, somebody that’s 15 years older than me to say, to say that to me, that, that really changed my trajectory. Then like, I was like, I, I immediately went home and I told Wendy I. Man, Eddie. Eddie said that Eddie said if I stick with him, my, our neighbor’s gonna be doctors and lawyers.

You know? And that was, that was empowering. Very empowering. And I, I’ll never forget that my, my whole life. So maybe somebody’s listened to, had something empowering that somebody has said to them that they can, they can tap into. I tap into that. To the, to this day, still to this day, um, super important. You know, just meeting people, getting, getting around, people that wanna see you.

Dylan: Yeah, I, I think, uh, you know, I was in commission sales until I was 30 ish also, and being around those old school guys like that, you know, like I’m the kind of guy who needs to be crushed and that’s okay. That’s the way I was raised. If you hit a home, like, you know, we listened to a guy speak the other day, you hit a home run and it was like, run faster.

Not, yeah, not a clap on the back. Because? Because to, it’s gone. What about tomorrow? What about tomorrow? What about tomorrow? I think we’re, we’re losing some of that. We’re all softer than than we used to be. We’re definitely softer on our kids than our parents were. And it keeps going back, right? The grandparents, the great-grandparents.

Right. But I think in business it’s different, right? You have to. You have to be able to, to, to like cut that really quickly and just say, Hey, if I wanna be effective, especially you’re a lifestyle guy, so you wanna work an hour a year, let alone, you know, a hundred hours a week. So if you wanna work an hour a year, you need to learn how to, how to punch.

And that punch has to, has to be worth. 10 times what an average guy’s punch is worth, basically, you know? So, um, I think it’s important to, to take that, those thoughts like that, like you just said, from those mentors and, and use them and, uh, and learn from those guys. And, and we should all be seeking that guys or girls, you know, whether they’re male or female mentors and, um, And it’s just a huge part of being an entrepreneur and as a salesman, I don’t care if you were w2, I don’t care as an f and I guy, you had a big fat salary and got and got, you know, spiffs or whatever, you’re still an entrepreneur because if you don’t produce, if you don’t close, you don’t eat.

Right. Yeah. That’s

Chad: a business, that’s a misconception. You know, even, even when I got into management and was an F and I manager, we were 100% commissioned. We. Ate what we killed, you know? Yeah. So it’s, I mean, the, the, the difference between what I’m doing now and what I was doing then is literally nothing.

The only difference is, is that I sat in an office chain to an office five days a week, literally almost every Saturday of the year. Uh, yeah. And I was dependent on another company. They were the ones that were driving the [00:15:00] business. To us. Um, you know, so that’s, that’s the only difference. Now I’m tasked with driving all the business to our company and I’m tasked with, now I’ve got a team.

Um, I generally don’t handle sales anymore, but, you know, it’s just the evolution and, you know, going back to a mastermind investor feel, I thought, really, I just wanted to be a, a solopreneur, maybe have some VAs. And, and, and do that. But one thing I’ve realized was there was, there was a, there’s a lot of successful people in that group, but there was also a lot of people that are just freaking working.

Like I, they just seemed like they were ups, like they were just just tired. Like they were tired. And I just could see myself saying, gosh, I, I looked like that in the car business. So I, I, when I joined, I wanted to do like a hundred wholesale deals a year and had all this, this stuff and I was already, I already had a decent business going.

But then I finally just sat back and I was like, man, you know, gosh, I don’t, I don’t wanna do that. I don’t wanna feel like that. And obviously I wanna have a good business, but, and a lot of people have asked me, you know, recently, how did you be, how did you craft your business to be a lifestyle business?

Was it intentional? And I always have to ponder and say, well, I don’t know. Was it intentional? Um, I think, yeah, at, at the end of the day, it was intentional. Um, when I first started this business, I just wanted to replace 200, 250,000 a year income. And so I’ve always approached it as that’s a, that’s a damn good living.

My wife makes a good living. So together, you know, I’m not putting a bunch of pressure on myself. I can go and make 250 grand a year with my eyes closed, you know, I can do it by myself. Um, and that’s been a, that’s been a, a. Uh, challenge for me in growing a team is because I know that I can, I can do a lot of that stuff myself, but then I have no time.

So that’s been a, that’s been a big change in my business is getting a team to just keep increasing our business and still chasing that time.

Dylan: Sure. And even, I guess, you know, I want to go back to limiting beliefs for a sec in a second, but when you look at that two, let’s just say two 50 is that goal, right?

So you’re like, Hey, I gotta be at two 50. I gotta be at two 50. As you inch your way out of those minute to minute tasks. And like, you know, I’ve been in the business a long time, entrepreneur for my whole life. I’ll do the same thing. Like if I can take this water bottle and screw the cap on, I’m not gonna teach someone to do it for me.

But if I just saved 15 seconds, 30 seconds a minute. If we keep increasing that at compounds, and I think some of the guys and girls that you and I are, are lucky enough to kind of learn from or like. Just watch them. And that’s what they seem to do is they seem to get to a point where they’re only doing truly what is worth five or $10,000 an hour versus doing some of that small stuff, even though we can do it ourselves and it’s kinda less work, uh, to just do it ourselves, but we’re gonna keep doing it ourselves forever if we don’t get out of there.

Um, one thing I wanted to bring up, some of the people who are watching and listening, they’re not at that point yet where you and I are thrown around two 50, like it’s a joke, and because we were in sales, we know you can literally make 250 million as a salesman. I mean, that’s crazy, but the, your first year you’re thinking, Hey, 25 k.

As a sheriff, I’m happy when I was a kid, like, you know, we’re not old, but we’re not young. And now it’s like, Hey, I made a hundred. Now I can make one 50 because again, it’s all on our back. So we put those, those rocks in our backpack, right? And we’re going uphill. So two 50 some, some guys would yell at you and I saying, you two fools are happy at two 50.

Cuz that’s my number every year, right? Minimum 2 52. 52 50. Right? They’re like, you can make, you can make a million just as easily. Just step it up a little bit. Right? But I wanna say that to some of those younger, newer people at the, you know, at the same level, um, you know, mentally. If you wanna do one or two deals a year, you can get to those 10 deals a year.

It might take you one or two years to get there, but it’s a lot easier than you think. Cuz if you can do one, you can do a hundred.

Chad: Well, here’s the thing you’re talking about a lot easier and, and we’re throwing around these numbers is, God, I wish I, I wish I could have started this business where, you know, I just was trying to leave like a 60,000 year job.

You know, a 60,000 year job to me feels like it’d be a lot less pressure. To be successful than to have to make the nut that I had to make when I stepped, when I stepped away, not for the first time, but for the second time. And, you know, when I stepped away from that kind of money, the, the first time it was, it was an adventure when I stepped away from that kind of money the second time.

It was reality because if I failed, I, you know, I may not even be married at this point. I, you know, I’d already been broke. I’ve bootstrapped, you know, we’ve, we’ve been behind on car payments. We’ve paid employees before paying our own bills. We’ve done all that kind of stupid shit. And, um, you know, and that’s part partly why I’ve been just very conservative and, and, and so going back to what I would not change, I wouldn’t change my first business Cause I’m a maverick.

I’m a maverick by profile, um, predictive index. So sometimes I’m just like, I’m a visionary and I just, I just freaking go and, and do it. And being successful in sales. Sometimes you feel like you give yourself an extra, um, an extra parachute because you just know you can sell yourself out of any bad situation.

You know, I’ve had my, I’ve been behind the eight balls so many times in in sales where, you know, there’s months where I had to make freaking 30 grand and, you know, I pound it out and I make 30 grand because I’m behind the eight balls. So it, as an entrepreneur, when you’re, when you’re, when you know you’re good like that, It can be a bad thing on the other side too, and that’s been a tough thing for me to be able to just to, to keep in check.

And it still is to this day. It’s tough for me to keep in check. So, you know, if somebody’s out there, you’re making 40, 50, $60,000 a year. Just, just, when I first started flipping houses, I just backed into the numbers. I took out the minus what I would pay in taxes. I said, you know what? I can make a living and I can literally replace my lifestyle.

In my life now and have more time. If I just flip five houses and [00:21:00] make 40 grand a house, you know, that’s 200,000. Same thing. And that’s how, kind of how I did it. So anybody’s listening, um, you know, just back into your, back into your numbers, back into your goals and start small and then things will grow.

Dylan: Yep. No, that’s, that’s the absolute truth. And uh, and like you said, if you gotta make 30 grand in a month, you can do it. So imagine. Challenging both of us. Like we should be pushing for 300, but at a certain level, you, you have to give up something to get there. And not everybody’s willing to do that. And, and some of us, you know, once we have one pair of Reebok pumps or Jordans, we don’t need a hundred pair.

So we might just be happy being happy and, and that’s a whole different conversation. But let’s talk a little bit more about real estate investing. So, um, what kind of investing, what types, like what style of investing have you have you done throughout your real estate investing


Chad: Well, I started out, um, I started out wholesaling and if you back up, how my wife and I really started is I got her real estate school, um, as a stocking stuffer.

And she’s like, what? You’re investing in me? I’m like, No, but I knew you didn’t wanna go back to the classroom after we had shut down our first business. So, and I just, I just figured we’ve talked about it forever. Both of us talked about getting our real estate license. You know, I’m back in jail in the car business, uh, you know, let’s, you’re kind of the Guinea pig.

Let’s see, let’s see what you can do. So I spent a lot of time when I was in the car business, back in the car business. She’s riding around on the golf cart, selling, you know, making, making money, sitting by the pool, hanging with the kids. I mean, she’s, she’s making money and she’s a hustler too. So really that was kind of how, that’s, that’s really how I ended up, started getting my mind wrapped around my real estate.

And then I started wholesaling and, um, I ended up getting into flipping because I had a couple, couple buyers. I, I wasn’t a cbe, I was not a cash buyer employee, but on some deals, I would, I would give them first, like first rights to the, to the deal before I send it out. So I called these, I called these three of my normal buyers.

They came through this house and my wife has already been a successful agent at that time. And um, you know, she was top 20% agent at that time and they tried to tell me her comps were wrong. And so as a husband, I’m. You, you guys, you know these guys, realtors too. Two of them are, and, uh, you know, another one, you know, he’s, he was a, a Rehaber and, and I, one I kind of took offense to that.

And two, I knew that they were just trying to turn me into a cash fire employee. And I was like, I’m not gonna be a cbe. So I went and found the money to rehab the house and we. Our comps for 180 5. We, we sold the property for 180 4 and, uh, instead of making like a [00:24:00] $5,000 assignment fee, we grossed like 44 grand on the deal.

And that really changed my, that changed my trajectory for one, because it get, we got through that one and obviously you get some, some experience and some confidence, and then it just kind of snowballed from there. I kind of went in 2000, in 2018 and 19, you know, More heavy on wholesale, but we were still flipping.

And then I just totally, when I quit my, when I moved to south or to Colorado from South Carolina and quit my high paying job, after a couple weeks, I was forced with a decision. And I know there’s probably a lot of people at wholesale that are listening to this, and I know a lot of people at wholesale too.

And I was just, I, I was faced the decision, do I build my business? I already have a team of subs and that kind of thing for flipping. So it was, do I, do I do the hustle? Does it take, it’s a hustle to wholesale. I said, do I take the hustle to wholesale or do I leverage other professionals as in construction subs, do I leverage and you know, it’s gonna be a little bit longer hold times the payout’s always much more.

And. Yeah, there was a managing part of that, but I didn’t feel like it is, it was, to me, being in the car business as long as I was and having a prior business in the gym industry with five gyms, a bunch of people, a bunch of moving parts, I didn’t feel like the trajectory I went to was nearly as labor intensive as me trying to build out a, a, a wholes operation to make the same money.

So that’s kind of how I, that’s that’s kind of how I started. And then what’s moved into, uh, you know, I primarily primary flip, uh, we have rentals, um, and uh, that’s a focus for me right now in my business and a focus for Bothy and I is, you know, you we’ve, we’ve proven that we can build a team and a whole, you know, we can wholesale, I can do that.

If I wanna do that, I can whole tail, we can, we can do that. But I also have built a system. And a great team on flipping, so that opens a lot of doors from there. I feel like once you get that down and you get. Like dialed in, then I feel like you can take on a lot other projects. You can take on multi-family, you know, a bunch of units at one time.

You can take on rentals. You know, you can take building who ground up. Like there’s just, once you figure that the flipping part out of, you know, maybe it’s labor intensive, maybe you don’t like doing it, maybe people say it’s a lot of work, maybe it’s more risky. But that opens I feel like a lot more doors than just being a wholesaler.

So that’s just my thought on. Right around. Yeah, yeah.

Dylan: No, no, I, I agree with you Chad. So, I, I was a wholesaler first. Actually. I was a landlord first. Everybody buys like a rental when they begin. Then I wholesaled and then I started rehabbing and did that heavy for five years. And Mr. Home Depot, you know, the whole thing.

And then, um, new construction. So I’ve done all that stuff, and I tell you what the hardest thing for sure is flipping only because you have to have that crew and that team because you just can’t, you, you can sub stuff out. But the way that I was rocking it, you know, three, four at a time, like you gotta have a team and you gotta manage those guys.

So you, you have to have that personality. Um, but it does open up a lot of doors. I would sit in living rooms and buy my own rehabs instead of buying ’em from a wholesaler. Nothing wrong with wholesalers, but you’re looking at a wholesaler and like guys like you and I, we could wholesale our way through life forever, right.

And make good money. Um, but it, but it is a grind, you know? Um, and you don’t wanna have to do that all the time. So being able to rehab for sure opens up a lot of doors. So, so you guys, you’ve wholesaled, you’ve rehabbed, you’ve whole tailed, you have rentals. What, what’s your favorite, I guess, of, of the four?

What’s your favorite way to invest? If you only had one way to do it from here

Chad: on. Oh man, my favorite way to invest would probably be what I should have been doing the past, at least the last five years, is probably keeping at least five to seven of those properties a year. Um, and keep them as, keep them as rentals and, um, you know, I’m, I’m regretting that now.

Um, but at the same token, you know, everybody’s got a different business. I’ve got a machine that I’m feeding, I got a, I got a team of people. That I’m, that I’m feeding. So, um, there’s been quite a few deals where, you know, at the end of the day we’ve invested a lot of money into our business. We’ve invested into TV marketing.

So, you know, there is a, there is a cash flow, uh, aspect to business. Um, and I just felt like if I just continue to flip, if I can build a flipping machine, you know, people can say what they want. I can be 65 years old and flip houses, you know, it, it doesn’t matter. And I, I feel like when you, when you’re talking to people and you go to meetups or you’re, you’re listening to things on YouTube, I think you gotta kind of drown out the noise and, and really focus on what fits your goals and, My goals is to continue to do literally what I’m doing now, and that’s work maybe two hours a day throughout a calendar year, five days a week.

You know, there are, there are weeks where I don’t work at all. There’s, there’s weeks, and when I say work, I’m, I’m not sitting in an office. I might be on the boat, I might be at a Rocky’s game or a lunch game. I might be skiing and, you know, I’m, I’m checking emails or answering emails or working from my phone.

Some people say, oh man, that’s work. Well, maybe, maybe in your career path that you had, yeah, maybe that does work. But in the career path that I had, that does not work. Cause I’m not sitting playing the hurry up in weight games, sitting in an office twiddling my thumbs bored because I’m only responsible for the amount of business that comes into my office.

And once I get that done, then I’m sitting there with an idle mind. And I’m an A type personality. There’s no way I can just sit with an ILE mind. So, you know, is it work? I, I don’t know. That’s a, that’s a great question. That’s a question for everybody is sitting there, you know, is out, out of the office getting stuff done on the fly.

Is that really work? If you’re going doing the things that you like to do? I mean, I don’t know. So for me, it works for now. Could change in 10 years. I don’t know what that looks.

Dylan: Yeah. I mean, that’s part of what being an entrepreneur is all about. So I, I go through those weird stints, and again, when I first started I was 30, which was, you know, no, I mean, it was even before that.

I hate to say it, I was buying houses before that. But, uh, when I went totally solo, quit my real job. So I had an, not a big office, but I had had an office, a humble office. I wore a suit. A lot of times I wore a tie because back then, 16, 17 years ago, I’d go to meetups. Like you dress the part. It’s, things have changed a lot now too, and when you first get started, you’re like, oh my gosh, what do I do?

And you know, being in the car business or sales, when we’re knocking on people’s doors, you were supposed to look a certain way, but, um, You know, I think that, uh, being an entrepreneur that gives you those choices and in the last decade it’s changed a lot. So you can, you know, because of technology, look what we’re doing right here, right?

We’re shooting video, you know, from 2000 miles away. It looks good, sounds good. It looks really good because we’re on it, right? But, um, yeah. But yeah, I think you, you can build that lifestyle and uh, me being different than guys like you or even, you know, hand, right? Like, I like to work cuz I’m just weird.

So I feel like I’m outta rhythm. If I’m not working, I’m like, I’m not a jogger, right? Cuz you can see my belly. But I’m like a guy who runs. So if I’m not, if I’m, if I’m not doing something, I feel weird, but then when I cut it off, like I’m out, like I’m totally gone. You know? Right. So it’s just kind of what feels right for, for that person.

And, uh, so I, I wanna talk about your secret weapon. We can’t spend too much time on it, but, um, or, or, or on her. But tell us what it’s like. Number one, having a built in agent that you can sometimes monetize your leads with, but more importantly, having a spouse or a partner who believes in you, you know, is, is a true partner in the business and someone that you can count on what, how, you know, how does all that fit together for you guys?

Chad: Oh man. Um, I, I would say if she was sitting here with me, I would say we both would not be where we’re at in our business. Cause we, we actually operate two separate businesses. We’re in the same industry, but neither one of us would be where we are today without each other, number one. Um, and number two, man, it’s just good to have somebody, it, it’s, it’s good to have somebody in the same household that has the same.

Uh, visions and aspirations as you do. And she’s, she’s learned, you know, unfortunately, she’s, she learned that she’s had to, to lean on me and, and, and share for me because I’m a visionary. And, um, you know, she’s not, she’s not as much of a visionary as I am. She’s very conservative. So it’s like our two.

Profiles. We did predictive index profiles. And it was so funny because one, exactly, they, our two profiles actually work hand in hand with each other in marriage and in in business. Um, but we also learned a lot from our first business. You know, um, I, I can, I can say that I’ve been, I’ve gotten into my bed at night with my laptop maybe two times.

Since I started my, my business venture back in 2017, um, that was something that, you know, we both did when we were in our first business. We’d be sitting in bed at freaking 11 o’clock at night working on our laptops. So there was a lot of things that we learned together, um, in our first business that we’ve have, I guess you could say enacted in our, our current businesses.

Like for me, I want to get up. I’m an early riser. I want to get up, I want to be, I wanna be rock and rolling 4 30, 5 30, you know, and I wanna be, most of my busy work, if I’m gonna have an office day, I want it to be done by lunchtime. I don’t wanna be in the office any longer than, than that. Um, and, and having an agent, you know, with, with me in the house, gosh, you know, working deals is so much easier.

Um, you know, there’s a lot. Um, hey, if you go hire your own agent, you know, or Hey, I, I’m go, you know, I’m gonna hire an agent. You know, we, we do Bick. It’d be a great TV show,um, , but, but man, we have the same goals and I. I am spoiled. I literally, from the time we get a house stage and we’re done with construction, I, I literally don’t handle anything with a, with a listing from that point on.


Dylan: and that’s so huge. I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna interrupt too much, but it’s so huge. I preach it all the time. I’ve been licensed forever, right? It’s a big part of my business too. But you can’t, I mean, you can trust me if you wanna list houses with me, but honestly, like you can’t trust anybody with that newborn baby who doesn’t love that baby as much as you or more.

And that’s what a rehab is cuz you know, God forbid you don’t answer that one call or do that one follow up. It might be that, that deal that takes you down, it really could

Chad: be. Yeah, I, it, it’s great. We have systems and processes in place with that. And you know, I, I, I listed a house with a, a buddy brought me two off market MLS deals.

So I was like, Hey, you can have the listing. And, uh, lemme tell you one thing I learned and, and he’s a great realtor. One thing I learned is me and [00:35:00] Wendy, we have our systems in process. Like, we don’t even need to talk about the deal. The, the deal comes in before covid, you know, even when houses are on the market, 90 to one, 20 days, you know, it’s a rehab house.

It’s a five day due diligence. We’re not wasting 10 days to go through due diligence. Like, that’s just part of it. And that’s always, that’s always on the. Five day due diligence. You know, we start out with no closing costs. We’ve been doing that forever. Now, do we do closing costs? Yes, we do. But we start out and counter, you know, so we have systems and processes in place with that.

And the, the wonderful thing about that is, you know, we’re to the point now, and it’s been like this for about the past three years, is. I don’t even handle repair addendums. You know, all the things that are time consuming. You know, Wendy’s, we’ve done, we’ve flipped enough houses, we’ve done enough properties that, you know, Wendy just knows, like when, when, when I see a repair addendum, it’s for me to have a signature on.

You know, literally, unless it’s a huge expense, like a five or $10,000 expense, which very, you know, very rare that happens. But uh, you know, if it’s something like that, then, then we’re talking about it before she counters. But generally that’s all handled before I ever get it. So it’s, you know, there’s a lot of save time saved, there’s a lot of time saving, negotiating cuz you know, time, time is of I essence, you know, type thing.

But, um, I think number one, it’s just good to have. Somebody else done, like literally me and Wendy Masterminds just telling this to some buddies the other day, dude, we go on date night and it’s like, It’s like a mini mastermind, you know, . Um, as much as we don’t want it to be, it’s like, Hey, we’re not talking to any business tonight.

But, you know, reality is, it’s our life, it’s our business. Um, you know, our business is, and she bounces things off of me with, with her team. I bounce things off my team. Um, you know, and we’re just, we’re just in tune. We’re in tune with that. And we, we enjoy, we enjoy how we’ve created our life. Really. It wouldn’t change anything I don’t

Dylan: believe.

Well, listen, as a super salesman, or at least self-proclaimed myself, my goal is to make Chad like me more. So if I make Wendy like Chad more happy, that means he’s gonna like me. Right? Right. So, uh, , you know, but, you know, and I know Wendy, and, you know, I watch all of her stuff on social and I don’t talk to her all the time, but I do a lot of, uh, agent work on the side too.

I have a team myself. So, you know, I, I feel what you guys are doing and I think it’s super duper awesome and, and I can. Um, how you guys are together and like, that’s something to be, um, you know, to be jealous of these days, right? Because you gotta have that, you gotta have that togetherness because I’ve seen entrepreneurs, I’ve been partners or JV partners with people who let the other person come in and start telling me what to do.

Right. And you know, you, you probably, Chad would never say Dylan’s like a tough guy or whatever, but when it comes to certain things like I don’t waiver and they’re, and it’s just 0% chance zero, right? Like, I’m voting a certain way, I’m wearing certain shoes. We already talked about this stuff, right? And, and, and I’ll listen to what Wendy says, but I’m not gonna listen to what, you know, the average.

Partner of mine’s person on the other side is telling me to paint a house cuz it just ain’t gonna happen. Cause I’ll just do it myself. Right? Yeah. But you, you guys have that because you know that she wants what you want. A hundred percent. You know, you guys are in line. So just super important out there.

I think a lot of us, um, as we get started in real estate, we’re always looking for partners or if we’re of age where we have like a spouse or a partner or whatever, not just business partner, but a life partner, you know, someone that we’re with, uh, you gotta, you gotta be, have. Alignment there, cuz if you don’t, it’s gonna be really tough.

I’ve met a lot of people, yeah. Dudes normally, right? Who are just like, oh, I can’t go to this meetup because I’m gonna get in trouble. I’m like, that’s cool man. But just know you’re never ever gonna get somewhere if you can’t, like if you can’t change your ways. Yeah, something’s gotta change if, if you wanna get bigger or better, right?

It’s all, it is all

Chad: about alignment. And a quick funny story, when me and when Wendy and I, we first started flipping houses, we would go into Home Depot or Lowe’s or like tile store or whatever, and we literally would go separate ways, make all of our separate selections and we’d come back and you would, it was so funny you talk about alignment because literally her cart and my cart were almost, I.

On paint colors or, you know, the, the lighting, the tile, the, you know, different tile We picked flooring, you know, we were just very in sync on that from the, from the get go. So that made it, that made it super easy. I do a lot of design on our houses, but she also does a lot of design on the houses. So, I mean, it’s like neither one of us has a, a specific, I guess you’d say, job role in, in that it’s more.

Let’s bounce it off of, bounce it off of, I’ll bounce it off of windy, you know, or my team knows if got any kind of exterior paint colors, anything like that, just, you know, get windy on. You know, at the end of the day, we’re probably gonna pick the same stuff, but it’s just easier to make that happen. And I can push more work off onto her.


Dylan: yeah. And you know, she’s not gonna go with earth tones if we’re doing everything in, in whites and grays on, you know, at this time of the year, whatever it is. You know what I mean? Whatever’s going on because she knows she’s in the bis, right? Yep. So it’s, it’s, it’s huge to have that huge. Oh, unbelievable for you.

Um, so here’s a good question, Chad, and, and answer this as, as you know, as, uh, deeply as you want to, but you talk about your lifestyle business and what you’ve been able to build and working on it every day, right? It’s not perfect yet, but Oh no. What’s your real why Of, of, of being in that building a lifestyle business versus working a hundred hours a week?

Chad: My, my real why is. You know, I was number one. My real why was I was tired of watching my wife be a single mom when I was in the car business with all of our kids. And then the second, second, why is our little autistic man will, you know, at the end of the day, he needs his dad home. And there’s, there’s only.

Two people that are gonna influence him more than anything else. And that’s mom and dad. So I needed to get home. I needed to be, I needed to build a business that suited my lifestyle where I could be home more, to be home with Wendy and help in that aspect, but also just be able to go and, and spend time.

I love to travel. I’ve, I’ve always wanted to travel. Everybody’s like, man, do you get tired of traveling? I said, I, I don’t know. Maybe in the next couple years I might, there’s times where I do get a little bit tired of it, but then I also, There’s times where I was sitting in the finance office wishing I could go and do all the things that, that we do do.

So my number one, why is our, our special needs guy, little guy. And outside of that, our, our other kids, I mean, Ava is, you know, I’m running outta time. She’s 14, she’s getting ready to turn 15. I’m running outta time where she wants to hang out with me. Luckily she’s still trying to get me to take her on a daddy ditch day to go skiing and stuff like that.

But at the end of the day, there’s gonna come a time cuz we’ve already experienced with Savannah where she don’t wanna hang out with us or do anything with us at all anymore. And, uh, that was a learning lesson from our previous business. You know, Savannah was, uh, I young girl. She was, you [00:42:00] know, seventh and eighth and ninth grade and then into high school and you know, she really got the short end of the stick.

You know, we had a, a new baby and it wasn’t just Will, it wasn’t our, it wasn’t our special needs little guy. Our new baby was our gym and we were all just too blind to see that we were just, we were leaving a lot of things. Um, On the, on the floor with that, like, man, that was, that was horrible. So that’s my number one reason why is my lifestyle business is I just want to be home and be available as much, as much as possible.

And, um, engage around there. You know, you have a lot of bus, you know, business is hard. We all, we all have business stuff going on and it’s freaking hard. But I just feel like if I add it on, I know I can do a lot more, but that requires more hours and a lot more work and a lot more stress. And um, I think right now, for the next couple years, I’m just looking to get Ava into college or out of high school, whatever she’s gonna be doing from that point.

Hey, William will be a little bit older and the older he gets. The more the, the more freedom we get. Um, if that makes any sense. I mean, he’ll always live with us. He will, we will always have to take care of him. But as, as he gets older, things have, it’s crazy to say, has gotten easier. So that’s a, that’s a big push for me.

So I’m, I’m not, I’m not trying to rush that, but, you know, I’m just like everybody else, I’m freak. I wanna have 10, 20 million in the bank. I wanna have a hundred freaking rentals and not give two craps about what’s going on in the, in the world, the economy, you know, all that kind of thing. So those are my goals, um, that I think we just gotta be careful on how we align our life and our lifestyle with those goals.

Dylan: Yeah. There, there’s nothing, uh, that’s more noble than, than your why. And I know your why, you know, but like I said, if you wanted to share it, you did. So that’s, you know, that’s, that’s the real, that’s real life. You know? And I, and I think something, Chad, you and I have probably been in the room with a few multi Decca, maybe a hundred millionaires, and heard them speak and they talk about being present.

And again, rather than having three extra Escalades and and whatever else you need. Right. Right. Being present. A as you know, as they go from the kids, right? 5, 6, 7 to 20 or whatever, those days never come back. And some people don’t have kids, that’s okay too, right. But Right. We’re all like, you know, you’re laughing about 65 and I’m like, man, I was a long ways from 45 not long ago, and I’m Well, how?

You’re like, we can flip house from 65. I’m like, man, we’re gonna be laughing. It’ll be 65 like that. You know? So you gotta be able to breathe. Cuz man, these days go by quick and uh, they do. You know, this is the whole reason why, I mean, for most of us, this is why we’re an entrepreneur. Yeah. It is To have the vacations and the cars and, and the house, but it’s to be able to, when that day comes, sit back and go.

No regrets. Right. Right.

Chad: Yep. So you can make all the money in the world, but you can’t take it with

Dylan: you. No. Right. And you can’t make any more time. So you gotta make that time count because it’s the, it’s the silly things that, that will, will be what we’re remembered for. A lot of times. I think, you know, I think I

Chad: covered this when I, I, in my hot seat one, one time, like, people don’t realize pressures, not only pressures an entrepreneur, but.

The pressures that Wendy and I have on, on top of us, which is, I’m not discounting other parents, but they don’t have the same pressure that we have and they don’t have the same long term pressure that we have. You know, most people, they raise their kids, they go off to college, they go get their jobs, and there there’s, I mean, people wanna leave legacy.

If you have legacy money or if you can, if you’re in that position, they wanna leave something for their kids. But the pressure for us, and I, I know we’ve talked about it, is, you know, I’m 44, I’m gonna be 45 in January. We are in the prime time for the next 10 years of making money in our, in our lifetime.

And we’re really focused on that. Um, and it’s not to make money and to have the Ferrari and the Lamborghini and all that stuff. Now, I’m not gonna get rid of our boat. I love our boat, but the number one thing we have to focus on right now is, is, is it’s legacy money. We have to make sure that we have enough for William.

I I, I don’t want my. Two other two daughters that feel like they’re left out, but they can have jobs and they, they’ll be just fine. But the pressure in our, in our life right now as we’re getting older, cuz you like, you’re right, it flies by the pressure right now for us is to ensure that whatever we have built with this business, that it can take care of William to the day he dies.

Cause we’re gonna be long gone, long, long gone before he, before. Goes into the next world. Yeah. So that’s important for us. And that’s a, that’s a big, big focus, but I don’t wanna lose sight of spending time. It gets a, it’s a, it’s a push and pull type thing, so it’s just something that we gotta work through and, and, and move forward and just freaking pound it out every day.

Dylan: It’s all about balance, you know, and, uh, with age comes wisdom. Unfortunately, we’re not always wise when we’re, when we’re 22, as wise as we are when we’re 44, right? So I’m, I’m about two years ahead of you, so I’m, I’m a little bit wiser than you, but 44 was like, It was last week, so I know we gotta, we gotta, we gotta sit, sit back and smell those flowers as much as possible.

I know. So, Chad, we’re coming close to the end. I know you, you kind of gave like your, your biggest, um, advice for newer real estate investors is to get around other people, but yes, I wanna, I wanna go back to that. So again, so what is your best advice for new real estate investors?

Chad: Oh man. Uh, best advice for new, new real estate investors is, Get, get rid of the noise, get, get away from all the people that, that think you’re crazy.

And that if that, if that’s family, that that includes that too. , you know, and, and hell, if that’s your, if that’s your spouse, you know, that includes that too, unfortunately. Um, because I think there’s a lot of people out there in, in this world and in this lifetime. Um, have just sat back on their haunches, one because of confidence, and two, they’re not around all the right people to, to motivate them and to, and to lift them up.

And I just, I look back at my time in the car business and I mentioned Eddie Marsich. The other one is Bill Goodwin, who’s the COO of the company. You know, he, he brought me into his office. I had been in f and i training for like, literally three days. They had somebody quit. And, you know, I’m sitting in front of this man who’s like an idol to me.

He’s like a, I’m like, he’s like a huge, huge mentor to me, you know? And he is like, Hey. He sits back in his chair and he says, Hey, I can put you at the Lexington store. Um, you’re gonna probably cost me a shit ton of money. Um, and hopefully you learn from that if you, because if you don. I’m gonna have to put your ass back on the sales floor and this, this ship’s gonna sell by.

So you have two options. Do you want to go to the Lexton store and I’m gonna throw you into the fire and you’re gonna have to learn f and i on the fly. You’re gonna cost me some money. You’re gonna cost yourself some money, but hopefully you learn from it. Or do you just wanna stay in the training rotation and I don’t know when the next f and I position in the company is gonna come up.

And you know the maverick that I am. I said, man, I’m gonna do. And you know, he cheered me on, Eddie cheered me on, my wife cheered me on. Yeah. I think it’s important that you just really find the people that want to cheer you on and you confide with them. And I had confided on with, with Eddie and my wife and Bill, like they all knew my goals.

They all knew what I wanted to do and they’re all very supportive of it. And I’ve also had people that I’ve shared my goals with and they, they are not supportive of. You can just look at them and, and tell that they are not supportive of it. Like, I’d run around, when I first started doing real estate investing, investing, I was sitting in my office and I’m like, man, I’m gonna use opm.

I’m gonna, I’m gonna use other people’s money to buy houses and make a great living. And people would look at me. Oh, opm. Other people? Yeah. Okay. Oh yeah, that sounds great. Yeah. And then they’d come around like, Hey, how’s that opm? How’s that OPM going? You know, it’s like a joke. And then when I quit my job, it was like, oh, hey, Steve

Now you, you thought I was crazy. You thought I was stupid because I failed one time before, and now we, now we’ve made it, we’ve made it happen. So I think just, um, Michael Jordan, man, watch that, watch that series of the Michael Jordan series when he talks about. Motivation and, and using as haters as motivation.

That’s probably really truly some of my best motivation is just using all the people that, maybe they didn’t say it, but you could surely sense that they thought you were freaking nuts. And I, I use that to this day, every day. You know, luckily my wife’s not in that category. She’s always kind of, she’s always rolled with the, rolled with the punches.

Dylan: Yeah. Been cheerleader. Yeah. It’s either make it happen or die. And you know, I’m from Detroit, so I used to hate Michael Jordan. But when you watch the last dance now, like you said, To this day, there’s still nobody, you know, they talk about Kobe or these other guys, or LeBron gimme a break. Like Yeah, he, he, he will cut your heart out and hand it to you.

Yeah. So you don’t have to necessarily live like that, but I always teach my guys who work for me. Like you have to have a psychotic sense of urgency because if you can close one day early, you need to close because you never know what’s gonna happen. It’s just, that’s just from sales, right? It’s like bring up the close, early and often.

Let’s get moving towards it. What do we gotta do to get you guys to where you wanna be? If you’re not ready today, when are you gonna be ready? What’s staff being ready today? What’d you come in here for? Right, right, right.

Chad: Yeah. It’s, uh, you know, that’s, that’s, I mean, I think we all just have different motivations, but number one is just, you know, get around people that, that see your vision and it’s important.

It’s super important. Get around people that want to, want to help support you. They wanna check in on you. They wanna make sure that everything’s going good.

Dylan: Yeah. There’s nothing, nothing more important than that when you’re an entrepreneur. And then use your

Chad: haters to use your haters to add a little bit of, uh, fuel to the fire when you’re, when you’re feeling, you know, maybe overwhelmed or a little bit down, you know, those businesses, it is a rollercoaster to a degree.

So, you know, just kind of pick your times when you wanna use that motivation. Go from there. That’s it. Yep.

Dylan: All right, Chad, well I appreciate you giving us all this time today. So this is one of my longest shows and like, Chad’s a humble guy and he’s never gonna stand, sit around and like brag about what he’s doing.

So I’m like, I don’t know how long we can stretch this out. We can talk about other stuff, but not, but not his success cuz it’s not his thing, you know? But I appreciate you being on. Um, if people wanna follow you or get in in touch with you, what’s the best way for them to do that? Uh,

Chad: best, easiest way is just connect with me on Instagram at flipping Chad.

And, uh, or Facebook, Chad Weeden, uh, on, on Facebook. That’s probably the easiest way to connect. Um, I would give my email, but I, I tend to get a lot of spam and so I’m gonna, I’m gonna shy away from that one. ,

Dylan: no, we’ll have links to, to Chad’s, Instagram below and, and Facebook. So connect with them, follow him, watch what he’s doing, get inspiration from him.

And listen, if you have deals in Colorado or in South Carolina, hit him. Or if you need to list a house and you want a topnotch realtor, you’ve always got Wendy, which, uh, what Mike and I have talked about bringing, um, some realtors on the show or agents who focus, uh, a little bit more with investors. So we’ll see if, uh, if Wendy wants to jump on one day, cuz you and I both agents like that.

Probably a good show. That probably good, that , at least it’ll be, it’d

Dylan: be better than, There at least it’ll have something pretty to look at. Not our ugly mugs, right? That’s right.

Chad: Yep. I’m like in a hoodie, you know, show up a little bit more professional looking than than me. So there you go. We’ll

Dylan: see. All right guys, well, I appreciate you tuning in.

I’m Dylan Tanaka your favorite real estate entrepreneur for Metro Detroit. And uh, we’ll see you guys on the next show.

Thanks for listening to today’s show. There are three ways I can help you start or grow your real estate investing business if you’re a new investor In just getting started, the Flip Nerd Investor Coaching Program is the most effective program in America.

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We show you how to build a real business, not just create another job for yourself. New memberships are limited. You can learn more and. Or schedule a call with me and my team at If you’re an experienced investor doing a minimum of 10 deals a year, up to 500 deals a year or more, or have a multimillion dollar real estate portfolio already, you should check out our powerful Investor Fuel Real Estate investor Mastermind.

Over a hundred of the nation’s leading real estate investors are members, and it’s not uncommon for our. To two to five x their business just from getting around other members At Investor Fuel. At Investor Fuel, each of us are business advisors to one another’s businesses, but we don’t stop at business.

We focus heavily on becoming better people and living fuller lives. If you’re looking for fuel for your business or fuel for your life, please check out Applications and interviews are required as most investors are not a fit for our community. Please learn [email protected] if you’re not ready for coaching or masterminds, but eager to start learning more about investing, please join our private Facebook group by visiting New members get access to free training from us right here at and it’s a community to safely ask your questions, a great place to get started, simply go to to request your access today.

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