Hey everybody! I’m excited to get the FlipNerd Shows going again! Today, I got my buddy Tony Javier and we are going to discuss the benefits of TV Advertising. You may think it’s out of reach… but it’s not, and that’s what we are going to talk about today! 

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00:00:00] Mike: Hey everybody. Welcome back to the show. I’m excited to get the FlipNerd shows going here again. And I’ve got my buddy Tony Javier with us today. We’re going to be talking about the benefits of TV advertising. You may think it’s out of reach, but it’s not.

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Hey, Tony. Welcome to the show.

Tony:  Mike. Thanks for having me, man. I’m excited to be on the show again.

Mike: Yeah, it’s been awhile. [00:01:00] It’s been

awhile, but are we know each other for a long time? Haven’t talked for a while and kind of picked it

up here again recently. Yeah. Good, good, good talking to you. And your wife’s from Wichita, Kansas.

Tony: Oh, that’s right. Yeah. I was born and raised about that connection. I forgot about that connection.

Mike: Yeah. So, Hey man, uh, you know, you, and I’ve been real estate investor for a long time and we’ve tried everything. Uh, probably probably tried everything at this point. Almost. I haven’t done a, I haven’t been spinning like sandwich, board signs. Have you been doing any science spinning?

Never done that.

Tony: So, no, that’s a good idea though.

I actually own it now. I actually own a coworking space on a major highway. And I thought about, I thought about doing, doing one of those spinners, but I never got to, that was be a joke, but

you know, maybe it’s more testing. I don’t know.

It gets attention and people talk about it.

Yeah. But I know you’ve been doing a lot of TV advertising, actually helping a lot of other people get into that space.

And so excited to talk about that today. Cause I know a lot of people assume that that’s. You know, not for the everyday man necessarily, and it’s not, you know, it’s not for everybody. It’s probably not for a brand new baby. It’s more for people that have a decent budget, but, uh, it’s not as [00:02:00] far out of reach as probably a lot of people think.

Well, I do have a couple of newbies that, that, that are given a shot at TV. Cause it is, it is less expensive than you think, but that’s, that’s honestly, why not, a lot of people are doing is they think that it’s way out of reach. They think that it’s way too expensive and that, uh, producing a commercial is super hard and super expensive.

But, um, but it’s not, it’s not nearly as nearly as hard to do as people would think. Yeah. Yeah. That’s awesome.

Mike: Well, I’m looking forward to talking about that. And so why don’t you just for, if anybody doesn’t know you that’s watching right now, tell us about your background.

Tony: Yeah. So I started the business in 2001.

Uh, back in college, I bought an info product on TV called no down payment by Carlton sheets back in the day, man. And, and a lot of people bought that product. And so I took it, uh, started putting it to work and, and, uh, you know, I was, uh, Junior, I think in, in high school or excuse me in college at the time.

And then with nine hours left to graduate, I left college, which I still get crap from my mom. Uh, give, get crap for my mom to this day. Uh, but I was like, [00:03:00] man, I just, I don’t need college. Like I’m jumping, jumping into this. Full-time I’ve already started getting some traction. And um, so yeah, so the last 20 years have been great.

Um, I’ve got an operation in Wichita, Kansas. I live in, uh, Uh, San Diego. So I have a great team that runs my operation there, spend a few hours a week in the business. And, um, but it wasn’t always that way. Uh, you know, first 10 years of my business, I, I had a lot of struggles that a lot of people have, you know, hiring the wrong people.

Contractors, screw in. You. Um, you know, wearing too many hats in the business. Like I’ve been through the ringer, I’ve been through a lot. And so, uh, about 10 years ago, uh, 10 years into the business, which was 10 years ago, I just made a, uh, a big change in my business and mentality where I’m like, I’ve got to hire better people because I fired my whole staff at that time.

And I’m like, I’ve got to hire better people. I’ve got to hang around better people. I’ve got to get mentors, I’ve got to get coaches. I’ve got to. Go to masterminds. Like I need, I need to just like step up my game. And it just took me a few years to get my business [00:04:00] where I was able to step out of it and eventually moved to San Diego and now love doing podcasts and things like this and, and, uh, helping real estate investors.

Yeah. That’s

Mike: awesome, man. So, so TV advertising. So we’re going to go over today. The top. Five benefits of using TV advertising. And I think you’re probably sprinkling, um, some aha moments that people didn’t really think it’s the way it is, but it’s a little bit, like we said, a little bit more in reach a little bit more doable than probably what the average person thinks.

Right. So,

Tony: so let’s kind of jump into them. Yeah, that’s great. Yeah. Well, first of all, TV, as you, as you, I mean, everything else right now is super saturated, right? Everybody’s buying the direct same direct mail as people are texting and cold calling the same, same, same list. So there, there are a lot of great marketing avenues where you can get a very low.

Uh, cost per deal. Uh, but the, the time is extensive and those lists are just super saturated and you can only call somebody people, right. Or text somebody, people, and the regulations are becoming very heavy. So, um, so that’s why I love TV. [00:05:00] I’ve been doing it for nine years now and, uh, had great results over nine years has been the most consistent form of marketing I’ve had.

And, uh, it’s gotten some great deals. So, uh, with that being said, yeah, I’ll jump into the top, top five benefits. Benefits of TV and why I love it so much. Um, so. Number one is the credibility factor, right? So like when you go to the grocery store, you know, Tony, the tiger, right. You’re great. In lucky charms, magically delicious.

Right? How do you know those brands? You trust them? Because you’ve seen them on TV, right? Um, You know, they’re not the best for you. They’re not, you know, and you could go buy the cheaper brands down at the bottom where you pay like half the price, but what do people do they buy the name brands? Because they trust them.

They’re not that much different. It’s just that they’ve been on TV that much more. So credibility is a huge thing. Uh, when it comes to real estate investing, because investors can get a bad name and by being on TV, you’re way more credible than anybody else. I mean, we have people call [00:06:00] us all the time that say, we, you know, even if we send them a postcard, Which we don’t do that much of anymore.

Cause it’s, it’s so saturated. But when we, you know, when we sent, used to send postcards or more postcards, we still send a little bit, people would call us and say, you know, we got five postcards, but we called you cause we recognize your brand on TV and we’ve gotten those deals before. So, um, so credibility is a big one.

Helps you stand

Mike: out too. There’s not very, it’s not like you have, you know, from direct mail, which we send a lot of direct mail. We’re a lead generation company, but, um, you know, everybody and their brother does that for sure. And there are some ways to do it better than others, but TV, if you’re seeing.

More than a couple of people in your market doing TV advertising. That’d be rare

Tony: probably. Yeah. And I, and I, and I’m not a direct mail guy is probably, I, I, maybe I didn’t do it. Right. So I didn’t laser focus on it very well, but I know TV really well. And so it’s done well for us. Um, so I’m not saying direct mail doesn’t work it definitely.

Sure. No, but it’s a way

Mike: to, you have a lot less competition. That’s doing TV for sure. Yeah.

Tony: Yeah, absolutely. So, which is number two, um, you led [00:07:00] into, it was, it was little to no competition. Um, not many people are doing it. And like I said, people think it’s too expensive. They think it’s hard to produce a commercial.

Um, some people don’t want to be on TV, which is fine. I, I always recommend when I work with someone, for them to be on TV because they are the brand. Um, especially if they’re going to be doing the acquisitions, you know, you, you go to the door. And, and you’ve been on TV and they see you and they feel like they know you, that’s a much easier for them to do business with you.

Whereas if Joe Schmo gets called and they walked to the door, they’d never seen him before. It’s a lot easier to build that, that trust, trust factor. Right. Um, so yeah, so little to no competition, not very many people are doing it. Um, because I think the barrier of entry is very hard, but it’s not nearly as hard.

Is that a good thing? So, um, so number three is high return on investment. Um, last year did my numbers and we did over 11 times return on our money from TV. Um, we did pop a couple big deals, so it may have skewed the numbers just a little bit. [00:08:00] But, uh, even in some of our other, you know, normal years, we got at least a five X, five X, five, five times return on our money.

And so if you look at it from that, from that perspective, it’s hard to get a consistent lead source. That’s given you a multiple. Back in return from what you’re spending on it. And you know, a lot of, a lot of things do three times to maybe five times return on money. Uh, but they’re, you know, they can be very time-intensive right.

So, um, so high return on investment, I think part of that is low competition because if you’re going to that deal, not as many people are competing over it, so you’re getting better deals and, um, it, uh, in, and there’s other factors that somehow make, make our deal or our. Uh, profit per deal higher. Right.

And so that just makes our, our return on, on a return on investment. Very high. Yeah. And for some,

Mike: you know, if you are doing other marketing things, like if you are doing mail now, you said you don’t, but it honestly, cause I, I have some experience, uh, from, you know, some, a company I used to [00:09:00] work for. I’ll leave it at that is, um, those layers actually make your other marketing better.

Right. If people recognize that brand and saw these guys on TV, If you are doing mail, they’re more likely to like pay attention to, Oh, this, I saw these guys on TV, right? It’s it kind of helps give credibility to other things you might be doing.

Tony: Absolutely. And if someone is already doing direct mail, cold calling, texting, Uh, Google pay-per-click.

If they’re doing a lot of other marketing, it’s like a no brainer because it does help those other forms of marketing. Right. And I said, 11, 11 X return. That’s not including, um, the private money lenders that I’ve gotten from that people have walked in my office and said, I want to invest. And we’ve had, you know, had an investor invest a million bucks with us within a short amount of time from that.

Um, that’s not including the postcard thing that I told you about. We don’t allocate that to TV. That’s a postcard deal. Um, and people will, will fill out our web form on online and they’ll say, Oh man. And, or they’ll, they’ll put on their Google. Right? But then we get to closing and they’re like, [00:10:00] man, I’m so glad I saw you on TV.

And we’re like, wait a second. You said you found us on Google. So there’s a lot of leads like that, that we’ve done, uh, that, that, that aren’t calculated in the return that they say they found this other places. So, uh, so yeah, it’s interesting. Yeah. And then, and then, you know, I kind of touched on it already.

So the fourth thing is return on time. It’s a very automated, right? So like last year I got an 11 X return on my money. If you got over a five X return and especially over 10 X return on anything, chances are, it was very labor intensive. It was cold calling. It was texting, it was networking. It was, you know, something you had to spend a lot of time on.

Well, for me, I spent three hours last year on TV. I shot a couple of commercials. I met with my media guy a couple of times that buys my, uh, helps put the programs together for me or the schedules and that’s it a few hours, you know? Um, and, and really, I don’t really do much with TV unless I see the numbers dip.

So my, my team does the numbers and it’s like, as long as I do see deals coming through from TV, I’m like, [00:11:00] okay, we’re good. And then every once in a while, I’ll be like, well, wait a second, it’s been a few weeks. We’ll dive into the numbers and be like, okay, let’s maybe shoot a canoe commercial and freshen it up.

And, you know, then the next commercial runs for another six to 12 months that that produces for us. So I’ve, I’ve actually had a commercial run for like 18 months straight that produced. And the only reason I changed it up is I just felt like it needed to be fresher. So we, we changed it up and I still go back to that commercial because it produced really well.

Um, just, just a when we’re in between, you know, trying new things. Yeah. Back to your comment

Mike: about like lucky charms and stuff like that. I mean, I can’t, I can’t recall


Mike: now, I’m sure. Growing up, watching cartoons and stuff like you did. You know, those brands probably changed their, uh, changed their commercial a little bit, but you, you and I both know there are plenty of big brands that have run the same TV ad or the same billboard for like years and years and years.

And you don’t necessarily need to change this other fact. You don’t really want to change it a lot because you want to keep sending that consistent message. Right.

Tony: Yeah, I have a five point formula and all my TV commercials [00:12:00] and, uh, pretty much three to four that are the same in every commercial. So, um, so we try and try and do the same things and most of our commercials, so people remember it, but then we change the portion of the message just to, uh, to have a different look and feel and, and, you know, get a different point across.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. And then last but not least, I kind of touched on it already and it’s high quality leads. Um, so I talked about return on time, so I don’t answer the calls. I don’t go on appointments and all that kind of thing. So, so the three hours was just me working on the back end on the commercials.

But even for my team, like we don’t get a ton of leads off TV. So our, our cost per lead is a little bit higher. But the, uh, yeah, cost per lead is higher, but our quality is better. We convert a lot more of those deals because they’re not tire kickers. Right. If you text and cold call and I hate to, I’m sorry, if I’m picking on texting and cold calling there’s companies out there that they get paid to do that kind of stuff.

Um, in, in they’re fine. You know, we still do some of that. We don’t [00:13:00] do cold calling anymore, but a little bit of texting. Uh, but you know, it’s easy for someone to send a text back and say, yeah, make me an offer. And then all of a sudden you get down this rabbit hole for, you know, a few days or whatever, trying to get an offer to them.

And then all of a sudden they’re like, eh, well, I either want full retail price, which is way out of what we can buy, or they’re just messing with you. And just like, you know, they’re going to end up ghosting you at some point. So, um, so yeah, so people who actually take the time to write the phone number down.

Pick up the phone call you and, you know, give their information. That’s a high quality lead. And the chances of you getting that deal is a lot better than any other form of market. Yeah.

Mike: Yeah. And you probably have less, less competition, like you said, too, in terms of even less competition for the deals, because you know, there, there are some marketing marketing mediums that if the.

Prospective seller contacts. You they’re generally going to be a higher quality lead. Like SEO is usually a higher quality lead than texting because you’re the one that contacted them. Like they didn’t ask to be sold. They might sell the [00:14:00] sales cycle is usually longer. Um, and because of the way you went out, I mean, you probably have more competition, but something like TV, or even like SEO type leads, like they saw it, they were interested enough to contact you.

So like you said, the cost per lead tends to be lower. The conversion rate. To, uh, to a sale is usually higher. And since they sought you out, people are just lazy. They don’t want to call a thousand different comp competitors usually. So sometimes, and especially when you’re on TV, you’ve got that credibility.

They’re like, well, I saw your you’re the one from TV. Therefore you’re the only one I need to talk to you. Right.

Tony: Yeah, it’s interesting how it works is I’ll go into, so I live in San Diego, my market’s in Wichita, so I’ll fly in every so often and it does, and it doesn’t fail. I’ll go to the grocery store and people will be like, Oh, you’re the TV guy.

Or someone will strike up a conversation with me. And it’s like, they feel like they know me and they, and some people act like I’m a celebrity. And I’m like, Hey, by the way I paid to be on TV, it’s not like, it’s not like they pay me to be on TV. Right. But there’s just this perception that like, when you’re on TV, [00:15:00] you’re the authority.

You’re the one to go to. You know, everything, I don’t know. It’s just a totally different feel than any other thing out there. You’re like a Brad Pitt of Wichita. Totally, man, absolutely just pay me $20 million an episode and we’ll be good.

Mike: Yeah. Hey, we were talking about this a little bit beforehand and you know, we, we we’re, we’re in the data space, so we do a lot of stuff with skip Tracy for our clients and stuff as well, but there definitely is pressure on.

Uh, text message marketing and cold calling the carriers are cracking down. There’s going to be some regulation cracking down in some States it’s already, they’ve already cracked down a lot more. Um, so we know that there’s going to be this movement back to more traditional media, TV, mail, like other things, right.

That, um, that are just kind of tried and true. And so I think, you know, why is this the time for people to kind of consider this if they haven’t in the past? Other than what I just said, I guess

Tony: softball, I guess. Yeah. Yeah. I don’t need to answer it cause you already did. Uh, no, that, that’s interesting because usually when I [00:16:00] talk to people about TV, um, I help, I help people get on TV.

I help produce the commercial and buy the media and all that kind of stuff. And so people reach out to me and it’s like, okay, You know, most people are saying the exact same thing I used to do direct mail. It’s not working as well. I I’m doing text messaging. I’m running out of people to text. Um, you know, stuff’s not working.

I had a guy call me the other day and, uh, I got on the phone with a guy the other day and he was doing two or three deals a month consistently. And then all of a sudden, the last three months, like a lot of his sources dried up and he’s like, what is going on here? Right. And so it’s, it’s a combination of.

What you said, and the fact that, um, people just need different lead sources. Like the competition is greater than it’s ever been. The market is hot. If you can find a decent deal, you can sell it right now. Like there’s no problems. Selling deals right now. It’s just finding them. So, uh, if someone’s looking for a different way to find deals, they’re looking to stick out from the competition and, um, they want to become an authority in [00:17:00] their market and not just, and not just do deals, but, but become like a brand like people know my brand in Wichita because I’ve been running commercials for nine years.

Now, my guys. Um, they, they have logos on their shirts when they go to gas stations and, and, and, uh, grocery stores and stuff like that, people will, will sing the jingle. Cause we have a jingle on our, on our commercial. It’d be like, Oh, you know, they’ll sing it. And my guys were like, yeah, that’s us, you know?

Um, so yeah, it’s just, it’s something to, to do more deals, set yourself apart from the competition and have longevity because if you’ve got your brand, that’s been on TV for, for that amount of time. Um, it’s opens up other doors, whether it’s private lending or even if you decide to quit the business, like if I quit the business tomorrow and I decided to create relationships with other people in Wichita, it’d be a lot easier to do that because people have seen me on TV for so long.


Mike: That’s awesome. That’s awesome. Yeah. Cool, man. Well, I know, uh, just for those of you listening, if this is interesting to you, uh, Tony and I were talking ahead of time and he he’s willing to take some calls from our listeners to learn more about whether this is a [00:18:00] fit for you. He actually provides it as a certain.

Maybe you could talk about you provide it as a service for other people that you were doing it yourself. And then you figured out how a lot of people asked you if you can do this for me. Right?

Tony: Yeah. It’s interesting. Over the years, I think even when you and I talked, I mentioned TV to you and you’re like, I’ve never heard of people doing someone doing TV before.

Right. And so, yeah. And so, uh, I get that a lot and I had someone who’s in the educational space who sells a similar product and said, I’ve got people asking me about TV. And I’m like, well, you know, I, you know, TV is great, but you know, I, you know, I don’t really have the time to put a program together. So he kept pushing me and finally, like, you know, I’m gonna, I’m gonna test launch a program.

So I put together a program. And so what I, what I did was I used my experience and I used my media guy who buys my commercials and knows my business really well. Cause he been doing it for me for nine years. And we just started testing, testing on students. We, we, we re I reached out to my network and I said, Hey, who wants to, to look at doing TV?

And I was having conversations with people and they were like, Man. I need [00:19:00] something like this. Like people are just begging me to like to implement this for them. So, um, so we, I just started signing people up. I’m like, yeah, let’s do a test program. Let’s let’s get going. And students are having crazy success right now, locking up deals within their first couple of weeks.

Um, and, and, and doing deals. So we, we basically now handle everything. So I put together a legit program. That’s like, we handle everything for you. The only thing you have to do is go through the program, figure out what commercial you want to shoot. If you want to shoot, if you want to be in the commercial, you can.

Other than that we handle the production. We handle the schedules. Cause if you go do it yourself right now, like when I first started in 2012, um, when I started someone re someone who was doing TV commercials for construction referred me to my media guy that I use now. And had I had known that had I not had that media guy to buy the schedules for me, advise me on what stations to be on.

Like people right now that I talked to have already tried TV or even started it, they’re like, I don’t know where to air. I don’t know who to call. Everybody’s telling me that they’re the best station and I’m not sure [00:20:00] what to do. And they spent months trying to get on TV and got nowhere. Whereas we can get someone on the air within about three weeks.

I mean, it’s that we have at that down, uh, down pack that, um, we can take them through the whole process and get them on TV and be very effective with it quickly. That’s

Mike: awesome. That’s awesome. Well, everybody, I started to say it up front. Uh, Tony’s uh, decided to talk to some. A flip nerd folks, if you’re interested.

So we created a link it’s a little bit easier to remember, but go to flipnerd.com/tv, click r.com/tv. That’s about as easy as you can get, I think, and that’ll redirect you to a page where you can schedule some time with Tony and see if it might be a fit for you. So obviously TV has an expense, but I think what we talked about is it’s not nearly as expensive as, as I would have thought.

So that was, that was an eye opener for

Tony: me. Yeah. Yeah, you can, you can get away with a big ad spend or a small ad spend. When I, when I started TV commercials, I started with a pretty, pretty small spend. And honestly, I don’t even spend that much more than, than I used to back then, because I’ve tested different ranges of, of spending.

And I’ve been able to optimize my ad, [00:21:00] spend with my media guy over the years, which is what I share with my people that I helped implement it with. But yeah, it’s not nearly as expensive and it’s not nearly as hard as you would think. And

Mike: it differs a lot by the size of your markets. You right. If you’re in a market, if you’re in New York, Versus Wichita versus, you know, the next market, it’s going to be different pricing based on the size of your

Tony: market.

Yeah. And then we, we don’t saturate a market. So when we do so many spots for markets, so somewhere between one and three spots per market, so we’ve, we’ve sold out quite a few markets already. And, um, and, uh, yeah. So if someone wants to grab, grab a spot in the market, then I’d love to talk to them and see if awesome.

Well, if you

Mike: guys are interested again, just go to flipnerd.com/tv and schedule some time with Tony. So Tony, Hey, thanks for, thanks for spending time with us today.

Tony: Absolutely. My club has talked about advertising. Yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah. It’s the game, man. That’s that’s what you gotta do. You gotta have a game start date and say yourself,

Mike: advertising and operations, you know, business.

And most people, you know, are the type of stuff that you’re doing. It’s, it’s hard. It’s a steep learning curve to go figure that out on your own. And you’ll probably waste more money. Trying to figure [00:22:00] it out then, uh, then it’s worth, that’s why a lot of people don’t do it. That’s why we kind of advocate just work with somebody that knows how to do this and figure it out in a few weeks, instead of a few years, you know?

Tony: Yeah, and we even go a step further. Like I love you said operations. Like we help with the marketing side, but I love helping with operations as well, because, you know, I can get you the leads, but if you’re not operating correctly and running the deals efficiently, then it just, it, you know, uh, it’s, you know, you’re going to get deals and not, not be able to service the customers properly.

So I love working with, uh, students as well to help them to handle deals better and operations and that kind of thing. So. Awesome.

Mike: Yeah, that’s great. Everybody hope you got some good value from this. Uh, Just know that if you’re, depending on how you generate leads, now your cheese moves around. Right. But there are some tried and true methods, whether it’s mail, TV, some things that have been around for a long time, that probably aren’t going anywhere.

There’s some flash in the pan stuff that pops up and kind of comes and goes. Um, and not that you shouldn’t be testing new things, but you know, you don’t always have to recreate the wheel. There’s things that have worked for a [00:23:00] long, long time that are going to continue to work for a long time. So if you’re interested, you should check out Tony.

So Tony, thanks

Tony: again, buddy. Thanks, man. I appreciate you

Mike: button, everybody. Have a great, a great rest of the day. We’ll see you again soon. Take care.

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